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Even amusingly calling out Isak on his BS.

» I’m the fucking master liar, there’s no one who’s a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I’ve gotten away with.
» Well, tell me. What have you gotten away with?

@sweetchcolate blessed me once with these hylink doodles

and then blessed me again by giving me permission to color the one i loved the most. thank you so much, i hope you like it!! 

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( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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A Grocery Store Saviour

Request: Omg i love your writing sooo much <3 I was thinking if you could do a story based off Michael Buble’s ‘Just Haven’t met you Yet’. I understand if you wouldn’t want to do it but thank you for your time :)

Word Count: 2,852

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

“Next!” You call, back aching and feet sore. Work usually sucks, but today it’s a living hell. Saturdays are the normally busiest days at the grocery store but add the fact that it’s the first day of spring that’s warmer than 50 degrees, and you’ve got yourself a full store. The bustle of people weaving around one another in the narrow aisles meant that you’d been sent to clean up five separate messes and help one bawling seven-year-old find his mother. His snot covered fingers had wrapped around your own until you’d found his mother who’d immediately decided to yell at you for not bringing him sooner. People bumped into you with every turn, resulting in scowls and foul language from some particularly angry customers. You’d had to ask people to repeat themselves four different times because of the clamor and been asked because of that if it were really right for a woman to be working. On top of all that, you wore heels today so your feet want to fall off and the store’s air conditioning hardly works, meaning hot sweat drips down your back and soaks your hairline.

Despite the annoying customers and the math involved, you’re almost grateful to work at the cash register now instead of work on the floor when you hear the horrific sound of gagging nearby. Your coworker Arthur rushes past you, mop already in hand.

Raising your eyebrows at the situation, you shake your head and take stock of everything a middle-aged man in front of you sets on the counter. He wears a dark suit and a cap to hide what you assume is a balding head. He’s muttering something to himself as thick beads of sweat slide down his face, over the patches of red dotting his cheeks and forehead and collecting on his upper lip. Every time he says something, a bead flings off its place above his lip, landing on the counter in front of you.

You cringe but reach for his items and pull them closer. Flipping the page on your notepad, you begin writing the costs of everything down.

“Do you not bother to keep your customers happy here?”

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Cliché : Jughead Jones

request: Jughead x reader where you’re two sarcastic buddies and one day in sorta sneaks up on you that the reader might have feelings for him and it ends with him telling the reader when the feeling snuck up on him and it’s just really cute? If any of this makes sense?? 

 requested by: anonymous

A/N: I hope this is everything you wanted. It made sense to me, no worries. Again, this is an IMAGINE, so no hate about me “changing his asexuality.” I fully support that, but as of now on the show, they aren’t portraying that. xx aubree

warnings: none

word count: 550 (it’s short and I’m sorry.)

Y/H/C = your hair color

(gif not mine)


Originally posted by jugheadjones94

“Jughead!” Y/N yelled for her friends attention, “Stop being an antisocial novelist for two seconds and help me.”

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anonymous asked:

:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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passion. sunrise. growth. scars. trust. loss. future.

Author: arekxandura (tumblr) / quilliariya (ff.net)
Rating: K+
Warning: contains spoilers.

Author’s Note: starting this series for Gruvia week! a reincarnated Juvia who can’t remember Gray has always been one of my most favourite AUs, and I have no idea why. Hope you guys like it!

Read it on fanfiction.net here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12428893/1/epiphany

he just wants her to remember the past that elluded her reincarnated mind.

“Fairy Tail was—no, it still is—our home.”

 “Juvia wishes she could remember,” the girl told him, tugging the ribbon attached to her school uniform. “But all Juvia really knows is growing up in an orphanage with Gajeel-kun.”

“Didn’t he tell you about Fairy Tail?” Gray prodded.

“Juvia supposes he mentioned it once or twice.” Juvia sighed. “Perhaps he stopped because Juvia had no idea what he was talking about.”

“Fairy Tail was a guild in our past life in the other world.”


She looked terribly confused, and Gray mentally cursed at Gajeel for not explaining it as soon as the iron dragon slayer regained his memory. “It’s a shared memory between all of us. Professor Makarov, Lucy, Erza, Natsu, Mirajane, Cana—everyone. It’s the life we led before we reincarnated into ourselves again. Here. In a different world.”

“This is a different world from our past lives?”

Gray nodded. “In our past life, there was magic. I was an ice mage. You were a water mage.”

 She looked like she didn’t want to believe him, but when the blue-haired girl’s eyes widened, Gray wondered if he had triggered some sort of memory. 

“Juvia is a swimmer,” she admitted. “She has always loved the water, for some strange reason.”

 “Do you like the rain?”


 “Juvia loves the rain.”

 He flashed her a smile. “That’s good.”

 A light red dusted her pale cheeks. For a moment Juvia blinked at him, as if she was trying to remember the memories taken away from her.

 “Tell me more, Gray-sama.”

 The afternoon was spent in deep conversation.  He told her about the rain that plagued her entire life and their very first battle. He told her about Tenrou, the way she had convinced Meredy to take their side. He told her about his Deliora, Ur, his father, Avatar, Zeref, E.N.D..

She listened with rapt attention.

There was something familiar about the way she responded to his stories. It was as if he was taken back in time, and he was sitting beside Juvia Lockser, recalling his adventures with Team Natsu in the comfort of a cozy house they called theirs.

 “Juvia is sorry she doesn’t remember.”

 “It’s a slow process,” Gray said, shaking his head. “Your memories will return soon.”

 “What if Juvia can’t remember because her past self wanted to forget?”

 I live for the ones I love!


 “But what if she did, Gray-sama?” Her eyes looked pained as she looked at him. “What if did?”

 He stared at her then, unable to respond.

 Juvia sighed. Noticing his discomfort, she shifted the conversation. “What was Juvia like, Gray-sama?”

 You were a strong mage who loved your friends.” Who loved me.

 Your love was a slow burn.

Gray could almost see her eyes burst into flames whenever she had declared her love for him, shining like the sun she had longed to see. At first, he didn’t understand her wild proclamations, her gifts, her overflowing love for him, and in general—her.  

Juvia laughed softly, locks of blue rolling off her shoulder as she shifted her position. Tilting her head to the side, she stared at him in curiosity. “Sorry, that must have been an awkward question.”

“It’s alright,” Gray replied, his eyes narrowing.

She was eccentric in her own way. Juvia could fend off females who he couldn’t care less about. Juvia could hide behind a pillar just so she could watch him from afar. Juvia could make regular days anniversaries he’s never even heard of.

But Juvia could also light up a room with her smile. Juvia could make him feel the warmth he had craved ever since he was a child. Juvia could spread butterflies in the inside of his stomach, making it lurch and churn whenever she was around.

“Juvia is sorry she can’t remember.”

“It’s okay.” Because you’re alive.

He remembered the way her flames began to lick the tips of the iceberg called his heart. Which was ironic, because she was a mage who specialized in manipulating water.

A memory forms in his mind. He had just been told that the water mage had sacrificed herself in order to save Cana.

Gray had taken a seat beside her in the hospital bed, dropping the flowers Lucy had told him to give the water mage.

“Hey,” he said almost guiltily. Juvia was new to the guild, and here she was, lying on one of their beds. “You alright?”

“Juvia is doing great,” she told him. There wasn’t a hint of sarcasm or malice in her tone. A smile was growing on her lips, and she beamed at him, as if the pain she was feeling was non-existent. “Juvia is happy Gray-sama came to visit her." 

She was lying on the bed, her water body suffering because it was  electrocuted and yet she still had the audacity to grin just because he graced her with his presence. This selfless girl who was willing to sacrifice herself just so her friends would survive—

 Juvia’s short hair fanned out on the pillow in light waves. Her pale face was slowly regaining its natural color (thanks to Wendy, no doubt). The blue in her eyes stared at him, hoping to elicit a response.

None came.

She still looked the same. 

The current Juvia raised an eyebrow at him. “Gray-sama?”

“Sorry,” he said dismissively. “I just remembered something.” Juvia nooded in understanding, and Gray continued, smirking, “You know, you used to call me Gray-sama back then too.”

 Her cheeks were once again dusted with red. “Perhaps some things never change.”

 He fell silent before he decided to bypass his own defenses. 

“You fell in love with me back then.”

His own cheeks were starting to burn, but it was a detail he felt she should know of. Gray’s  looked at her, watching her face contort from confusion to realization. She looked away from his scrutinizing gaze.

He spoke before he could stop himself. “You died because you wanted to protect me.”

She opened and closed her mouth, at a loss for words. He pushed on, recalling memories stowed away in his mind. Memories that gave him nightmares. Memories that left him yearning for her in the middle of the night, eyes filled with tears, arms seeking the familiar warmth of the water mage.

 “There was an ice wizard. His name was Invel.” Gray looked away, catching sight of Natsu petting his cat, Happy (which he had been told numerous times not to bring to school, but of course, Natsu was Natsu). “He conjured a spell called ‘Ice Lock’ that turned us against each other. ”

 He returned his gaze towards Juvia, and she motioned for him to continue.

 “It was a chain that linked at a collar that was wrapped around our necks.” Gray frowned. “It was either I kill you, or you kill me.”

Everything was a haze of water and ice, and the ground was covered with their blood. Of all the things Juvia didn’t want to do, Gray knew it was to hurt him.

“I attacked, you attacked. It was a mess.” He sighed. “I remember you shouting that your body was far too small for the overflowing feelings to ever be imprisoned in it.”

She spoke. “Juvia didn’t know she was capable of having that kind of passion to a person she loved.”

“You told me that words couldn’t express how thankful you were to have met me,” Gray said, almost bitterly. “Then you killed yourself so I could live.”

For a long time, none of them said a word. 

She broke the silence. “Did you love Juvia, Gray-sama?”

Dark eyes met sapphire. Juvia was still hoping. Even in her new life. He broke their gaze.

 “I did.”

 “Even though I killed myself?”

 “Well, I kind of died with you.” 

hi so long story short my living situation has been drastically changed (kinda kicked out), and so i need some money to help me get settled and working. i need gas money to actually go to interviews, and money to replace my charging cord for my computer to do basically everything

so here are special deals on some simple commission types


  • flat/simple coloring or monochrome shading
  • +½ for extra characters


  • +½ for extra characters
  • simple bgs 

CONTACT: tumblr im or nanneichii@gmail.com

please share if you can and thank you

Colors (Yoongi/Jimin)

Genre: Fluff + Angst | Soulmate!AU

Words: 1,837+

Author: Admin Em

Summary: Park Jimin hated black and white. More than those however, he hated grey; grey and its seemingly never ending shades. 

Tags: Major character death, car accidents, hospitals, implied suicide, swearing.

Note: This is the thing I wrote for my HOBI app for those of you who wanted to read it for some reason

Originally posted by yoonmin

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BTS Reacts To Their S/O Having Two Different Coloured Eyes

Request: Bts reacting to their s/o having two coloured eyes
Note: My internet will still not let  me post gifs (or maybe its my computer…who knows just TECHNOLOGY PLEASE) so I will edit this and the other BTS Reacts I just finished once everything starts working again. 

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin is someone who both loves and appreciates beautiful things and would be completely infatuated with his s/o’s unique eyes. Jin would be very aesthetic about it, often taking pictures in different lighting of how his love’s eyes would change colors.

“If you turn your face towards the sun it almost seems like your eyes shimmer. Yah, wait I’ll take a picture to show you. Yah, yah, Jagi your eyes look like they’ve changed again. Yah, yaahhh!”

Suga (Yoongi) 

Yoongi isn’t one to make a big deal over appearance based things and so probably wouldn’t vocalize his admiration of his s/o’s eyes. Still, since Suga is such an artist, their uniqueness would fascinate him and I can totally see him just staring at them, losing track of time while thinking of lyrics to a new song. 

W-What did you say? Sorry I wasn’t listening. You know, Jagi, your eyes really aren’t that different. Yah ,you think you’re special, Y/N? “

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Monie would probably be the least affected by his s/o’s difference. He would accept it as a biological fact that happens to many people. Sure, he would love his love’s eyes and get lost in them endlessly but no more so than any particular color. Monie would just love everything about his partner and that’s that. 

“It’s a condition, love. It’s called heterochromia…it’s beautiful on you but really, you could have black eyes and I would love them just the same. Your eyes are just…you.”

Jhope (Hoseok) 

Hobi would initially just be completely transfixed by a phenoma that he may not have seen very often. I could totally see JHope becoming very focused on his detail of his love, and it quickly becoming one of his favourite things. Jhope would totally be one to buy multicolored presents for his partner, insisting that they reminded of his s/o’s eyes. 

“Look Jagi, I bought this bracelet when I was in Chile. It’s green and brown, just like your eyes. Then it’s like your with me always. Oh, okay, you caught me, I bought you a matching one too.” 


Jimin would be similar to Monie in the sense that it wouldn’t affect him either way. He would love his s/o’s eyes, but no more than any other part of them. ChimChim would be very protective I think, and would take any comments about the difference very seriously. I can just see him glaring at people that ever commented on their unusuality. 

“Yah..I know people are just fascinated with how beautiful you are, but do they have to stare so much? Don’t they see me here with you? Aish. 

V (Taehyung) 

Oh, V. V would be adorable about his love’s eyes. V would be completely obsessed with it, first off, openly gazing at their beauty before just shaking his head with wonder. V would do this totally cute thing where he’d cover one of his s/o’s eyes, letting out a little “Woaaawww” before switching eyes and giving one of his full grins. V would have his fingers crossed constantly that any children he had with his partner would inherit the same defect. 

I think our kids will have your eyes. Don’t you think Jagi? I think so. I hope so. Don’t you hope so. too? Waaaa I really hope so.”


Surprisingly, I think Jungkook would actually be pretty interested in the uniqueness of his s/o’s eyes, especially initially. Eventually, his fascination would wear off of course, but it would be something JK consistently admired about his love’s appearance. I could also see Jungkook making a habit of capturing the different ways light played with his love’s eyes. 

I wish I had eyes like yours Jagi. They just make you look so…different. There’s no one in the world who looks like you, I’m sure of it. “

• contact lenses

nonnie requested: Can you do the second before last pulled point in eye color with Barry please???

  • You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. Like if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple and etc. And you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute and would want you to see every color there is and they probably have a huge collection of contact lenses by the time you both meet.

A/N: Here is the first soulmate request that I chose randomly to start with. Now I may not get all your requests done by the weekend but I’ll try my best to get at least 2-3 including this one done before then. Thank you for requesting since I was kind of stuck on what else to write on. And Barry is the one whom shows you all the colors until you meet because let’s be honest, he’s that big of a dork and we love it. Warning of OFC death and will stuff. Requests are open unless stated otherwise by me.

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

  » Relationship(s): OFC & Reader (family; implied), Barry Allen/Reader «

You remember when you were a kid that you saw green with flecks of brown, apparently those were your soulmate colored eyes. It was a nice green and your parents thought it was like your soulmate had summer green that was full of life and bright. But as you grew older, your eye sight suddenly would change color. One day you woke up to see a gorgeous stale blue in your eyesight and remembered that you could alter colors by contacts. You weren’t one for going in the trouble to wear but it seemed your soulmate did. For the next few years, you had seen many colors that ranged from flecks of orange to a dark indigo that changed every few weeks. It seemed so sweet of your soulmate to show you all the colors that the world may have to offer you but there was only so much contacts.

Today was a gray tone with small flecks of a bright blue and it seemed to be fitting to your mood. You had flown in from your state to Central City where your great aunt, Opal died, sure you didn’t know her very well but she seemed to left you something in her will so you decided to stay. Not yet meeting your soulmate made you more upset, you wished you had their shoulder to cry on. You put on your black dress that your mother helped picked out with you and shoes. You weeped while the preacher spoke, you couldn’t help it as you always hated death. It was such a cruel but harsh reality that it happens when you might least expect it.

You had inherited her home and money apparently, it seemed your mother was the only one whom really had contact with your great aunt. And Opal thought it be best for you to have her home since your mother did live in Central City as a girl but in Opal’s will stated that you need the home to raise your family. That made you laugh a little as your father wanted some grandkids and once you meet your soulmate that is. You hoped that they would want kids, you always had dreamed of getting married and having child(ren) of your own. And that you managed to get your things over to your new home and completely new city.

Nevertheless your eyes changed color again to a new color you have never seen before, a shade of F/C as you walked into Jitters until you bumped into someone. “Oh! Sorry!” You says as the burnet, wait did you just see brown hair? This meant you saw colors as the other glanced at you with F/C contacts in his eyes as he stared in shock for a moment. Soon his colors were seen too and smiled at you, “No i-it’s okay. Really uh, hi I’m Barry. Barry Allen.” He offered his hand to yours as you shook it, “Y/N. Y/N L/N. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

You smiled softly at him as he gave a dorky grin back at, he was finally happy to have you in his life. His other half and he laughed softly while you furrowed your eyebrows. “You know Y/N. I have probably the biggest collection of eye contacts.” You nodded, “I’d assumed since I saw so many colors. I just wonder how much exactly.” Barry shook his head, “One too many. Joe shook his head and said it was a waste of time and money. But come on I’ll show you them if you’d want.” You agreed as you went with Barry and was rather surprised by so many in the case while he took of F/C contacts out.

As you looked to see the summer green with brown flecks like your parents had told you about while he looked into your E/C. “I think you have the most beautiful eyes Y/N. .”


EXO Reaction when their girlfriend’s eyes are two different colors

This is the most beautiful thing ever, I’ve seen it once… and I just couldn’t stop staring… Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You catch him staring at you from time to time* “Oh you caught me.. sorry but… you are truly unique… I can’t have enough”


“Wait… let me look into your eyes again… it’s like seeing a galaxy you now? You have two different worlds in your eyes… and yes it’s so breath taking”


*You dare him to not mention about your eyes for a day* “I don’t think I can’t… no… I have to resist… no… I… I loveyoureyestheyaresopretty.. you heard nothing”


“This is the first time… I see someone with different color eyes… I thought it was a myth… it’s really amazing… so beautiful.. oh baobei… you came straight from heaven”


*Your stare always makes him a little nervous* “your eyes are so… strong and beautiful… can’t help it jagi… there’s something about them that make me feel like you can read me completely”


“If I stare too long… I might not want to look away ever again, you know? It’s just that your gaze… it’s so… pure… unique.. inspiring.. everything…”


*Always looks like he’s checking if your eyes haven’t changed* “Sorry jagi… I just feel they are too good to be real.. maybe I’m always dreaming… sometimes I feel like I imagined them and then I look at you and it all makes sense again”


“Let me look closer… closer… more baobei.. get closer…” *Steals you a kiss every time*


*So proud of his girl* “Look Kris… look at her she’s so beautiful… so unique… and not just her eyes… everything” *Madly in love*


“What am I doing? I’m trying to be cupid… so you fall in love with me everyday because… you know because you are too perfect for me…I have to work hard”


*Somehow he’s always surprised when he sees your eyes… just as if it were the first time* “WOAH! Your eyes.. I love them! wait wait… let me stare at them one more time… WOAH!”


*With just one look he becomes all squishy and such a fluff and will do everything you ask because you are his weakness* 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Pregnancies and nail art

*Alexander x reader
*Word count: 1239

Summary: A fluffy fic where the reader is really pregnant and can’t reach her own toes, so Alex paints her toenails for her while he rants to her about his day at work. He’s surprisingly good, he can do these nice little patterns and everything.

A/N: This headcannon is something I saw on instagram earlier today and I immediately felt like I had to write something based on it. It’s not as long as my other fics but I think it turned out kinda cute, but it is unchecked, so you have been warned. (Also this switched from two different povs kinda fast but I was too lazy to change it. Sorry.)

Warnings: extreme fluff, pregnancies, idk maybe a few curse words??

Originally posted by hamiltonmemes

It had been a long day, you were tired, your body ached, your husband was away at work, and you couldn’t even paint your damn toenails.

It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried, of course. You used to paint your toenails all the time before you had gotten pregnant, you loved switching up the colors based on the season, and you loved adding little designs and patterns.

You felt a pout form on your lips as you once again tried to reach down to reach your feet from where you sat on the couch, the brush making it dangerously close to your toes, but not close enough. Letting out a loud whine, you flopped back onto the comfortable couch, huffing as you put the brush back into the bottle of polish.

“Of course, of course, I had to get pregnant. Because of this damn pregnancy, I can’t paint my own toenails! What the hell?” You ranted, muffling your voice with a pillow as you stayed still, still ranting under your breath and not even realizing that your husband had just walked in through the door with a tired look on his features, but still a soft smile on his lips when he saw you.

“Hello to you too, angel.” Alexander mused, his smile turning into a smirk when you removed the pillow from your face, the pout still gracing your lips. He laughed, he loved it when you would pout, he had always thought it was adorable. “What’s wrong?” He asked, making his way towards you and lifting your legs up so he could sit on the couch and massage your feet.

You stayed silent, crossing your arms as you kept your gaze on that bottle of mauvey pink nail polish. Alexander’s gaze followed yours and he laughed when he realized why you were so upset… You couldn’t paint your toenails. Alexander knew of your love for painting your toenails, and he knew how much of a struggle it had been trying to reach your toes, he also knew that you were far too lazy to get out of your sweats and go to the salon to get them done, so you had to deal with bare toes for the past two months.

“Sweety… You know I could paint your nails for you?” He trailed off, frowning a bit when Y/n burst into laughter, shaking her head softly before she let out a sigh and looked up at her husband with amusement in her eyes. “Baby… We both know you can’t paint nails.” Alex furrowed his brows, frowning. “You can’t say that! You’ve never seen me paint toenails before.”

Y/n rolled her eyes before reaching over to hand Alexander the mauve nail polish. “Alright, hotshot. Get to painting.” He grinned and quickly nodded, taking the small bottle from her hands and opening the tube, taking out the brush as Y/n readied herself for a mess, but she didn’t protest, if he wanted to do it then so be it.

“Okay, so, today at work…” Alex trailed off, peeking up at his wife real quick to make sure she was listening, only to look back down at her feet when he gained the nod of approval. “Jefferson and Madison were in Jefferson’s office talking about how jealous they were of me that I had Washington on my side and they didn’t.” He paused, smirking proudly as he painted your first toe.

“And just as I was about to go in there and rub it in their faces, Burr was also in there. Why would he hang out with those stupid motherfu-” Y/n cut him off with a gasp. “Alexander! Your son can hear you.” Alex rolled his eyes and laughed, before continuing with his story. “Anyways, he started talking and saying how nice it’d be to have Washington on their side.”

He shook his head, but continued painting your nails. “I didn’t want to go in there anymore.” He mumbled, pouting a bit which made Y/n giggle and shake her head.

Alex continued blabbering on and on about his day, how Washington wanted to promote him, how Laurens and Mulligan almost got themselves fired, and more Y/n couldn’t even remember at the moment. It had been silent when Y/n tried to peer over her large belly to see how much of a mess Alexander had made, yet she didn’t recall ever feeling polish on her skin.

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed, jumping up and gently moving Y/n’s feet off of his lap to stand up. “Where do you keep all of your nail stuff?” Y/n furrowed her brows. “Uh… the first cabinet under my sink. Why?” He shook his head, smiling. “No reason.” He muttered, racing down the hall to get to their master bathroom.

He didn’t return for a few moments, which almost made Y/n want to go up and see what mess he had gotten himself into, and right when she was about to force herself up, Alexander came rushing back into the room with her nail art pens and some white nail polish. “Alright, don’t look.” He warned, setting her feet on his lap again as he went back to work, dipping one of the pencil’s into the white polish.

After what felt like forever, Y/n began to whine. “Aleexxx,” she groaned. “Our son is hungry.” Alex sighed, shaking his head. “You’re lucky I love you and our son.” He teased, winking playfully as he went to get up and grab a small snack for Y/n.

He then came back with a granola bar and some pickles along with an apple juice box. “Thank you, baby.” Y/n smiled, sipping from the juice box as Alexander went back to work.

Eventually, Alex was finally finished. “There!” He smiled, reaching to grab his phone and pull up his camera to show Y/n the finished product. Y/n gasped, looking up at Alexander with wide eyes. “Oh my…” She trailed off, smiling a bit. “You’re actually really good.” She said, looking back down at the picture.

“Ya know, if I weren’t so good at politics, I’d quit and go start a nail salon.”

“Uh… Alex?”

“I’d call it Alexander’s Nail Salon!”


“All of our friends would get discounts, including you, and we’d be very successful-”


That finally cut him off, “what?” You shook your head and looked down at the puddle forming around your feet. “I think my water broke.” Alex looked down, his eyes widening at the sight.

“Oh shit…”

Don't Tell Phil!

Summary: Dan comes home drunk and Phil is less than thrilled. 

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1552

A/N: This is just a short fic I wrote based very loosely on something that happened with my sister and her boyfriend and I thought it was v cute so I wrote a fic about it. Enjoy! xx

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Music Series: Watermark by Sleeping At Last

A sweet song/story about Harry having a special moment with his infant son. The song is “Watermark” by Sleeping At Last. Here is the link to the song on my Spotify playlist called ‘Rainy Saturday Morning’: https://open.spotify.com/track/4bZVdWqw05jmiCQqeIzD81

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block or something with these stories, finding the right songs and listening in my head for a story to come, so I hope you like it.




You were carved out of the sea, watermarked by your ancestry

In a tug of war between the tide and me

What felt like loss was a victory

Cause you were swept ashore like bottles holding prayers

“Hello, my sweet angel,” Harry said softly as he picks up his baby boy from his crib. “Can’t sleep?”

Harry heard his son stirring over the baby monitor, looking at you and seeing you were finally getting a good night’s rest, then getting out of bed in an effort to keep the child from waking you. To say he was proud to be a father was an incredible understatement.

Harry carried his son into the living room and sat on the sofa, propping his feet up on the edge of the coffee table, and laying his son against his legs to face him.

“How is Daddy’s little man? Hm? Don’t ya know it’s three in the morning?” he asked his son, who was looking at him with wide eyes, chewing on his fingers while drool leaked around them. The boy cooed loudly and Harry smiled. “Let’s not wake your mumma, alright? She works hard taking care of us, doesn’t she? Deserves a good night’s sleep.” His baby smiles at him, making Harry giggle. “You look a lot like your mummy, you know. Like your ol’ dad, too, but glad you got your mum’s looks too, because I find her quite beautiful.” Harry kisses the bottoms of his son’s feet. “Got your mummy’s soft skin, that’s for sure. And you always smell so good, just like her.”

You were carved out of the earth

Safe and sound in your second birth

Gravity has tied your ankle to the shore

As a lighthouse tamed the endless ocean war

Your little boy grabs his daddy’s fingers and grips tightly. “You’re so strong!” Harry cheers. “Gonna be…what? A boxer someday? MMA fighter? Personal trainer?” He looks at his son thoughtfully. “You be whatever the fuck you want to be, son,” Harry says, quickly realizing his slip. “Oops! Don’t be telling your mum I said fuck in front of you now, alright? Fuck, I did it again.” Harry shook his head, staring in awe at his child. “Maybe you’ll be just like your dad someday, yeah? Not so bad, is it? Think I’m doing alright. Have the two most important things in the world, your mumma and you. I’d say that’s doing alright.”

He sees his son yawn a big yawn and it makes Harry yawn. “Now, cut that out, little one. That’s contagious.” Your child begins fussing a bit, getting sleepy again, and Harry lifts him to his face and kisses him sweetly, placing kisses on his little cheeks, then laying him chest against chest to try to get him back to sleep again.

“Are you getting sleepy again, little bug?” Harry asks as if the child could answer with words. “Let Daddy get you back to sleep again. You’re laying on m’ butterfly.” Harry thinks for a minute then smiles. “Almost like butterflies in your stomach, innit?” He laughs quietly at his joke, patting his baby gently on his back and kissing the top of his head.

Against the calming light our silhouettes are changing shape

The stories you’ve been told have made you brave

“You don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t be in life, son,” Harry says. “You be whatever you want to be.” Harry thought for a second before adding, “You could be a baker!” He laughs again, thinking he is finding himself a bit too funny and must need more sleep. “If that’s what you want to be.”

Harry sings quietly to his child, patting his diapered bottom in rhythm, coaxing him to try and sleep once again. He looks at him, every aspect of him. His tiny little fingers and toes…healthy cheeks, slightly pink and chunky…bright pink lips and green eyes like his daddy, with his mums hair color and nose. Harry is so proud of what he co-created with you.

“Lots of things in this world that are scary,” Harry tells his son. “I’m sorry you’ll have to deal with that someday. If I could change it for you, and all the brothers and sisters your mumma and I will give you someday,” he says with a smirk, “I promise I would. But your mum and I will do everything we can to keep you safe, and healthy, and happy. Nothing to be afraid of as long as we’re around, alright? Your mummy and I love you very much, and I love you and your mummy very much and will always protect you the best I can. She’s a brave one, too. 27 hours in labor with you after carrying you all those months, and she was happy to do it all, because she loves you, and she loves me.”

After several minutes of humming to him, not because the child wasn’t asleep, but because Harry is enjoying the moment too much to let it go, he finally decides he should put the sleeping boy back in his crib and try to sneak in a few more hours himself before morning would undoubtedly hit. He stands, carefully so as not to wake his baby boy, and walks to the nursery, laying the baby carefully down in his crib and patting him lightly for a moment to keep him asleep. He walks to the door, looking back at his child, grinning, and closing the door.

As he steps back into the bedroom, Harry looks at you lying in the bed and smiles. He lays back down beside you, gently pulling you closely to him, and kissing your shoulder lightly. He is so happy to have you, and your child, in his life. He buries his face in your neck, kissing you lightly, before drifting back to sleep.

Such inheritance was formed within the sand

Like the shells you gather in the safety of your hands

Dive in with your eyes closed

For the life you were born to claim

And the water will be paralyzed

By the courage you contain

And the flutter of your earnest heart

It will fill the silent seas

And all will be restored in your memory

80 Prompts for Stuck Writers

(Please credit me if you use one:)

1. “You keep coming back from work late so I anonymously water your flowers for you but don’t have the courage to actually talk to you.”

2. “I swear I came here to photograph the scenery, it’s just that you’re way more beautiful.”

3. “It’s opposite day and if I lose I have to do my friend’s laundry so I’m sorry I keep insulting you.”

4. “I may or may not be secretly leaving teddy bears outside your house so I can see your delighted face in the mornings.”

5. “You think I’m a bad boy but I only punch people who try to hurt you.”

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Escape || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,008

Summary - The one with the tree house hideaway.

You felt like everyone needed a place to escape to sometimes. When you were feeling overwhelmed or too sad to function, you needed a place to run to. Sure, your boyfriend Joe was great at comforting you when you needed it, but sometimes you just wanted to be alone. You spent most of your days at his flat, even if though you lived apart from each other. You just enjoyed spending as much time with him as you could. Despite that, there were still times where you didn’t want anyone around you. You just needed space to think.

Joe always knew when you needed to be alone, but he worried about you. You would get this far off look in your eyes and you would stand up, grab your car keys, and mumble something about going out. Then, you’d be gone. You’d come back an hour or so later and you’d be okay again. He couldn’t help but wonder where you were going that made brought you back down to earth.

You were currently studying at University and it was getting hectic. There always seemed to be papers and assignments to do and you felt like you were drowning in homework. One day, everything just got too much to handle, so you left the house. You grabbed the keys, told Joe that you would be back soon, and left.

The drive only took a few minutes and you knew it by heart by now. Joe’s flat was only twenty minutes from your childhood home. Near that was a wooded area you always went to as a kid. You went there so much that your dad built a tree house there for you to play in. You spent so many summer nights there, laying out and staring at the stars until your dad came to bring you back home.

This was your escape.

The tree house still stood strong, mostly because you went there year after year to make sure it was still in mint condition. Once you parked your car in the nearest open lot, you walked over to the woods, following the path you knew all too well to the tree house. You climbed the flimsy rope ladder to the top where a pile of old pillows and blankets still remained. You laid on your back, staring up at the sky where the sun was just beginning to set.

Suddenly, you heard someone approaching the tree house. Naturally, you were afraid. No one ever went in those woods. Was it one of those killer clowns everyone was talking about? Hesitantly, you looked down to see that it was just Joe. He locked eyes with you from the ground, asking silently for permission to climb up. You just smiled and laid back down on your back. He took that as his invitation upward.

So,” he said, a small smile on his face as he laid down beside you, “this is where you’ve been running off to?” You smiled, turning your head to face him.

“Yeah,” you said, your voice small. “My dad built it when I was little. It’s always been my escape.”

You and Joe were both silent as you laid there, staring up at the sky, watching it change colors. “You’re okay, right?” he finally asked, breaking the silence between the two of you. You turned your head again, this time furrowing your eyebrows at him.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I just worry about you sometimes,” he sighed, turning his head to look at you as well. “I know you’ve been stressed lately. You’ve been coming here more often than you used to. I know I’ve been really busy lately and I just want to make sure you’re alright. I’m sorry if I haven’t been there as much as you need me to be.” You smiled and turned on your side, laying a hand on Joe’s stomach.

“I’m alright,” you said, your voice gentle. “School is just really hard, but you can’t help that.”

“But I can help you when you’re stressed,” he said. “I can run you baths and give you massages and cuddle until the sun comes up.” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“And I would love all of those things,” you assured him, “but I know that you’re busy. I’m a big girl. I can handle it.”

“I just don’t like that you have to run here instead of running to me,” he admitted, his voice sounding small.

“Hey,” you cooed, your fingers now stroking his cheek. “Sometimes I just have to escape reality for a minute. Being here,” you smiled, looked back up at the sky and breathed in the familiar childhood scent of the woods around you, “being here, I’m not in University anymore. I’m a seven year old girl staring up at the sky, praying her dad will leave her there just another hour longer. Sometimes it’s nice to escape like that. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It means that, well, sometimes I like to be seven again. Does that make sense?” Joe was quiet, so you turned to look at him to see why he wasn’t saying anything. He was staring at you, his smile soft.

“I love you so much.”

At that, you swore your heart stopped. That was the first time Joe had said that to you. Neither of you had ever said that you loved each other, even though you felt it deeply in your heart. Joe’s expression didn’t falter. He was still staring at you with those crystal blue eyes of his that you absolutely loved. “I love you too,” you whispered to him, your cheeks turning a little pink. If it was even possible, Joe’s smile grew a little wider. He rolled over onto his side and pressed a long kiss to your lips.

“I’m here for you whenever you need me,” he reminded you, pulling you to lay on his chest. “And if you need to escape here, just know that I’ll always be there when you come back.”