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MB and DP fans want to talk about cheating, but they hacked Candice Patton Daily's Twitter to make sure CP didn't get the votes. Keep crying, haters.

I want to state my belief that it wasn’t MB & DP fans who hacked the twitter, just one truly shitty person. That person probably is a fan of one of those actresses, and someone who can’t stand to see Candice thrive, but it’s not all of them.

Just like if cheating had occurred for Candice, which there is no evidence for outside of “That many people can’t root for her because I don’t,” it wouldn’t be our fandom to blame.

Anyone who is calling us cheaters because they can’t believe that people love Candice and will work hard for her is being incredibly ungenerous. But in that same vein, I don’t want to paint an entire other fandom as sore losers.

The haters can trend all they want. They completely underestimated the IWDS YET again. All five of us are really powerful people, apparently.

There’s at least ten of us, be reasonable. :P

✨a “should we know us a little better” tag ✨

RULES: you must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people Tagged by @puppytae Thank u sm for tagging me sweetheart 💌💕 I hope it’s ok if I’ll post this tag from second ax I just don’t want to make my main one messy sorry
1. Drink: tea w lime
2. Phone call: my mum
3. Text message: 😂😂😂😂 (I am so talkative I can’t)
4. Song you listened to: imagine dragons - believer
5. Time you cried: yesterday ;(
6. Dated someone twice: no
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no
8. Been cheated on: no
9. Lost someone special: I just distanced bc I am bad at talking through internet I guess but I am trying to improve
10. Been depressed: nooooooo I don’t have this thingy bless god
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope
12-14: black, dark purple and beige
15. Made new friends: yeahhhh
16. Fallen out of love: I haven’t experienced love yet so 👐🏻
17. Laughed until you cried: yessss every day
18. Found out someone was talking about you: no
19. Met someone who changed you: no ??
20. Found out who your friends are: kinda
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: I don’t use Facebook i use vk and no I didn’t
22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: in bl yeah quite lots of ppl
23. Do you have any pets: no :((
24. Do you want to change your name: no it’s nice especially it’s full form
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: I was in restaurant w my dad, his friend and brother
26. What time did you wake up: 8:40 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching tv and scrolling my tl
28. Name something you can’t wait for: to visit 5sos concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: hahaha 5 min ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: I wish I was more confident
31. What are you listening right now: nothing 👐🏻
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: when someone says bad things about my fav singers or groups
34. Most visited Website: tumblr and vk
35. Mole/s: lots of everywhere except my faceu
36. Mark/s: on my wrist
37. Childhood dream: to be a dentist
38. Hair color: brown w a bit reddish tint
39. Long or short hair: something in the middle
40. Do you have a crush on someone: noooo
41. What do you like about yourself: i’m kinda smart and love self education
42. Piercings: one in each ear
43. Bloodtype: 0 (I)
44. Nickname: filu, filusha, filya
45. Relationship status: eeeehhhhh I am single
46. Zodiac: cancer
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: I don’t really like our Russian tv shows
49. Tattoos: nope
50. Right or left hand: right hand
51. Surgery: never had one
52. Piercing: answered
53. Sport: i hate it actually
55. Vacation: ehhh I wanna visit so many places
56. Pair of trainers: bright blue w pink insides
57. Eating: cucumber 🥒 hah
58. Drinking: nothing yet
59. I’m about to: eat self cooked meal
61. Waiting for: my grandmother, godfather and his gf to come to us
62. Want: to start reading books that are obligatory to read this holidays
63. Get married: I really want
64. Career: I wanna be a dentist
65. Hugs or kisses: hugs 🙈
66. Lips or eyes: eyes I guess
67. Shorter or taller: ahh it depends on what r we talking about. i wanna be shorter as I am pretty tall, if we r talking about future bf than taller
68. Older or younger: older
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms especially hands bc HAVE U SEEN THESE TWO MASTERPIECES OF MODERN ART THAT R CALLED NAMJOON’s HANDS?!?!?!
71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship ❤️
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant ????
74. Kissed a stranger: no
75. Drank hard liquor: yeah but a lil bit
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: yes but I found them that day
77. Turned someone down: no
78. Sex in the first date: noooooo
79. Broken someones heart: no no no
80. Had your heart broken: noo
81. Been arrested: no
82. Cried when someone died: yes 3 times ;(((
83. Fallen for a friend: noooo
84. Yourself: i’m trying my best
85. Miracles: no
86. Love at first sight: no definitely
87. Santa Claus: no
88. Kiss in the first date: yeeessss
89. Angels: well I know park jimin exists so I have all basis to believe in them
90. Current best friends name: polina
91. Eyecolor: blue w yellow additions so they look like green
92. Favorite movie: idkkkkkkkk mb the fault in our stars? or the great Gatsby ??

p.s. guys I did it at 8 pm but I can post it only now sorry

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Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)

💗💜💙If you are bisexual I love, respect, and support you. I know it does not make you a cheat, or greedy, or untrustworthy. I know it’s not a phase or a stepping stone to being ‘fully gay’. I know you are not just straight and looking for attention. I know that finding someone and falling in love doesn’t mean you’ve ‘picked a side’. I know that being bi doesn’t mean you will always be on the brink of being tempted by someone of a different gender, even when you are in love. I know you are no more likely to be unfaithful than anybody else. I know that you are important, and valued, and deserve to be happy. 💗💜💙

  • Rafael Nadal when someone literally punches him in the face, probably: Everyone show emotion differently, no? I think they are maybe frustrated and showed it badly, but there are no hard feelings
  • Rafael Nadal when an umpire doesn't give him enough time to use a towel between points: Fuck you and the next six generations of your family

So I got a lot of messages after my first post asking me to explain layers, so I have put together a cheat sheet of the different layer types.  The quickest way to become awesome with layers is to know exactly what each one does. Once again, I’m no expert, and these are just my personal definitions, so please try these out for yourself! LONG POST BELOWWW


1. NORMAL:  Aw yeah you know all about this layer its just your average layer 
2  DISSOLVE: This mode “dissolves” some pixels, allowing the lower layer to show through. very pixel-y.  Reducing opacity makes it dissolve more.
3. DARKEN: Now the difference between darken and multiply are a little confusing, so I will explain them together. MULTIPLY is more of a glaze, while DARKEN favors the darks on all layers.  So if you have a darken layer on, it tend to reduce/remove the lighter tones on the layer if there are darker tones below it, while darkening the darks.  
4.  MULTIPLY: A glaze that darkens the color of the layer below. It is great for shading.  Reduces whites.
5.  COLOR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer favoring a more saturated look.  Marks made over white are not preserved.  
6.  LINEAR BURN:  “Burns” the lower layer, with a little less saturation than color Burn.  Also will preserve colors over white. 
7.  DARKER COLOR: I tend to avoid this puppy cause it does not darken on the RGB channel. (feel free to try him though!)
8. LIGHTEN:  Lightens the colors below. Favors lighter colors on lower layers.
9. SCREEN:  Lightens the colors below, but much closer to the “glaze” analogy as above.  Reduces blacks. 
10. COLOR DODGE: Often used for magic-y effects, color dodge bumps up saturation and is very bright.
11.  LINEAR DODGE: Much like color dodge, but less saturation. 
12. LIGHTER COLOR:  Once again, this is an outside RGB channel layer, so I don’t really use this. 

As you probably have noticed, the second two groups are opposites, so if you have a good handle on one, you probably know exactly what the second group does! I will do the remaining groups next week as they do not follow this pattern.  


EDIT: Part two here: Photoshop Layers Part Two!!

Why all the venus signs have the capacity to cheat

Since we want to harp on Gemini and Sag venus so much, I just wanted to make a post talking about why ALL the venus signs have the capacity to cheat on you. It’s a choice that a person makes, a shitty one at that, but it is not solely based on your venus sign. Astrology does not automatically strongarm you into cheating if you have a masculine venus sign and it does not swish its celestial wand to make you loyal if you have a feminine sign(a concept some people actually think is true). This could apply to mars as well, but I mainly focused on venus in this post.

Aries | The search for something new consumes them. It’s not that you aren’t a great person. It’s just that you’ve been conquered all ready. The chase is over. So now it’s time to go after the person at work who keeps eyeing them up.

Taurus | You are a great catch. Honestly you are. The fact that they were with you for so long proves that. It’s just that they met someone new who is an even better catch. It didn’t happen overnight, but that means as the taurus venus got more comfortable the frequency has increased. Someone else making them feel more comfortable will be the main culprit for why the Taurus Venus may leave you.

Gemini | We all know that Gemini venus are flighty because they think everyone has something to offer them. They want to learn something new. Being with you has run its course, so now it’s on to a new lesson. Preferably with your friend from your dance class.

Cancer | We know their love is unconditional. The issue is you have to earn it first. Cancer venus is looking for any reason to bolt until that love is secure. Why not bolt and go to the person who makes them feel comfortable, far more comfortable then you have? Another factor that could lead a Cancer venus to cheat is that Cancer’s share the trait of fickleness with their neighbor Gemini. They are actually nervous about finding the right person to so they will hide in their shell or sabotage in order to refrain from falling too deep in love. Check the phases of the moon to see when your cancer venus may cheat on you next. They don’t call it the “New Moon” for no reason.

Leo | Underappreciation will cause a leo venus to seek it elsewhere. You should have been way more attentive. If you were, they wouldn’t have been driven into the arms of another. It’s your fault that this happened. You can’t convince them otherwise.

Virgo | Don’t forget that mutable energy makes them flighty too. Their mind is alive with all the possibilities of you leaving. It just seems like you don’t need them. So they decided that it would be better to try and support someone else. At least they’ll appreciate it, unlike you.

Libra | Flirting is fun which is what caused you to become enamored in the first place. You failed to realize they were flirting with 3 other people at the same time. Sure you snagged them, but their heart was never really in it. Too much love to give so they decided to give it to you…and the three other people they met when you two were first introduced.

Scorpio | Well it’s easier to cheat and ruin the relationship, rather than it just ending naturally. At  least the relationship didn’t end because of the Scorpio Venus individual being unable to open up. No, it has to do with your incompatibility in the bedroom. They just had to look somewhere else to satiate their lust. You just aren’t ready for the intensity of their love. Whatever gets you off their back and out of their lives.

Sagittarius | Love is an adventure. That’s the mantra a Sagittarius Venus is sure to go by in life. They can love with a fierce passion, but if it’s not given out freely. When the person is correct for them the fires of love will not be overcome by anyone else. Getting a sag venus to that point is a long journey. In fact, they will probably replace you on that journey fairly quickly when you don’t play your cards right.

Capricorn | They don’t feel as though they are getting satisfied by you. They want a life that feels comfortable all around. If you aren’t romantically giving your all, the capricorn venus will start to grow bitter. Cheating does not come easily to them, but if they convince themselves it’s the right choice then it won’t matter. In fact they might even expect you to just forgive them because it was surely just a matter of lust while their love for you is limitless.

Aquarius | They love the idea of new things. New conversations, new feelings, new people. They will want to see how a new person’s mind works. In their mind they have to keep their life exciting and unpredictable. If you don’t aide them in that endeavor, they will find someone who will.

Pisces | The watery mutable energy of Pisces lends itself to a smoke and mirrors act. When it comes to cheating for this sign, there could be a myriad of reasons for why they cheated. The fact that they may not know their true feelings may play a big part. Or perhaps the person they cheated with was just more mysterious than you. Whatever the reason, the pisces venus didn’t want to hurt you. They care about you too much.

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ur thoughts on if keith or lance would be the first to admit feelings and ask the other out, and where'd they go on a date being in space and all?

every time i wonder about who would admit their feelings first all i can think about is that it would probably go down exactly like that scene in episode 2 of season 1 where lance and keith are edging eachother on into a blind nosedive but they’re so damn stubborn that they both end up smashing headfirst into the ground. let me explain. 

  • lance realizes he has feelings for keith first, as in he can acknowledge the fact that the feelings are there and has a label for them. He’s the kind of guy who won’t want to admit it, but can’t help letting his feelings slip into his actions or words.
    • lance becomes more prone to defend keith to others
    • might try to take on more than he can handle to lessen keith’s burden during missions (however often interpreted by others as jealousy or an attempt to one-up, lance might play along out of embarrassment)
  • keith is always running in headfirst with his blinders up, his emotions are constantly on the forefront of just about everything he does. This means that keith could have feelings for lance without actually sitting down to process what those feelings mean or entail. He’s going to end up unsure how to deal with things like being overly concerned for lance’s safety or getting nervous when lance is in danger, which can get them into fights.
    • “Lance you can’t go in there alone, are you crazy?”
    • “What the hell does that mean? You just volunteered to do the exact same thing! I know you think you’re better then me and all, but I actually can handle this.”
    • “That’s not even what I meant!”
    • “Than what do you mean!”
    • “I don’t know!”
  • What i’m saying is they end up in a stand-still because neither one wants to pull up out of that nosedive first and properly process the situation, which results in them both plummeting into the ground in a blaze of teenage angst and love-borne stupidity. For the sake of consistency, that means the crash-and-burn translates to one big, harsh, emotionally raw fight.
    • Keith nearly gets himself killed doing something ridiculously reckless, probably on Lance’s behalf. Lance is sick with worry, and more importantly: furious.
    • Keith makes it out alive only to be confronted by Lance, who, unable to properly express just how damn worried he was, ends up yelling at Keith for being such a reckless showoff, which immediately puts Keith on the defensive.
      • “What the hell Lance, I only went after those drones so you wouldn’t have to!”
      • “I never asked for that! Stop-stop putting yourself in danger for me! Do you really think so little of me, that I can’t handle any of this by myself?”
      • “I was only trying to help!”
      • “By nearly getting yourself killed?! Are you insane?”
      • “God, why do you even care anyways? Wouldn’t things be better for you if I was gone? At least you wouldn’t have the competition!”
      • “Wh- What the fuck? You think I want you dead?”
      • “You’ve never exactly told me otherwise!”
      • “Thats ridiculous! I can’t– Keith you–”
      • “What is it Lance? Huh? I don’t know what you want from me!”
      • “God dammit Keith, I’m in love with you!”
    • Cue The Shocked Silence™
      • “…What?”

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How do you feel about your husband's obsession with nudes?

The fact that I get this question all the time tells me that people expect me to be upset about it. Jared can post whatever he wants on his tumblr. He’s not hurting anyone, he’s not cheating on me, he’s just a funny guy making funny jokes.

i swear i was thinking about a real post but then i thought about Blue and Ronan and Henry playing chess like it’s heckin Calvinball just to irritate Gansey??

Henry’s flipped a rook upside-down and is calling it the stomper and says it can mash any piece that gets within a one-square radius, and he put a tinfoil crown on the king and is saying he has two queens. Blue’s fleshed out her pawns with pieces from a game of Sorry, has attached a bishop to a knight with a rubber band to make a Templar, and has declared the dog from Monopoly to be the most powerful piece on the board. Both of them are blatantly cheating but it’s irrelevant anyways because Ronan keeps encouraging Chainsaw to steal pieces, and then he takes whatever she brings him and makes random attacks against them both. They’ve already expanded to two chess boards and might need a third. (Gansey’s not actually irritated, just extremely perplexed about the point of the game)

Stood Up

As it has been requested repeatedly, I have decided to make a part two to Stood Up. This story got way more love then I thought it would receive and is one of my highest loved imagines so far! So thank you!. I wasn’t originally planning on uploading this today, but as it is my birthday tomorrow (February 17th) and I will be busy, I thought I would just post it instead of making you all wait another two days. So here you go!

Request: Archie/jughead: 14)“I promise that i’ll protect you". -Archie 17) “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” - y/n31)“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”-y/a18) “I think you’re worth much more than that.”- jughead 4)“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”-jughead

REMEMBER, requests are closed! New requests will be deleted.

Requested by: anonymous.

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

“Y/N… I’m not sure how to tell you this… but-”

You turned, confused as you stared at the concerned looking Jughead. After your guys ‘date’ you’d started to hang out with him a bit more and eventually you guys had blossomed into an amazing friendship. Though, what Jughead had said that night was right, and after Archie apologized you’d accepted it and everything fell back to the way it was.

Only thing was now you had Jughead as a friend, a pretty great one at that. He hadn’t been happy when you told him you’d forgiven Archie, but he’d accepted it and told you to just be careful. 

Nothing had happened since. School started again and a new girl came in, Veronica Lodge, which had in turn allowed her to start hanging out with Archie, you, Betty and Kevin. She was nice enough and even though she had immediately mentioned her interest in Archie, you’d set her straight after telling her you two were actually dating. It didn’t take long for her to start rooting for you two, and was in turn one of the sweetest girls you’d met.

When you weren’t with her and Betty, you were with Archie and if you weren’t with Archie, you were with Jughead. 

It just happened to be one of those times where you were with Jughead, you two were sat in Pop’s, much like your guys date night. You were helping him with his novel that you were so specially the only one allowed to see. But you could tell easily something was on his mind and he was distracted from his writing. You hadn’t said anything, wanting to wait for him to tell you on his own.

“Yes, Juggie?” You answered, regarding him with careful eyes. He pursed his lips, shaking his head as he sighed in frustration. “Is everything okay?”

“Y/N… it’s about Archie…” 

You sighed, slightly expecting him to tell you again that you shouldn’t have forgiven him. But just by the look on his face you knew it was something else, and suddenly all annoyance left you and instead you became worried. Worried at the truth. “Jughead… what is it? What did he do? Is he okay?”

“He’s okay.” Jughead quickly confirmed, almost in anger. “He… oh god, Y/N. I really am sorry, but Archie’s been cheating on you.”

You blinked, unsure if you’d heard his words correctly. Archie had done a lot of things recently, terrible things but despite everything you’d never been suspicious of him for that. You couldn’t quite believe Jughead, so you scoffed, glaring slightly, but you could feel your eyes watering. “What are you- what are you going on about, Jughead? You’re joking right? With who?” The words slipped past your lips, no filter as you stared.

You tried to ignore the look on Jughead’s face that only helped make your heart beat faster. “Ms. Grundy.” Jughead whispered and you froze. 


“He’s cheating on you with Ms. Grundy.”

Your jaw fell open and without a thought, you pushed out of your seat and stormed out of Pop’s, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t want to believe Jughead. You couldn’t but something in the back of your head told you that he was telling the truth. Who had stood you up that night? Archie. Who had been there for you that night? Jughead. What reason would he have to lie to you?

“Y/N!” You heard Jughead but you ignored him, dead set on making your way.. where were you going? Archie’s. You needed to talk to him. 

“Y/N! Please stop!” A hand grabbed your forearm, effectively stopping you and turning you around. You didn’t fight, coming face to face with Jughead as you tried to hold in your tears. You stared at him, hurt and betrayed.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice soft.

“Archie’s. I need to talk to him.” You mumbled, trying to keep your voice calm. “Please, let me go. I need- I need to talk to him.”

“I’m not going to stop you.” Jughead reassured, now grabbing both sides of your arms. You barely thought of the fact that Jughead hated skin contact. “I’m going with you.”

You nodded, too upset to say anything and shortly you found yourself in front of Archie’s house. The lights were off, but you knew Archie and you knew he liked to go out for late night walks, so you sat on his porch, waiting. Jughead sat beside you, close enough for comfort but not touching. You’d stopped crying but you knew it’d only last a few minutes before Archie’d show up.

“Y/N…? Jughead?” Snapping your head up, you swallowed your fear at the sight of a sweaty and panting Archie. Standing up and not missing the way Jughead fell in step beside you, standing slightly behind you.

“What are you two doing here?” Archie asked, confused and concern lacing his voice.

“I-I…” You tried but fell short, feeling tears coming back. Immediately Archie took a step forward, concerned but Jughead stood in front of you. Glaring at Archie. Archie blinked, confused.

“What’s wrong? Y/N? Tell me, I promise that i’ll protect you" You scoffed, suddenly angry as you carefully stepped in front of Jughead. He regarded you with a concerned look but all you did was nod, reassuring him.

Archie stared desperately at you. 

“Archie… we’re through.” You said, confidence in your voice as you tried to hold down your tears. Archie’s shoulders slumped and his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. 

“Wha- why?”

“Archie.. I know you cheated on me.” You confessed, laughing bitterly at yourself. “Hell, maybe you still are. But we are through. I am tired of the lies, the cancelling, i’m tired of the sneaking. I tried. I tried to be understanding. I even forgave you when you stood me up! But not anymore!” Archie’s surprised and guilty face fell on Jughead, almost angrily before turning to you with soft eyes. 

“Y-Y/N… I’m-”

“I don’t want to hear it!” You interrupted, staring at Archie clearly upset. You wiped pathetically at your tears. “With Ms. Grundy? Really, Archie? You’re… that’s so wrong. It doesn’t matter though, you’re none of my business anymore.” 

You went to step around Archie, but his hand shot out to grab you, a little too aggressively. You gasped, before another hand shot out and pushed Archie back. You easily recognized the figure as Jughead. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” 

Archie dropped his hands, taking a respect step back and you let out a breath you hadn’t know you’d been holding. Huffing. Jughead turned to you, allowing you to walk in front of him as he glared at Archie. Archie looked as if he was about to cry and you almost felt yourself breaking but you shook your head.

“I am sorry. Y/N.” You stopped, your back facing Archie as you whispered;  “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.”

Later, you found yourself sobbing against Jughead’s chest as he hugged you. You sniffled, wiping your tears as you pushed from the hug, staring at the tear stains on his jacket in shame. “I’m sorry…” You whispered ashamed.

Jughead shook his head, hesitantly letting his hand fall on your cheek so you were looking at him. “I’m pathetic.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“I think you’re worth much more than that.” Jughead whispered. You stared up into his eyes, finding an emotion you’d never seen there before. And then suddenly his lips fell on yours and you were leaning against him as he pressed against you. You moaned into the kiss, allowing your hands to fall on his neck as he held your face.

When you pulled away, you were panting but smiling shyly up at Jughead who smirked back. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

There ya guys go! Part 3?

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I would totally make stories with Core, but sadly the reason is stated in that answer, and because of that I'm scared if I get it wrong I would insult you so I'm sorry

That’s okay, don’t be worried about that :D Now that you bring it up, here’s another random list of things CORE!Frisk would do:

- Hide in unlikely places to spook out their friends! It is also one of their favourite ways to introduce themself if the people can take the joke

- Appear in the middle of a conversation as if they were always the part of this group, just for the funs

- Cheat at Mario Kart

- Make a twitter post saying “Y'all are like this is supposed to happen or that it’s pointless cause in some other timeline it will happen anyway | Your heads are so full of the fate and “rules” made up by self-proclaimed pretentious protectors that you are not | A single person’s life might mean nothing to you in the ‘grand scheme’ or whatever but to them their life means more than anything | Go sulk about how you couldn’t save them cause it’s pointless while I go save them, lol”

‘Moho’ callout post

Now I’m warnin’ ya kiddies, shit’s about to get graphic
( @moho-milk-town-and-power-down )

You know that one fellow popular on tumblr about making two fictional characters fuck eachother, right? Y’all may call her as your ‘bean king’, the one true god ‘Moho’…

but i’m here to say

she’s not what she tells everyone she is..

See here, Being a detective that I am, I have proven that she is not JUST a furry in disguise… but..


…. a fokin’ Weeb…


It doesn’t stop there kiddies.

moments later…

she reveals that…

She’s sexually attracted to Barry Bee Benson..
YES! I CAN HEAR YOU GASPING “b-but ивана,, just bc she called a bee daddy doesn’t make her fully attracted to be-” shut your fucking mouth-hole voice in my head,,
What if I told you..

She has fully admitted to the illegal crime that is to “fuck bees”
*slams paperwork on table*

I have even found visual proof of all of this!!


if this is not enough evidence, you’re blind. WAKE UP AMERICA

What do you mean I’m making this post bc im pissed that my wife cheated on me with a bee//


I’m not racist towards bees,, just,,-

–F-Fuck bees man,, 
I’m just so

Hurt q-q

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So I’ve received two prompts asking me to try to fix today’s clip

I decided to join both prompts into this fic

I wrote this waaaay too quickly so it’s probably not really good

I tried to get the girls to talk and fix their things, I hope you don’t think it’s too rush up, I don’t think just a single conversation can solve this but like I’ve named this fic: It’s a start

Also, Yousef’s explanation isn’t that good but that is because I feel like I’ve written that explanation a thousand times now and I just don’t want to repeat myself

So basically this is me apologizing because this fic is probably a mess but I am also a mess right now so…yup


“since julie likes to pretend he died, could you please write something with yousef reaching out to sana after he somehow finds out what happened? texting her to see if she’s ok, her like why do you care, the fact that you’re dating my friend doesn’t make us friends, and yousef like wwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” 

“ fix-it for the girl squad, they ask her why she did it, Sana think she needs to apologize but once she’s explained the girl squad apologizes for not listening or realizing something was wrong, also maybe she and Noora talk about Yousef and you slip in some Yousana somewhere in this mess of a prompt as well. ❤️”

I’ve changed them a little bit, hope you don’t mind.


“I promise. We’ll be there” Chris said before hanging up the phone.

Sana could feel the tears rolling down her face and there was nothing she could do to stop them. She turned around to look at the window once again and she froze when she saw him. Outside her window, on the grass, Yousef was standing looking right at her. She noticed the exact moment when he realized she was crying. He saw his eyes widening, his lips forming a line, his hands turning into fists.

She quickly turned around hoping that he would let it be, but of course, he wouldn’t.

“Sana!” she heard him calling her “Sana, wait!”

She stood still in her place, her back still to the window.

“Sana, please look at me” he must’ve approached her ‘cause he sounded closer “Sana”

She took a deep breath and turned around slowly, her face still wet from the tears.

“Why are you crying?” he asked

He was now on the other side of her window.

“It’s none of your business” she said dryly

“I’m worried about you”

She just looked at him and stayed quiet

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked “Maybe it’ll make you feel better”

“It won’t”

“Sana, you can keep all to yourself, you will explode. You need to talk to someone”

“And that someone is you?”

“I don’t see anyone else around here” he said shrugging

“Why are you even here?”

“I’m meeting Elias but he hasn’t arrived yet, your mom said I could wait here” he said and she just nodded “Come out so we can talk”

Again she just stared at him

“Come on, you’ll feel better”

She sighed. Why not? She couldn’t feel any worse than she already did. And as much as it hurt her, she had to get used to see him and talk to him, he was her brother’s best friend and…and he was Noora’s boyfriend, if there was any chance Noora and her could still be friends, she would have to deal with him too.



He was sitting on the grass when she arrived. He looked up at her and smiled when he saw that she wasn’t crying anymore. She didn’t return the smile but she sat down next to him on the grass.

“Okay, tell me who made you cry so I can kick their ass”

Sana wanted to laugh at the irony, his girlfriend was one of the people that had made her cry.

“It’s just some stuff with my friends” she said

“Well, I’m listening”

“I…I guess I’ll start from the beginning” she sighed “I found out that this girl, Sara, was planning on throwing me out of the bus”

“I thought you were the bus boss”

“I thought so too. But they’re more and have more power so they could throw me if they wanted to. So I left before she could.”

“And your friends stayed?”

“They don’t know why I did it. The thing is that…after leaving the bus I found out that Sara had been saying nasty stuff about me and my friends, and even her friends. She had told Isak…”

“Even’s boyfriend” he said more as a statement than as a question

Yes, Even’s boyfriend. He had these conversations with Sara where she said all these things about everyone and I took pictures of the messages without Isak knowing. And then…then I made a fake instagram account and posted them. Not the ones about my friends though, I didn’t want them to feel humiliated”

“And did you post the ones about yourself?”

“Yes…I thought it would be a good plan so I wouldn’t get caught”

“Was that the only reason?”

“What do you mean?” she asked frowning

“You said you didn’t post the ones about your friends because you didn’t want them to feel humiliated, yet you posted the ones about you. Did you think like you deserved to feel that way?”

“No…I…I just…” Sana was speechless, that thought had crossed her mind sometimes and she didn’t expect him to see through her that way

“Sana, you know you don’t deserve to be treated that way, right? You deserve to be loved and accepted just the way you are”

“I know…”

“Do you?”

“This is not about that…it’s just” she shook her head and continued with her story “after creating the account I felt bad and I deleted it but the damage was already done. The pepsimax girls thought Vilde had been the one behind the account and made one to bully her, they posted pictures and videos of her. Do you know that Hei Briskeby video of yours? The one with the nudes for nudes and Elias?”

“Yeah…I didn’t know you watched our videos”

“The point is…They made a screenshot of it and tagged Vilde’s boyfriend to make him think that she had cheated on him with Elias”

“But she didn’t”

“I know and now Magnus, her boyfriend, knows too but for a while Vilde thought he was going to break up with her. I was ready to confess everything, it wasn’t fair to Vilde but then…Then Isak took the blame for me”

“He did?”

“Yeah, he figured out that I was behind the Sara account and he took the blame for me. The pepsimax girls apologized to Vilde and wanted to forget about everything but my friends, they wanted to tell the school. Isak could get expelled for something he didn’t do. So I told them the truth”

“You told them everything you’ve told me?”

“No, I told them that I was behind the Sara account. And they…they’re so mad at me, they won’t talk to me” Sana felt the tears coming to her eyes again


“They hate me…Chris is the only one talking to me but Eva, Vilde and…”she hesitated before saying the name “and Noora”

She looked at him waiting for a reaction to that name, but all he did was stare at her with the same worried face

They won’t talk to me” she finished

“Have they even asked you why you did it?” he asked

She shook her head no and blinked letting the tears come out

“Well, if they don’t care enough to ask you how you are and why you did it, then they don’t deserve you, neither of them” he said

She looked at him kind of confused as to why he was talking about the girls like that, especially about Noora.

“Please don’t cry” he whispered

He moved his hand from his lap to her face, stopping in the air before touching her. He looked at her, waiting for her permission to touch her. She closed her eyes and nodded slightly. He took it as a confirmation and gently wiped away the tears from her face. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with a mix of concern and tender. She bit her lip feeling her heart pounding fast on her chest at the proximity.

“Sana?” she heard a girl voice saying

She looked to her side and saw the girls, Vilde, Eva, Chris and Noora, standing in her backyard. Elias was with them. She stood up quickly taking a few steps back so several meters would separate her and Yousef.

“Are we interrupting?” Elias asked “I found the girls on the door and let them in”

“No, no, you’re not interrupting anything. We were just talking” Sana explained abruptly, she focused on Noora then “There was nothing going on, we were just talking, I promise, we were just talking”

“Okay? You don’t need to explain anything to me” Noora said confused

“I just don’t want you to think that I would do anything with your boyfriend behind your back” Sana explained

“My what?” Noora blurted out

“What did you just say?” Yousef asked standing up

“Noora? Are you dating Yousef and you didn’t tell us?” Vilde asked

“No, I’m not dating Yousef, I’m not dating anyone” Noora said

“But I thought…” Sana said confused looking from Noora to Yousef and then back to Yousef

“Sana…” Yousef started but she interrupted him

“Why are you here?” she asked the girls

“We wanted to talk to you” Eva said

“Yousef, let’s leave the girls alone” Elias said


“Yousef, come on”

He followed his friend out of the backyard, turning around to give Sana a last look before leaving.

“We’re here because we don’t want to be angry with you without knowing why you did what you did” Eva explained once the boys left

“Sana, we’ve noticed for awhile that you were changing, that something was wrong with you and we know we should’ve asked sooner, but we’re here now, we want to know why were you acting like that” Noora added

“Sara was going to throw me out of the bus” Sana said

“What?” Chris said

“I heard the pepsimax girls talking about it”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Vilde asked

“Because…because I didn’t know if you already knew…”

“You thought we wanted you out?” Eva asked “Why would you think that?”

“You seemed to be having fun with them, you seemed to like them more than you liked me”

“Sana, you’re our friend, yes the pepsimax are fun, but you’re our friend” Chris said

“I just…I didn’t want to give her the chance to humiliate me so I left the bus, but then I found those texts between Sara and Isak, and I swear, Isak didn’t know anything about it, it was all me”

“You wanted revenge on Sara for trying to leave you out?” Noora tried to understand

“Yes…and no. I wanted you to see what kind of person she is” Sana explained “Vilde, Eva…Sara also wrote things about you two”

“Why didn’t you post them?” Vilde asked

“Because I didn’t want people to make fun of you, I was trying to protect you and instead of that I was the reason the girls made that account about you, Vilde”

“Hey, Sana that wasn’t your fault” Eva said “The pepsimax did that on their own”

“Yes Sana, that’s not why we’re angry” Vilde said

“Then, why are you angry?”

“Because you didn’t trust us. You chose hate over us” Noora said

“You should’ve told us about Sara when you found out, you didn’t have to go through that alone” Eva said

“And we’re sorry Sana, we should’ve noticed that you were suffering” Chris added

“I’m not the most opened person…” Sana said shrugging

“That’s not an excuse. We’re your friends, we’re supposed to notice when something is bothering you” Noora said

“We’re sorry Sana” Eva added

“I’m so sorry too, I should’ve told you sooner” Sana said

“Maybe we can start again? Try to be better?” Noora offered

“We can start by looking for a nice van for the 5 of us” Vilde said

“I thought you didn’t want a van” Sana said

“I don’t care anymore, the point is to be together” Vilde smiled

“Okay, group hug” Eva said opening her arms

All the girls embraced each other tightly. They pulled away laughing and sat on the grass.

“Hey Sana?” Noora said “Did you really think I was dating Yousef?”

“I saw you two kissing at SYNG” she admitted “And then I found out you met each other last week”

“That’s what you meant with “the thing with Yousef”, didn’t you?”

“Yes…what did you think I was referring to?”

“I thought he had told you he likes you” Noora said shrugging

“Wh…wh..what? what? Why would you think that?” Sana stuttered

“Sana, I kissed him at SYNG, he just kissed me back for a moment but then he pushed me away. He said he was sorry and that he couldn’t do it. Then he asked me to meet and he told me that he didn’t feel anything about me, that he liked you”

“He said that?” Sana asked blushing

Noora nodded smiling

“I was so shocked when you told me you didn’t like him back but now I get it, you thought I was dating him”

“I did…”

“So you like him?” Eva asked smiling

Sana just looked at her and bit her lip

“Ohhhh Sana is going to have a boyfriend!” Vilde teased her

“Nei Vilde”



The girls left not long after that. They still had a lot of things to work out between them but at least it was a start.

She closed the front door after they left and turned around to go to her bedroom. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him standing in the hallway.

“You scared me!” she said

“Did you really think I was dating Noora?” Yousef asked her

“She already explained it to me, I’m sorry I made assumptions” she said looking at the floor

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me these past few weeks?”

She looked up at him and nodded

“I saw you kissing her”

“That kiss didn’t mean anything. I was…I was confused and I thought, I thought it would be easier for me if I just forgot about you” he explained “But then I realized that I didn’t want to give up on you”

“It really hurt me…and then I found out you were meeting her” she said

“I only met her to…”

“To tell her that you like me” she interrupted him

He widened his eyes and opened his mouth blushing.


“Do you really feel that?”

“Yes, I like you Sana” he said looking at her eyes.

She smiled at him and was about to say something when Elias entered the hallway putting his jacket on and looking at his phone

“Yousef, Adam and the boys are here, come on” he said “Oh Sana, I didn’t see you there. Everything okay, here? Your friends already left?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine” she said

“Cool” he nodded “Come on bro, they’re waiting for us”

“Sure” Yousef said following his friend and walking past Sana

“Hey Yousef” she called after him making him turn around to look at her


“Me too” she said smiling before turning around, leaving a very happy Yousef and a very confused Elias behind her.

She entered her room, sat on the bed and smiled to herself.

Just like with the girls, she had taken a step forward with Yousef. And just like with the girls there were still a lot of things to solve, but it was a start.


Again I’m sorry if this is a mess

I hope you’ve liked it

and thank you so much for reading!!♥

pairing: lance/plaxum
word count: 807 words
rating: g

i promised i’d write some laxum stuff and i wrote some laxum stuff. help me i’m too far gone and they’re so CAYOOT. unedited and quickly written !!!!

“You really made that shot, Lance? Thinking about the likelihood of how that’d happen and the possible trajectories needed to make it,” Plaxum trails off, her eyes lighting up as her brain works around the mathematics of it all. It doesn’t help that she’s all but glistening under the warm sun, but hey, Lance wasn’t really ever one to complain here about glittering beauty. “That’s impressive—no, it’s bigger than that. Magnificent.”

“What can I say?” Lance smirks as he looks over the water. He brushes his fingers through his damp hair, salt and sand gritting over his fingertips. It feels familiar, comforting, almost like home. “I’m a pretty lucky guy.”

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I know that some of the things said about Gemini Venus are only jokes, but it gets to a point where it kind of sucks? And there are actually people who dislike you before they even get to know you if they’re aware that you have a Gemini Venus….? I don’t know I mean I see posts like “stay away from someone who has a Gemini Venus” or “I was talking to this person until I found out they had a Gemini Venus” or “you can’t trust a Gemini Venus” - also saw some drama on a fellow blogger’s blog not too long ago, where people were heated and saying that every Gemini Venus cheats. I see this stuff almost every day btw. It just makes us seem like assholes when in reality I’ve never personally known a Gemini Venus who would ever cheat or treat their partner like trash, it’s always been the opposite from what I have seen, including myself. Cheating is a decision that has nothing to do with astrology. And they can be incredibly loyal, I mean, their Sun sign is either going to be Aries, Taurus, Cancer, or Leo. Maybe the Geminis with Gemini Venuses are more flighty when it comes to some things but they won’t suddenly decide that they don’t like you randomly; that’s a myth. The hate regarding Gemini placements just gets annoying sometimes tbh.

Unpopular opinion part 2: the bad characters

Part 1: the fuckboys aka the bad guys

It seems like everyone on tumblr hates William because is a fuckboy, he blackmailed Noora and used Vilde and many other girls. And a lot of people dislike Christoffer because he also is a fuckboy and apparently he’s not enough for Eva (I’d like you to concentrate on the words “not enough”, reminds you of something?).
Of course everyone has the right to like anyone he wants, and honestly I don’t care what people like or not.
But I want to say my opinion because I have the feeling that some people doesn’t understand Skam, like, at all.
William comes from a paricular family situation: her sister died years ago and he’s probably still hurt by that; he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents, or at least they’re not close, since he lives alone at the age of 18 (for what we know) while he still goes to school; his brother is a psycho, and I don’t even want to think that he could’ve become like him because of the background they share, but could you imagine what is like to grow up with him? So yeah, William is pretty fucked up and he’s a teenager, doesn’t matter how mature he wants to appear. I’m not justifying his behaviour towards the many girls he slept with and ignored, but I kind of understand that he was young and careless of the consequances.
And yes, he blackmailed Noora. It’s not a good thing. But have you ever thought that maybe it was the only idea he came up with? Noora wasn’t really easily approachable, and as I said, he’s young, and young people make mistakes (actually everyone makes mistakes, not just young people)
Penetrator Chris apparently is a fuckboy who doesn’t deserve Eva because he’s garbage and he’s a cheater. Well, maybe it’s because I ship Chris and Eva since episode 1, but what I saw in him is not that bad. Yes, he cheats on Iben, which doesn’t make him Satan by the way. Chris, like William, is a male teenager with a goodlooking face, and he definately enjoys parties and hooking up. But he also stands up for people he barely knows fighting the Yakuza guys in season 2, and it’s something not everyone would have done. Then we only see him kissing Eva in some scenes, until his clip where we can see how he looks at her. In my opinion in his eyes we can see how much he’s changed and that he’s not a fuckboy anymore.

Part 2: the real bad guys aka the fandom’s cinnamon rolls

Jonas, who apparently is the only one good enough for Eva, actually cheated on Ingrid with her bestfriend and then critizied Eva for…everything. He made fun of because of her grades and because she had no friends (and she gave up to her friends because of him) and he lied to her about texting Ingrid, making Eva feel insicure about her and their relationship. Just think about it: does he seems a great guy? But he’s young and a bit stupid, like the penetrators guys, and he’s not evil, growing up he will change and meet someone right for him (maybe Emma is the one? Who knows)
“Isak Valtersen aka the snake” is not just a joke, he literally blew up a relationship betraying one of his best friends because he had a crush on Jonas. Then he ignored his friends after he met Even and treated like shit everyone. If I were Eskild I would have killed him, I swear, even though Isak is my favourite character. But he has the face of an angel so it’s fine, right? No. Because in my opinion betraying a friend like he did to Eva is worse than hooking up randomly or even have sex randomly. Eva trusted him, she talked to him about her problems with Jonas, and more important, she loved him: he was her best friend since Ingrid stopped to talked to her.
I’m not saying we should dislike Isak or anything, I just think that’s not normal being so aggressive towards people like Chris and William when someone like Jonas and Isak are the good guys.
Also, Even cheated on Sonja, but for the whole fandom was just romantic because he had a crush on Isak, like it was soo romantic to see Isak using Emma because he was confused about his sexuality. This is not okay. They did some really shitty things, but these things doesn’t make them shitty people. They can and will change for the better, and they don’t need us to judge every single thing they do.
You don’t have to agree with my thoughts on the characters and you don’t have to agree with this post, but I think you should think more about things before spreading hate

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OMG please make a continuation of the jimin drabble!! I need more angst!!! Let reader find out about him cheating !!

READ PART 1 HERE: http://bangtanbombimagines.tumblr.com/post/156704576214/jimin-70


Member: Jimin

Prompt Request: “Did you buy me… lingerie?” 

Genre: Angst

Imagine Summary: You find a box of lingerie on your shared bed with Jimin, but it might not be for you.

After what feels like hours, I finally stop crying. Now I feel as though I’ve been removed from my own body. Like I’m a spirit who watches from afar as my limp body just lays on the bed, tear-stained and broken. Eventually, I do fall asleep.

The next morning is difficult. I wake up and immediately find that Jimin still didn’t return home. Our fight seems so stupid to me now. He just wanted to surprise me. Me. A plethora of “What if’s” and “doubts” tingle my brain but I brush them off. Jimin loves me. Only me.

I look down at my finger and see the promise ring Jimin gave me for our three year anniversary. I remember he told me how much I’ve changed his life and how he wanted to give me a token of his love. I smiled, all of my doubts vanishing in an instant.

With no job, I decided that I could clean up the house. I decided to start with the bathroom in our master bedroom. Listening to some music on my headphones, my mood began to lift. A couple of minutes into the third song, I hear our door open. Immediately a smile takes over my face. I really missed Jimin, no matter how rude he was last night.

I was about to step out of the bathroom when I hears a female giggle approaching the room. I quickly switched off the bathroom light and hid behind the door.

“How do you know she isn’t coming home?” The girl’s voice asked.

“She’s working.” Jimin said. His voice was a bit muffled though. I heard the girl laugh again.

“Are you sure?”She asked again. Jimin shushed her. “Enough about her. I just want you.” Then the girl shrieked and then all I heard were the sounds of their lips against each other. I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted at my reflection. I wanted to cry so bad. But I would not give them the satisfaction.

I told myself that I had to be strong for the next five minutes and it would all be over and I could cry later.

I slammed the bathroom door wide open and screamed, “Get the fuck off my bed you disgusting fucks!”

I moved towards them with the jug of soapy water I had been using to clean the bathroom and threw it on to the their tangled bodies.

“Y/N! WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jimin screeched.

He got off the bed soaked. He was completely shocked. Bastard.

“Y/N.. I..” He began to stutter.

“So this is who the skank lingerie was for? Your side hoe.” The girl who was struggling to put on her shirt gasped. “Oh? Don’t tell me you didn’t know you were just a plaything on the side.”

“Y/N. It’s not her fault. This is on me. Baby I’m so sorry.”

Baby? I began to laugh hysterically. I felt tears brim in my eyes. This would probably be the last time he’d refer to me as that.

“Jimin if the water wasn’t clear enough. We’re done.” I took off my ring and threw it. “Now get the fuck out of this house.”

The girl scrambled to the door and seconds later I heard the front door slam. I went into the closet and got out one of our overnight bags. I started stuffing a bunch of Jimin’s clothes inside. “Here take this. Go after your ‘friend” and sleepover-” Then it hit me. How many times had Jimin used that excuse? Sleeping at a friends?

My strong facade was beginning to fade. “Y/N. No. Don’t do this. Don’t do this to us.”

“Do not put this on me Jimin!”I was starting to cry now. I threw the bag at him and went to the front door to open it for him. Jimin ran after and put his arms around me from behind. “Y/N, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me. I love you. It was a mistake! I made a mistake.” He was rambling frantically. I shook myself out of his embrace.

Shamelessly he got down on his knees in front of me and hugged my waist. “Y/N, It’s us. It’s always been us.” I was trying to hold in my sobs.

“No Jimin. It was us. Now it’s just me, and it’s just you.” I pushed him off me and picked up my shoes. 

“You better be gone before I get back.” I walked out the front door. I expected Jimi to come after me but he didn’t. I wanted him to, but he didn’t.

——- A/N: Thanks for reading! If you liked this send us a request or use our prompt list here: https://bangtanbombimagines.tumblr.com/post/156337883189/prompt-list-requests


Re: Rules to Date a Hockey Player


This is just my perspective, but I think you genuinely don’t understand why people had a problem with your post, so I’m gonna go through it. And let me just say that not all of it is awful

1. this is a-okay, most of us don’t want to talk about our jobs at home
2. It’s one thing to respect your boyfriend’s wishes, but this can easily become controlling behavior that you later warn a hockey player’s partner against.
3. There isn’t a problem with this until the last line. Nobody’s value and/or input in a relationship should be reduced to their looks/being pretty not paying the bills. If that’s all one of these guys sees in you, they’re shitty, it’s not an equal partnership and their ass should be dumped.
4. It’s human to be disappointed by plans with your guy being cancelled. The line gets crossed when you throw a tantrum over something out of his control.
5. This is what I was talking about in #3. If he’s supposed be trusted around random women whose intention is getting him to cheat, he should be able to trust that you won’t let his teammate who doesn’t understand boundaries go too far if you speak to him.
6. I think you worded this one badly. There’s a difference between trying to communicate with that person while they’re hundreds of miles away from you, and harassing someone and expecting an immediate response 24/7.
7. I don’t know many people who have the time or money to do this in the first place.
8. Yes, but not every situation is the same. If you’re unhappy with the amount of time you’re getting to spend with your hockey player during the already limited amount of free time they have, you should be able to communicate with them— and I’m not talking about nagging, I mean productive communication.
9. Your two personalities are not one in the same. A woman and a man can be friends without her pining for attention outside of her relationship, even if Mr. Hockey Boyfriend doesn’t want to be buddies with him. Having friends who happen to play hockey with him doesn’t make you look cheap (never mind how misogynisitc this idea is).
10. People can wear what they want. Point blank. And a lot of women walk very well in heels without looking like Bambi.
11. I get what you’re trying to say because we all get exhausted, but again, communicating about something you’re unhappy with is important between two adults. Especially if, assuming you’re not married and living with this person, you’ve gone out of your way to go see them and they don’t value it.
12. I agree with the last piece, but 9 hours of anything without acknowledging the person spending time with you is ridiculous. Both people need to try something the other likes to do.
13. This is pretty common with athletes at all levels, but he shouldn’t turn into the Hulk if you don’t know better and make a mistake trying to talk about the game. Anybody who does that is an asshole immature.
14. The good job in the game piece if part of being supportive. But if they’re asking for an honest opinion on their outfit, there’s no need to tear them down, and there’s no need to lie either. And if he likes what he’s got on, that’s all that matters anyways.
15. He’s working, there’s no problem with this.
16. Every person should have an independent life outside of their relationship, no matter who the guy is and you shouldn’t feel guilt for not devoting your life to him 100%, especially if “you tell them not to go out with their friends, it’s not happening”.
17. If this is someone you’ve decided to be together with — you’re not “talking” or in any other not-a-committed-relationship status — making plans a couple months ahead isn’t unheard of.
18. This is a complete mess. You can’t defend this post as adult behavior and then follow in #19 with telling someone not to act like they’re in a high school relationship. Teasing is one thing when both parties have an understanding that, that is what’s being done. GROWN MEN AND WOMEN gossiping about a woman cheating, which they didn’t know for sure according to you, isn’t the same. Especially being that there’s an idea that “hoe” behavior by men in professional sports is okay. She was being slut-shamed for something that she may not have even done. And even if she had, her guy had no business telling everyone he works with what goes on within their relationship when he chose to continue being with her.
19. Again, I find this ironic following #18. And also, no person is disposable. That’s fucked. Nobody is a Barbie to entertain a man and nobody is a novelty item. And bimbo is just another gendered insult that I don’t think you would use against a man like the others throughout this post. What does it take to be a bimbo, anyways? Speculation that you might have cheated? That’s a little harsh, no?
20. You’re right, don’t throw away your life for anyone. Especially because most of the people reading this are young with a lot left in life to accomplish. But both people should be making efforts to spend time together, even if it’s just getting on FaceTime for the five overlapping minutes you both have.

I’m 100% not trying to shit on you or talk down to you, but what you wrote came across poorly. These are only things that I, personally, had an issue with. I can’t speak for anybody else. They may even think I’m wrong about some of this. What you wrote reeked of an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship with one person in control. I had to write this because it irked the hell out of me tbh.

Also, I noticed you changed your avi after your post got around. I hope you didn’t feel the need to do this because people were attacking you for a mistake.

@bisexualnylander I’m tagging you because you’re how I found out about this and I want your opinion.