i changed the coloring on this

it really bugs me that right after lars was confirmed as filipino they changed his skin color to pink

[ soooo after much careful consideration ( and a little persuasion ) i’ve decided to make my return here by sorta restarting this blog if you will?
basically starting over to what it originally was: an ask blog.
of course that doesn’t mean i won’t be roleplaying through here! BUT before i left i found myself dedicating a lot of time into my posts and basically making it my top priority - so i pretty much burnt myself out.

with that being said, however, i don’t mind doing short threads here and there / maybe continuing the old ones i never replied to before i left ( which i think are almost all smut threads, ~no surprise there~ and that is if said rp partners are still here of course ).

but uh, yeah, anons and such are welcome again! 🙏 ]

a restful home.


Scabbers! You’re alive!


allusions to alec being gay in season 1

+ the moment alec came out