i cheated just to make this post


I mean AS WE SPEAK, your woman is going to be unfaithful on the same lot.

IKR?  It’s totally true though.

Just take a gander out the window, dude.


So sad when that happens.

Alas, that was just to make myself feel good and have Robert have a good cry into his Thundercats bedsheets tonight.  xD  Joan has No Jealousy.  I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to care that they’re being cheated on with regards to her.  ┐(´-`)┌  Maybe if Joan herself confessed.  Maybe.  If something comes of that, well so be it, but I have no hope.  xD  (Note from the future: Actually Robert did get an appropriately soul-crushing moodlet upon finding out his love interest is the town bicycle and his relationship with her went down the drain.  Other than that, meh; SP continues to push them as flirting, strangely enough.)

Later on I’ll set him on fire or something.  Andrei desecrating his family’s home with his love interest is enough punishment for now.  xD


Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)

So I got a lot of messages after my first post asking me to explain layers, so I have put together a cheat sheet of the different layer types.  The quickest way to become awesome with layers is to know exactly what each one does. Once again, I’m no expert, and these are just my personal definitions, so please try these out for yourself! LONG POST BELOWWW


1. NORMAL:  Aw yeah you know all about this layer its just your average layer 
2  DISSOLVE: This mode “dissolves” some pixels, allowing the lower layer to show through. very pixel-y.  Reducing opacity makes it dissolve more.
3. DARKEN: Now the difference between darken and multiply are a little confusing, so I will explain them together. MULTIPLY is more of a glaze, while DARKEN favors the darks on all layers.  So if you have a darken layer on, it tend to reduce/remove the lighter tones on the layer if there are darker tones below it, while darkening the darks.  
4.  MULTIPLY: A glaze that darkens the color of the layer below. It is great for shading.  Reduces whites.
5.  COLOR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer favoring a more saturated look.  Marks made over white are not preserved.  
6.  LINEAR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer, with a little less saturation than color Burn.  Also will preserve colors over white. 
7.  DARKER COLOR: I tend to avoid this puppy cause it does not darken on the RGB channel. (feel free to try him though!)
8. LIGHTEN:  Lightens the colors below. Favors lighter colors on lower layers.
9. SCREEN:  Lightens the colors below, but much closer to the “glaze” analogy as above.  Reduces blacks. 
10. COLOR DODGE: Often used for magic-y effects, color dodge bumps up saturation and is very bright.
11.  LINEAR DODGE: Much like color dodge, but less saturation. 
12. LIGHTER COLOR:  Once again, this is an outside RGB channel layer, so I don’t really use this. 

As you probably have noticed, the second two groups are opposites, so if you have a good handle on one, you probably know exactly what the second group does! I will do the remaining groups next week as they do not follow this pattern.  


EDIT: Part two here: Photoshop Layers Part Two!!

Stood Up

As it has been requested repeatedly, I have decided to make a part two to Stood Up. This story got way more love then I thought it would receive and is one of my highest loved imagines so far! So thank you!. I wasn’t originally planning on uploading this today, but as it is my birthday tomorrow (February 17th) and I will be busy, I thought I would just post it instead of making you all wait another two days. So here you go!

Request: Archie/jughead: 14)“I promise that i’ll protect you". -Archie 17) “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” - y/n31)“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”-y/a18) “I think you’re worth much more than that.”- jughead 4)“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”-jughead

REMEMBER, requests are closed! New requests will be deleted.

Requested by: anonymous.

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

“Y/N… I’m not sure how to tell you this… but-”

You turned, confused as you stared at the concerned looking Jughead. After your guys ‘date’ you’d started to hang out with him a bit more and eventually you guys had blossomed into an amazing friendship. Though, what Jughead had said that night was right, and after Archie apologized you’d accepted it and everything fell back to the way it was.

Only thing was now you had Jughead as a friend, a pretty great one at that. He hadn’t been happy when you told him you’d forgiven Archie, but he’d accepted it and told you to just be careful. 

Nothing had happened since. School started again and a new girl came in, Veronica Lodge, which had in turn allowed her to start hanging out with Archie, you, Betty and Kevin. She was nice enough and even though she had immediately mentioned her interest in Archie, you’d set her straight after telling her you two were actually dating. It didn’t take long for her to start rooting for you two, and was in turn one of the sweetest girls you’d met.

When you weren’t with her and Betty, you were with Archie and if you weren’t with Archie, you were with Jughead. 

It just happened to be one of those times where you were with Jughead, you two were sat in Pop’s, much like your guys date night. You were helping him with his novel that you were so specially the only one allowed to see. But you could tell easily something was on his mind and he was distracted from his writing. You hadn’t said anything, wanting to wait for him to tell you on his own.

“Yes, Juggie?” You answered, regarding him with careful eyes. He pursed his lips, shaking his head as he sighed in frustration. “Is everything okay?”

“Y/N… it’s about Archie…” 

You sighed, slightly expecting him to tell you again that you shouldn’t have forgiven him. But just by the look on his face you knew it was something else, and suddenly all annoyance left you and instead you became worried. Worried at the truth. “Jughead… what is it? What did he do? Is he okay?”

“He’s okay.” Jughead quickly confirmed, almost in anger. “He… oh god, Y/N. I really am sorry, but Archie’s been cheating on you.”

You blinked, unsure if you’d heard his words correctly. Archie had done a lot of things recently, terrible things but despite everything you’d never been suspicious of him for that. You couldn’t quite believe Jughead, so you scoffed, glaring slightly, but you could feel your eyes watering. “What are you- what are you going on about, Jughead? You’re joking right? With who?” The words slipped past your lips, no filter as you stared.

You tried to ignore the look on Jughead’s face that only helped make your heart beat faster. “Ms. Grundy.” Jughead whispered and you froze. 


“He’s cheating on you with Ms. Grundy.”

Your jaw fell open and without a thought, you pushed out of your seat and stormed out of Pop’s, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t want to believe Jughead. You couldn’t but something in the back of your head told you that he was telling the truth. Who had stood you up that night? Archie. Who had been there for you that night? Jughead. What reason would he have to lie to you?

“Y/N!” You heard Jughead but you ignored him, dead set on making your way.. where were you going? Archie’s. You needed to talk to him. 

“Y/N! Please stop!” A hand grabbed your forearm, effectively stopping you and turning you around. You didn’t fight, coming face to face with Jughead as you tried to hold in your tears. You stared at him, hurt and betrayed.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice soft.

“Archie’s. I need to talk to him.” You mumbled, trying to keep your voice calm. “Please, let me go. I need- I need to talk to him.”

“I’m not going to stop you.” Jughead reassured, now grabbing both sides of your arms. You barely thought of the fact that Jughead hated skin contact. “I’m going with you.”

You nodded, too upset to say anything and shortly you found yourself in front of Archie’s house. The lights were off, but you knew Archie and you knew he liked to go out for late night walks, so you sat on his porch, waiting. Jughead sat beside you, close enough for comfort but not touching. You’d stopped crying but you knew it’d only last a few minutes before Archie’d show up.

“Y/N…? Jughead?” Snapping your head up, you swallowed your fear at the sight of a sweaty and panting Archie. Standing up and not missing the way Jughead fell in step beside you, standing slightly behind you.

“What are you two doing here?” Archie asked, confused and concern lacing his voice.

“I-I…” You tried but fell short, feeling tears coming back. Immediately Archie took a step forward, concerned but Jughead stood in front of you. Glaring at Archie. Archie blinked, confused.

“What’s wrong? Y/N? Tell me, I promise that i’ll protect you" You scoffed, suddenly angry as you carefully stepped in front of Jughead. He regarded you with a concerned look but all you did was nod, reassuring him.

Archie stared desperately at you. 

“Archie… we’re through.” You said, confidence in your voice as you tried to hold down your tears. Archie’s shoulders slumped and his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. 

“Wha- why?”

“Archie.. I know you cheated on me.” You confessed, laughing bitterly at yourself. “Hell, maybe you still are. But we are through. I am tired of the lies, the cancelling, i’m tired of the sneaking. I tried. I tried to be understanding. I even forgave you when you stood me up! But not anymore!” Archie’s surprised and guilty face fell on Jughead, almost angrily before turning to you with soft eyes. 

“Y-Y/N… I’m-”

“I don’t want to hear it!” You interrupted, staring at Archie clearly upset. You wiped pathetically at your tears. “With Ms. Grundy? Really, Archie? You’re… that’s so wrong. It doesn’t matter though, you’re none of my business anymore.” 

You went to step around Archie, but his hand shot out to grab you, a little too aggressively. You gasped, before another hand shot out and pushed Archie back. You easily recognized the figure as Jughead. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” 

Archie dropped his hands, taking a respect step back and you let out a breath you hadn’t know you’d been holding. Huffing. Jughead turned to you, allowing you to walk in front of him as he glared at Archie. Archie looked as if he was about to cry and you almost felt yourself breaking but you shook your head.

“I am sorry. Y/N.” You stopped, your back facing Archie as you whispered;  “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.”

Later, you found yourself sobbing against Jughead’s chest as he hugged you. You sniffled, wiping your tears as you pushed from the hug, staring at the tear stains on his jacket in shame. “I’m sorry…” You whispered ashamed.

Jughead shook his head, hesitantly letting his hand fall on your cheek so you were looking at him. “I’m pathetic.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“I think you’re worth much more than that.” Jughead whispered. You stared up into his eyes, finding an emotion you’d never seen there before. And then suddenly his lips fell on yours and you were leaning against him as he pressed against you. You moaned into the kiss, allowing your hands to fall on his neck as he held your face.

When you pulled away, you were panting but smiling shyly up at Jughead who smirked back. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

There ya guys go! Part 3?

The people who claim to be fans of either melissa benoist or Blake Jenner but are applauding or celebrating their divorce honestly sicken me. Like honestly, what the fuck? These are people. Two people who are now ending a marriage and a four year relationship. Two people who have said on countless occasions that they’re each other’s best friends. Two people who were clearly very much in love at one time. And you people are over here saying you hope Melissa will now realize she’s gay or that she’s too good for him?

How dare you?

Melissa and Blake are real people, very private people who I doubt want the world to know about this let along have people commenting on it. They aren’t characters from tv shows for you to fetishize or comment on. So before you make another post talking about how you hope Melissa will finally come out, or how you think she cheated on Blake with her co star, just don’t.

Have some fucking decency.

girlmeetshit  asked:

(another prompt, sorry but I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR FICS) Betty and Jughead got stuck in a class alone after months of their friendly break up and realises that they aren't just friends.

This makes me so happy because I was just thinking ‘I hope I’m not annoying anybody by posting all these fics’ so thank you!

Edit *I just finished this and I hope it’s okay?

Betty couldn’t believe her luck - she had gotten detention today, the first time in her life, because the teacher thought she was looking at her neighbors paper during a test, thought she - Betty Cooper - was cheating.

She walked into the dark classroom to find Jughead sitting there, facing the teacher’s desk. Were they really the only two who had gotten detention today? 

Betty sat down two desks behind him and sat up straight. 

Jughead had broken up with Betty a month and a half ago. He had said he wanted to focus on his family - who could blame him? - but Veronica told her that she heard on good authority that Jughead didn’t think he was good enough for her.

But Betty knew  he had simply fallen out of love with her. Of course, she had slapped a smile on her face, trying to cover the hurt. She couldn’t lose Jughead entirely - if he didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore, she needed him to be her friend. She needed him to be a part of her life.

Betty had laid in bed the entire weekend after Jughead left her room that day. She didn’t answer her phone, didn’t eat, didn’t speak to anyone. Her heart was broken.

She dragged herself out of bed on Monday and tried to put on a brave face at school.

They still hung out together, of course. Archie and Betty and Veronica and Jughead and Kevin sitting in a booth at Pop’s, The five of them in Veronica’s living room, studying and eating popcorn, Betty, Jughead and Kevin in The Blue and Gold’s office, studying the murder board.

This would be the first time Jughead and Betty would be in a room together without any of their friends.

Betty cracked open a notebook and tried to distract herself by jotting down article ideas.

Not five minutes had passed before Coach Clayton stood up from his desk “I’ve got an errand to run - no funny business. I’ll be back in five.” He called, then strolled out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Immediately, Jughead got up from his chair and sat down in front of Betty, turning around so his stomach was against the back of the chair.

“What are you in for?” He questioned, smirking.

“They think I was cheating off of Kevin.” Betty murmured, playing with her pen. “What about you?”

Jughead guffawed at Betty’s admission. “I was smoking on school property.”

“Again?” Betty raised an eyebrow.

Jughead just shrugged and pushed back his floppy hair, rearranging his hat.

Betty’s arm reached out before she knew what she was doing, moving the hair that had fallen back in Jughead’s eyes. ”Juggie, what happened?” 

There was a dark purple bruise on Jughead’s temple.

Jughead’s eyes darkened, his head hung downwards. He had forgotten about his bruise. “Dad got drunk, I pissed him off. No big deal.”

“Jughead…” Betty whispered, the word barely making it out of her mouth. She gently touched his temple.

Betty’s fingers lingered on Jugheads soft skin, tracing down his temple and onto his cheek.

They say touch has memory, and this memory was killing Betty. The memory of his skin was too much for her. Tears welled in her eyes and she looked down immediately. 

“Betty, what is it?” Jughead murmured.

“Nothing,” Betty lied, doodling on the paper beneath her.

“Bets, please don’t lie to me. Hey,” Jughead pulled gently on her chin so that she would look him in the eye.

“I just miss you, Jug.” 

“I’m right here, Betty.” Jughead said lightly. 

“That’s not what I mean.” Betty said exasperatedly. She might as well tell him the truth - he knew when she was lying.

“I know,” Jughead admitted. He still had hold of Betty’s chin and he grazed his thumb across her cheek. “I’m sorry that I hurt you, Betty.”

Betty just nodded, more tears welling in her eyes. They were words she had hoped for, had thought about, but they didn’t heal the hurt.

“I was just scared.” He said to her.

Betty looked into Jughead’s eyes, searching for answers. “Scared of what?”

Jughead took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Scared of how happy you make me - made me.” He correctly himself. “You made it easier for me to breathe. And when you weren’t around, my world felt like it was crashing down around me. And I remembered what it felt like to be alone. When the only thing you know is happiness being taken away from you, you don’t know what to do with the light in your life - so you extinguish it.”

“Jughead -” Betty started.

“I figured that you would realize that I wasn’t what you wanted. That you would leave me like everyone else does. So it was easier if I left you first.”

“Jughead -”

“Betty, I didn’t mean to hurt you - I just thought it would hurt less if I ended it on my terms, before things went too far, and that the inevitable end came and I was crushed but, I sort of fucked things up and got hurt anyway.”

“Who says there’s an inevitable end, Jughead? Who says if we make each other happy we can’t just keep being happy together? Maybe the world was trying to give us both a break.”

Jughead looked down. He was the dumbest person alive.

“I wasn’t going anywhere, Jughead.” Betty whispered. She took Jughead’s hand that still lingered on her cheek and held it in hers.  

“I fucked up.” 

Betty nodded. “Lucky for you, I’m pretty forgiving.”

Jughead’s head snapped up. He thought for sure that she had moved on.

“We could be each other’s salvation.” Betty murmured.

“Betty, I love you. I’m so in love with you. I always have been and I always will be.” 

Betty leaned forward and kissed Jughead on the lips lightly. “I love you, Jughead. We’ll be each other’s light and if you’re ever scared again, you have to just talk to me. You’re not allowed to leave me again.” Betty gave a small half smile, tentatively. 

Jughead shook his head. “I promise, Bets.”

Tumblr’s tendency to praise and encourage girls to cheat on their boyfriends with other girls is really gross . I can’t count how many times I’ve seen posts saying stuff like “dump your bf for a girl” or how many girls have cheated on their bf’s for girls and see nothing wrong with it, then have the nerve to get mad at their exes for not wanting to stay friends.

Like there’s nothing wrong with girls getting with girls, but cheating is gross and it shouldn’t be praised just because a girl is cheating on her bf with another girl. And then to make the guy the bad guy when he’s hurt? That’s just ridiculous…


cheating is cool now, I guess? this woman is so ridiculous, she creates drama on twitter (where her stans are ready to back her up) every time she feels “disrespected” = someone doesn’t think the abusive and all-around unhealthy crap she wrote is Peak Literature.

I could psychoanalyze her need to be the ass-kissed boss of everything, but I’ll just say she’s a bully and a sore loser. she can’t accept them not making the show shitty like her books because it makes her look bad (and rightfully so).


I think we’re all pretty sure that Cr1TiKaL is dating that girl with the blonde hair, and I’m just really happy that he found someone he likes who looks so nice (especially after having his last gf cheat on him). And it’s very cute seeing pictures of them on tumblr and things!

But also all of these pictures came from social media posts outside of Cr1TiKaL’s (like the girl’s own Instagram) and we know that he’s a fairly private person … So probably we should give them some privacy and at least not directly message him about his relationship developments or anything, at least until he publicly mentions having a gf in a video or something.

I think there’s this misconception that social media prevents privacy because you’re always sharing what you’re doing, where you’re at, what you’re thinking, etc. But that’s just it though, YOU are choosing to share those things. So stop saying that social media is invasive if you’re constantly inviting us into your life. The only reason I know your nigga cheated on you is because you posted screenshots of the DMs & texts you found. The only reason I know you’re a scammer is because every week you’re telling people to DM you if they tryna make $2,500 in a day. The only reason I know where you work & what you do is because you’re posting pictures & tagging your location. Fam…..STAHP IT.

Who cares if you're malnourished and miserable if you're thin right?

(Tried to submit on anon and couldn’t on mobile- is there any way to publish anonymously?)

Ughhh so I have an acquaintance who had bariatric surgery and lost a ton of weight, and she just posted this massive rant about how health at every size doesn’t exist and everyone who is overweight, healthy or not, needs to lose weight like she did.  But then she went into some details of her life since the surgery-

“Yes weight loss is hard. But I fought and found a way to do it. Yes it was surgery. No it wasn’t “cheating or the easy way out” as I’ve been told. You try throwing up daily almost for a year because your new tummy won’t make up it’s mind on what it likes. You try being dehydrated constantly. You try passing out from low blood pressure and dehydration, having numbness in your legs because of vitamin deficiencies. You try not being able to walk despite losing 2 people worth of weight because your nerves won’t stop activating   because they lost their coating and insulation.“

That’s your definition of getting healthy?? That’s not just "oh I worked really hard,” that sounds like the opposite of healthy, and in no universe are vitamin deficiencies, constant dehydration and vomiting, and not being able to walk healthier than being heavy.

Our apologies for posting this non-anonymously.

· [ friday, september 9th ] ·

Am I cheating if I post this on Saturday? Nevermind haha, yesterday I decided to print out some art to put it up on the wall and I couldn’t be happier with all the drawings and paintings I found. Also, cheeky bottle of water making an appearance! I’m quite surprised there is just one bottle, because I normally have them all around, you gotta stay hydrated right? 


My contribution to @inuyasha-valentines!! I hope all of you had an amazing day full of happiness an love.

Summary:  Everyone in the office knew Kagome and Inuyasha were having a not-so-secret affair. They weren’t EXACTLY wrong… (Not a cheating fic)

I was inspired to write this thanks to this post. It was so INUKAG that I just had to.

Already up on FF.net and AO3   :D

Before I start let me inform my lovely friends about this @kuddle-cakes @grapefruitwannabe @keichanz @vividxdreaming @purekagome @mustardyellowsunshine @stoatsandweasels @mmhinman @ryupioupiou @vixenfoxpaws @gypsin @meido-zangetsuha @little-known-artist @inukag-4ever @sakurasubinita  (and as always I know I forgot someone here ugh)

This is my gift for all of you! The amazing people that keep this fandom alive!!

Sango saw her work-friend walking towards the building they worked in. She could have been smiling and calling her to go inside with her, but this time it was not possible. Kagome, the cute, sweet, honest and decent woman that had been her desk mate and best friend from work for the last year was now walking beside him.  

Sango’s big chocolate eyes narrowed as she stared at him. He was not the drop-dead gorgeous type. Neither had he the best character or disposition—that she knew from experience. What did Kagome see in him to betray the man she had loved for more than a decade? A man that—before she met HIM—was the center of her life, along with their two sons.

Shaking her head, Sango saw them stop just before reaching the building’s door. After he whispered something into her ear and she giggled, he pulled her to the bush line until they were hidden by the myriad of green leaves. By the look on his face and the blush on her cheeks, Sango knew what they had been doing.

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Just a thought:

Do you think that the Grey Warden order as a whole might harbor some resentment and bitterness toward a Hero of Ferelden who survived killing the archdemon? Especially considering the Warden doesn’t tell the rest of the order how they managed to live through it?

Part of the Grey Warden motto is “in death, sacrifice” and yet here is this new recruit to the order almost making a mockery of it by cheating death. Where is their great sacrifice?

And if the Warden ends up being Queen or Prince Consort of Ferelden? Well I feel like that just amplifies that potential for bitterness because to anyone who doesn’t know Commander Cousland it looks like they’ve sacrificed nothing and gained everything.

December 5-11 is gonna be Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week!

✧ How do I participate? ✧

From December 5-11, post any fancontent focusing on Hanschen with the tag #Hanschen Rilow Appreciation Week or #HRAW. 

I may also post an optional prompt list if people would be interested in that.

✧ What kind of content? 

Literally anything! Fanart, edits, graphics, fanfiction… anything you can think of! 

✧ Are there any rules? ✧ 

Please keep the content positive about Hanschen. By which I mean: sad/angsty content involving Hanschen is fine; but “Hanschen is an abuser who cheats on Ernst” is uh… not. 

✧ Why? 

In short: I got really upset seeing all the negative posts about Hanschen, posts calling him evil/manipulative/an abuser, etc. Instead of just stewing around feeling bad about it, I decided to take all the upset energy I had from that and channel it into creating something positive! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Hi! Okay, so a while ago @minky-for-short wrote a fantastic fix it post for the Reynolds Affair, really cleverly figuring out a way for Alex to not be a cheating asshole and Maria and Eliza to be happy. And because my friends is so damn talented and comes up with fantastic headcanons and art and just generally makes my life a whole lot better, I decided to turn it into a full fic! Hope you like it, all credit goes to my incredibly talented friend @minky-for-short <3

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Makeup Artist/ Model AU after Taehyung and Yoongi decide to “retire” because they get tired of always being away from each other. They decide to open their own personal YouTube channels with Taehyung as a someone who plays games and reacts to videos while occasionally posting vlogs of any stray jobs he may take.  Yoongi’s channel is him posting music and makeup tutorials as well as taking fan questions and giving any help he can give. 

(i just really want a YouTube Au tbh) 

People love how funny Taehyung is. His whole careers he always heard how he was a pretty face and now he has people seeing how HILARIOUS he is while having fun it literally makes him so happy. 

People love Yoongi because of how blunt but caring he is. One time he got a fan question in a live show he did about a fans cheating boyfriend and he just sighed. 

“Look Debra, you need to dump his ass and realize you’re worth it okay. You deserve it. What is it? It’s respect.” 

They always invade each other’s channels too but in the cutest way like Taehyung will be playing a new game or reacting to a new video and Yoongi will peek his head around the door and show up on the video smiling at his cute boyfriend screaming at whatever game. 

Taehyung shows up when Yoongi does new makeup looks and doesn’t want to use his own face. It’s literally full of flirting and greasy comments and kisses. 

“Now this eyeshadow is perfect because it’s last all night-”

“Like me?” 

Yoongi nearly smacks Taehyung. 

They post joint blogs of them with their dogs Holly and Soonshim and Taehyung will take sneaky vlogs of Yoongi cooking while Yoongi will post vlogs of Taehyung rapping in the shower.

From time to time Yoongi is asked to do makeup for a certain show or Taehyung will be asked to model in something and they of course will fill their Youtubes with videos of what their doing plus cute little messages like. 

“Yeah Taehyung is loud but i miss him.” 

“Yoongi hyung isn’t here to yell at me for wearing purple eyeliner i miss it :c” 

Yoongi will even post tattoo vlogs and talk about each tattoo he has *because it’s a lot). When he finally gets to the kiss mark tattoo on his hip he blushes. 

“There are Taehyung’s lips… he’s uh… kinky” 

The fans literally go crazy and that’s one of his most popular videos after his boyfriend tag video. 

They are just cute and domestic after their hectic life of runways and the media.

Atomwave Week 2016 Themes!

Atomwave Week is planned to be Monday, November 28th though Sunday, December 4th and the themes are as followed thank you @seiya-starsniper for helping me come up with these!

  • Monday, November 28th
    • Festive/Holiday 
      • How do you think these two guys celebrate holidays? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Does Ray start decorating for Christmas? Does Mick cook Thanksgiving dinner? Anything is game!!
  • Tuesday, November 29th
    • Music day
      • This is a day dedicated to Atomwave+Music Which means playlists, fics based on a song, drawings about songs, music gif sets, or even just posting a song that makes you think about Atomwave! At the end of the week We’re going to take all the music and make one big Atomwave playlist for everyone to enjoy. 
  • Wednesday, November 30th
    • Jealousy
      • Now this is a rather broad topic isn’t it? What if Snart came back? or What if Ray and Felicity are on better terms than they thought? We all know these dorks wouldn’t cheat but like I said they’re dorks and will probably get hella jealous. This doesn’t mean angst though. They could get jealous over something silly or petty. 
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    • Favorite AU
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KBTBB: He cheats on you

“Anonymous said: Kbtbb:MC finds out that the guys have been cheating on her but with a twist and a good ending.Do eisuke,soryu,mamouru and baba.” 

“Anonymous said: Actually don’t put a good ending its just really weird but I’m sorry if I’m making it difficult but thanks😊❤️ “

“Anonymous said: If it’s really difficult to do a twist you don’t have to but do a good ending please thanks.😊”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Eisuke Ichinomiya 
It was still hard to believe that the owner of Tres Spades caught an interest in you. And now the two of you were going to celebrate your one year anniversary. It was a rocky first year but the two of you made it through all the rough times. Eisuke said that he had a surprise for you tonight. 

You got ready for your date with him tonight. Knowing him, he didn’t like it when he’s behind schedule. Arriving at the penthouse he was nowhere to be seen. Not even the bidders were in sight. Then you checked your purse and found out that you forgot your phone. Walking toward the elevator you pressed the button to go down. 

When the elevator let out of sound and the doors opened you saw your boyfriend snogging another woman. Your eyes went wide at the scene in front of you. The two of them were enjoying it and didn’t even notice that they’ve reached the penthouse. “Ahem.” You cleared your throat and finally caught their attention. Eisuke pushed the other woman away from him but the woman came back and clung on his arm. “Ugh we were having a moment here and you just HAD to ruin it.” Your eyebrow twitched in annoyance. “Sorry Ma’am but I just want to get on the elevator. You can always continue what you didn’t finish in Mr. Ichinomiya’s bedroom.” You tried your best to smile at her. 

Her eyes sparkled upon hearing your suggestion and tried to drag Eisuke out. “Y/N. Let met explain.” His voice sound broken. “There’s no need Mr. Ichinomiya. I’ve seen everything I needed to see. You know… You never failed to surprised me, but tonight definitely beat all of your surprises and I must say… I consider this surprise to be number one. If you’ll excuse me, I have dinner plans tonight.” He tried to reach out to you but you avoided his hand and pushed him away. It made it easier for you when the other woman pulled him towards his suite. 

The door finally closed and you broke down. How could he do that do you? Is that the surprise he was talking about? You called your bestfriend to have dinner with you tonight. You needed someone to talk to and vent everything out. You couldn’t believe that he cheated on you, but then again you’ve seen it coming. Why would the successful business man, Eisuke Ichinomiya find interest in you? You were just a game to him and you fell into his trap until you fell for him and got hurt.  

Mamoru Kishi
Just like always, Mamoru slept in because he loved his sleep. Getting out of bed you went to prepare breakfast for your lazy partner. Humming happily to yourself, Mamoru’s phone rang. You went over and saw the caller ID belonging to a woman. The name didn’t seem familiar to you therefore leaving it ring. You didn’t want to pry into his business. 

After five missed calls you saw that the woman sent Mamoru some mature content texts. You didn’t mean to see it but she kept sending him texts saying, “I need you” with a picture attached to it. Followed by “Is your unexperience girlfriend home? Come on, let’s have a good time. You know I can make you ease your stress with a kid like her.” Putting your hand to cover your mouth, you couldn’t believe that Mamoru would do this to you. In the beginning you didn’t want to believe that he would cheat on you but you thought wrong. 

Your hands shook as you put his phone back at the table. Quietly making your way to the bedroom you packed your clothes. You tried to keep your sobbing to yourself, you were afraid that you might wake Mamoru up. Luckily he didn’t wake up at the noise you were making. 

Once you were done packing your wheeled your suitcase into the kitchen as you finished breakfast. You wanted to hear it from him and say goodbye to him if he’s really cheating on you. You put on an emotionless face. Mamoru merged into the kitchen. “Smells good sweetheart.” He pecked your cheeks. You remained unfazed by his gesture and set the food on the table. 

Mamoru noticed how quiet you’ve been and that’s one of his fears. He would prefer you to be talkative than be silent. “Sweetheart what’s bothering ya?” He asked. Dropping your fork you looked at him and ask him how long was planning his secret from you. Needless to say he acted innocent and that he didn’t know what you were talking about. 

Walking towards the table top where you left his phone, you picked it up and gave it to him. He was pissed off that you were being nosy about his stuff. From there you erupted from all the emotions you’ve been keeping. “ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?! As you can see smartass, I didn’t unlock your phone whatsoever. That woman has been calling you and I ignored it because I didn’t want to PRY on YOUR business. Then she texted you and I just happened to see her text messages but again, I DIDN’T unlock your phone to see your messages with that woman.” Mamoru knew you were right. He was caught red handed and there was no point in lying to you. He admitted that he’s been cheating on you for quite awhile now but he said that it was just a fling. 

He said that she didn’t mean a thing to him and that you’re the one he loves. Mamoru earned a slap from you. “Don’t EVER say that you love me. Cause if you did, you wouldn’t cheat on me just cause they have more experience than I do. But you just see me as a kid right? That’s all I’ll ever be, that’s why you wanted to find someone who’s more mature and more experienced in bed. Goodbye Mr. Kishi, go have fun with your new woman.” You made your way out of his apartment. You were aware that you were a crying mess right now and all you need was your comfort from your older sister. And that’s where you headed after your heart that’s been shattered into a billion pieces. 

Baba Mitsunari
For the past few minutes you’ve been crying on your bestfriends shoulder. He’s been trying to calm you down and comforting you. Why? Because you caught your boyfriend cheating on you and not just once but multiple times. The first time you caught him with another woman was when you were strolling down the town to check out the new stores that recently opened. 

You saw Baba with another woman and they were too close for comfort, you thought that was just being friendly or that she’s a close friend therefore you let the subject go. You kept telling yourself that he wouldn’t cheat on you. The second time was when you finished cleaning the rooms that you were assigned in the floor level and caught him making out with a woman. You tried to confront him about it but he just brushed it off and said that you must’ve been seeing things. Thinking to yourself that he might be right, you might’ve been just really tired and started to see things. But that wasn’t the case of the next few situations. 

You’ve been catching him kiss another girl or even get intimate in public places in the hotel such as at the end of the corridor, janitors closet, or near the staircase exit; well more like you heard moans by the staircase exit but what’s the difference when you knew that your boyfriend was screwing another woman. In addition to that, Baba would lie to you about where he’s going to what’ he’s doing. He would lie straight up to your face and you’d catch him in the act. 

Today is the day that you were going to break it off with him to end your suffering. To end the one sided love that’s been going on for awhile between the two of you. You opened the door and see Baba and another girl ‘having fun’ on his bed. “Y-Y/N! I… I can explain!” He covered himself up and gathered his clothes, as if you haven’t seen him. Was he covering himself up because he’s guilty? Or it was just by reflex? “No Baba you don’t have to explain. I gave you plenty of chances and I waited patiently even though I’ve caught you cheat on me multiple of times. I’m ending our relationship once and for all. Without me in your way, you can continue to have fun with her.” You laid your eyes on the woman on his bed and left him.   

Your bestfriend clenched his fist, he hated seeing you like this. He hated himself for entrusting you into Baba’s hands. “Y/N he’s not worth it. You don’t deserve his love.”  Baba called your phone a multiple of times, your bestfriend ended up blocking his number as the two of you watched movies. Your bestfriend wasn’t going to let Baba hurt you again and that was final. 

Soryu Oh
A month, that’s how long Soryu was acting suspicious. You noticed his odd behaviour towards you and brushed it off because you knew that he might be stressed from work. But when you asked Ryosuke how things were going, he replied saying that everything was going okay and that everyone’s been having free time lately. It didn’t quite add up to you, Ryosuke said that there was no work but every time you asked Soryu, he’d say that the whole Ice Dragons were busy. 

There is one possibility that will add up your suspicions about him and that he’s cheating on you. You didn’t want to consider that option. Pushing your worries aside you walked towards his bedroom and heard his voice. Your spirits were brought up when you heard his voice but then came crashing down when you heard another voice. “What are you going to do with your troublesome girlfriend who can’t even protect herself Soryu?” She asked. “I don’t know… Having her around is definitely a burden when she can’t protected herself.” Your breath hitched at this point when you heard Soryu’s answer. Opening the door with force the two were shocked to see you, mainly Soryu. Soryu was naked and the woman was straddling him. The woman immediately got off Soryu and covered herself. “If you think I’m a burden to you and the Ice Dragons then I’ll gladly leave. Sorry I was causing you stress and needed someone to help you with it. I’ll be taking my leave now Mr. Oh.” Turning around you walked towards the door not even wanting to hear his explanation. 

It’s true, you were a burden to them and you knew it. But what hurts most was that Soryu actually said that to you, not directly but behind your back. After putting a brave face, your tears have betrayed you. Covering your mouth you let out a sob. Ryosuke called your from behind. “Princess what are you doing here!” His eyes widened in shock when he saw your crying face. “I…I’m sorry Ryosuke but this will be the last time we’ll see each other. Take care of yourself okay? And take good care of Soryu for me.” 

Even after what he’s done to you, you still cared for him. You thought you were finally getting close to Soryu and read what’s going on his mind. However, that wasn’t the case at all. It was as if you were back to zero, back to the Soryu who you didn’t know, back to the Soryu that you chose to be the one that ‘bought’ you. Maybe this is the end of the road for your relationship. Your relationship with him will never go forward, only backwards. 

anonymous asked:

I have information about Jared cheating but I'm scared to reveal it to you just in case you don't believe me. He actually cheated with an inclusionist believe it or not. Maybe they're not so bad? Idk just something to consider. Anyways if you want to know this information make a post on your blog that says "P0P 123 C0RN" and I will message you off anon with the tea.

why do you think this would be funny to send to me.