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some unlucky kiddos :’)


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

in honour of mermay, (and also highkey inspired by @pussycat-scribblesbeautiful seijou mermaids au) i present koi fish mermaid! hinata


  • hinata sees visiting mermaid prince kageyama and challenges him to a race and loses
  • kagehina mermaid stuff commences
  • everything is right in the world

Get to know me: [1/10] Pairings

“William Darcy, I don’t want to be just friends and I don’t want to be with you cause I’m grateful. I want to be with you cause of you. Got it?”


“Darling, you really shouldn’t leave your mouth open like that, it’s not attractive.”

  • Tony, about Peter: He was a really good laser tag partner, too. He’s tiny so he’s allowed to push kids.