i chocked


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


Look at these cool toys!

They don’t interest you at all.

Aaand here’s another part for Chara Origins comic! Not sure when the next part will be along, since this one did take awhile to do. 

Dogs of Future Past Masterpost 

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Concept: There are Merfolk who live in the pool when it's bottomless. They're chaotic neutral. They're the reason why EU's swim team wins so often, but they're also the reason the opposition keeps losing players. They save drunk students from drowning, but their singing lures those who are out at night and not protected by salt and iron to the edge of the water. Some of them are the size of a human, others have mile long tails and can swallow you in one bite. Everyone wears iron when they swim.

When the pool didn’t have a lifeguard for a few weeks a couple years ago, you could see lights deep in it at night, far deeper than the place the pool’s bottom should be. You thought of anglerfish, and smelled salt, and stayed out of the water.