i check that website regularly

oh my fucking god, i cant believe im going to be checking the worm website regularly as new content comes in, this an experience i never had the chance to do and it will al lead up to worm 2 and its going to be this AMAZING PERIOD OF HYPING UP AS THE FANDOM COALESCES BACK AGAIN AND THEN WE’LL


izunachu  asked:

What is Godsfall and where can I listen to it? Im almost caught up on TaZ and watch CR every week.

Hello ! Thank you for your ask :) 

So, let me tell you a bit about it. Godsfall is a heavily-edited podcast (by that I mean that a lot of work is put in editing, with added soundtracks, sounds effects, etc), about a custom D&D campaign DMed by Aram Vartian, with 4 players. Said players are Doug playing Dorro, a rogue halfling, Kay playing Phryane, a high-elf bard, Michael playing Xion, a human sorcerer and Stephen playing Torrvic, a dwarf paladin, (plus the DM playing Pera, another member of the team). Before the beginning of the campaign, each character has a dedicated episode, which allows the DM to present his world in everyday life and the player to introduce their characters.

At the end, all five characters are reunited and the adventure begins.

To tell you a bit more without spoiling too much, Godsfall is a godless world where magic is long dead since the passing of said gods, and where magical remnants, powerful items, are forbidden. However, the characters quickly discover themselves to possess special abilities that might prove their beliefs wrong…

(plus, if like me, you are a big lore nerd, you will truly appreciate the work put into the world building)

You can listen to it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbay, and on their website. I personally listen to it on Podbay because that’s where I listen to all the other podcasts but I would recommend you regularly check out their website because there you can find: transcripts of each episode, maps (that prove extremely useful for understanding the intricate and complex world and lore), info about the characters and much more !

Feel free to share your feelings on CR, TAZ and / or Godsfall with me if you’d like, I’d love to know what you think. Have a good day ♥ 

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Is there a delay with the newest chapter? Amazon says the chapter won't be available until September 25th, so I thought you would know something.

Sorry, I don’t know! I usually buy the chapters on Comixology.eu and I’m checking their website regularly since this early morning but they haven’t released chapter132 yet either! :/

Pixiv Artists on Tumblr (Masterlist)

EDIT : maybe it’s the lenght of the post, but sadly, the page links don’t appear anymore. I don’t edit this list more because of this…. But if you are interested by any fandoms/ships, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will reply with rec list with the link attached. Sorry for the bother……..

After my masterlist of Pixiv Artists who don’t allow their arts be posted on Tumblr , I worked since months on this list that includes some artists from Pixiv who have a Tumblr.

This list is to prevent people to repost their arts on the website ! I will edit it regularly (so better check the page next time)

I am also using their Pixiv username, like this you will know that you shouldn’t repost from them on Pixiv (their blog doesn’t appear necessarily on their profile that’s why)

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me :)

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Yoooo, so I’m not dead

Hi guys, remember me? Lol people keep following this blog even though I haven’t posted or reblogged a thing in months. I still check this website regularly but mainly to look at stuff. I haven’t had much time nor energy to post anything (unless if any of you have caught me accidentally fast-reblogging shit and then deleting it because THIS PHONE APP IS SO FINICKY SOMETIMES LIKE WHAT THE FUCK TUMBLR).

Anyways so some things have changed. I went through some crazy depression and identity crisis. Turns out: I’m trans! Funny because I’m the last person to have suspected myself being trans (aside from my parents who I am still managing to so cleverly hide this from). So I’d like to go by he/him pronouns if that’s okay with you guys. I know it’s sudden and all especially since I seemingly disappeared off the face of tumblr and am suddenly coming back saying that I’m quite literally, a new man. But… I hope you understand.

I still go by Jessi Muse on my social medias because I like that name too much, but I’ll start spelling Jessi as Jesse instead (with an E). As per my usual protocol it is still separate from the name I wish to be referred to in public or that I will let close friends (who knew my deadname before coming out here) call me. I like it for people to not know my personal names on public social media websites like this.

I need a new picture too. The current one is a drawing an old friend made of my OC (which is indeed named Jessi Muse), which is practically my self insert for every video game I play. That is the character that closely resembles me and so I feel like it would be fitting if said OC went through a transition as well. So I’ll definitely be drawing an actually boyish looking version of him… But the thing is I haven’t been able to access my computer in a while and so getting a fully colored profile pic will take a while…

I haven’t yet started T… I’ll explain the situation more to anyone who wants to hear it but it’s not meant to be the main point of this post (which I’m sorry that tje topic of me being trans ended up taking up more than half this post). My main point is: I’M ALIVE! And if anyone I know is still here, feel free to come chat me up. I miss you all and haven’t talked to many people in a while.

I’ve got a lot going on though so don’t expect me to post much. Still I’ll gladly talk to you if you want to.

Thank you all for reading, and I love you all! I hope to see you around! <3

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You say you study wolves in your spare time. Do you go to specific websites or do you read any books about wolves? I would like to study more about wolves but I don't know which websites to go to. I have a couple books but I wanted to ask you about your opinion c:

I read scientific articles/studies and that are available online, and spit through the references to find new reading material. There are websites like Google Scholar that help to find proper informative material. Perhaps you could visit libraries from universities etc. I read Dutch and English scientific/non-fiction wolf books. Currently reading “Wolves: Behavior, ecology, and conservation” by David Mech and Luigi Boitani a lot for my thesis - I would recommend this book to everyone since it contains literally anything you want to know about wolves. 

Eh, what else. I regularly check out websites from good wolf centers and sanctuaries, such as the Wolf Conservation Center and the International Wolf Center. Some of them even post informative vlogs in which they discuss subjects such as wolf behaviour. I also follow websites of organisations focussed on wolves, such as Wolven in Nederland (Dutch, sorry, heheh). Sites like that often post topical news/articles.

I follow a ton of wolf related Facebook-pages. Really anything from just “fan”-pages to official pages from wolf centers, organisations, documentary makers working on new wolf documentaries, etc. I use Google Alerts and track wolf related terms. I watch documentaries – there are a lót of good ones available online for free.

Oh and I follow some biologist students etc. on Tumblr who sometimes post interesting stuff as well.

Also, I guess it counts in a way as well that I used to “study” them by drawing and photographing them, and I used to visit a pack of wolves in a zoo often, since I could visit almost costless due to high discounts on the entrance ticket my art school provided. 

That’s about it. If you are looking for something specific or anything, I’d be happy to help you out! :)

anonymous asked:

It's so awesome that you work with wolves. I don't know if you've already answered this before, but how did you get started working with them?

Thanks for the message! 

Well, I had been studying them in my spare time over a few years as well as writing research papers. I began to look at various wolf sanctuaries and educational facilities. I found one that was really close to me, so I began checking the website regularly and planning a visit. After about a year, I was finally able to take my first trip there, and I went on a tour. That was the day when I actually first saw a wolf. I was able to spend an hour of extra time talking to the tour guide in the cold weather, but it was worth it. 

I talked to the owner, and I started staying on weekends. Then I spent the summer there for extended periods of time, and because of my work and future plans and purpose, I work with wolves. It’s difficult work, but the volunteers and staff are amazing people that I have become very close to, who are relentlessly willing to educate the public about wolves.