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I'm going on a trip to Chicago with my grade in may, and I'm just wondering is it safe to wear my numerous lgbt pins and stuff there? Is Chicago mostly pretty lgbt friendly? Also, am I allowed to use the men's bathroom there? Thanks Kyle, I love your blog.

I’m from the Chi! Hell yeah it’s LGBT friendly. You’ll have to head on down to Wrigleyville and check out Boystown.

TBT Here’s a pick of me at the Chicago Pride Parade in Boystown on Halsted back in 2011



sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment


What ever happened to this Chi-Chi? Did she just die of grief or was she still alive when Zeno deleted that TL? Everyone was talking about wishing Future Bulma could see Vegeta again but I wish Goku could’ve met Future Chi-Chi. Tell her about Gohan growing up, becoming a scholar and having a family. Tell her about Goten and that he farms for her now. That would’ve hit the feels but just imagine. Future Chi lost everything too, just seeing Goku alive and well telling her about how they are a happy/healthy family in the main TL. Oh boy that would’ve made me so happy! Haha random as hell but I just had the thought about it.