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what are some embarrassing pickup lines mulder would use on scully on valentines day that would totally work

  • he’s used “you’ve abducted my heart” at some point every valentines day since 1993 even though it got markedly less adorable after he was literally abducted
  • “are you made of copper and thallium because you’re cu-te” and she said “you mean tellurium, mulder. thallium is ti not te” but she smiled anyways 
  • he texts her honest to god valentine’s day memes for the whole week leading up to valentine’s day. she has blocked his number 3 times
  • “if you were a triangle all your angles would be less than 90 degrees” “so an acute triangle” “get it scully….acute” 
  • scully once tried to fire back with her own science-inspired valentine’s day pick-up line and it was so complicated that he didn’t even understand what she meant and she had to take 15 minutes to explain it to him
  • “you must be the square root of x because i feel irrational around you” (she told him he was irrational all the time) 
  • “if you were a library book i’d check you out” he actually heard a teenager use this while they were doing research in the back of a library and he repeated it really quietly to scully and she told him his library card had been expired since last june 
  • not even pick up lines but he uses valentine’s day as an excuse to get disgustingly sentimental and he starts every sentence with “scully, love of my life, keeper of my heart, most beautiful woman in the world,” and ends with something mundane like “do you want me to make coffee”
  • (she always does she loves coffee) 
  • anyways!!! i need to stop talking about this now but i love mulder + valentine’s day 
Not So Shore

A ‘Mortals Meet Percabeth’ fic, with a twist!!
10k words

“Hey, Kelly?”

Kelly looked up from her biology textbook, blinking at her best friend Olivia, who was definitely not doing the chapter review questions they’d been assigned. “What?”

“Do you think there’s something weird about Percy Jackson?” Olivia asked.

Kelly followed her to gaze to where Percy was sitting at the back of the room, leaning back in his chair. He wasn’t doing the review questions, either - instead, he was staring into the fish tank behind his desk. Kelly couldn’t see his face, but his dark hair was ruffled up and he was wearing his AHS hoodie with ‘Jackson’ emblazoned across the back of it.

“What do you mean, weird?” she asked, turning back around to Olivia.

Olivia shrugged. “I mean, just… there’s something strange about him.”

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Mythology - Thor Imagine

author’s note: I really wanted to write a Bruce Banner imagine with this storyline, but I felt it would work out a little bit better with Thor. Tell me your thoughts! :) Have a good day.

main pairing: Thor x Reader

words: 745

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours. edit: i literally just noticed that thor is not a gif. whoops. sorry.

When you were given the job at the library, you were overcome with happiness. Having a job meant having a reason to leave your rambunctious house, so you started as soon as possible. About two weeks in work, you were reading a quite pleasant book in the library. Peaceful clock ticking and pages being turned were heard throughout the library, and there was also a cough every so often, but it didn’t bother you. You just enjoyed the quiet atmosphere that was a nice change in comparison to your house.

You didn’t expect to be interrupted, so when someone cleared their throat, it took you several long, awkward moments to be look up. In front of you was a handsome, long-haired man looking just as awkward as you felt.

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Library Love - 1

Bucky x Reader :)

“Y/N ! Come on !”, my bestfriend Natasha whined, as I walked in between the huge bookshelves.

“Nat, you knew it would take time !” I hissed, giving her a glare.

Nat rolled her eyes at me, and pretended to browse through some book.

“So boring ! Can’t you just use the internet for your research ? This place is killing me !” Nat said, yawning.

“Natasha ! Im here to study !” I said, trying my best not to raise my voice.
“Why did you come in the first place?”

“I had nothing better to do!” Nat said, shrugging.

“Hm. You can go if you want, Nat” I said, pulling out the book I was looking for from the shelf. “I’ll be fine”

“Of course you will be” Nat said. “But Im not leaving without you”

“Alright ! Be quiet then” I said, walking towards one of the big benches in the middle of the room, my eyes fixed on the book.

“Y/N, watch out !”

Well, Nat was too late to inform me - I walked straight into something hard and fell back. I screwed my eyes shut at the impact, and felt a pair or arms around me, blocking my fall.

I opened my eyes and gasped.

“Oh God” Nat’s voice had a touch of relief in it.

“Are you alright ?”

That was a new voice. I looked at the man in front of me, who was holding me, a look of concern on his handsome face.

“I-” I stared at him.

Those blue eyes.

“Y/N” Nat’s voice brought me back to reality again.

Thats when I noticed that I held my book tightly against my chest with one hand, and my other hand was on his shoulder. The fabric of his shirt crumbled under my tight grip.

I quickly let go, blushing.

“Are you alright, Y/N ? ” He asked again. Thanks to Nat, he knew my name !

“Yes, Im fine. Thanks for, um, -” I said, feeling the heat rise to my face.

He smiled, and said, “You’re welcome”

I smiled back, almost fully smitten by his good looks.

Nat was on my side by now, her hand squeezing mine tightly.

“See you around then” I managed to say, wanting to escape from this situation.

“See you” He said, and with a nod to Nat, he walked off.

Just as he was out of our sight, Nat burst.

“What the HELL was that ?!” she said, eyes wide.

“What ?” I asked, sitting down on the bench.

“See you around ?” Nat asked.

“Its not like I will be seeing him or anything” I said, feeling a bit of regret in that.

“Exactly !” Nat said. “Did you see him?!”

I raised my eyebrows at her.

“You already have a boyfriend ! You shouldnt check out other guys ” I said, with a grin.

“I checked him out for you, moron!” Nat said, shaking her head. “I cant believe you let him leave like that !”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked, closing my book, and looking at her.

“You should have talked !” Nat said. “Asked for his number or something!”

“Sorry, no” I said, “I dont do that”

“Hence your single situation!” Nat scoffed.

“Hey, Im totally fine with being single!” I argued.

“No you’re not !” Nat shot back. “That guy was perfect ! Did you hear the way he said your name ?”

“Yes” Was all I could say. My name never actually felt that good. Hm.

“Well, good thing you have me as your bestfriend !” Nat announced, with a grin.

“No, I dont like the sound of that” I said, shaking my head. “ Nat, whatever you’re thinking - DON’T”

“Oh please” Nat said, giving me a bored look. “I wonder if hes gone… Just wait here!”

Nat was too quick for me. She sprinted across the room in split second, and I sat staring at the direction she ran.
And a certain dread came over me.

                                  * * *

“Nat please tell me you didnt do anything stupid” I said, sitting on my bed, feeling totally burdened.

“Y/N, for the hundredth time ! He wasnt there ! I didn’t meet him !” Nat said. “I swear !”

I nodded.

“I wish he told me his name” I wondered out loud.


Nat had a wild look on her as she said that.

                                * * *

I was at the library in my usual time, and I walked towards the librarian to return a book.

I almost lost my breath, seeing HIM standing there.

“Hey!” He said with a smile. “Y/N?”

“H-hi” I said, feeling a lump forming in my throat. “You work here ?”

“Only helping out Mrs.Christie” He said, with a smile.

“Oh, thats nice” I said. “How long have you been doing this ?”

“Well, I started last week” He said. “That same day”

“Oh…” I was so afraid if Nat had done something that I skipped coming to the library a whole week.

“Bucky” He said, taking the book from me.

“Hm ?”

“Bucky Barnes. My name” He said, his smile widening.

“Well, you know mine right ?
Y/N  Y/L/ N” I said, smiling back at him.

He laughed.

“Thanks to your friend” he said.

“Yep, thanks to her”

We met almost regularly after that. He was a very fun person to be with, and he was slowly creeping into my heart too. I was not ready to admit it to myself, even. Thats when Nat found out.

“I cant believe how primitive you two are !” She sighed. “You dont even have his number !”

“Stop it, Nat” I whined, trying to wrestle her out of my bed.

“Seriously, Y/N” She said. “You gotta woman up, and make a move ”

“Not happening” I said, shaking my head stubbornly.

Nat exhaled loudly, giving me a dirty look.

                              * * *
Over the next couple of days, I didnt have much time to talk to Bucky. As disappointing as it was, I had an assignment due that very Friday, and there was no way I could fall behind in it.

After a long day of reading and typing, I was finally ready to leave. I felt a sudden shiver, when I saw that library was almost completely empty - was everyone gone ?

I raced to the desk where Bucky usually worked, and let out a sigh of relief to see him sitting there.

Bucky looked up, and smiled.

“I thought I got locked in” I said, leaning against a bookshelf.

“Wont do that to you, now would I?” Bucky asked, with a grin. “Pretty busy these days, I see”

“College work” I said with a shrug. “Just too many assignments”

Bucky nodded understandingly.


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Why I Stopped Babysitting.

(warning: very long story)

The last day I spent with Addy started with a long novel of a text message at six am. His mom, Kathy, had an out of town family emergency. She was incredibly vague about what was actually happening, but insisted that it was urgent, and that I really needed to watch Addy for the day. Since I was on break, and I liked Addy slightly more than I disliked Kathy, I told her I was on my way. When I stepped in the door, she stepped out. She looked disheveled, to say the least.

“Thank you so much sweety, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Without even waiting for a response she got into her car, and I closed the door.

Addy was on the ground surrounded by a sea of legos.

“Hey, what are you building buddy?” I got as close as I could without crushing anything and squatted down.

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A guest actually managed to get me fired...

… because my boss is a coward.

I usually don’t work Saturdays. But last week I did. That’s OK though because I know Saturdays have someone else at the desk. However this particular Saturday that person was not there because my boss didn’t schedule one. So there goes my security and my assistance. There goes my stress relief because he’s my favorite coworker.

So I have a full house. A full house of one ball team and the rest are a bunch of regular customers and government trainees who are accustomed to a level of comfort my small town (and my boss… former boss… doesn’t even attempt to do by hire maintenance guys who can fix things like the mold in the fitness room or buy new weights to replace the missing ones?? People steal random things). I had three (technically 4) problem children.

One was a 3rd party where it put her in a king smoking rather than a 2 queen, nonsmoking. Room 325 who was suppose to be extended a day and was not (the the technical part is the women who I checked into that room). Then the dad and son who got me fired (the dad, not his son).

There are cameras on all 3 floors. Only 2 floors work. You read that correctly.

First hiccup was the 3rd party who I had to send to another hotel on our bill. I called my boss and told him. He was cool with it but wanted to know why I didn’t call her. 1, that’s 1st shifts job but they get a pass and 2, 3rd party only gives you a name so there is no way to call (that’s where that pass comes in). 325 didn’t get extended, again 1st shift but I wasn’t there and she could be lying but she’s nice so I’m not gonna chew her out. I told my boss I’m gonna comp the room and he can look over books in the AM because I don’t have the authorization to like my title is suppose to but does not because my boss won’t put anyone (not even assistant manager) on authorization for review. He was cool with it. Didn’t even act bothered. Said that’s what he’d do.

Then the dad and his kid…

He was mad because all we had left was a study and I would not give him a price of a standard. Of all the things my boss is cool with… that’s not one of them. Like… take it out of your check not cool with it. And that was all I heard of him. For ever. Never saw them for the rest of the night.

I have always told on myself, keep that in mind. I don’t like surprising my boss and gives him the opportunity to prep for whatever goes on. Usually things that are broken that maintenance should have fixed or someone being a fucking racist in my presence.

I get a text on SUNDAY EVENING. AFTER coming into work. It’s 3 paragraphs long of condescending, passive aggressive bullshit telling me I’m fired.

So I call him.

The guy with the kid said I cursed him and screamed at him AND his kid (who has autism) so it took him all night to comfort him. If I was not fired by the time he comes back then he was going to take this to the papers.

Even though there is footage of the opposite.

So my boss fired me. Even if there is footage to show otherwise. I have rent coming up and I live paycheck to paycheck.

Five Days (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Could I request a Grayson imagine? Maybe where he’s being really clingy and cute xx”
Word Count: 1,393
Warnings: Lots and lots of pickup lines.
A/N: This is probably faaar from what you wanted. But it’s still kinda cute and fun. And he’s clingy af. Hope you like it, sorry for the wait xx


You were standing by your locker, trying not to panic over the test you were having that morning. You really needed to stop studying last minute, but it was honestly just who you were. What you hadn’t expected, was for a boy to bound over, his bodylanguage screaming confidence as he walked toward you. You didn’t bother looking up at him, because you knew who it was.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.” Grayson said and you could almost hear the smirk, completely satisfied with his confidence.

You pulled out the books you would need for class and slammed the locker door shut, looking at him.

“And if I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put F and U together.” You answered, doing your best to sound unimpressed.”

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He was sitting across the room but after a while he moved closer to me sitting in the chair right across from me. And then he GOT RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND HELPED ME W MY HOMEWORK.

Then he told me he’s becoming a cop and he asked me what my major was. We talked about how we both love Psychology classes and he said that I should check out Criminology.

Hes like, I just read an entire book in one day. ANd im like..I do that all the time. And he’s like why? And I told him I had no life and he’s like maybe you should get one. ANd I almost, almost asked him if he was offering to help. 

I am an idiot.

Anything you wish my darling!

I also wanted to write this for @aelinfireheartarcheron​, who drew me a very pretty picture of our boy Kaden.

I also feel like a shitty person in general, because of how long it has taken to update. Something not so great happened in my family recently, and it’s become harder to just do stuff I guess. I’m so sorry! In the mean time check out my masterlist if you want a fix of some sort. 


“That’s not a word I see often. How very curious.”

Eleana laughed at Kaden’s tone. He was distraught from reading her book, but in all fairness, she had warned him it was erotic. More than anything, he was just glad her enthusiasm for his alarm made her happy. And if he played it up so it would be better for her, she never had to know.

“Which word is that?” She used her index fingers to wiggle his eyebrows, and he swatted away her hands. His head was rested in her lap, and as he told her his thoughts on her book, she played with his hair. He’d had a rough day, and the feeling of her fingers massaging his scalp made him easily breath again. At one moment, he had let out an involuntary purr, making her fingers work even more delicately.

“I don’t know if it is an appropriate word to say. I mean, I’m nearly completely sure that Felix is eavesdropping on our conversation while he makes lunch,” Kaden lowered his voice to a dramatic whisper, “and I don’t think he knows what it is.”

“Just tell me the word. I’ll decide if it’s too scandalous for Felix.” She ran her hands through his hair again, determined to get the knots out of his waves.


There was a loud banging from the kitchen followed by Felix slamming his way into the longue room with his hands across his chest. “How dare you come into my home, and sit on my couch, and insinuate I don’t know what that is.”

Eleana burst into laughter, Kaden snorting so hard he rolled off the couch. He was crouching on his knees, hands pressed to his stomach to submit his laughs. He clutched at his stomach and laughed at the rare blush adorning Felix. In the corner of his eye, he saw Eleana lean forward, giggles of her own escaping her lovely lips.

“You’re the best sometimes.” Kaden sat back on his knees and smirked at his friend. Felix, the epitome of maturity, gave him the finger.

“Eleana?” Felix turned away from Kaden, and put his attention on cousin. She had gone silent, and both wouldn’t mind her commentary.
Eleana seemed to be indisposed though. Her laughs had turned to wheezes - gasping for breath – and she had curled into herself.

“Eleana!” Both Kaden and Felix sprang to her.

“How much sleep did you get last night?” Felix asked her. Kaden eased her into a lying position by gently pulling her knees out from under her, and then made her turn towards him.

“I got around two hours, and then…” She shuddered from the memory. “My father stayed up with me the rest of the night. He taught me all sorts of card tricks. Bet you I could swindle the hell out of you now.” She breathed.

“Eleana.” Felix hovered over her in concern. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened – where Eleana’s fatigue had turned into an aching and sickening dizziness.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. Let’s talk about something else. Kaden, despite the vulgarities of the book, how did you like it?”

Felix sighed heavily and left her and Kaden be while he continued in the kitchen. Kaden knew Felix hated it when Eleana brushed things like this aside, but Kaden understood her. Her whole family felt the need to nurture her in a way they hadn’t before, and he knew that for her it was sometimes overwhelming and even a little irksome. He related to her feelings of wanting to be treated like everything was normal.  

He got off the floor and picked up her feet so he could sit on the end of the couch. He had her legs in his lap, and she closed her eyes as he spoke.

“What do you want me to tell you?”

“Everything you couldn’t in your letter.” She hummed.

Kaden eased off her slippers, and rubbed her feet. “I liked that the girl didn’t want the prince, that she wanted more than just promised wealth and status. We all knew from the start that the stable boy was her true love.”


“The sex in the book was rather interesting. Mortals seem to have a fascination with it. Maybe it’s because they don’t have an eternity to do it.”

“I liked the stable boy too.” She sighed merrily.

“I could tell from your annotations.” He smiled at the thought. She had sent him the book three weeks into her rehabilitation when he’d asked her what her favourite book was. As he read it, he observed all the little notes she’d made for herself in the margin. Sometimes it was just ‘!!!’ next to a particularly cute passage, or little doodle hearts when the characters kissed.

Eleana yawned loudly, and her eyes fluttered closed. Felix would have made her open them, there was a rule about Eleana not going to sleep unless the High Lady or Lord were there, but Kaden could feel how truly exhausted she was.

“I liked where you wrote on page seventy. ‘This is the kind of love I want. This is it!’ Is that true, Eleana? Do you really want the love that those two mortals had? He would forever be endowed to her – never her equal. And one day, not right away, but eventually, she might even start to resent him for all the things he couldn’t give her. He could never provide for her, like the prince could, and he never would have been able to sustain the lavish life she was used to. Her parents, well, they never would’ve approved. I wished they had addressed that in the book. It’s all well and good to run away together, but you need your family. Can you even call it true love when there are so many obstacles in their path? Don’t you agree?”

The only answer he got were quiet, very cute, snores. He stopped massaging her feet, and lifted them from his lap so he could get up. He went to Felix’s room, stole his woollen blanket, and came back to wrap her up nice and tight. Azriel would be mad when he came back and saw that she was asleep, and Kaden was willing to face his wrath if it meant Eleana got even a wink. Feeling brave, he kissed her forehead, and held her hand so that when her nightmares came to torment her, he might help her fight them off. Even if it was just for a little bit.

A Strange Request

Pairings: Doctor Strange x Reader

Warnings: Minimal swearing, Injured animal (not graphic)

A/N: Guess who’s back guys! Sorry I haven’t been super active on the blog lately. School got pretty intense and I had a lot of trouble getting this fic started (But I finally did it!) There probably will be a second part to this fic (no more than three) because I feel like I should work on the whole fluff aspect a little more. ~A

Originally posted by sherlockspeare


You walked along a dimly lit corridor, nodding as you crossed paths with one of the other initiates in your portals and dimensional manipulation class. You looked through one of the stone arches, the sky was darker than pitch. You’d managed to get caught up in you’re reading again. This time, it was the pages of the Tao Te Ching that had captured your attention. You knew that Wong would want his book back as soon as possible, and you’d already been on his bad side for the past month after he caught you with a cup of tea in the library. You stopped in front of the library doors, waiting for them to open and close with their usual muted thud. You walked over to Wong’s desk, but the librarian was nowhere to be found.

“Wong, I really need to see that book,” You could hear Stephen Strange’s annoyed voice coming from somewhere in the back of the library. His and Wong’s footsteps echoed throughout the library, and you ran to hide behind one of the many bookcases. Wong raced right past your hiding spot with a stack of books in his arms, Dr. Strange following in hot pursuit.

“If you want the original copy of the Tao Te Ching, you must wait until it’s returned,” Wong grumbled, plunking his books in the table for emphasis. “Or, you could use one of our transcribed copies to-”

“You don’t understand! I need to see the original copy.”

“And you don’t seem to understand how a library works,” Wong retorted. “Go ask the girl if it’s so important to you.”

“I can’t just go up to y/n and demand that she gives me her book.”

My book,” Wong corrected. “If you don’t want to ask her, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until she’s done with it.”

“You’re not helping at all,” Strange huffed.

“Being your personal assistant isn’t part of my job description,” Wong said primly. He sat down in his desk chair and picked up a heavy, leather-bound book, signaling the end of their conversation. Strange stormed from the room, a scowl etched deep into his face. You waited for a moment and tried to escape the room without Wong noticing, your heart pounding in your chest. You were halfway out the door before Wong said anything.

“Make sure to keep those neon monstrosities away from my book, y/n,” Wong called.

“It was just Starbucks!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wong called. “You ruin that book and Strange will be the least of your worries.”

“Dr. Strange? Why would he-”

“Don’t play dumb. Bookcases don’t make good hiding places, and you clearly haven’t mastered the art of invisibility yet,” Wong said flatly.

“Oh,” you said sheepishly. You stood there for a moment, waiting to see what punishment awaited you.

Wong turned a page in his book, “You can go, just don’t let me catch you sneaking around here again.”

You turned and fled the room, making it halfway down the hall before you realized you’d forgotten to turn in your book. Well, at least you could expect a visit from Strange.


“Y/n, could I talk to you?” Strange said, putting his hand on your arm to get your attention.

“Sure,” you said, waving goodbye to your friend, Jasmine. She raised an eyebrow, you’d been raving to her about your crush on him for weeks.

“Catch you later?” She called.

“You know it, Jaz.”

You turned back to Strange who gave you a strained smile before turning on his heels and leading you to the nearby courtyard.

“So…that book you have,” he nodded to the book you had tucked under your arm, “I was wondering when you’d be done with it, because I really need it for one of my classes.”

You stood there for a moment, unable to speak, your cheeks slowly turning bright red.

“Are you okay?” Strange asked, noting your odd behavior.

“Y-yeah,” you managed to squeak. “H-here, don’t forget to bring it back in a week or Wong’ll kill you,” you giggled nervously, nearly shoving the book into his hands.

“Okay. Thanks I guess,” Strange looked down at the book in confusion. “Listen, I’ve got to get going so…”

“Okay. Bye,” you squeaked. He turned and walked across the courtyard, waving at you lazily behind his back. You waited until he disappeared into the building before collapsing against the trunk of an old cherry blossom tree, covering your face with your hands. That was a disaster.


“So, how’d it go?” Jaz called from her spot she’d claimed next to your door.

“Not now,” you sighed, throwing the door open and collapsing onto your bed.

Jaz scrambled to her feet and followed you into your room, “That bad, huh?”

“I could barely speak to him,” you sighed, burying your face into your pillow.

“What did he want to talk about?” Jaz said. You could almost feel her impatience from across the room.

“Books. He wanted to talk about books,” you sighed, flopping over onto your back. “I had the only copy of the book he wanted. That’s the only reason he wanted to talk to me.”

“Y/n, I’m so sorry!” Jaz sighed. She knelt in front of the bed and dragged you into a hug.

You shrugged her off and curled up into a ball, “If I hadn’t frozen up, maybe I could’ve turned things around…he probably thinks I’m crazy.”

“C’mon, don’t say that!” Jaz begged. You turned to face the wall, trying to ignore her. “You know what,” Jaz said, “I did overhear him talking the Ancient One about learning to scry. I mean, if you’re really desperate, you could check out all the beginner level books from the library.”

You turned back to her, “Jaz, I know you’re trying to help, but that’s insane!”

“Hey, it was just an idea,” she shrugged.

“Well I’m not doing it,” you replied, “I still have standards.”


“Wong, I’m going to need all of your beginner-level books on scrying,” you said impatiently after waiting for the librarian to take his head out of his book.

“All of them?” Wong raised an eyebrow. “You need 23 books on scrying?”


Wong shrugged and got up, putting a slip of scrap paper in his book, “Okay.”

“Wait, you’re not going to ask me why I need all those books?” You were more than a little disappointed that you wouldn’t get to use your carefully concocted lie.

“As long as you get those books back to me in good condition, I really don’t care why you need them,” Wong said. He rushed off to the back of the library, stopping occasionally to pick up a book or two. Clutching a large stack of books, Wong returned to his desk in under five minutes.

“Thank you so much-” you began before he stopped you.

“This is only about half of them,” Wong interrupted. He walked off again, this time returning with an even larger stack of books.

That’s all of them,” Wong said, setting the books down on the counter.

“Thanks, Wong,” you said weakly, grabbing some of the books and trudging off to your room. A few trips later, every surface in your room was dominated by leather bound books. You picked up a random book and settled down in your bed, might as read some of these books if they’re gonna be taking up space in my room. The familiar smell of old leather and paper filled the room, and you smiled. Hell, I might even learn something.


You holed yourself up in your room for the next week, working your way through three or four of the books. On the rare occasions that you did leave your room for food or classes, Strange barely even looked at you. Still, you held onto the hope that he would eventually approach you about the books. Between sessions of obsessing about your crush, you found the time to practice scrying. You tried using mirrors, fire, oil, and water, but nothing seemed to work. The most you ever managed to see was the occasional patch of sky or piece of tree bark. After your latest failure, you decided to take a short walk in the courtyard to clear your head. While there, you stumbled upon a small crow with a broken wing.

“Hey there bud,” you cooed to the bird, cupping him gently in your hands. He snapped his beak at you weakly, “C’mon bud I’m trying to help you.” He let out a strangled squawk and closed his eyes tightly, his chest heaving with every breath. You brought him down to Jaz’s room, tapping the door quietly with your foot. The bird’s eyes popped open at the sudden noise.

Jaz opened the door and gave you a confused look, “Y/n, aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

You looked at the antique clock she had in the corner of her room. You’d managed to forget about your martial arts class. “I know,” you said, “but I found this little guy out in the courtyard.” You held up the bird who made a small whimpering sound. “I think his wing’s broken. Do you think you can fix him?”

“Come put him on the table,” Jaz said, opening the door and moving from the doorway. “You know, you should probably be doing this type of thing on your own.”

“Yeah, but you’re way better at healing magic than I am,” you said as you put the crow on the table. The bird shuffled around a bit, his claws making small clicking noises as they tapped against the wooden table. Jaz knelt in front of the table and corralled the bird between her hands, murmuring a few words under her breath. You could feel a small thrum of energy resonate in the room, and the bird squawked indignantly and took flight. He flew in a few panicked circles before landing on your shoulder, digging his claws into your skin.

“Hey, watch the claws,” you hissed in pain. The bird loosened his iron grip just a tiny bit, chirping in apology.

“I think he likes you,” Jaz laughed. “You can take him back outside. He should be good to fly now.”

“Alright. See you later Jaz.”

“Bye, y/n.”

“Say goodbye birdy.”

The bird squawked in response, flapping his wings to keep his balance as you left the room.


After your lesson with your martial arts teacher, you took a quick shower and headed back to your room, the bird still in tow. You’d tried to release him in the courtyard but he had refused to leave your shoulder. Back at the dojo, he had waited for you in a nearby tree until the end of your lesson. Now he sat at one end of your desk, pecking at a few crackers you’d managed to find for him.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” You sighed. The bird seemed to sense your gaze and looked up, letting out a small, pitiful chirp. “Well, if you’re not going to leave me alone, I should at least give you a name. How about Raven?” You grinned. The bird squawked and narrowed his eyes at you, Really? He seemed to say. “Okay, fine! How about Korra?” The bird shook his head and made a sneezing noise. “Oh! Are you a boy?” The bird bobbed his head up and down. “How about…Huginn?” The crow cocked his head to the side for a moment, as if he were thinking. Finally, he chirped in assent. “Okay, Huginn it is! Do you want to help me out with my scrying buddy?” The bird chirped and latched onto your shoulder. You grabbed a shiny bronze bowl and filled it halfway with cold water. You let it sit for a moment, waiting for the ripples to settle. Gazing into the bowl, you thought about the courtyard, trying to get an image to appear in the water. For half a second, you thought you could see the outline of the old cherry blossom tree, but your concentration was broken when Huginn decided to perch on the edge of the bowl and dip his beak in the water.

“Sweetie, you’re not supposed to drink the water!” You sighed, “Look, I have to start all over again.” Huggin squawked and looked from you to the bowl. “What, are you happy now?” He pecked at your hand and gestured to the water with his head, “Hey-” you began, your voice dying in your throat when you looked into the water. Your face and the wall behind you seemed to be projected into the water, everything was covered in a strange iridescent sheen. “Wha-” Huginn squawked impatiently and flew back to his crackers. The image in the water lurched suddenly, and all you could see was the pile of crackers. “Oh! So I can only see what you see?” The bird bobbed his head impatiently, Finally! He seemed to say. “I’m a little new to this whole magic thing bud, cut me some slack.” The bird shook out his feathers and hopped toward the window, staring at you expectantly. “Do you want to go out?” The bird turned and pecked at the shutters. “Okay, I’m getting there! Keep it in your pants!” You reached around the bird and gently pushed out the shutters, and before you could even move your arm out of the way, the bird burst into the open skies. You looked back into the bronze bowl and a literal bird’s eye view of the compound appeared in the mirrored surface. Huginn banked on a sudden gust of wind and you could see Strange and Wong arguing in the library through one of the barred windows. You willed Huginn to get a little closer, and he did, wriggling through a gap in one of the filigree covered windows. He hopped onto on of the book shelves and scurried a little closer to the two men. You could hear their voices now, but the sound was muffled, like you had a layer of cotton stuffed in your ears.

“How do you not have a single book on scrying?” Strange shouted, banging his fist on the table in front of him.

“Y/n came in, she wanted the books, I gave them to her,” Wong said calmly, reshelving a book that looked like it was bound in snakeskin. “We’ve been through this before haven’t we? If you want the books you wait your turn.”

“She needed all of them?” Strange asked incredulously.

“I’ve seen stranger things,” Wong shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do know?” Strange sighed.

“Why don’t you just ask her to bring a few of them back? Or are you afraid of her?” Wong smirked.

“No! She’s a really sweet girl,” Strange began, blushing when he noticed the teasing look Wong had on his face. “I don’t have a crush on her okay!”

“I didn’t say that,” Wong said, raising an eyebrow. Strange turned an even darker shade of red. 

“I can’t believe you have a crush on that one,” Wong snorted, turning back to his re-shelving. Huginn squawked in indignation, responding to your sudden flash of indignation. Wong looked up, spotting Huginn almost immediately. It felt as though he was staring at you through the water. As Huginn tried to make his escape, Wong grabbed him from the air, trapping him in his hands. The bird squawked and struggled tremendously, but Wong stroked his head gently, calming him. He brought Huginn over to the window and released him, “Fly back to your master little one,” he said quietly.


Surprisingly, Wong didn’t kill you in your sleep over your latest misadventure, but he did ban you from the library for the next week and put new warding spells up around the library. You were a little disappointed that you’d been caught so easily, but you had learned something from this whole fiasco. Strange had a crush on you.


A/N: Thanks for reading, and thanks to G for proofreading. Also, thanks to the Anon who sent in that awesome request! Again, there probably will be another part to this fic (with a lot more fluff). Hopefully that will be out in about a week or so. I hope you guys enjoyed the fic. ~A

(Part 2)

flower crowns | michael gray

anon and @peakyblinders1919 wanted fluffy summer protective michael

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I thought you were napping”

“You didn’t answer my question”

“I’m making a garden in your hair”

Michael was laying in the grass, his arms behind his head. He peeked open one eye, squinting as the sun hit his face. You picked another daisy and threaded it through a gap in his temple.


“So you’re pretty”

He laughed, closing his eye, and laying back. He shuffled a little, getting comfortable again.

“Don’t wiggle! They’ll fall out!”

“You’re ridiculous”

“That’s not how you say adorable”

“I have a meeting with Tommy this afternoon, you better know where all these are going. If a fucking flower falls out my hair while I’m-“

“Shush your mush, Mikey, you’re ruining an otherwise lovely day”

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Breakup with Shawn

-“you don’t have to leave right now”
-“just wait until the morning. I’ll take the couch”
-“do you want me to help you load those in your car?”
-cursing under your breath when the box breaks and all your books tumble out
-breaking down out of frustration
-asking yourself if this is the right thing for both of you
“Maybe we’re making a mistake”
-“can we try one more time”
-“I know we can make this work”
-“we’re Shawn and y/n”
-leaving your favorite picture of Shawn on the bedside table
-it’ll be easier if you leave it behind
-calling your best friend, “I need a place to stay”
-shutting the trunk and getting into the drivers seat
-“call me when you get there?”
-“will do.”
-Shawn still checks in with you
-convincing yourself you don’t love him anymore
-trying not to look at the pictures of him and his new gf
-showing up at your old place because you forgot something
-but you can’t remember what it is
-he has another box of your things by the front door
-he doesn’t invite you in because she’s upstairs
-“I thought you’d be needing these”
-he looks happy
-you’re wearing his shirt
-“thanks, how are you?”
-“good, tour starts up again soon”
-“I heard..that’s exciting”
-“take care of yourself, y/n”
-“you too”
-‘I still love you’

Renegades- 5

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 1683

Warnings: Language, violence (implied torture) Brock Rumlow is a fuckass.

Master   Part 4

Originally posted by rohgers

Steve was courteous, going as far as to make pancakes for the both of you the next morning. The three of you ate at the table, the two boys picking on each other and you wondered silently, as you stuffed your face with pancake and chocolate milk, how long they had known each other. After you finished, Bucky tugged you into the bathroom for a shower, promising Steve not to be too loud. Steve mumbled a comment about bleaching the tiles, but it was muffled as Bucky shut and locked the door behind him.

You stripped down, eyes roaming over Bucky’s defined muscles as he pulled off his own clothes. He stepped into the shower first, steam rolling out and fogging the mirror as he held out his hand to you. Grinning, you let him tug you inside. Needless to say, more of the shower was spent getting dirty than on getting clean. But Bucky ran soap over your body when all was said and done- all of your body- and the two of you were on the road again before noon.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 1/6


Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Word Count: 1274

Premise: modern law school au - Thomas works in the library where Alex spends all his time.

a/n: first part in a series! I don’t think it’ll be very long, probably like 10 parts or something but who knows! BONUS: see if you can catch the In the Heights reference :3

Thomas highlighted a passage from the casebook, jotting a quick note in the margins. Trying not to let the stress get to him, he did his best to take in every word of the case. The next day he would have to write a test on this, but for some reason his brain wasn’t computing the information properly. He sighed, checking the clock. He still had half an hour left on his shift. The library was dead, which let him study, but all he wanted was to go back to his apartment and sleep and maybe watch some TV with his roommate James.

Thomas let his eyes drift closed, the highlighter falling to the counter as his hand went slack. His chin comically dropped to his chest as he fell more deeply asleep.


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The Island

New multi-part Omelia AU fic. Owen Hunt is a business man. He’s a firm believer that he is completely self-sufficient and void of human ‘weaknesses’ such as love. His favourite relationship is the one between him and his phone. He takes care of himself, he satisfies his needs and he prefers his own company over others’. He has his money, his looks and his power. What else does he need?

One more kick and that’s it, I’m turning round and saying something, I think to myself again and again.

There’s a certain etiquette on a plane that one should respect and adhere to, and first class usually guarantees the privelege of such behaviour. I can hear what is behind me. It’s a child- a child I now know is called Theodore Francis Shepherd after its mother scorned it with its full name for not calming down, shutting up and falling to sleep when it was asked.

Now, if I ruled the earth, sea and sky, I would insist that first class have an age requirement. They’d be no parties bigger than two unless it involved a horny, drunk bachelorette party providing a plethora of depressed single ladies about to lose one more of their kind to the married life.

In an ideal world, all flights would have the private suite option like the Emirates flight to Dubai have, but I suppose I’m not in charge of what airline the law firm book me on. British Airways will have to do.

New York to London is a trip I do regularly for work. I travel the hour or so in a yellow taxi from my Manhatten apartment overlooking Central Park to JFK, I breeze through check-in and security and patiently wait in the first class lounge with a glass of champagne. If it’s the morning then they often put orange juice in too, much to my dismay. With someone, you’re thinking? Do I do this all alone? Yes. Thank God. From what I’ve experienced, from what I’ve seen, alone is better.

A 1624 work by the English author John Donne states that “No man is an island”. Nobody can live self-sufficient from the world, from other people. We depend and rely on others. Well, aside from people providing me with work and a way to get around, I beg to differ. Consider me an island with a big fucking ocean surrounding me. On my island there is me, there is work, there is a gym, there is an occasional female visitor and definitely no mother trying to tell her child to stop kicking the back of my fucking chair.

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Broken 12

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence 

The week that Brock worked night shift was one of the calmest you could remember. You had gotten to speak with Steve and Peggy at least three times without having to keep your conversations short as you were the only one home. You had spoken once to Bucky, but he was getting settled in to your mom’s place as his stuff had finally arrived and he wanted to make sure everything was ready before next week’s surgery. You had to assure Steve that you would be with Bucky each time you had spoken to him this week, so much so that you were pretty sure Peggy had smacked him upside the head the last time he asks if his groan was any indication.  You still were not sure how you were going to work it out, but Bucky was family you would find a way.

Friday was upon you, and you smiled to yourself as you got ready for work this morning. Tonight, was girls’ night at Wanda’s and you didn’t have to come up with a reason that you couldn’t go as long as you got home before Brock. You giggled to yourself as you stepped out of the shower and dried off quickly putting on your clothes. Your bruises were fading and it didn’t hurt as much to breathe today was going to be a good day. Once you were ready you made your way to the kitchen to whip up a morning snack for Brock and placed it in the fridge along with a note on the counter letting him know it was there. You sighed to yourself as you noticed you had signed your name, no love you and wondered to yourself when you had stopped signing notes to Brock with an endearment.

You heard a knock on the door and grabbed your purse and slipped on your shoes and opened the front door. “Jack” smile forced. He just nodded as he looked you up and down. You fought back the urge to shiver but stepped outside and shut the door locking it. You made your way to his car and slid in the front seat buckling up.

You were driving for fifteen minutes when Jack took a turn that was not your normal route. “Jack, you should have gone straight” you gave him a confused look.

“Don’t worry your pretty head” he told you not taking his eyes from the road but his hand rested on your thigh. A few minutes later he pulled the car off into a parking lot.

“Jack I’m going to be late” You told him, and this had been one of the first times in a long time that you wished that Brock would drive by.

“Not that late” he muttered, as he unbuckled and reached over to do the same to your seat belt. As soon as it clicked you scrambled back against the passenger door trying to find the door handle. “Don’t run, you know you love the attention I give you, and Brock hasn’t been willing to share lately.”

“Jack, Brock is your best friend” you tried as you found the door handle.

“best friend’s share” He patronized you. As you succeeded in getting the passenger door open and you fell out of the car and scrambled up.

“Now where do you think you’re going” Jack ask as he got out of the drivers’ side and started around the car toward you. You moved backwards your hands out in front of you moving away from him. You didn’t get far as he reaches out and pulls you toward him “Gotcha” he murmured.

“Rollins” a voice commands from behind you and your body stiffens not recognizing the voice.

“Sir” Jack says quickly letting you go and you stumble.

“What is going on here” the voice commands as you hear footsteps approaching the two of you.

“Nothing of interest Sir, I was giving Y/N a ride to work. She needed to stop and pick up something for a potluck” Jack smiled and you turned to see Captain Fury in his everyday clothes.

“That so, Rollins” Captain Fury ask raising an eyebrow.

“Yes Sir” Jack nodded.

“Ms. Rogers” Captain Fury addressed you, “Are you ok”

“Yes Sir” you told him softly.

“I think Officer Rollins, I will take it from here and give Ms. Rogers a ride to work” Captain Fury told him, “I just spoke with Lieutenant Coluson and one of the officers called in sick your needed at the station”

“Yes Sir” Jack told him as he narrowed his eyes at you. You quickly made your way back to the passenger side of the car and got your purse out. “We will finish this later” he whispered to you as you passed by him once again.

Once he drove out of the parking lot, Captain Fury gave you a look. He was intimidating and you were sure he wouldn’t be any less intimidating even without the eye patch, “This way Ms. Rogers”

“It’s ok Sir, I don’t want to impose I can call a friend to pick me up” you told him.

“I insist” he lead the way to his car, “Now where are you working”

You told him where you were working, and put on your seat belt. He backed out of his parking place and turned onto the highway, the drive was in silence and when he pulled into the parking lot he gave you another look, “Seems almost strange someone goes to an out of the way grocery store for a potluck, and doesn’t even go inside doesn’t it” he asks matter of fact.

You swallowed, and didn’t trust your voice so you just nodded. “There is nothing I can do, if nothing is reported didn’t see anything that would stick but you know the number if needed” He told you as you got out of his car.

“Thank-you” you said softly as you made your way into work and he drove off.

Work was busy for which you were thankful. You didn’t want to think of the way that Jack would get back at you for this morning. As you were ending your day and closing down your computer Wanda stopped by, “eight o’clock ok with you” She ask you.

“Sounds fine” You told her and smiled. “I will let Nat know, Do we need to bring anything”

“Nope” She smiled at you, “See you at eight” as she made her way out of the call center.

You grabbed your purse and made your way-out moments later, sighing when you caught sight of Brock’s cruiser. You made your way over and opened the passenger door slipping in. Brock didn’t say anything as you drove home and when he pulled into the driveway he gave you a look, “I’ll be home around nine am” he told you.

“Ok” you told him softly opening the car door, “Have a good night at work” you told him as you made your way inside.

Once inside you locked the door and slipped your cell phone from your purse calling Nat, “Yes” she answered and you laughed.

“Wanda said tonight at eight” you told her, “Do you mind picking me up”

“Is your car still not working” she asks you, and you sighed sometimes you wished Nat wasn’t straight to the point.

“I think it needs a battery” you told her and was glad she couldn’t see you as she always knew when you were lying if you were face to face.

“I am going to have Clint pick it up” She told you, “But I will pick you up at eight”

“Don’t worry Nat, I will get it fixed soon no need to get Clint to come and get it”

“If you wait around for Brock to fix it, it will rust first” she told you, “But fine”

“See you soon Nat” you smiled “Thank you” and you laughed out loud as she muttered something in Russian as she hung up.

You made your way upstairs to put on comfy clothes a pair of y/f leggings and an oversized long sleeve shirt and sighed when your phone rang again, it was probably Steve. You looked at the phone and shook your head as you saw Bucky’s name flash across the screen, “Hey Bucky”

“Peanut, Wanna grab a pizza” he ask by way of greeting.

“I would love to, but I have girls night with Nat and Wanda” you told him.

“I know I am trying to save you from Natasha she is so droll” Bucky told you

“Bucky” you scolded, “That is my best friend your talking about”

“It was worth a shot, I guess now I have to hang out with Clint. I was hoping if I could convince you to ditch Natasha that she would hang out with Clint, and then he wouldn’t boast at beating me at darts again this week”

“Bucky, why do you even play darts with Clint, you know he always wins” you ask laughing.

“Same reason Steve always plays Mario Kart with me, even though he loses its still fun” he laughed, “But I really wanted to check in we still on for New York next Thursday”

“Yeah Bucky, I have it all worked out” You lied smoothly, “Ok I will book the tickets tonight, Thank you Y/N”

“Welcome Buck” you told him, “Now I gotta do a few things before Nat picks me up” You told him smiling, “Have fun losing at darts”

“Funny” Bucky told you but hung up.

You made your way back down stairs putting your phone in your purse and tidied up the kitchen from where brock was home today and vacuumed the living room before you heard a horn honk. Putting your shoes on you made your way outside, locking the door and to Natasha’s car slipping in.

“Ready for this” Natasha ask you as she backed out.

You nodded, “Turn left at the end of the street” You told her and she nodded. It didn’t take you guys long at all to pull up in front of Wanda’s house.

“This is cute” Natasha said and you gave her a look, “What it is quaint” she defended.

“Not all of us can live above a garage” you told her and then laughed at her shocked look.

“I forgot your snark” Natasha told you, “I feel like I haven’t seen it in ages”

You just shook your head as you made your way to the door and knocked Natasha standing behind you. When Wanda answered the door you both smiled at her. “Come in” Wanda told you as you both made your way inside. “Living room is to the left, I just took the brownies out of the oven and am getting ready to shove Sam out the door”

Natasha and yourself made your way to the living room choosing a spot on the couch, “This is like a cloud” Natasha told you as she snuggled in.

“It is pretty soft” you agreed as Wanda made her way into the living room a pan in her hand.

“Makes it easier” She told you both sitting it in the middle of the coffee table, “Now what do we want to watch” she ask

Natasha opened her mouth, “No porn” You cut in quickly.

“How do you know I was going to suggest porn” Natasha gave you an offended look.

“Oh I don’t know, how about you offer that as your first suggestion since we have been fifteen” you rolled your eyes and you both gave Wanda a look as she burst out laughing.

“Ok I give you that one” Natasha told you, “But you can’t say you don’t still laugh when you remember the time Steve didn’t realize that was what was suggested and took me up on it when he was watching us while your mom was working”

You started giggling, “Ok, but Wanda just for future reference anytime Nat is asked what movie she wants to watch the first title she suggests is porn just to see if anyone goes for it”

“Noted” Wanda told you, “How about Y/F/C” Wanda suggested. You all easily agreed and Wanda was smart to bring the whole pan of brownies because by the time the movie was over the pan was finished.

Natasha checked the time on her phone and sighed, “Clint is wasted” She told you both matter of fact “You ready to get out of here Y/N, I gotta make sure he doesn’t try to do any remolding when he gets home”

“Sure” You told her as you stood up and stretched. You didn’t notice Wanda’s eyes narrow as your shirt rode up just a bit showing the fading bruises on your ribs. “Thanks Wanda” You told her hugging her, “I had a wonderful time”

“Me to” Natasha told Wanda though they didn’t hug. “Next week My place” she asks you both.

“Can’t” You told them both quickly and they both gave you looks. “I’m going with Bucky to New York, he is getting his prosthetic” you answered their silent question.

“Fine you get a pass this time” Natasha rolled her eyes, “Wanda”

“Sounds Great” Wanda nodded as she walked you both out.

It seemed like it took less time to get back to your house than it took to get to Wanda’s. When Natasha pulled into your drive way you unbuckled and leaned over hugging her, “Thanks Nat”

“If your car doesn’t get fixed by Monday, I’m sending Clint” was her response.

“Go take care of your mechanic” You told her laughing as you made your way to the door and went inside. With the honk of her horn Natasha was gone and you smiled as you locked the door behind you. Today despite the uncomfortable start was a good day, and for the first time in a long time you went to sleep with a smile on your face.  

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The right kind of research

Dean X Reader drabble

Word Count: 500-ish

Warning: Nothing, just Sam being sassy AF! and implied Dean fluff/ smut. ;)

Originally posted by petraalexandra

“That’s it! you both are idiots”, Sam slams his hands on the table, making you jump. As soon as you catch your breath, you look at Dean to enquire what’s gotten into Sam. Deans eyes mirror your quizzical expression. He shrugs when he sees you looking at him, he doesn’t have a clue.

You were lounging in the library with books in your lap, while Dean was sitting in the chair with his feet on the table and beer in his hand. Both of you were busy with the research regarding a case in South Dakota. Only catch, for the past hour and a half you had been stealing glances at the Greek god that was Dean Winchester, trying to be furtive about it.

You had sighed internally, knowing that Dean could never possibly like you that way. You had been hunting with the Winchesters for over a year now and after all that you had been through together, you couldn’t imagine your life without them. You weren’t stupid enough to jeopardize what you had with them for the greed of something more with Him.  You would have continued with your day dream had Sam not interrupted it.

You look up to see him glaring at both of you.

“What?” you ask, puzzled

“I leave you guys alone in the bunker for two hours and this is what you do? Research?” Sam is practically yelling at the both of you, his head whipping from one to another. If the situation had not been so confusing, it would have been extremely comical.

“Why Mr. Nerdy Nerdinson, do you have all rights reserved on research now? Last I checked you didn’t have a patent on that one,” Dean smirks.

You can’t believe Sam is making a scene out of not getting to do enough research. Sure he was a geek, but this was too much even for him.

“No, you moron. It’s not that,” Sam shoots back

“Pray explain then Princess,” Dean looks down at the book in his hand without waiting for Sam’s reply. Apparently he had had enough of Sam’s tantrums.

Sam puts on his best bitch face. Uh oh Dean.

“Right, because you and Y/N just love having me around being the third wheel,” Sam scoffs

Shit. Wait what?

Deans head whips up to look at Sam first and then you, his eyes wide. I pale. It was all out now.

“Oh come on, who did you think I was? An idiot? You think I can’t see you Y/N,  stealing glances at Dean when you think he is not looking? And you Dean? You just about start drooling every time you see her. I’ve had enough of this Danielle Steele novel shit. If I see anymore of this, I think I will throw up. So I am going to head out for a couple of hours again, please quit the façade of researching whilst checking each other out and for god’s sake hook up!”

And just like that Sam walks out of the door with a million dollar smile on his face leaving two shell shocked, furiously blushing and utter smitten people behind.

Needless to say, what followed was exactly the kind of research you had hoped for. ;)


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meissa  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend any books that would help me get a sense of what being a doctor would be like, or medical ethics or just anything medical related? Btw I love your blog!

Hello! And thank you!

You’re in luck, because there are loads! So many, in fact, that I haven’t even begun to plumb the depths of reading all the books about being a doctor or by doctors. A lot of them are available on Amazon as Ebooks, too. I haven’t read most of these books, and I’m deliberately mostly focusing on UK books because I’m from the UK and I feel that they are less well known compared to their UK medical book counterparts.

There are a few books out about being a junor doctor. Matt Pemberton has written Trust Me, I’m a Junior Doctor, and a couple of others. I personally find them a little ‘staged’ a little too close to soap opera for my taste, perhaps because I read them as a senior med student. Though he’s not bad at writing articles at all, I didn’t feel that his books were particularly eloquent. They aren’t bad at all, but when you’ve read Gawande or Sacks, you expect all medical prose to really, really sparkle with experience; perhaps Pemberton’s prose will mature with him. That said, I think his books are certainly enjoyable, and worth checking out if you are considering medicine.

Michael Foxton has written Bedside Stories: Confessions of a Junior Doctor, which I haven’t read (Though it sits somewhere on my shelf, as do many other books).

In terms of general practice, there is Doctor, Doctor, by Dr Rosemary Leonard. There is also The  Confessions of a GP, and Further Confessons of a GP by Benjamin Daniels. There is also Sick Notes: True stories from the GP’s surgery by Tony Copperfield and Doctor in the House by Alex Rudd. Or Practice Makes Perfect, by Edward Vernon. I have only read some of them, and find their tones vary from supportive to rather black humour; I didn’t gel with all of the narrators. Read the preview chapters on Amazon, because it is important to get on with the narrator if you want to enjoy the book. There are a million ways of telling interesting anecdotes about medicine.

My other favourite book about general practice isn’t a book, it’s a graphic novel called The Bad Doctor by Ian Williams, chronicling the life of a rural Welsh GP with mental health problems.

For the adrenaline junkies among you, we have In Stitches: The Highs and Lows of Life as an A&E doctor, by Dr Nick Edwards is another one on my shelves as yet unread. There’s also Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor by Tony Bleetman, or The Lighter Side: an NHS paramedic’s selection of humorous mess room tales by Andy Thompson. And The Dark Side, about the darker side of being a paramedic. There is also A PARAMEDIC’S DIARY: Life and Death on the Streets, by Stuart Gray.

Given that medicine was a very masculinised profession until recently, Beulah Bewley: My Life as a Woman and Doctor  by Beulah Bewley may be interesting for those wanting to learn about what it was like to be a female doctor in times when we would have been a rarity.

Lisa Sanders’ Diagnosis is a rather excellent book about the subtleties of diagnosing; she was a medical advisor for House MD. The Laws of Medicine, by Siddartha Mukkherjee also focuses on cases which are not clear cut. They also wrote the highly commended The Emperor of All Maladies, which is a biography of cancer. Samuel Shem’s House of God is considered a cult classic amongst doctors for his take on being an intern.

Now we come to the classics. I would recommend Atul Gawande’s books, any one of them. He has a book about geriatrics (Being Mortal), a book about saving lives by creating the checklist that revolutionised surgery (The Checklist Manifesto), and Complications and Better, which focus on why we as doctors make mistakes and how to improve.

Oliver Sachs has written some brilliant books about varius aspects of neurology; they aren’t focused on being a doctor per se, but they remain some of the most deeply moving works I’ve read. His patient vignettes absolutely show both the complexity of neurology (don’t worry, it’s not technical at all!) and the humanity of its subjects. You could tell he was a doctor who loved what he did, and the patients he saw.

Interestingly, there are a lot more self-published lesser known medical authors than last time I trawled the web for them. Which is great news for people who want to find out more about what medicine is really like.

If you end up reading any of them, I’d love to hear how you got on!

reiji after story summary/livetweeting/translation???

I was livetweeting the Ayato, Subaru, and Reiji after stories from Diabolik Lovers V earlier and since there was some interest in this being posted to Tumblr (for archival reasons/ease of access/etc) I’m compiling my livetweets here! /o/ The Reiji livetweeting was way longer/more detailed than the other two because I wanted to torture arriku ww gomen so that’s the only one I’m posting here… I don’t think I was detailed enough with the other two that it would be interesting to read slkdfjsdf

there’s a lot of very bad grammar due to me having to fit things into tweets and obviously spoilers abound so watch out

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Kiss You Again (WayHaught College AU)

Pairing: Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught

Rating: T

Summary: Nicole finds an important note that was left in the library book she just checked out and does a little sleuthing to find out who it belongs to. (Hint: it’s Waverly)

Based on a prompt from @alycidebnam


Nicole Haught has been patiently waiting for the 16th of the month, because that’s when the book she needs from the library is due to be returned.  Her paper is due on the 20th, so that gives her just enough time to…skim through it for a couple of talking points, and maybe pull out a couple of choice quotes. She’s hoping for a B+ at this rate.

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