i chaya


There is totally a sehlat breeding program on New Vulcan.

trek art

“I-Chaya is at an old age, that is why most of his time is spent sleeping.”

“I see… he would not mind to be petted, would he?”

“As I-Chaya cannot verbally express himself, I do not see why he would object.”

“His fur is soft.”

“I concur.”

Jim’s first encounter with Spock’s sehlat, I-Chaya, and he’s smitten. Jim sometimes joins I-Chaya for an afternoon nap on lazy days.

​Things to have in consideration when drawing Michael, Sybok and Spock:

  • If we take Sonequa’s age as a reference, she’s 32yo in Discovery. This means she was born in 2223.
  • Sybok was born in 2224.
  • Spock was born in 2230.
  • So we know that Michael is 1 year older than Sybok and 7 years older than Spock. Sybok is 6 years older than Spock.
  • Spock left when he was 20 to join Starfleet.
  • Sybok left when he was 21 or so to look for the real location of Sha Ka Ree.
  • Michael probably joined Starfleet when she was 18. This means that Spock was 11 at this time, and Sybok was 17.
  • Sybok joined the family when he was 10 more or less (his existence was kept secret from Sarek by T’Rea).
  • We don’t know when Michael was adopted but for what I see in the trailer she looks like 6 yo.
  • So this means that Sarek and Amanda adopter Michael, a year later Spock was born and 4 years later (again, more or less) Sybok joined the family.
  • And the most important of all I-Chaya was still alive.

Add more things if you like.