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WIP of I-Chaya and eventually little Spock on his back. Just sketching then I will throw it on my iPad to color and clean things up. OKAY I’ve never drawn a Sehlat so I am sure this is only so accurate but LOOK AT THE FLOOFY VULCAN TEDDY BEAR WITH BIG OLE’ TEETH!

Hint hint: Doing some sort of The Jungle Book AU but instead of Mowgli and Baloo it is Spock and I-Chaya.      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Chaya,i want to suggest you movies: The Stolen Children (1992), Children of Heaven (1997), Little Men (2016), The New Kid (2015)

Thank u love u !!!!

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1) dude. dude i read ch 6 last night and it was the best one yet. like, the story spock told about pike? and the fact that they're almost at the ore deposit? spcok having to /carry/ kirk all the way back through the tunnel?? (we are blessed) ALSO i am constantly fucking astounded at the range of sources you draw your material from, like?? the way you not only base your characterization on stuff we see all through the original series, but then you reference the most /obscure/ facts ive ever seen

2) it halfway pisses me off how well your story fits into the st universe with all of these refs and then i get mad because im a huge nerd and know where they’re all from….. for example even just in this last chapter, how you talked about i'chaya’s death from tas and then (and im guessing you read this book) that //single line// in vonda n mcintyre’s novelization of tsfs where she mentions that his eyes are gold-flecked… im so pumped to see the kind of shit you pull as this story goes on….

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! THAT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! I’m so glad you liked the chapter and the references!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to draw on so many different sources of canon and near-canon and it not only warms my heart but also blows my mind that you are picking up on all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure there are going to be some things that are non-canon-compliant and some things that draw on an aspect of near-canon that has divergent interpretations (like Tarsus IV, which has at least three near-canon accounts), but I’ve tried so hard to include little easter-eggs and references to the extended universe so like…. yes. Thank you so much. You’re a gem.

AND to be completely honest I totally forgot where the gold flecks came from! I knew I read it SOMEWHERE ages and ages ago and so it’s been in my head for a long time, but I honestly couldn’t remember if it was a fic or a novel so thank you so much for reminding me where it came from! (I love that book).

Thank you so much for reading and for always telling me what you’re enjoying about the fic!!!! Your messages literally never fail to bring a smile to my face. <3 <3 <3 Thank you thank you thank you!

Imagine Amanda Grayson:
  • Keeping a diary when she’s still working at the Embassy: “today Sarek blushed again… omg this stupid vulcan is so cute and I hate him”.
  • Singing terribly and dancing ridiculously.
  • Kissing Sarek’s eyelids to wake him up.
  • Hugging Spock (because the other kids bullied him) and, because she doesn’t want Spock feels bad about needing emotional support, she says something like “Spock, I’m going to hug you because I’m an emotional human”…
  • Rubbing I-Chaya’s tummy.

After Spock decided to undertake the kahs-wan by himself and came back from the desert after seven days without his beloved I-Chaya, his parents were, in their own ways, deeply disturbed by his actions.  They encouraged him to undertake a more rigorous course load in hopes to satisfy his ‘need for belonging.’ While he excelled at these courses, they did not fully distract him, so Sarek and Amanda decided the perhaps a course that could unite his heritage would be beneficial.

They offered him several choices and he decided he wished to study music.  For a while, Sarek attempted to convince him to learn the lyra, a traditional Vulcan instrument similar to the harp, while Amanda advocated for the violin or piano.  In the end, he decided to learn the lyra from a private tutor.  On occasion, his mother would play her piano or violin in accompaniment.  

If the occasion should arise later, Spock would not be adverse to learning piano or violin.  


This scene is soo adorable I was screaming Spock is like “mom NO stop embarrassing me in front of my friends!!” Then in Star Trek: The Animated Series S1 E1 “Yesteryear” we see young Spock and his beloved sehlat, I-Chaya, and how sad he is when it dies:

this smashed my heart into 56 pieces and I almost dial 911

Ok, I’m a bit tired of hearing that Sarek and Amanda are bad parents, so let me explain you a couple of things.

  • Both Sarek and Amanda decided to raise him following the vulcan teachings. Logic over emotion. Different ideals that cannot be compared or even understood by human standards.
  • We know that Spock’s childhood was horrible. He was bullied by the other kids, he had no friends except for I-chaya. Amanda had to restrain herself to comfort him emotionally because that’s not the vulcan way (I’m sure it was very painful for her). Spock sometimes disappeared and spent hours in the desert because he needed solitude. Once, he even hacked the computers of his classmates for pure vengeance! Yes, a flagrant display of human emotion… but you know what Sarek and Amanda did? they praised his computer skills.
  • When Spock decided to join Starfleet, Amana told him that she was going to support him no matter what he wanted to do. Sarek reacted in a different way. Sarek told him that if he finally joined Starfleet he would be banished from his home. Sarek was trying to scare him because he wanted to protect his son. If Spock went through all that hatred in his childhood, Sarek feared that he was going to suffer the same treatment living among illogical humans. And Vulcans are pacifists, and in Starfleet he was going to hold a gun sooner or later and maybe take someone’s life. I’m not saying that Sarek is the best father, of course not! but he was trying to apply his logic to this situation, because is what he had to do.
  • After all, Spock joined Starfleet, Sarek expelled him from home (he actually thought that Spock was going reconsider it, but he didn’t, so Sarek held firm to his principles) and you know what Amanda did? she abandoned Sarek for a whole year. A year… until Sarek’s father died and T’Pau called Amanda to ask her if she wanted to accompany her husband to the funeral. She finally came back and they never talked about what happened. During that year she lived with her parents and she kept in touch with Spock to make sure he was fine.
  • In journey to Babel we can see that the relationship between Sarek and Spock is very deteriorated but Sarek is in fact proud of him. He can’t admit it, but he is. Spock saves his life, not before putting his duty before his father. And some people are mad at Amanda for how she reacted? Like, his husband was dying (even if she’s human, I’m sure she was feeling it through the bond) and his son refused to help him. Do you really think se wanted to slap him? She wanted to reach the human part of him, she was desperate! After this episode their relationship improved, maybe not a lot, but it’s something. 
  • When Spock died, Amanda told Sarek that Spock must have found a way to transfer his katra to someone, Kirk. Sarek immediately went to Earth and that’s how they knew that Mccoy was the recipient. Later Amanda was put in charge of the re-education of Spock and she never tried to make him suppress his human part. Sarek again tried to keep Spock away from Starfleet (his son was alive and he wouldn’t allow him to risk his life once again). But remember that conversation Sarek and Spock had after Kirk and his crew saved Earth? Sarek admitted that his son chose his own path and, after all, it was a good decision… Spock had good friends and he was feeling fine.
  • Years later, Amanda was dying and Spock went to see her for the last time (Jim and Mccoy accompanied him). Sarek was required to conduct some negotiations, as the vulcan ambassador he had his duties, and those negotiations were really important. The lifes of millions of people were in danger… even if his wife was dying he couldn’t refuse. Finally, Amanda died alone. Spock was there with her but she was in a really bad condition to notice his presence and she tried multiple times to call Sarek. She kind of did it through the bond, but she’s not telepath, she was really sick and Sarek was really far… it was very difficult and for days Sarek believed that he hadn’t been able to say his last goodbye to his beloved wife (Spock also made him believe it… because he was angry with him for abandoning Amanda). And think about it… who also put his duty before his personal life? oh, right, Spock. So he understood that he had to forgive his father, because he did the same once.
  • Sarek married again years later with Perrin. Spock couldn’t accept it (no one was going to replace his mother) and again, their relationship weakened. There are also some other things that affected it (like the cardassian accord, and Spock becoming the vulcan Ambassador to Romulus). But Sarek admitted (when he melded with Picard) that he loved Amanda and Spock. He loved his son. Sarek died of the Bendii syndrome while Spock was in Romulus.

Now try and tell me that Sarek and Amanda were terrible parents… they obviously made their mistakes but so did Spock as a son.