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I noticed that Chaya’s icon was alarmingly red. There was plenty of food available for the dogs so I was a little confused as to why she was in such a state of distress, but then I noticed this situation right here..

She had dug a hole and then the hole was blocking the way, she couldn’t get out from behind the row of dog houses. :D :D Elis had to fill the hole to release her from there.

An Unexpected Gift

Surprise Short

Jim hasn’t let Leonard live down the fact that he’d brought a teddy bear along on the mission but now thankfully the Enterprise is docking above Earth. Leonard picks the bear up off the desk and tucks it under his arm as he grabs his bag and heads out the door. Boarding the shuttle he settles into a seat beside a window and sets the bear in the seat beside him. Spock walks down the aisle and stops beside him. “Excuse me Doctor McCoy, may I inquire as to why this stuffed toy is occupying a seat of it’s own?”

Leonard grumbles, picks the bear up and sits it in his lap. “Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”

Spock sits down in an empty seat across the aisle from him. “I do not.”

Leonard rolls his eyes and stares out the window as the shuttle begins moving, his thumb absentmindedly rubbing the bear’s paw. A few short minutes later he grabs his bag and heads out the door into the hangar, families lining the far end of the building cheer when each shuttle lands. Leonard makes his way over to the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of his sister or his daughter.

“Daddy!” the tiny voice of his little girl rings out above the noise of the gathered crowd. He looks around and spots his little girl near the front only a few feet away.

He rushes over to her and dropping his bag he scoops her up in his arms. He kisses her cheek and she squeezes his neck. “I missed you daddy.”

“Oh my angel, I missed you so much.” He says as he sets her back on the ground. Kneeling beside her he reaches over to his bag and picks up the teddy bear. “Mister Scribbles missed you too.”

She smiles and takes the bear from him giving him a big hug. “Thank you for keeping my daddy company.”

He smiles and looks up at his sister, “Good to see you Donna.”

“Glad you’re home big brother.” She looks past him and smiles, “Mister Spock!”

Leonard straightens up and turns to find Spock walking toward them. Donna nudges Joanna a little and she steps up to the Vulcan. “Thank you for my sehlat Mister Spock. He’s very fluffy.”

Spock bows slightly, “It was my pleasure Miss McCoy.” He nods to Leonard and walks out of the hangar.

Leonard looks at his sister. “What the devil is a sehlat and why did he give one to Joanna?”

Donna chuckles, “A sehlat was a creature native to Vulcan. Spock heard Jo had given her prized teddy bear to you to keep you company so he sent he a stuffed sehlat toy. It’s kind of like a teddy bear. She kept the Vulcan name Spock suggested to her in his message. It’s called I-Chaya.”

Leonard shakes his head and picks Joanna up on one arm, “Why don’t you introduce me and Mister Scribbles to your new friend? I’ve never seen a sehlat before.”

Imagine Amanda Grayson:
  • Keeping a diary when she’s still working at the Embassy: “today Sarek blushed again… omg this stupid vulcan is so cute and I hate him”.
  • Singing terribly and dancing ridiculously.
  • Kissing Sarek’s eyelids to wake him up.
  • Hugging Spock (because the other kids bullied him) and, because she doesn’t want Spock feels bad about needing emotional support, she says something like “Spock, I’m going to hug you because I’m an emotional human”…
  • Rubbing I-Chaya’s tummy.

anonymous asked:

I just read A Study in Heat and I loved it so much! It's was so touching and I love how you write their characters ❤ Now I'm on a Spock/Kirk kick and I was wondering if you have and fic recs? I love your style of writing and I'm sure anything you enjoy would also be fantastic!

Thank you so much, babe!!! I would have replied sooner, but I wanted to wait until after work so I could use my I-Chaya gif.

I can’t honestly say that I’ve read a lot of fanfic. Lately I’ve been reading Sha Ka Ree by ThereBeWhalesHere; her Refuge is also great. The Sum of Both of Us by spicyshimmy is a cute AOS fic, and it might be part of the reason I decided to set mine on Vulcan. I really enjoyed Catching Light by AuthorGod. highwater and rhadamanthus by spqr are both great.

plot thoughts: ok but listen to me ! aladdin au. spock is ( princess jasmine ) the prince of Shi'Kahr of Vulcan , with his loyal pet , i-chaya. he’s grown weary of life in palace confinement and wants to explore the galaxy ; not about that age-old logic that says he must marry someone royal in time for his birthday , && instead , determined to marry someone he loves for who they are as opposed to what they own.

also Sarek’s the sultan and whoever’s aladdin in this business is probably a space pirate tbh.


This scene is soo adorable I was screaming Spock is like “mom NO stop embarrassing me in front of my friends!!” Then in Star Trek: The Animated Series S1 E1 “Yesteryear” we see young Spock and his beloved sehlat, I-Chaya, and how sad he is when it dies:

this smashed my heart into 56 pieces and I almost dial 911