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bts scenario: they wake you up sexually

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jin: jin was always willing and ready to pleasure his s/o, and you just looked so beautiful in the low light from the sun. he leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, before moving across your face and down your neck. finding that one spot he knew made you squirm, he bit down and he could feel you shudder under his skin. as you came to you whispered, “jinnie,” to which he just laughed and continued his ministrations leaving hickies anywhere and everywhere. 

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yoongi: yoongi could barely hold himself back from your soft skin peaking out from under the shirt you were wearing, his shirt that is. you softly moaned in your sleep as he readjusted your body. yoongi brought himself into a push up position over your body before softly grinding down. your body reacted with his immediately and your cheeks flushed as your eyes opened. “good morning princess,” he whispered into your ear before grinding harder onto you again.

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hoseok: you were flat on your stomach, your shirt had ridden up to expose your lower back. hobi took one look at you and he could already feel himself hardening. he sat up and placed his body on your upper thighs as he started to caress your body, slowly awakening you. upon waking up you could feel the hard on pressed against your backside. you pushed your hips backwards, making your butt grind against him, he moaned and you knew you were in for a pleasurable morning.

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namjoon: namjoon woke up with your soft body pressed against his in a spooning position. he could feel his morning wood as he moved slightly. before he could stop himself, he was slowly grinding against you while pulling you closer to his body by wrapping an arm around your chest. the feeling of his movements and the heavy breaths against your ear lulled you from sleep. “joonie?” you questioned before he moaned directly into your ear. luckily, he chose the right girlfriend, who was always up for sex, and you flipped over so you were straddling him within seconds.

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jimin: jimin woke up with you on his chest, sleeping peacefully. he softly stroked your hair as he smiled down at you. from his movements, your body pressed closer to his unintentionally. the feeling of your soft body moving on top of his was too much and he quickly felt himself hardening. you continued to move your body against his and it soon became too much. jimin gently shook your arms as he whispered into your ear, “wake up babygirl, daddy’s gotta fuck you nice and slow.”

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taehyung: taehyung, always quite playful, woke up before you miraculously one day and decided it would be fun to play with you. he slowly pushed his hands under the front of your shirt until he reached your chest. he let his fingers slowly roll over the quickly hardening nipples before giving them a pinch. your body reacted immediately and you woke up with a gasp. “taehyung,” you groaned at the sudden feeling of pleasure. when he didn’t continue, you bucked up into his hands basically begging for more. “you get turned on fast, huh, kitten?” 

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jungkook: jungkook, the poor shy little bunny had woken up with morning wood and he had no idea what to do. he immediately looked over at you with flushed cheeks and took in your soft, warm body. a soft shiver ran down his spine as he watched your body softly rise and fall with soft breaths. he ran his hand over his hard on through his pants and immediately moaned. the need for release became to much and he pushed his hand under the band of his underwear and grabbed onto his cock. the sound of his moans quickly awoke you from sleep and you were quick to help him with his, problem.

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Liam Dunbar Imagine-Heartbroken

Request- Hey, I just found your blog and I must say…I’m in love with your writing! 💕😍 I wanted to ask if you could do an imagine where the reader also is a werewolf but more powerful than the others. She doesn’t find out about it until she get’s her heart broken by Liam because of Hayden. She joins Theo and wrecks havoc. In the end she realizes what she did and runs away. Maybe she goes to London to live with her brother Jackson? Thank you! 💕

Author’s note- Aw Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it here. I changed the ending slightly because I got carried away. But your request is my command, enjoy x

You stood, half-listening to the pack meeting. You stared down at the ground, wanting to look everywhere but up. It hurt- a little. You and Liam were, until recently, dating and it was intense- well for you anyway. You ignored Lydia when she warned you about dating a friend, she warned you of how bad things could get, but you didn’t want to hear it. So here you now are, trying to avoid eye-contact with anything but the carpet. Everything was so much brighter when you had someone to love you. First your brother left you, after turning into a werewolf. Now Liam, after falling in love with someone else. They had history together, and sometimes that’s something you can never replace. It was inevitable that the more time they spent together, the quicker they fell for one another. You were the spare part, the fill in, before someone better came along. And that made you feel like shit. “As long as we stick together, none of us will get hurt” Scott finished. Ironically you looked up, seeing Liam with his arm around Hayden. She was smiling at him sweetly, causing an eye-roll on your behalf.  “We’ll meet tomorrow then?” Stiles finished, after noticing your clear discomfort. You all grumbled in agreement, before disbursing. You walked away with Lydia, picking a corner of the room to stand in. “It’s not fair on you, you shouldn’t have to watch that, them.” Lydia said, sounding as frustrated as you felt. “Lyds, I’m fine. I don’t care” your voice cracked during that last part. “I may not have wolf chemo senses, but I know you’re anything but fine” she said, sympathetically. Your hearing then unintentionally focused on Liam. He was with Hayden and Mason.They were all laughing, that type of laugh that makes your stomach hurt because you cant stop. A small, animalistic sob escaped your lips. The type your dog makes, when you leave the room for more than a minute. “Did you just-?” Lydia began asking, drawing her attention back to you. “What? No. I don’t think-” you interrupted quickly, surprised yourself. Lydia looked at you quizzically, to which you simply shrugged, biting your lip.

You were on your way home, when you chest began to feel heavy. No one, not even you realised how much you were truly hurting. You grew used to crying in the shower, so no one could hear you. You grew used to waiting for everyone to fall asleep, before you could break. You knew exactly what it felt like, to want all the hurt and pain to just stop altogether. Everything seemed to hit you all a once, your emotional pain turned physical. Your legs felt weak and you breath became unsteady. You slowly brought yourself to sit on the side of the road. Every thought of Liam and Hayden, every bit of sadness, every bit of pain played on your mind in that moment. It hurt to know that things would never be the same again. You wiped your tears with your sleeve. Things were only getting worse and you were so broken. “Stop crying” you kept repeating to yourself, covering your mouth with your hands. The longer you hold on, the more numb you become and that is exactly how you were beginning to feel. The loneliest part in someone’s life, is when they watch their whole world fall apart- and all they can do is stare blankly. You had been sad for so long, that your tears simply dried up and all you felt was the emptiness inside of you. You felt numb. It was like someone turned a switch inside of you. The girl that once cared way too much about everyone and anything, no longer cared at all.

“Y/n!” a voice called, approaching you. They placed their hand on your shoulder, feeling how ice cold you were. They squatted beside you, shaking their hand in front of your face, noticing just how unresponsive you were. You had been sitting in the street for god knows how long, accepting the new you. You eventually looked up at them. “You’re freezing, take this” they offered, handing you their jacket. “You don’t have to pretend to be concerned Theo, everyone knows you’re a power hungry sociopath” you retort. He tilted his head, shocked, confused and amused by your response. “Where did that come from?” he asked, smirking. “The new me” you responded, standing up. “The new and improved you” he corrected, intrigued by the sudden transition. “Whatever” you rolled your eyes and began to walk away. “Y/n, wait” he said, grabbing your shoulder. You turned around, your eyes glowing a light purple rather than the usual beta gold. Theo was surprised to say the least, he had heard the dread doctors talk about that once before. There’s a rare type of werewolf, a more powerful type. They get their power from cutting off their humanity, something you had began doing. He however concealed his reaction, not wanting you to realise and run to your friends for help. “Listen, Hayden abandoned my pack and took Liam from you. I’d say joining my pack would get revenge on both of them” he claimed. “I know you’re just trying to manipulate me-” you paused, considering the pros and cons. “But I really have nothing to lose” you answered. Theo smirked once more, excited by the newest and most powerful addition to his pack.

Morning came. You had been up all night, listening to the schemes Theo had set in place. “You might want to sleep for a bit, busy night” Tracy grinned sinisterly. “I don’t need sleep, what I need is for you to fuck off” you retaliated. There was no need for that, even though you had been fighting her for last few weeks with the pack. “We’re on the same team now, what’s your problem?” she asked, taking a step closer to you. “Oh please, you’re not even a real supernatural creature. What are you even supposed to be?” you scoffed, looking her up and down. “Ladies” Theo interrupted, standing in-between the pair of you. “Rather she’s out or I am” Tracy held her hands up. You smiled at her, radiating the sense of cocky bitchiness that Theo loved. “No one is dropping out, both of you just need to calm down” he tried to diffuse. As much as he wanted to see you beat the shit out of her, with your new found strength, he wanted you to wait and channel it all that night. She huffed, storming off in the other direction. Theo began talking to you, something about Tracy probably. You however focused your attention behind him. “Y/n!” he said, slightly louder. You drew your attention back to him. “Look, I’ve got to go but I’ll see you tonight” you brushed past him and exited the dread doctor’s lab.

You had lost a lot of humanity, but not enough to turn on all of your friends. Lydia had always been there to guide you, Scott had always been there to protect you, Malia had always been there to cheer you up, Stiles had always been there to talk to and Liam- well fuck Liam. You were on the way back to the lab come nightfall, to tell him you couldn’t go through with it. That was until you walked past a coffee shop on the way there. Your coffee shop. It was a place you and Jackson had gone to ever since you were little, it was your safe place. You had introduced Liam to it, when it became your shared safe place. And there he sat, holding hands across the table with Hayden. He knew how much it meant to you, it was stupid but it was yours. Liam must have smelt your familiar scent, as he turned around to look at the window. You of course, were already half way down the street by then. “I’m ready” you stated, joining Theo and his pack. Your eyes were glowing a slightly darker purple.

The five of you took your positions in the school. “It’s coming” you heard Cory say, from the other side of the building. You retracted your claws and fangs, this time noticing you had two more. Before you could put another thought on that, you felt the vibrations of the beast entering the school. You soon heard the growls and sound of broken school equipment as Tracy attacked it from downstairs, to the sound of Donavan’s radiating electricity. “Wait” you heard Theo whisper from the other end of the hall. The vibrations got louder and bigger, as the beast got closer towards you. You let out an animalistic grow, but before you could do anything someone interrupted. “Y/n” the voice of reason spoke. You turned to see Stiles, opening the doors to the school. “Ignore him” Theo whispered. You let out another growl, as the beast grew closer. “Y/n this isn’t you and this isn’t the way either” Stiles spoke again. You turned to look at him again, feeling the cracks starting to form in your icy persona. “I bet Theo hasn’t told you what you are. A lunar wolf, one that gets their power from hurt an pain” he continued. You simply glanced back at Theo. “It’s not true” he simply retaliated, his heart showing no indication of a lie. “You feel it too. Deaton noticed it months ago, we didn’t tell you because we knew you were already hurting” Stiles justified. “Now!” Theo instructed, as the beast ran towards the three of you. You and Theo charged towards it, taking and giving hits. During the fight you felt the strength build behind every punch, as your eyes grew darker. Until you punched the beast, causing it to growl loudly in pain for the first time. It violently threw you and Theo against the lockers. You slid down them and turned to look to your right. “Stiles!” was all you managed to shout, as the beast charged towards him, but you could see there wasn’t enough time. You stood up and ran, at an inhumane speed and managed to push him to the ground, before the beast ran straight through the wall of the school. You both stopped and breathed for a second. “Thanks” was all he managed to say between gasps. You brushed the broken rubble off the pair of you, and you both dragged yourselves up. “You’re bleeding” he said gently, noticing the large wound on your arm. “I’ll heal” you simply returned, your eyes fading back to their usual colour. He furrowed his brows and ribbed off part of your shirt, before tying it around your arm. “Until it does” he added awkwardly, after noticing your confused facial expression. You smiled and shook your head at him, which caused him to involuntary smile back at you warmly. “Where’s Theo?” Scott suddenly came rushing towards the pair of you. He then stopped for a second, listening to your heart beats and then he looked awkward as if he had walked in on something he shouldn’t have. “Erm he’s over there-” you tried to keep the focus on that. You then all turned to see he was no longer there. “Where did he go?” Stiles asked puzzled. “I think I know” you claimed, pushing past the pair of them, your eyes starting to turn back to a deep purple.

When you got to him, you saw Tracy fall to the ground. You looked to see Donovan also lying lifelessly. Theo must have heard you, as he turned around smirking. You looked to see him wearing glowing claws, the same used against Scott to steal his power. “Is power that worth it to you?” you asked in disgust. “Anyone can be corrupted by power Y/n” he stated amused, walking closer towards you. “When I saw them in the lab I knew you were up to something- and I guess that something was me” you remarked, before growing out your fangs and claws. He attempted to stab you with them, but missed every time. He had drained two people of their lives and power, and yet he was still no where near as strong as you. “You killed your own sister for this, you best make it count” you encouraged. He growled, kicking you and causing you to fall to the ground. He then hovered above you cockily, showing off his new claws. “Your ego was always going to be your downfall” you smiled, kicking him to the ground and getting on top of him. You then ripped the claws he had put on himself and placed them on your own. “Karma really is a bitch” you fake pouted, stabbing them into his stomach.

“Y/n stop” an all too familiar voice spoke from behind you. You glanced at him, your eyes flickering between a dark and light purple. “This isn’t you” he spoke again. “You did this to me!” you stated, digging the claws further into Theo, causing him to groan in pain. “It’s no ones fault- just know that we’re trying to help you” he held his hands up, as he got closer towards you. “You know Liam- I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing” your eyes were still flickering, but remaining longer on dark purple. “And I’m sorry- for hurting you, for everything” he said, edging even closer. “You let me think you loved me, and then left me. What kind of fucked up shit is that?” you continue to pin Theo down. “I know- what I did was wrong. But this isn’t you Y/n. You’re good, like Scott” he claimed. “We fight the same battles, we’re just as bad as he is” you retort. “No we’re not” another voice spoke. Your eyes widened, and your grip automatically weakened. You turned, your eyes a pale purple. “Jackson” you practically whispered. “What are you doing sis?” he simply asked. He used the same tone of voice he did when you were younger, when you would mess up and he would help you through it without your parents ever finding out. You stared at him for a moment, before slowly looking back and realising what you were doing. “I know every physical sense in your body is telling you to kill him, but listen to your heart. The one thing that’s still 100% human” he spoke softly. “I’m sorry” you spoke with a cry, pulling the claws out of Theo’s stomach. He let out another groan and a slight sigh of relief. You stood up and turned around slowly, staring at the blood stained claws. You looked up, just as your brother pulled you into a warm embrace. He then pulled them off you and threw them to the ground. “Come on” he put his arm around you and you walked out of the building, to see your friends. Stiles stood talking to Scott, Malia and Hayden were attempting to duck tape more parts of the jeep and Lydia came towards you in less than a second. You were surprised when she pulled you into a long and desperate hug, which you immediately returned. You then all stood together. “I am so sorry-” you began. “Y/n It’s okay” Scott interrupted, with a sincere smile. You mouthed the words thank you to him, causing him to let out a small laugh. “We’re glad to have you back” Malia beamed. “And we’ll be with you every step of your supernatural way” Lydia added. Liam then slowly joined you all, being met by Hayden practically jumping on him. Stiles put his arm around you and smiled, which you returned. It no longer hurt you like it did. Liam glanced at the pair of you, furrowing his brows in confusion, causing Hayden to get off him. “Can we make a pact?” Mason joined you all out of the blue. “That we will never again split up from each other?” he finished. You all smiled and let out low laughs, before raising your hands to promise. But I guess some promises are not meant to be kept.

Part 2 anyone? Sorry I got hella carried away, it probably sucks because I rambled. Requests are back open so hit me up bitches X


So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who is capable of doing terrible things for some reason, cares only about you?

klaus putting caroline and her happiness/safety first (tbc)

 [requested by thealluretodarkness]

Happy Together 1/2

Steve Harrington/Reader
Word Count:

Request: “Anonymous said: Hi if you’re still open to requests, could you do something with Steve Harrington? I just binge watched the whole show this weekend so I’m kinda feeling a storyline where a girl who’s a cheerleader and has always been jealous that Steve never recognized her. But after one of his games, there’s a huge party and he maybe ends up helping her when she gets too drunk? Or they just fall asleep together? Idk I’m being extremely vague haha”

A/N: I changed the plot from your request slightly, because I initially misread it and missed the part about the party being after one of Steve’s games. Hope you don’t mind, anon! Cut it into two, once again, because I have no self-control and can’t keep these things short (btw the next part is sinful as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)….As always, requests are OPEN here and on Archive of Our Own, under the same username.

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{Reaction} Mafia!EXO finding you’ve been harassed by their rival gang.

Are you still taking requests? if you are could you please do a mafia exo reacting to their gf crying because some guys were harassing her and the guys are from their rival gang. love your work and thank you.

Note: I changed your request slightly because, eh, I don’t really want to write about harassment (sexual harassment especially), so this was the next best thing that I could do. I hope you enjoy it anyway and I’m sorry it’s not what you wanted exactly.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol seethed as you walked in the house, a cut cheek that bled down your face. He demanded to know who’d done this to you, even though you were in the mafia yourself and were more than capable of looking after yourself (how else do you think you got away alive from EXO-M?) but Chanyeol wasn’t prepared to forgive and forget quite so easily.

{y/n}: “It was that asshole Chen, he didn’t do much, I got away before he could call his boyfriend, Minseok to help him.” *shaking your head as you pulled off your jacket to treat a wound on your arm.*

Chanyeol: “Aish! I’m going to kill that son of a bitch!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

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Kyungsoo saw red as soon as you told him that Kris had harassed you. He knew you could take care of yourself, you were as skilled as he was when it came to mafia skill sets, but it still shook him that you had barely been killed. He clenched his fist, his anger not leaving for as long as Kris had one over him.

{y/n}: “You’re surely not going after him- jagi, I sorted it, don’t worry”

Kyungsoo: “I’ll be back later, alright?”

Byun Baekhyun 

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Baekhyun’s first instinct was to pull you into his arms. You’s staggered through the front door, bleeding from various wounds on your body, looking as pale as a sheet as you tripped into his arms. You were shaking like a leaf. It scared him how torn up you were, physically and emotionally, because you were the strongest willed person he knew, and possibly the most skilled. It was when you stated crying that he decided he needed to act.

Baekhyun: “It’s okay jagi, it’s over now, you’re safe~” *appears calm, but will be visiting Luhan a little later to vent.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun had been passing through the alleyway when he was sure he could hear your voice. Unable to leave without inspecting, he carefully peeked around the bend to see Minseok pushing you up against the wall, smirking at you sadistically. You had a cut over your eyebrow and one sliced down your cheek that was bleeding down to your clothes. You struggled against him, and Sehun was unable to watch the scene any longer.

Minseok: “Maybe I should cut you up, I told Yifan I’d make a good show of killing you when I caught you. Maybe I should send your heart back to your boyfriend-”

Sehun: *knocks Minseok clean off his feet - a vengeful look in his eye* “Do you have a death wish? How dare you touch her”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing cradled you in his arms, whispering sweet nothings in your ears as you claimed your emotions, trying to stop the tears from falling. You’d had a run in with Kai of EXO K, and clearly it hadn’t been a nice how-do-you-do. Yixing, though seemingly calm, was already running through plans to meet Kai later in his head.

Lay: “Don’t worry baby, he won’t be giving you any trouble anytime soon again.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen 

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It was so typical of Baekhyun to go after you. Baekhyun had the idea in his head that because you were short, a female and in love with Jongdae, that you’d be some kind of weakling. Of course, this isn’t the case in the slightest. Jongdae grinned at you proudly as you told him that you’d given Baekhyun a ticket to hospital after trying to jump out and attack you suddenly in a quiet alleyway.

Jongdae; “That’s my girl.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin 

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It had been a shock to Minseok when you told him that EXO K’s leader, Suho had gone after you. Minseok never suspected Suho could be so bold, especially when he was one of the most wanted men in South Korea (and the rest of the world), but he kept his cool, and couldn’t stop himself from doing something even bolder when he saw your body which was practically beaten black and blue.

Minseok: “Touch her again, and you won’t wake up to tell the tale.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao 

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Tao laughed, not because he found it funny, because he was just so in shock. He held you in his arms, holding you tightly as the suddenness hits him how close he was to losing you if you hadn’t been able to escape. After you got in the shower to clean up, he left the house, entering EXO K’s base bravely (or stupidly) and grabbed the maknae of the gang by the scruff of his neck when he was caught in a room alone.

Tao: “If you want to keep living, then I suggest you leave her alone.” *would probably take his actions further if Sehun proceeded to piss him off enough*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho scoffed as he turned a corner, crossing his arms as he saw Yixing trying his best to interrogate you. He was asking for Suho’s whereabouts, and you, sarcastically, were dismissing him. You were slightly beaten, clearly a target for Yixing’s frustrations, but with each growing second, Yixing was becoming more and more pissed.

Junmyeon: “Looking for me, by any chance? You went after my jagi all for that, maybe I should be flattered for your desperation to see me.”

{y/n}: “The hell are you doing here? Get out of here-”

Yixing: “Aish, shut up, girl-”

Junmyeon: *Punches Yixing* “Aish, no one tells her to shut up. Do you have a death wish?” *far too chill for his own good*


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Luhan would be shocked that EXO- K would actually target you. He knew they’d been threatening for a while, but never seemed to take it any further. Just as Luhan thought you were finally safe, you stumbled home with a black eye and a blooded face, looking tearful as you collapsed into his arms numbly.

Luhan: “I’m going to kill whoever did this to you.”

Kim Jongin 

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It seems Jongin is slightly more cautious when it comes to the other mafia group. He knows his place, and even when you come home with tears falling like waterfalls he doesn’t act straight away recklessly like some of the others. He finds out that Tao had done this to you, and then asked his other members to help him get revenge - it wasn’t hard to persuade them to help.

Kai: “No one hurts you and gets away with it.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris 

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Yifan is smart, and knows better than to go after Do Kyungsoo alone. He waits until he has had a meeting with his M members and figures a strategy out, hoping to take down some other members during their little visit to the other base, he plans to take on Kyungsoo (with the help of the others watching over him in case things get dirty).

Kris: “Don’t worry Baobei, you’re safe now.”

Someday -  (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: The Soldier wants to share his name, when he finds out what it is.

Word Count - 1325

Warnings - torture, i guess, maybe some sadness, idk man, but aLSO FLUFF


A/N - I changed your request slightly because I wanted Bucky to try and plan something and yeah, you’ll see, I think you’ll like this a bit better hopefully, also waited until midnight to post this so it’s your birthday xoxo

Song - The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett

“Oh my god.”

They dragged his almost lifeless body into your lab, his blood creating sinister train tracks leading up to your feet. They dropped him to the floor, his elbows smashing into the ground, barely keeping his hanging head from doing the same. The guard gave a silent solemn nod, which you knew to be a command.

Fix him up.

You pulled him upwards as best as you could without hurting him, and led him to the chair. His hair was sweaty and hanging in his face, doing little to mask the swelling and bruising that was happening there. The welts that covered his smooth skin made you cringe internally, and the dried blood was crusting off like snowflakes, similar to the weather outside.

“What trouble did you go and get yourself into this time?” You asked lightheartedly, prepping your tools.

“Didn’t I tell you to return to me in one piece, soldier?” You teased playfully. He tried to smile but the swelling didn’t allow anything more than a half grimace. He remained silent for a while.

‘She’s too lovely for a place like this.’ He thought. Whilst he was grateful to have you, he couldn’t help but think that princesses didn’t belong here, in this palace of pain, dilapidated and horrifying. You weren’t meant to be here.

“I didn’t do this on a mission.” The soldier spoke monotonously. You paused, before dabbing a cotton swab into ethanol and cleaning one of the gashes on his shoulder.

“They did it.” You whispered. The soldier hung his head, and so did you. You didn’t want him to see how his words affected you, how his pain became your pain. He didn’t want you to see how weak he was. You wanted him to talk, to tell you how he was feeling, but he wasn’t a man of many words, and you were okay with that.

Compared to when you first met him, he was a poet. Your first meeting, if you could even call it that, was completely silent. They threw a body onto your chair, and told you to patch him up and put him to sleep. You did as you were told. He stared at you the entire time you worked, never saying a word, never even flinching when you pulled bullets out of his flesh. And you put him to sleep.

When he woke up, he was the same, silent, stoic, intimidating. You checked his vitals without a word and escorted him to where he needed to be. You didn’t know what would happen to him. Maybe you would’ve never taken him if you did.

The first time you heard his screams was the worst.

You realised that he didn’t want to be here. He didn’t want to hurt people.

When you placed him back in cryo, you could see the burns from the electroshock. Stricken with grief for this poor soldier, you grasped his large, rough hand in your petite one, squeezing reassuringly. Although his natural instinct was to fall asleep, his head snapped up. Looking at your intertwined hands, he scowled at you incredulously, not believing that you would dare touch him. Why were you touching him?! His first instinct was to crush your tiny hand in his. But he didn’t. His head lulled to the side, and the panel slid shut.

You admitted, you liked to talk to him when you got lonely, which was often. You didn’t know if he could hear you, but it’s not like he would ever tell you if he could, and you needed a friend. Even an unwilling one.

Each time he woke up, you loved to watch his eyelashes flutter open. You couldn’t wait to feel his hand in yours. Somewhere along the way, you fell in love with the Winter Soldier. You were foolish. The soldier couldn’t possibly feel anything. Or so you thought.

Until one day, the first word out of his mouth upon awakening was your name. And you greeted him with a small smile.

“They did it because I ran through the park. They thought I was trying to escape.” The soldier’s gruff tone snapped you out of your reverie.

“Why didn’t you?” You spoke gently, wrapping his arm up in gauze.

“I just wanted to see the flowers.” He spoke simply, as if seeing flowers were a viable reason for being beaten to semi consciousness. Yet, you understood. You’d only been here 6 months and you missed flowers dearly. He’s not seen flowers for god knows how long, probably since he was free. You wondered when that was.

Your head snapped up at the sound of rustling. He was unbuttoning his pants with his good arm, and your eyes widened slightly. What the hell was he doing? His hand reached into his boxers and you started to sweat. Oh my god, what did he want you to do? What was happening?

He pulled a tiny flower out of his boxers.

Well that, you weren’t expecting.

“Happy birthday Y/N.” He spoke gently. He offered the flower to you, and you noticed it’s misshapen form. It’s stem was twisted and browning, the leaves hung dejectedly, and the petals had all wilted. He felt idiotic that this was all he had to offer you.

“You remembered my birthday?” You gazed at the flower, awestruck. “It’s beautiful.”

Whilst you had helped the soldier learn how to become human again, he didn’t always understand some basic human things. He was confused as to how you could like the flower. It didn’t serve any purpose now, and was therefore obsolete.

“It’s broken.” He pointed out.

You turned your attention from the dainty flower. “Most beautiful things are.” You said seriously, looking him in the eye. He swallowed, and reached out for your hand.

“I’m pathetic. I don’t have a ring. I don’t even have a name. But someday, I will find out what my name is and I’ll share it with you.” He brushed your hair behind your ear. “If you’ll have me.” He added, slightly worried you wouldn’t want to marry him. He wouldn’t blame you,

“Yes soldier. Someday.” You whispered, brushing your lips against his. He kissed back tenderly, and leant his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed. You quickly pulled away however, when a guard entered your lab

“It’s time.” You nodded, and he left. The soldier slipped off the chair and stepped up into the chamber. How many times could you do this? Tears filled your eyes as you pierced his skin with the needle. You grasped his hand as usual. “It’s time to go back to me talking to you when you can’t hear me again.” You smiled a watery smile, your eyes overflowing with salty tears.

“Y/N.” You looked up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I always hear you.” You nodded, acknowledging his beautiful yet simple sentiment. He wasn’t a man of words. And that was okay. His eyelashes fluttered shut. You pulled your hand away, and the glass slid into place, the frost coating the glass like paint. You could make out his face underneath though. The crease in his brow, the slope of his nose, the gash on his forehead. His hair hung in his eyes and you desperately wished you could open the chamber and brush it out like you always did.

You turned away from him, hoping to stop the tears slowly dropping down your cheeks, but you saw the little flower on the chair.

The most beautiful, damaged flower. The one he risked his life for. The only gift you got on your birthday. The best thing anyone had ever given you. You slid it into the pages of your notebook, pressing the pages together as you closed it.

“Someday.” You mumbled, going back to your work and dreaming of a word where you and the soldier could sit in the park all day. A world where he had a name.

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{Reaction} BTS finding out about your disability

Hello hello! Me again (guess who ahahahaha im trash) i was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to their s/o having a bipolar disorder? Or any kind of mental illness/disorder? Idk I’ve been feeling down lately and I thought about this……….. I hope it’s not too much to ask of you ❤️ Ps: I understand if you can’t really guess who I am, it’s only my second request but if you do, message me ;) you’re fab, as always 🏆😎 much love to you my favorite bunny! 🦄😁💕😘😉😉😉

Note: Hello! I know who you are and I was going to message you as soon as I got this inbox but I totally forgot until now! Please forgive me! I will message you now~ I slightly changed your request to make it general disabilities because mental illness can be sort of triggering so I try and stay clear from it as much as possible. Let’s all be happy! Anyway, I love you and I hope you enjoy this reaction! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Min Yoongi/ Suga

Originally posted by jjks

Having a sight impairment means that you can’t see at all. And even though this is usually what sets you apart from others, it’s what keeps you close to Yoongi. When he’s with you, he changes into something very different. He’s open, confident and above all, happy. The first time you met Yoongi, he had let you touch him on his face, and had even blushed when you commented on how handsome he was. Even though it confused him, because you couldn’t see, he soon realised how well you really could see with your sense of touch and hearing.

{y/n}: “What’s your favorite colour, Yoongi?”

Yoongi: “Pink”

{y/n}: “Hm? Pink you say… what is that colour like?”

Yoongi: “It’s nice…” *He won’t tell you the reason he likes it is because it’s the colour of your lips, or the colour of your cheeks after he’s kissed them.*

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jung-koook

You have bipolar disorder, meaning that your emotions can snap a change like the weather. But Jungkook isn’t going to mind it, really. He knows it’s an issue, but not enough to stop him from loving you wholly. When you told him, he remembers the way your cheeks had flushed embarrassedly, he had simply smiled and set you with the reassurance that you needed.

Jungkook: “I still love you, Jagi, and I’m always going to feel this way about you. I’ve already fallen hopelessly in love”

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Taehyung was rather calm when he found out that you suffered from anxiety, but it didn’t push him away or change anything. If anything, it made him all the more in love with you, because all he wanted to do was to help you in any way that he possibly could. He started off by giving you a codeword. If you ever felt anxious to a point where you were breaking point, all you had to do was say the word and he would have you out of there within seconds. He helps in other ways too, making sure your hand is held in his when he knows you need to reassurance, or he rubs small circles in you back to remind you to breath when things start to get tough. He knows that he’s no doctor, and nothing he can do is going o rid of your anxiety completely, but he does try to do everything in his power to help you as much as he possibly can.

{y/n}: “Tae… -code word-”

Taehyung: “Okay Jagi… Namjoon, I’ll see you later. Me and {y/n} have somewhere to be.”

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by spoopyoongi

Namjoon had always kind had his suspicions about your personality, he noticed how you struggled to sit still for a long period of time, and noticed how you didn’t ever accept his offer to go to the cinema or have a movie night. The one time he did manage to persuade you to go to the cinema with him, you had spent the entire thing fiddling with your bag, or your hands, or shuffling around. He finally understood when you explained to him that you have ADHD.

Namjoon: “It’s okay, Jagi. I understand. And It doesn’t change anything, okay?”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Hoseok didn’t know about your depression for a long time, not until you finally told him a few months into the relationship. He wanted the best for you, so he did everything that he could to make sure that you felt better and safe. He knew it would be a long process, but he did everything that he possibly could on a day to day basis to make you happy and to slowly help you to find the happier version of yourself.

J-Hope: “I love you, Jagi.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jimin knows about your anxiety pretty much since the moment he met you. Not because you told him, but because he had heard from your best friend Taehyung. He didn’t know how to approach you at first since he is very shy himself. But after numerous meetups, he manages to stutter out a few ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’ every now and again, and before you know it you’re both coming close. Months pass, and Jimin finally starts understanding his feelings for you.

Jimin: “I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you.”

{y/n}: “But… my anxiety…”

Jimin: “I love you, {y/n}, and nothing is going to change how I feel about you.”

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jin knows that you have your personal mental health issues, and he’s the most supportive man in your life. He’s always been good with words, and he always has the right thing to say. He’ll always look out for you, even more so than himself. Sometimes, you need to look after him as much as he looking after you because even though he is the more amazing and supportive person when it comes to your health, he can often forget about his own.

Jin: “You’ll love it Jagi, I’m cooking your favorite for dinner.”

{y/n}: “You’re the best, Jin.”

Jin: “Things love does to you, eh?” 

Darkness (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky imagine where it begins with the reader, Bucky, and Steve on the helicarrier scene from Winter Soldier, and she was a childhood friend of the two who was frozen with Steve, and was in love with him but never said anything? And then later on she and steve are looking for him but she gets attacked by hydra one night alone and bucky saves her and they recover together? Lots of angst and fluff? Thank you so much! You’re so good at writing.

Words: 3,042

Warnings: Fighting, some angst, mentions of blood. 

I changed it slightly, but it still matches your request and everything! It’s not edited for errors yet. 

I watched the Agents of SHIELD season finale on Netflix yesterday and omgggg

It was suppose to be your day off. 

You were supposed to be at home watching Netflix and eating pizza. 

You weren’t supposed to be here. 

You were scurrying along behind Steve, his broad shoulders blocking your view as you walked down the railing. Your feet hurt, your head hurt, your arms were sore and you had a bruises and bloody cuts all over. You were tired. 

Suddenly Steve stopped and you nearly ran into his back, you were about to ask what the holdup was but then you peaked your head out from behind him and saw who was blocking the way. The man who had caused you so much distress in one day; the Winter Soldier.

He looked like Bucky, but he sure as hell wasn’t Bucky. He had no control over his actions, of course you knew that, and you didn’t blame Bucky for all the troubles and fights, you blamed the Winter Soldier. 

You were so tired at this point that you almost wanted to just tell him to move the fuck out of your way so you can wrap this up and go home. You decided against it after some thought. You wanted to go home alive

 “People are gonna die, Buck.” Steve spoke up after a moment of thick tension. “I can’t let that happen.” 

You really wished Steve would send you a mental message about what was about to happen so you knew what was going on. Most of the time Steve leaped into action and you just kind of went with it, but when dealing with the Winter Solider side of Bucky, you didn’t really want to do that. 

The Winter Soldier remained still, he only stared directly at Steve with no emotion. Another moment of thick tension pasted before Steve spoke again, this time his voice cracking.

“Please don’t make me do this.” Your heart broke a little and you would have loved to throw your arms around your best friend and squeeze as hard as you could. You wanted to make him feel better, but you couldn’t hug him right now and a hug wouldn’t really solve his pain. 

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Preference #17: 5SOS member has a crush on you (ship) and Harry Styles has a crush on you too and they fight.

Now normally I don’t do any other imagine other than just 5SOS (meaning I don’t include anyone else, but I decided to take a chance) and because you asked nicely.

Request: ‘hiii lovely. could I get a imagine/5sos ship? like write the imagine with whoever you ship me with? 😊 my name’s Cara and I’m like 5'6, really long curly auburn/red hair and blue green eyes. I also sing and songwriter and yeah if you could use that it’s be cool and maybe something where harry from 1D has sa crussh on you and (who you ship me with) gets jealous about it since he’s more famous or something? thatnks, I’d love to see what you write!!’

I hope this is what you wanted and I hope you like it. I ship you wish Ashton because I believe he’d love the subtle height difference, and I think he’d love your hair but hate it when you straightened it or tried to hide it. I think he’d love that you song write and would try and write songs with you. Now I did change your request slightly and made it so you and Ashton were best friends to start with and be developed a crush on you, and Harry told him about his Crush on you then the two were fighting for your attention and ended up having a fight and then Ashton explained why they were fighting and you choose Ashton. Because in my opinion I think Ashton would be a better boyfriend than Harry…My personal opinion don’t hate me for it. I also out Y/N so others can enjoy…Okay here we go!

You and Ashton had been friends for years, mainly because your parents knew each other and they kind of forced the friendship upon you. Ashton had invited you to join him and the other 5SOS members on tour along with One Direction, and you instantly agreed partly because you missed him and the guys and because you loved One Direction and wanted to meet them…so this was the perfect excuse and opportunity. The first day you got there you and Ashton spent all day together, before he finally left you alone to sleep. Ashton invited you to join them because he missed you and because he had a huge crush on you and he felt that by inviting you to join them, and giving you the chance to meet One Direction would woo you. The next day you spent the day with all the guys well kind of. They were performing so you had time here and there with them when they weren’t on stage.

During this time you and Harry had got to talking, you joked around and laughed and played video games. You left the room for a moment to call your mother to tell her how you were getting on since you knew she’d worry. “Man Y/N is a great girl, I think I may be falling for her” Harry revealed his crush in you to Ashton “oh great now I have someone more famous to compete with” he said in a harsh tone. Harry raised his eyebrow “what?” He asked curious as to why Ashton had made a tiny outburst. “I like her okay I’ve liked her for years, and now I have pretty boy more famous and talented than me Harry Styles falling for her too” he complained. They both gave each other a look then turned around when they heard the door open and saw you walking in.

Ashton grabbed your arm and lead you over to the drum kit “I’ll teach you drums” he said and began showing you how to drum and let you have a go. Then Harry grabbed you and began dancing around with you like an idiot. Then Grease came on, on the radio and Harry began moving around clicking his fingers, then Ashton pushed him and started snapping too. They both snapped their fingers and danced around and you just laughed thinking they were idiots. The next couple of days were awkward, Harry and Ashton seemed to be mad at each other and wouldn’t talk to each other and you seemed to be stuck in the middle of it. The two seemed to be fighting for your attention.

You were reading a book when you heard yelling and you got off the tour bus and saw Harry throw a punch at Ashton, and Ashton returning it. You ran over to the both of them and got into the middle of them “what’s going on?” You asked unsure as to what was actually going on. “I am in love you with Y/N you’re my best friend and I love you, I’ve loved you for a long time but I’ve been scared to tell you. And Mr. More famous Harry over here likes you too and we’ve been fighting over you…” He said “and I was winning” Harry said “shut up” Ashton yelled before turning back to you “well say something…” He said. You turned and looked at Harry and then back at Ashton and then planted a kiss on. Ashton. You’d had a crush in him for a long time too, and didn’t want to wreck the friendship in case he didn’t feel the same way. Now you knew he felt the same way you had to reveal your feelings, and that kiss started your relationship and Harry backed off and accepted the decision.

{Reaction} When you’re scared of bugs and ask EXO to get rid of it for you.

hihihihihi can u make a reaction post where you find a cockraoch and you get scared and dont wanna touch it and get exo to do it

Note: Thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing this. I know you asked for cockroaches specifically, but I did change your request ever so slightly. I hope you don’t mind too much. I hope you enjoy this very hard~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by essentyeol

Chanyeol watched as the bee flew around the room, giggling at the terrified expression on your face. After a few seconds of watching you pleading for you as if your life depended on it, he got up and got rid of the cute creature causing you so much distress.

Chanyeol: “Ah, why are you scared of something so cute?” 

{y/n}: “It might sting me!”

Chanyeol: “Yes, with love!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Kyungsoo teased you as you curled up on a chair, holing your knees up as your eyes followed a spider running across the kitchen work top. He walked over, and got rid of it without much question, even though he did you tease you for it. 

Kyungsoo: “The spider is more scared of you than you are of it.” 

{y/n}: “I highly doubt that.” 

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun wouldn’t help you out at first, just laugh and watch your failed attempts to get anywhere near the cockroach. He would keep saying things to tease you like “are you a man or a mouse?” loving the glares you kept sending him. 

Baekhyun: “Ah~ such failure~”

{y/n}: “This relationship will start going that way if you don’t shut up.” 

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Sehun isn’t going to admit it, but he’s as scared of the bug as you are, so when you start complaining that there’s a spider in the bedroom, he’s going to play the cold, cool guy act, when inside he’s screaming. 

Sehun: “Aish {y/n}, it’s just a spider, just catch it.” 

{y/n}: “If it’s just a spider, then why don’t you get it?” 

Sehun: “Am I your slave?” 

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Lay doesn’t mind bus that much, he’s pretty much used to then, and they don’t bother him an awful lot. But when you start complaining that there’s cockroaches in the bedroom, he does exactly what you ask of him and gets rid of them, he doesn’t like seeing you in distress.

Yixing: “They’re all gone now, {y/n}, so you better sleep well tonight okay? I don’t want you to be scared~” 

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by etherealchen

Jongdae isn’t a big fan of cockroaches either, so when you complain that there is one lurking in the house somewhere, he leaves, then comes back with two garden tools and hands you one. 

Jongdae: “We’re going on a bug hunt.” 

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiu-angel

Minseok is a manly man, so he isn’t going to be really very fussed over a bug when you come to him and ask him to get rid of it for you. But this man isn’t just manly, he’s also intelligent, so he makes sure that this favour hi does for you isn’t gone unrewarded. 

Minseok: “So now I got rid of that bug, don’t you think I deserve a reward?” *Smug Minseok*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

You’re not going to complain to Tao about bugs before he complains to you about them. If anything, this man is going to be more afraid of the cockroaches in the house than you are, and there is no doubt he will be trying to hide behind you any time he sees a bug. 

Tao: “I can’t get it, you get it!”

{y/n}: “You’re the manly man!” 

Tao: “Not with bugs! You’re manlier than me with them!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by michaelanightray

This man is all about the brains. He gets rid of the bug for you before emphasizing his manliness to you, flexing his muscles and proving his strength in the hope you’ll reward him well. 

{y/n}: “I don’t know what you’re flexing for, all you did was open the window to let the fly out.” 

Suho: “But I’m super manly and strong, right?”

{y/n}: “Maybe compared to a puppy.”

Suho: *Suddaddy activated.* “Oh jagi, now you’re asking for it.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jongdaeshighnote

Luhan isn’t very good with bugs, another reason to prove that he isn’t a manly man. Since being with you, he has got better with them since you’re just as terrified as he is, but he’s stuff a complete wuss. 

{y/n}: “I thought you were manly.”

Luhan: “I am!”

{y/n}: “Then prove it and get rid of the bug”

Luhan: “… I hate you” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by illegalkai

Kai doesn’t really mind bugs, and even though he will tease you for being scared of them, he is pretty chill and will just get rid of it for you. 

Kai: “You can breathe now, {y/n}. It’s gone.” 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by sunnygp

Like Kai, Kris isn’t really bothered by the bugs either. If he was scared of bugs, that would ruin his cold, cool city guy look so he makes sure that you know that he’s not afraid of them at all. 

Kris: “It’s gone now baby.” 

{y/n}: “Thank you.”

Kris: *Hugs* “It’s okay.” 

Love Actually {Kim Junmyeon}

Note: It wasn’t confusing at all! But I did change your request slightly, just to give it a bit more of a story line. I hope you like it ad much as I enjoyed writing it! {Suho is killing me at the moment XD} Enjoy~ x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Dating an idol isn’t easy. You’re bombarded with press and cameras if you’re seen in public, and spending time together at each others apartments is usually spent sleeping since his schedule is so intense he’s always left achy bones and shattered.

Really, it’s a good job you love him, because maintaining a relationship takes a lot of work and time. Sometimes you can go with weeks with not seeing him when he’s touring, others he’s just too tired to see you. But you’re always patient, always holding on to those moments where you remember how worthwhile all the pain is.

This was one of those moments.

You were sat together, limbs intertwined and warm on the sofa in the EXO dorm while watching an old roncom movie.

It was times like this when everything was perfect.

Neither of you needed to say anything, because comfort was found in the beautiful silence.

Junmyeon shifted, lifting your chin so both of your eyes met. He smiled, eyes peeked with interest.

“I missed you while I was away in Beijing.” He confessed, his thumb running across the softness of your cheek. “I kept thinking about you. I think it’s what kept me going… and I missed your kisses too. It was almost unbearable.” You giggled as his thumb glided across your lower lip.

“I missed you too.” You responded.

“Tonight, I want to spend it with you. And tomorrow. No disturbances. I’m going to call my manager tomorrow and tell him I’m putting dance practice on hold.” He looked determined.

“Oh really?” You responded, the excitement and happiness was undeniably bubbling inside of you.

“Yeah. I don’t care what we do. I don’t care if we sit and do nothing all day, or if you want to go out. I just want to spend some time with you. And only you. Is that okay?” He bit the inside of his lip.

“Of course. You know I’d love that.” You responded, mimicking his lip biting.

“Then here’s to the next undisturbable hours.” He grinned, leaning in until his lips met yours.

“Junmyeon! You’re missing family meeti- oh.”

Junmyeon growled as he pulled away, turning to glare daggers at a very startled looking Chanyeol. The glare was like a knife, and Chanyeol, who was looking incredibly child like, took a few steps back as he sensed the danger.

“Should I come back later?” He asked, voice small.

“No.” Junmyeon responded, “Don’t even think about coming to talk to me for the next 24 hours. Not even texting or calling, understand? That goes for the others too.” Junmyeon told him.

Chanyeol nodded, before walking out the door as fast as his legs could possibly carrying him.

Junmyeon turned back to you, lips smirking.

“That was amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen Chanyeol look so terrified.”

“It’s the one of the perks of being the leader, and the mother figure.” He grinned.

“Now, where were we?” 

{Reaction} Harry Potter marathon with EXO

EXO reaction to their girlfriend doing another marathon with the Harry Potter films and crying a lot when someone dies?? If you don’t like HP our don’t read/watch de films you don’t need to do ♥ Love your blog

Note: I love Harry Potter, it’s one of my favorite series! Have you seen the fantastic beasts yet? Thank you for your patience and waiting for me to finally respond to your request, I hope you will enjoy the outcome! I did change your request slightly to just general watching Harry Potter so, yeah. Enjoy!~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by parkchny

Chanyeol would love watching the movies with you, especially debating who is the better character and which is the better film. He would find joy and comfort in holding you close as you watch the movies together and eating a mix of sweet and salted popcorn. But the salt is nowhere near as salty as your feelings when your favorite character dies or something emotional happens.

Chanyeol: “What walks on eight legs until one years old, four legs until twenty years old, and then two for the remainder of it’s life”

{y/n}: “What?”

Chanyeol: “The Weasley twins”

{y/n}: “… How dare you… How daRE YOU”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

Kyungsoo always likes the thought of cuddling up with you and watching a movie, but whenever it finally comes to it, he is soon reminded why he doesn’t watch movies with you often. You will ask questions when you’re confused (even if that’s the point of the plot,) and get overly emotional about characters that don’t even exist in real life.

{y/n}: “I ship Harry and Draco”

Kyungsoo: “Why are you like this?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by oohprince

To be honest, Baekhyun would probably be as enthusiastic about watching the films as you are, and will often talk when you’re focusing hard on what’s happening on the screen before you. After watching the long movies, he will go into a debate with you, arguing over who the better characters were and so on.

Baekhyun: “Expelliarmus is definitely the most powerful spell”

{y/n}: “Are you kidding me? What about the unforgivables!”

Baekhyun: “Okay fair point”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by sefuns

Sehun is going to take the opportunity of watching films with you to tease you and do everything he can to get a reaction out of you, even if that means using terrible puns and flirting lines that aren’t really all that effective.

Sehun: “Mind if I slytherin to your chamber of secrets?”

{y/n}: “Are you Sirius right now? You’ll be on the damn couch.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Yixing would probably find himself getting confused throughout the Harry Potter films because he keeps falling asleep and waking up and missing large chunks of the plotline. So while you’re crying because of certain character death or an emotional scene, don’t be too surprised if he’s questioning why you’re so upset.

Yixing: “But why did that happen?”

{y/n}: “Watch it and you’ll fiND OUT”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Watching films with Jongdae is either going to be really romantic and fluffy, or a pain in the ass. Whenever one of his favorite character dies or something happens he’ll let out a loud ‘waaeeee’ which startles you since you had been watching the film so intently. He’s also going to be the worst for jealousy while watching these films too.

{y/n}: “Daniel Radcliffe is so handsome”

Jongdae: “Waaaeeee~”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiu-angel

Minseok sat with you as you started having a breakdown as one of your favorite characters in the entire Harry Potter series meets their fateful end. He holds you close (even though he doesn’t understand while you’re getting so upset over something fictional) and whisper sweet things in your ear to make you feel better.

Minseok: “How about I go and make you a nice cup of hot chocolate? Hm?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, okay.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao may get a little frustrated over watching the Harry Potter movies, he wouldn’t like how much attention you’re giving the main characters, or how upset you get over something that isn’t real. For him, his emotions always range on what is real and happening in his life, so to see you get so upset over a character confuses him to no end.

Tao: “There isn’t much combat”

{y/n}: “They don’t need combat, they have wands!”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Like Sehun, Suho would take the opportunity to use pick up lines o you and to try and get a reaction out of you as the two of you sit in the marathon.

Suho: “My love burns for you like a dying phoenix”

{y/n}: “How romantic”


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Luhan was started to get a little agitated at the way you were drooling over some of the characters on the screen. He crossed his arms as you leant against his side and pouted before deciding that he needed to take action.

Luhan: “Hagrid’s not the only giant on site, if you know what I mean.”

{y/n}: “Luhan literally shut up, you’re not manly.”

Luhan: “I AM!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would sit with you throughout the majority of the movie in silence and enjoy it alongside your company. He would cuddle you into his arms and hold you close so that you knew how much he cares about you.

Kai: “Do you know what I’d see in the mirror of Eirsed?”

{y/n}: “What?”

Kai: “You”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris would admire you as you sat cuddled up against his side. He’d smile and hold you close, a secret butterfly sensation rushing within his stomach. Even after all this time, you still give him that nervous feeling, making him feel like he got so lucky. But he wouldn’t openly admit all of this aloud.

Kris: “You must be magical, because I’ve fallen under your spell” *muttering*

{y/n}: “What was that?”

Kris: “Nothing!”

Goals (Bucky x Reader)

Request: bucky x reader where they’re in the delivery room and they fist bump after hearing their baby’s cry and then later on she looks at him and says “those chairs must be really uncomfortable” and scoots over so he can lay in the hospital bed with her? 😍

Words: 557

Warnings: None that I can think of

I changed it slightly but it still matches your request! It’s short and sweet, I hope you all enjoy it!

It had been nine long months of carrying your newly born child. Although it was a lot of effort and you went through a lot of pain and mood swings, it was all worth it. You wouldn’t take any of it back. 

Eleanor Lay Barnes. 

She was the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen, and you adored every aspect of her. Bucky’s eyes were huge the moment the nurse let him hold her and he kept looking from her to you, his mouth had opened slightly and he looked so amazed and happy. You had cried, not out of pain this time, but tears of joy. It was the kind of cry that you were smiling and laughing out of pure happiness, your hands covered your mouth and tears had fallen rapidly down your cheeks. 

It was true what they said; the moment you see your child, even if you haven’t held them yet, it will become the happiest moment of your life. 

Eleanor was currently sleeping, while you were resting in your highly uncomfortable hospital bed. Bucky was by your side, sitting in a chair with his arms resting on your bed. 

“Fist bump!” Your voice startled him, causing him to snap his head in your direction and his eyebrows to furrow, a mask of confusion covering his features. 

You held out your fist in his direction, “C’mon, man, fist bump me!” 

“Are you okay?” He chuckled, sitting up straight and stretching. 

“Oh I’m great, besides just giving birth for eleven hours, I’m doing just dainty.” Sarcasm spilled from your mouth, you couldn’t resist, normally you were a very sarcastic person but it got even worse when you were tired. 

“It was all worth it though,” You flashed a smile and looked over at Eleanor who was sound asleep. “We have a very beautiful baby girl.” 

“That we do.” Bucky held up with fist and grinned. “Alright, still holding that fist bump offer?” 

“Of course!” You fist bumped with Bucky and your laughter floated throughout the room. “We’re awesome parents.” 

“We’re not just awesome, we’re cool.” Bucky grinned, shifting in his seat some more. 

“My sister had her surgery a year ago, remember?” Bucky nodded. “Well, because I’m the most awesome sister, I sat by her bedside for hours in the hospital to keep her company.” 

“I remember that, I brought you Chinese food because you hated the hospital pudding and said the sandwiches smelled shitty.” 

“They did!” You giggled. “Well, point is, I know those chairs are the most uncomfortable things in the world and trust me, your butt’s going to hurt for days. So c’mon, cuddle up.” 

You scooted over in the bed and patted the seat next to you with a silly smile on your face. Bucky happily accepted your offer and laid down on his side, pulling you closer to him, you inhaled his scent and shifted around to get more comfortable. 

“These beds are really small.” Bucky commented, wrapping his arms around you and keeping you warm. 

“Yeah, for two people they are.”

“I bet we could make some interesting memories in this bed,” Bucky whispered. “What do you say, let’s make baby number two!” 

You slapped your hand on his chest and laughed, “Shut up, asshole! I hate you.” 

“You love me.” Bucky chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. 

BTS Reaction: When they find out that you’re insecure about your curly hair

Request by Anonymous

Prompt: Can you make a BTS reaction when they find out they crush have a beautiful curly hair but she does brush because she thinks it’s ugly. (Thank you in advance because I wanted to know this s2 <3 *-*)


Jin: “But jagi, you’re… well, you’re very pretty.” *Surprised you could think otherwise and gets shy complimenting you*

Suga: “What? Who told you that?” 

J-Hope: “Ah, don’t talk that way! You’re beautiful! If you’re ever feeling down just remember that I’m your hope!” *Tries to make you feel better*

Rap Monster: “Why would you think that? Jagi, your curly hair looks just fine. Come on, just look at mine!” *Grows serious* Whatever you do, make sure you do it for you though. Don’t change anything about yourself -even your hair- for anyone else, OK?”

Jimin: “Nothing about you could possibly be ugly, jagi~ Actually, I think it’s pretty sexy.” *winkwink*

V: “But Jagi, your curly hair is so much fun~!” *Playing with your hair*

Jungkook: “Huh? I think your hair looks just fine.”


You’re welcome! Thanks for your request! I hope you don’t mind that I changed the title slightly. I kind of figured that that was what you were getting at anyways. Anyways, I hope you like it! :D

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