i channeled my existential crisis into editing

Edit that Out-Phan Fluffy blurb

*Based off of a post I can't​ find*

“Hey,Come join me for some Easter eggs and a live existential crisis"Dan tweeted, logging into YouNow.He thought it would be cute to dress up in soft colors.

"Easter Spirit"Dan had said earlier,showing his baby blue overalls and mint green shirt to Phil."I’m doing a live show,and then I’ll start working on a video for my main channel.”

“You look cute!Phil said,making Dan’s face turn a Rosy pink.

"Thanks, Love"Dan chuckled, running a hand through his curly hair.Phil stood up, stretching a little.

"No problem"Phil said, kissing Dan’s face."Now go do your show. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything"Phil left Dan’s room leaving to do what he does best.

People were swarming in,Dan spending a few minutes greeting a few and blushing at some of the compliments he was receiving.

"No we’re not going to be making and Easter egg video,we are actually going to be visiting our families today."He said,toying with his hair slightly.

Time went on as Dan answered questions,told jokes,talked about music,etc.

Phil,who was downstairs listening to music,realized he had forgotten his phone charger. Remembering that it was Dan’s room,he rushed upstairs to go get it.He quickly walked in and unplugged it from the socket,not realizing Dan was still doing his live show.He was just out of the camera’s line of view.

Before he left Phil rushed over and gave Dan A quick kiss on the cheek.Dans eye widened immediately as the chat log went completely still.Phil pulled out his earplug out still not looking at the screen.

"Edit that out."He said,before leaving out the room again, leaving a shocked Dan with and even more shocked audience.

"Oh my God."Dan said, watching the chat log go crazy.

“I FUckInGG KneW ITTt!!!”

Dan shifted in his seat,unsure of how to react.

“I’m,hehe well I’ve got to go,it’s been fun guys,hehe."He just shut his laptop,leaning back in his chaor

His face was a bright crimson.
He definitely did not want to check his Twitter


*Wow this is shitty,anyway I hope you enjoyed*