i chaya

taken from Amanda Grayson’s personal photo archives

in tos i-chaya was already quite old when spock was a boy but really i just wanted to see baby spock with baby i-chaya that’s all 

Imagine Amanda Grayson:
  • Keeping a diary when she’s still working at the Embassy: “today Sarek blushed again… omg this stupid vulcan is so cute and I hate him”.
  • Singing terribly and dancing ridiculously.
  • Kissing Sarek’s eyelids to wake him up.
  • Hugging Spock (because the other kids bullied him) and, because she doesn’t want Spock feels bad about needing emotional support, she says something like “Spock, I’m going to hug you because I’m an emotional human”…
  • Rubbing I-Chaya’s tummy.

There are hundreds of reasons to watch the Animated Series (the cheap animation; the stilted, downright bizarre dialogue; the increasingly outlandish plots), but here’s an unironic one: Animation allowed them to do a lot of things that budgetary and technological limitations wouldn’t have permitted in TOS.

Such as…

Zero-gravity scenes

These super-fabulous space suits/life-support belts

Pre-TNG Holodeck!

Giant alien beasties!

And don’t forget I-fuckin’-Chaya!

In conclusion, you should all go watch TAS.

anonymous asked:

i was really inspired by the fair too! on the way home is was writing down ideas in my notes on my phone haha. do you think you would get a table next year? i'm thinking i might (if i can create enough things) and i know that so many people would love to buy your work!

ikr it’s been so cool to see other people’s work. i’d really love to have a table next year!! i just need to get myself sorted and produce some things i can actually sell. i’m not sure how many people would be interested in buying my stuff; it means a lot to me that you think i’d be able to sell my art! hopefully i can start doing that soon. thank you dearly!!! ❤️❤️❤️