i changed the j to a g shut up

abc - one, two, ten prompts

ten word prompts, one for each alphabet
( i / ? )

  • a - “after all these years, you still haven’t changed a bit.”
  • b - “before i start to change my mind, you better leave.”
  • c - “consider me out of this - it’s all just too much.”
  • d - “don’t you ever, for a second, say i didn’t try.”
  • e - "ever wondered what it would be like if you stayed?”
  • f - “for fuck’s sake, can you please stop talking about yourself?”
  • g - “go home. there’s nothing for you to do here anyway.”
  • h - “how about you shut the fuck up before i kick-”
  • i - “i’ve been there before, trust me. don’t even go there.”
  • j - “jealousy is such an ugly phase. emotionally, physically… and literally.”
  • k - “keep talking and you’ll be sleeping outside on the sidewalk.”
  • l - “looks like you were right all along. are you happy?”
  • m - “money does bring happiness. but you bring in the most.”
  • n  - “not that i was paying attention or anything, but you…”
  • o - “oh, now you decide to give a fuck? hell no.”
  • p - “please, don’t act like you actually care. i’m really tired.”
  • q - “quiet down - if you say another word, we’re so dead.”
  • r - “ridiculous. that’s the only word i can say right now.”
  • s - “so, you finally came back. what do you want now?”
  • t - “time’s like these are tough but we can pull through, together.
  • u - “under those crazy circumstances, i would rather be dead instead.”
  • v - “very interesting… the kind of interesting i saw on tumblr.”
  • w - “well what did you expect me to do? wait around?”
  • x - “x marks the spot on the head of an idiot.”
  • y - “ya’ll are acting as if you’ve never seen this before.”
  • z - “zero chance of escaping. you asked me to be honest.”

A) Age: uhmm? Noo?????

B) Biggest fear: being forgotten/ replaced

C) Current time: 11:22 pm. Rip me

D) Drink you last had: Tea???? I don’t remember. Or water

E) Everyday starts with: wanting death because i needed to wake up for school. tHANK GOD SUMMER IS ALMOST FUCKING HERE

F) Favorite song: changes alot. For Forever or Waving Though a Window from Dear Evan Hanson

G) Ghost: ???

H) Hometown: canadananana ik thats not a town but shut your face

I) In love with: Grimm reaper. They hot af

J) Jealous of: Literally everything

K) Killed someone: only myself

L) Last time you cried: pft today

M) Middle name: how about a middle finger for privacy 🖕

N) Number of siblings: technically one but its complicated

O) One wish: Death-senpai to notice me

P) Person you last talked to: Trashhyyyyyyyyyyyy. Or mom, i guess

Q) Question you are always asked: lol no one notices me

R) Reason to smile: dumb little stuff never fail to make me smile

S) Song you last sung: wAVING THROUGH A W I N D O W

T) Time you woke up: 7:30-ish. Standard time for a weekday

U) Underwear color: 🖕🖕🖕🖕

V) Verse of a song you like:

Im a scholar and a gentleman
And i usually dont fall when i try to stand
I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt
But i make these high heels work
Ive told you time and time again
Im not as think as you drunk i am
And we all fell down when the sun came up
I think we’ve had enough

W) Worst habit: I don’t want to analyze myself to find what i do wrong so i can write it down and have people see it. Listen man im just trying to survive, also 🖕🖕

X) X rays you’ve had: 0 mutherfuckker. Imma safe boi

Y) Your favorite food: uhm, all???

Z) Zodiac: LeO 🦁🦁

Current day: Okay so i wrote this like a week ago and apparently im funnier when im tired then when im fully energized
Also i don’t remember who did and did not tag me for this so if i accidentally tag u and you had nothing to do with this sorry
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