i changed shirt for this


i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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he smile

anonymous asked:

Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"



Hey, @terror-in-the-dream! You asked for either Gil and Tom or Alex and John, and I thought, why not give you all four? So, have these low-key shippy drawings of all of my problematic - except for Gil, he’s a pure cinnamon roll - faves, ft. me smooching my freckled child. I hope they have a place on your fridge.

((Credit to @soupery for the pose!))