i changed something and reuploaded it~

“You’ve been right everytime something like this has happened, okay? So don’t start doubting yourself now
…and look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now
and search all night just to prove it…”

Trapping's dropbox files reuploaded

You may or may not be aware that dropbox just changed their links so that all of the old links hosted there no longer work and they need to be reshared with new link to be able to download them. Trapping had quite few files on dropbox only so when the news about dropbox downgrade went out the first time I sat down and just made a complete backup of all Trapping’s files since she hasn’t been active for few years and likely won’t be there to update all those links. I’ve only reuploaded* the files that were on dropbox, the rest are still available in Trapping’s own links so if something isn’t in the folder above then it was likely uploaded to box or mediafire and I didn’t reupload it. I ended up doing the uploads by post names since finding what you’re looking for is likely easiest like that rather than doing them by categories.

(*well reuploading at the time of typing since they’re not all there yet)


Urban Outfitters Rugs by SaudadeSims Updated 12/15/16

I love these rugs and I needed them in my game, especially since I had a few of these in my Sims 3 game and missed them.

These are all rugs from Urban Outfitters. There are 12 rugs in this file and it’s based off the “Nature Silhouette” base game rug so it’s 3x2*

These are stand alone recolors, not overrides, thanks to Sims4Studio’s Alice.

When I went to redo these to be usable with the swatch tool and to change the bump map I noticed more great rugs at the Urban Outfitters site. So now there are 36 instead of 12.

Also, I made them in 2x3 as well as 3x4 :) Make sure to download both sets if you want both sizes!

Please click keep reading to download, it makes it easier if I mess something up which I almost invariably do :)

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Above is only tiny sample of what’s included, sadly I can’t fit pictures of everything but I added picture to each folder that lacked one and they all should have at least swatch if nothing else. Most folders should be named as Maron named them, I may have changed some file names, not 100% sure of that though since the file names are all over the place to begin with. ^^;

Download: Maron’s files - 55 sets of makeup files + 1 clutter set (it’s the UPDATED-MARON’S LITTLE GIFT -file)

As usual if Maron returns and reuploads their files I’ll take these down but until then, happy downloading. Also as usual if someone has something I don’t have included here feel free to send them over and I’ll host them here! I’m pretty much missing all their objects and at least one eye set and possibly more.

Changkyun (I.M) Rap Compilation
Changkyun (I.M) Rap Compilation

Changkyun Rap Compilation

a rap compilation of memesta x’s maknae

requested by @wackiejackie21 - i hope you like it and sorry it took awhile!

  1. All In
  2. Rush
  3. Hero
  4. Broken Heart
  5. Interstellar
  6. That’s Cheating
  7. 0 (YOUNG)
  8. Trespass

due to copyright issues I had to edit and reupload this compilation!! I had to change the beginning a bit so tumblr wouldn’t recognize the song but other than that it is exactly the same as it was before. if the compilation won’t play anything then please message me or something and i’ll try to fix it

compilations: rap monster, hwasa, dean, suga, taehyung, j-hope (rap), j-hope (sing), compilation tag (for the ones that aren’t mentioned on the list)

request for compilations/artists/playlists/songs here

my inbox is empty now so feel free to request even if you aren’t following!

anonymous asked:

questions about steam machine and its comic: are you going to finish reuploading it on deviantart? are you gonna reboot it? do you still plan on releasing the alternate ending? why is seth the only character in the charaub without an updated design? (even if it's like slim's and doesnt change other than the style)

1: probably not, I don’t like the comic at all, and i dont even use devaintART 

2: I may reboot it in the future, if not I’ll give the story and some of the characters away in some sort of free raffle or something- i really hate this story

3: probably in document/writing, not in anyway shape or form of drawings, maybe loose sketches

4: because i hate seth a lot, and I fucking hate drawing him a lot, i basically gave him to Jake, because he likes Seth bc of his cotton candy hair- if he wants to update the design he can, but if he doesn’t then it’s gonna stay that way

             The devil inside I see your eyes changing,
                            Blue to red
                 There is nowhere to hide,
                     inside I feel the same.
                   This kiss is poisonous
                     it enters your soul,
               there is nowhere to hide
inside I feel us combine.

 Original art by Yana Toboso(or her team);
    Edit by me - Please do not reupload/repost

/!\ old drawing
You may have seen it already but as you noticed I deleted most of my drawing because I wasn’t satisfied anymore. Anyway, I made a few changes (not much because it was nice enough I think).

I don’t clearly remember why I did this but I’m pretty it was part of some kind of joke “what if somehow Sofia the First happened in a modern world” or something, kinda remind me of Rumple so it might be inspired by Once Upon a Time but I’m not quite sur.
Whatever, here’s a modern Cedric or how I think he would look like in a modern world.

I don’t know if I’m gonna reupload my other Cedric or if I’m gonna redraw them completly because there’s a lot of things I hate about them.

By the way if you have some of my old drawings (or this old version) I would like you to delete them, as I no longer like them and I’m gonna replace them anyway. So if you already reblog this old one (thanks by the way) please delete it and put this one instead ;) thanks a lot.

No repost please and no ship tag since I do not support any of your shipping war shenanigans <3


Hi everyone,

This is obviously not a proper post but I felt like I should do it now.

In light of the recent anons I’ve been getting about making Yoongi’s nicknames for texts “Diabetes” (which was purely out of innocence and not done to make anyone feel offended) I will be changing his nicknames in texts from now on.

This wouldn’t be something I would normally address because it’s just a nickname change but people have been offended so I’m just making an announcement so those anons know about the change.

I will remove the tag when I am able to from my laptop as I’m doing everything from my phone currently, but I cannot change the actual texts I made without reuploading.

I have apologised before and I have no problem doing it again, I’m sorry that you were offended and as you can see I will be making it right when I am able.

In the meantime I hope any other anons take the time to read this first before sending me messages telling me I’m rude and disrespectful. I had planned on making the changes before and just haven’t had the time, but I will as soon as I can.

To everyone supporting my newest posts, thank you, I love you💖

[TRANS/ALBUM] EXO Vol. 3 EX’ACT: Monster Ver. - Chen Interview Cut

Note: This interview is translated from the Chinese Ver. as both versions contain the same interview! However, we apologize for any possible inaccuracies in the case that anything was lost in the KOR-CHI translation.

Appendix F
Interview EX’ACT #6

- Chen -
Keywords: today, belief, chance

What is one of your oldest memories?
Back in kindergarten, there was a girl I liked in my class. I was too embarrassed to confess, so I teased her instead.

When did you begin to feel like you matured into an adult?
An adult? Uh, I’m not sure I’ve really considered this before. Out of the actions I’ve done, thoughts I’ve had, or the words I’ve said, I’ve never really thought of them as being those of an adult.

Have you had any truly eye-opening experiences? When was that?
Perhaps when I debuted after joining the company. At the very start, I was very narrow-minded, having just started working with music. I thought the world of music was only about singing, so in my mind, everything about it was very limited. But after joining the company, debuting, and messing around here for some time, I’ve seen a lot of things, been exposed to many different genres of music, and worked with people who have differing opinions from me.

When do you think you’re most yourself, most natural?
Truthfully, I really think that when I’m singing (smile) or being with family members, I am most like myself. After debuting, I’ve tried a lot of different activities, but I think that I’m most natural when I’m singing on stage. And also when I am with family. When I’m with family, I am Kim Jongdae, but when I’m onstage, I try my best to become the singer CHEN.

If you had a twin or a second self, what kind of person would you want him to be?
I hope that he would be an exemplary person, a person who follows rules. I really like living a carefree lifestyle but hope that my second self could be someone who lives by the rules (t/n: structured lifestyle). I think that would be pretty interesting. I also want him to be a simple (t/n: honest) person. Because I’m not the type to follow rules, if I meet him, maybe it would make him live more like me. I think I would become a bad influence by telling him, “You shouldn’t live this way”.

Do you consider yourself a consistent person?
I am consistent with my faith and my promises to myself, but I think every person should live in the environment around them, and improvise and change as needed. A belief that is unchanging for me is “Don’t regret my own decisions”, so if there are any situations in which I need to make choices, I am especially cautious.

Do you think people change mostly due to internal or external factors?
I think internal factors have a bigger influence on a person. Changes due to the environment are, of course, very obvious. There are good changes and bad changes. But to people, no matter if it is a good or bad change, external factors and motives are more important than internal ones. For example, if the attitudes that the people around me have towards me change, I might follow this and change myself. If you put someone in a certain position, they would change to fit that position right? But there are also unchanging faiths that I always keep.

Has there ever been a day when you suddenly felt distant with people that you knew?
When I had a little bit of fame after debuting. Friends that I had known for 10 years suddenly treated me as EXO’s CHEN, not their friend Kim Jongdae. People that I had known for so long suddenly changing their perspectives made me feel very foreign. The things that I say and my actions when I am with these people are not as natural as before. Now, I’m more careful.

Do you feel pressured by the expectations of other people? How do you relieve these pressures?
You can say that there is pressure. On the topic of other people’s expectations, the first thing I thought of was the expectations of our fans. We always want to try something new, to show them more sides of us than before. Preparing albums, recording tracks, practicing our dances, either way, we’re professional singers, we should have these pressures every step of the way and not be too comfortable. To us, it’s not really pressure. Being able to sing better songs for everyone in the future is just homework for making people happy (t/n: it’s what we should do to make our fans happy). I know that I have faults as well, so I should overcome these pressures.

What are you most afraid of?
I’m not scared of anything. Rather than worrying, trying to prepare (t/n: for the unknown), and being scared, I live each day to the fullest. This way, I can make a better future for myself.

Do you believe in chance or fate?
I believe in chance and don’t really understand the word “inevitable”. “This is your fate” would be an example of “inevitable” right? I don’t believe in this. Everything that happens is from chance, from a split second. These moments bring me opportunities, and if I don’t miss them, that would be by chance. If I miss them, then so be it. The person I am now is also a result of chance, really.

Do you like clarity or uncertainty?
I like clarity. There are a lot of variables in uncertainty. Having a lot of variables that need to be planned for, depending on the circumstances, isn’t too bad, but I like clarity more.

When does silence (t/n: seriousness, deepness) have the biggest impact?
When it’s more needed than words, like during a heart-to-heart conversation. It’s important to first seriously listen to the other person’s words. If the other person feels wronged, or there’s a difference between us, you can voice your own thoughts. However, while the other person is talking, you should quietly and seriously listen.

If there could be one thing in the world that would never change, what do you want it to be?
Um, I want a healthy body, almost like eternal life. I think it’s because I’m not the type to pay special attention to my health, so it makes me want it even more. Of course, I know that there’s no such thing as forever in this world. There isn’t a moment when change isn’t happening or when things are getting older, but I wish to always have a healthy body. I don’t like the idea of never getting old. It’s weird if everyone around you is aging except you, which is something we see a lot in the movies. Living like this would be so lonely. What I said is a little contradictory, right? Not wanting to be unaging, but always wanting to be healthy.

Out of all intangible things, what is the most valuable?
Trust. The trust between people.

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source: x
translator: melody
please DO NOT reupload or take out our translations without full credit!

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Today's page showed a panel from a comic that came out just 2 days ago, how far in advance do you make these pages? Or did you change the joke once you read Secret Emire 1?

Roughly every page is edited at least one month before it’s posted. There’re some exceptions, like the entire battle with the celestials went through several rewrites (battle scenes are a real chore to make fun of, if I can I try to cut them down as much as possible). Of course, if something inspires me, I change the pages right before posting them. So yes, in the original page, Ulysses was just there sleeping, no joke, but I changed it up once SE #1 came out.

Anon 2:  Hey, can you reupload Everything is Iluminated and then Time Runs Out? I can’t find it anywhere and the zippy folder is empty.

I’m sorry, I haven’t checked the download folders in a while. I’m reuploading Time Runs Out as we speak. If no major fuck up happens, check again tomorrow, it should all be there.

Watch on ju-da-su.tumblr.com

Bokura no Egaku Mirai - re:Kiramune All Stars


Just reuploading since it got deleted a little while back…

As for KiraFes ones…will do that later. Not sure if I have to wait a little while before I can reupload or something (I’ll probably just fix something up too though, since tbh, I’m the type who usually end up going back and start bashing my own translation like hell too, since yeah, they’re not perfect, and it normally only take me 30 minutes to start feeling “I seriously want to change this part”…-_-”)

On the miraculous ladybug fanvideo takedown notices

I’m kinda taken off guard by the whole thing.

A disclaimer: what you are about to read below is not a very professional response. If I were a responsible big name blog I’d tell you guys to respect the valid and legally-in-the-right wishes of the company, but hey, that kind of mature adult talk is what mlsubbing and other official channels are for. I’m just some college student with a blog, who grew up in the era of persistently uploading amvs as quickly as youtube could take them down, so here’s what I actually think:

I guess it’s not actually all that surprising, considering how many companies are involved in the making of this show, and therefore the army of lawyers trailing behind. On the other hand it’s actually really surprising: as recently as last month zagtoon was taking such a thorough “blind eye” policy to fanworks that Thomas Astruc was contributing to a ML fanzine being sold to raise money for charity.

Not to mention that in the years I’ve been in the amv community, I’ve pretty much never seen a show’s fanvideos ordered taken down as thoroughly as these seem to be. Full episodes or long clips, sure, but it was basically always music copyright holders making the demands for the takedown of an AMV. From what I understand these takedown notices have been going to everyone from ML music videos to dubbed fan comics. That last part is the one still rocking my boat a little; technically youtube is earning ad revenue from videos that contain copyrighted characters, yes, but I’ve never seen anything like the takedown notices for that kind of video. If anyone else has been in a fandom where fanart/dubbed comics got a cease and desist, or just wants to talk about it, send me a message at @televisiontelepath, I’m super curious if something equivalent has happened before.

Imo it’s also just a dumb move, since youtube is a huge part of how fandoms are built. That is the arena where shows build fanbases; it’s the discovery location for the kind of people with enough money to buy serious amounts of merch, have a big enough audience that they can introduce a ton of other people to the property, and not to mention make it big enough that it trickles down to reach the target audience.

I would love it if people wanted to throw in their two cents on what may’ve led to the change in stance. Again, send me an ask or message at @televisiontelepath, clearly this is something I wanna talk out, because right now my brain is just a big ball of ?????

…So I mentioned up at the top that I grew up in the era of people aggressively uploading and reuploading AMVs as quickly as they could be taken down, and I maybe still identify with that mindset. I’ve got a whole internal rant on the free exchange of ideas and art, not to mention the purely capitalistic fact that youtube is where I first heard every single song I’ve ever bought (and also where I discovered most shows I fell in love with), but more importantly:

Who’d be down for it if I created a fanvideo aggregation tumblr? Everyone starts to upload their ladybug fan videos to tumblr’s video player, I make a blog to archive them and make them more easily visible, everybody wins! a fanblog born out of spite is as good as any other

-Mod tT

Quick reminder of my TOU

With all the drama going around about Sims and TOUs I just want to update with a quick reminder of my TOU.

Don’t put my stuff behind paywalls of any sort.

OTHERWISE IT’S YOURS. Seriously. Anything I make any time is yours to do with as you please. Edit, use as a base, reupload, make better, line snake cages, eat, whatever.

I LOVE seeing my sims in other people’s games, if you change them so what? Of course you can and should! I make sims in my own style. If you want to edit them to better fit yours that’s your choice!

I understand that people put work into CC so stricter TOUs on other content isn’t something I’m against. I personally won’t do it but I’m not against it. For sims however I believe it’s just plain stupid and arrogant to try and put a TOU on them.

Maybe we should create some sort of “TOU-less sims directory”…that would be fun. A place where people could download sims to their hearts content and use them in whatever way they choose. <3

Honestly…when I download sims I don’t always follow TOU. I never share them, that is something that I just won’t do…but once they get in my game they almost always get a makeover.