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Before I moved in with my fiancee I lived in this really adorable little one bedroom apartment in downtown Boston. Whenever I would turn in for the night, I always had this uneasy feeling that someone was out on my fire escape or watching me, but I always chocked that up to the nature of city living. Then I adopted a dog. A few times a month she would wake up from a dead sleep and stare at the corner of the room, snarling. There was never anyone there. She hasn't done this since we moved out.

It’s weird how sensitive animals are to that stuff, right? Glad you moved out.


Well I wasn’t expecting that…

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in 20 years time

daughter:mom, do you know that old group called SNSD
me:oh god
daughter:what are you-
me:*pushes emergency button, room flips upside down to reveal a room covered in SNSD posters with a conference table and powerpoint presentation in the middle*
me:the first step to becoming a fan is KNOWING THEIR NAMES daughter:mom wtf