i changed my theme so here you go

Hello I am here changing my mind ONCE AGAIN! 

I realized I’ve been putting off my Voltron food zine and I’m just sick of my depression making it hard to get motivation to do something like that. 

I want to make a personal zine so badly but I can’t seem to keep the motivation to only do a specific theme for it 

SO I finally realized what I really wanted to do!: 

would you guys be interested in an art book just full of my voltron art? 
my plan is to go back, touch up, and color a lot of old sketches that I like plus make a few new pieces all exclusive to the art book. Just a big art book full of my Voltron babies, AUs, and pastel pieces! (this includes a page or two of Dandelion stuff) 

I’ll still make a special charm and prints to go with it, but I’ve realized this is what I really want to do. Id probably have it available by November 

It’s a Date

Anon asked: could you do a haechan we got married scenario pls :) similar to the Mark one but you can change the theme if you want

yO I LOVE. MY KIDDO. so much that this turned out longer than i anticipated but whaTever. i also still know next to nothing about wgm so. here you go i hope you enjoy.^^

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anonymous asked:

man, i don't even know what to do with kenny omega man; first he and kota slaughter us with their undying love. now, he riling the shit out of okada and making mr. stoic mcsparkles FEEL things like anger, disgust, irritation and maybe, just MAYBE some grudging admiration and respect. all while kenny just sort of flirts with him in his weirdo passive-aggressive way he did with kota. he's moving on in the most masochistic way possible, i think, although that title's a nice bonus as well.

okay this turned out more about kota/kenny because I hadn’t thought about Kota at all in the context of Kenny/Okada stuff till this came into my inbox, and then the information about Kota being in the G1 came out today and just. it got away from me.

In a wonderful post that you should all check out @mithen said “Kenny alternately taunts and pleads with [Kota] through social media” and I think that’s a great way to describe it.

A theme that arose in Kenny’s Kota-related interviews in 2016 was that Kota probably isn’t even on his level anymore.

“There are precious few people that can change the face of wrestling. It may even just be the two of us. So I’m going to stay here in New Japan, doing my best and waiting for him. (At the G1 finals) I finally surpassed him. I was chasing Ibushi for eight years and finally outgrew him. I hope that’s inspiration for him, right?” - Kenny Omega, Aug 28 2016 (as translated by Chris Charlton (which kenny retweeted))

He’s spent eight years chasing Kota. He wants Kota to come to him this time. He’s been waiting for him in NJPW. He’s been giving him “inspiration.”

Kota defeated Kenny the only two times they’ve ever been in singles competition against each other. Kota has also had matches against Okada at least twice that I know of (not counting Tiger Mask W, who is, of course, an entirely different person) and lost both times. Beating Okada certainly would put Kenny on a whole other level. Especially beating him clean which is something Kenny has been very focused on.

Kenny doesn’t just want to win. He’s made that clear. He wants to beat Okada. Because he’s not just after the belt and the power that comes with it. He’s after the knowledge that he’s better. Better than Okada. Better than Kota Ibushi.

if you look at it like that, one might almost say that he’s been baiting Kota in his current run for the title. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m doing things you never could. Come home and prove me wrong.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” 🍂.


If you’re not new to this blog, you know what’s going to happen.
But if you are:

This month is kind of a big deal here because it’s my favorite, so here’s a few things you should know.

  • The background, icon, and header have changed for the occasion.
  • “October imagines” are and have been a thing here since 2015. This means that apart from the regular imagines, Halloween themed imagines will be posted once or twice a week (This applies to Unfaithful Friday content too).
  • My goal is to write 4 horror stories (One for each actor) and post them on the 31st. Now, i pulled it off in the previous years and i hope i can do it again but since i’m working on “Heirs” it might be a bit hard but I’ll try no matter what.

That is pretty much it, my friends. Feel free to submit stuff but i would suggest checking the old October imagines first so that we don’t repeat ourselves.

Now, let’s get spooky. 👻



( week 34 : 08/27 - 09/02 )

theme: vulgar pink

hell yeah! what a fun, LOUD spread to make! i accidentally cut my thumb using kid scissors while trying to make this week’s spread, so of course it’s going to look messier than normal, but that’s the charm about it. first week of classes went… well, crazy! i had to change my schedule AGAIN, but it’s finally all settled out. i’m not censoring anything you see here because each spread i make is a reflection of me, & like the quote that’s in the center, i’m not made to be subtle! i was inspired by @studyingsenseless to try out the assignments due box!

♫ ♫ -  COPYCAT: billie eilish


alrighty it’s announcement time

I’m moving to another blog. short and sweet, reasons are as follows:

1. I’ve become too lazy to organize anything on here, which ticks me off a little since I don’t like messes! I always say I’ll do this or that, but I end up not doing it at all. I want the new blog to be more friendly, since I was hesitant to do a lot of things here.
2. before, I made myself believe it was a duty to continue posting no matter how shit the content was, and I was tired out from that. I want to get away from the stupidity I had while I was running this blog before.
3. don’t get me wrong – Komaeda is great – but him all the time is so stressful. I don’t want everyone to forget that there’s other wonderful characters in the dangan ronpa universe. also, I want to make some funnies for my other favorites in the series…
4. moving away from blogcentric points… lately my emotional state has gone to the gutter. it’s been hard to do everything and I can barely work on irl things without getting stressed, all personal problems. remaking this blog might be refreshing, and I think it might help a bit.

I’ll be using the same name, so later on the name of this one’s going to change. if you want to continue to follow my antics, please read the first post of the new blog here. and different from this blog – I actually have a theme! things are still under construction there… but more on that in the first post.

that’s it, my dudes. if anyone has questions or whatever then you can message me… preferably on the new blog, though! say bye bye to this hell blog, and hello to the new one.



some of you noticed i changed my blog theme last week lol wow you guys are observant *___* i wasn’t gonna make a post about it until i finished my brand spankin new sexy character page AND I FINALLY DID (i literally stayed up until 3 am doing it lmfao bye) SO here you go, check it out! you guys can finally keep track of my secondary characters lmao

also i included my new mobile theme just to let you guys know i added mobile links wo0oo0o!! now u have no excuse not to read my faq 💕


OKAY SO- I realize that I really didn’t like the colors of the main quartet ( one of the characters hasn’t been introduced yet but y'know what I’m talking about. the main peeps)

I was hesitant to change the colors because I had already made a lot of pages with the colors I already had…

Then I realized that they are my characters and I can do what I want with them. SO!

These are the old Colours. Very contrasted, bright, eye bleeding, and just overall hard to look at sometimes. Plus these four characters really stand out a lot compared to the rest of the characters in Bittersweet which was something I didn’t like.

Here’s the new colours.

As you can see these colors are much more pastel and fit in with the theme that I am going for in this comic. Most of the characters in this comic are pastel and easy on the eyes, so I’m happy that these four fit in with that now.

I really love the changes in the colors and I hope you do too!

-Mo ♡

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movie night with doyoung

• hey i just started this tumblr a while ago and finally decided to be brave and post something
• but i’m such a grandma i can’t even change my profile pic on the tumblr app
• and i don’t even have a theme on my tumblr
• and maybe there’s an ugly ass random theme installed here but i got excited to start my first tumblr ever so WHY NOT
• later i’ll make some changes
• and since this is my first post here pls take it easy on me i’m not used to write scenarios ok? ok let’s go

• you were best friends with doyoung for some time and you find him so precious u just loved him
• just as friends tho
• he’d protect you from everything and you loved that
• but you know,,, ppl say when there’s two close friends it’s not possible that one of them never had a crush on the other one,,…
• and little did you know doyoung had a crush on you (!!!!)
• winwin already told u he was into you but you didn’t believe it
• you thought he deserved much better than you
• while he thought you were perfect
• anyways
• you and your friends decided to watch a movie together at johnny’s to celebrate the end of exams week
• it was a thing you used to do frequently bc
• why not
• ten decided y'all should watch suicide squad bc it’s too good
• but you’d already seen it twice
• so did doyoung
• not twice, but four times bc you both were marvel and dc trash
• and you loved to fangirl about it with him
• but you guys went there anyway
• when the movie started everyone was already covered up in popcorn
• specially haechan, that decided to throw some at mark’s hair
• he failed several times
• but also made some stick in his hair
• “ugh~ it’s good tho but i don’t want to watch it again” doyoung said sitting beside u
• “ikr i’m here just for the popcorn”
• doyoung giggles at you and you just DIE bc u just noticed how cute his lil giggle was
• after the movie starts, you slowly get bored while all the other guys were screaming at the tv
• and then slowly you feel doyoung’s head on your shoulder
• you got shOOK bc he smelled sO GOOD
• then you start getting lost in his scent and you didn’t notice you started kinda shaking your leg
• it was a thing you were used to do to get rid of getting nervous
• but you didn’t notice you were doing that
• it was like breathing: you do that all the time but you don’t notice
• he got back and said “i’m so sorry i was kinda tired then i thought i was disturbing you and-”
• “it’s….. okay…. it’s ok” you say trying not to freak out bc he was leANING AGAIN omG
• after a while eating popcorn your hands touched
• very cliché I KNOW
• for some reason you couldn’t move yours
• not even a bit
• so he started drawing patterns on the top of your right hand like circles
• and sometimes some hearts
• you were blushing sO HARD you couldn’t move at all
• and you didn’t understand how but suddenly he started playing with your fingers
• “your hand is so soft”
• you were like WTH SHUT UP
• “can i keep holding it?”
• you nodded so shyly he almost didn’t see it
• you wanted to hug him SO BAD
• or punch him bc what the heck that was so cute you couldn’t handle tHE feELS
• after some time playing around like this the movie was over
• taeyong noticed you fell asleep holding each other’s hand and decided to let you just sleep there
• then he covered you both with a blanket to keep you warm
• and you slept feeling his scent
• feeling his nice warm skin
• feeling his touch
• and maybe you just became the other side that falls in love with their best friend

OK GUYS i hope that was a 5 out of 10 at least i don’t even know how to write,,, but pls give me some support if you think that made you at least a lil soft for doyoung bc HE DESERVES SOME LOVE.

and i’m taking requests.

lub you bYE


I really wanted to participate something for mazume week…. but  i couldn’t reall decide wich prompt so i did all of them and made a super short comic (「´ー`)「 ( under the cut) 

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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 4

Ahhhh, boys will indeed be boys. Leo, Odin, and Xander are all… very much like teenage boys here.

I’ve gotta say, when it comes to women, Laslow is surprisingly much more, um… MENTALLY RESILIENT compared to all the other guys here. Except Niles, of course. I thought that he’d be the most embarrassed, but somehow our shy womanizer is either very disciplined or very… used to such things? Hmmm…

So some bad news: this is the last track that I can post with an audio link. The tracks on soundcloud are slowly being blocked from American users. So far, this one still appears to be safe. 

Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

Laslow, what are you not telling us

EDIT: Small change with the last couple lines.

So I’m redoing this post altogether because it seems that… there’s just something wrong with it. It refuses to link properly in the masterlist, and the post itself doesn’t show up at all in any of the tags’ dashboards. I don’t know if it’s because of the change in theme, or if it’s something that happens on Tumblr in general. Either way, I’m just going to delete the old one and then repost it here. Sorry, and thank you for your understanding.

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anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any advice for sticking with one family (not getting bored of them) and not rushing your gameplay? thanks :)

Hello :) That’s actually a pretty good question I hope I can answer. I’m the kind of person who does get bored easily while playing the sims. I think I’ve never seen a gen 4 born in my game. But with the Woods, I hope to change that and I’ll give you the advices I gave myself. 

Disclaimer: I always find it difficult to write exactly what I mean because English is not my mother tongue and some things are not that easy to translate. ahah I hope it’ll be clear enough though and sorry for making it that long. I think I lost myself a little and I diverged from the initial subject but oh well, maybe it’ll help someone! 

Don’t compare your family to other simblrs’ family. I think this is very important because I know I did & it always made me dislike my sims and want to restart everything. It’s never a good thing to compare yourself or your creations to others and your simblr is no different. Be proud of what you do because no one can do it just like you and that’s why it’s so special.

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hello, i’m here w a lapis redesign!! i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns and they always make lapis a lil darker but tbh i think lapis’ current skin tone is fine, it just needs to be a lil less saturated

i liked the idea of having bits of yellow in her design to kinda contrast the blue! i think it’s really neat and looks really good as well. I also put a bit in her clothes, make it look really intentional

i wanted to change lapis’ clothes a little as they didn’t really seem like real, possible clothes? i know other characters like garnet and pearl also don’t have clothes that are very realistic but i like the realistic clothes (it would also be really fun to see cosplayers cosplaying with this outfit). it’s more of a swimsuit than her original design, because she’s all ocean themed and all. i couldn’t leave out the dress because it’s my favourite part of her original design. and also the neck ribbon, so the top half of her doesn’t look so barren

i changed her hair a little, made it a little swirly. i love spiky hair (obvious if you see my own ocs) but i feel like it doesn’t really fit into her design, so it’s more neatly placed here (i like her original design’s hair). and her body’s a bit streamlined! her hips are a little wider, and it’s not in the drawing but her body can go back to a point if she tiptoes. because usually fish have streamlined bodies, so it’s appropriate if she has a streamlined body as well. also she’s barefoot, another neat thing i liked about her original design, because well, you don’t really need shoes in the ocean or at the beach

i wanted more use for her gem other than wings once in a while, so why not instead they act like hands? they drape around her as wings as a cape all the time, and once in a while she can split the water to form arms to use! it’s just a thing i thought would be neat, and it would be a cool thing to have

i didn’t put it in but it would be cool if her belly had a lighter colour like a fish! also i should have put in some darker patterns in her outfit, to make it less bland

i’m sorry if my rambling is weird, i just wanted to make a lapis redesign because it looked fun c:

I was downloading the Wolf 359 soundtracks on my computer, and when I was ready to get them to my phone, something stood out to me.

See, that one is cool, it’s the theme song right.

That one is funny.

These are creepy. But so was that entire episode.


That has Eiffel written all over it

I swear this is how I downloaded them

I’m dying

Oh, you’re here too Doctor Hilbert…

They’re just getting better and better

I’m not even going to change the titles to what it actually says on the website. This is some Fall Out Boy shit going on.

Okay, it’s been a long time since I was here, but I’m alive, and what’s more, I’m still working! 

Why I was “dead” for so long? Common story. Uni + a lot of work. That’s all. Sorry for worrying and not telling anything about my absence. That was really bad to act that way, but I hope you forgive me.

Anyway, let’s go back to the dev-related things. As you can see (by theme change and screen above), I’m not currently working on 23/Prometheus. Reason is really simple - I feel like I’m to newbie dev to create 23/Prometheus in the way I want it to be, so I thought “let’s find some easier and shorter project to polish my skills”. And that’s how was born “EggEgo”. 

So, what is that EggEgo? It’s gonna be a a mixed game, when it comes to it genre. Basically you have your “Ego”, that you have to care about. Feed it, heal it etc. Just like you should care about your pet. Your “Ego” can fight other “Egos” in j-rpg style battles. Depending on how you treat it, how you feed it, how you train it and other variables, it will be able to evolve into new creatures. 

These are of course not all mechanics, but treat this as some kind of “intro”. I will give you more info with next posts. Now I’m going back to work on that battle system. So, again, sorry for my absence and thanks for reading. See you soon! /GrandFaker

mayor-boey  asked:

Hi lovely. Your not so berry challenge is so cute! I just took a quick peek and noticed that your workplace is totally different to the default one. How do you do that? :3 thanks!

ahhh thank you so much! 💗 i think you may be talking about my theme? you can change your theme by going to account > edit appearance > website theme from your dash or anywhere on tumblr. from there you can browse themes and directly apply them to your blog, or search for particular themes here! if you have any more issues, don’t hesitate to message me - i’d be happy help out! 😃

edit: thanks @foursims for correcting me - sorry i went dumb for a second 😂 when your sim goes to work at the science lab, you should be able to build on the lot (use the cheat bb.enablefreebuild if you can’t!). from there you can build whatever you want on the lot! i got my lot off the gallery as i’m a rubbish builder, but i think its called GetToWork Lab or something - its one of the most popular so it shouldn’t be too hard to find! 😉 @mayor-boey

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering how you came up with character names. I tried to write a witchy book years ago and names were the hardest for me to figure out. Nothing would fit the personality of the character for me.

Hey nonnie!! I also love to give characters names that mean something or fit their personality in a good way and very rarely does the name just come to me sometimes it takes weeks of looking before I find the right ones.

My favourite place to look is baby name websites and my personal fave is Nameberry because one, it has this bar at the top of all the names most recently searched so you can just watch that change and see if anything comes up you like and two, more importantly is puts names into themed lists!

So for example here we have the Nature, Place and World section and in there, the names with animal meanings list. That way if you have a theme or feeling or idea you relate to your character you can go through the lists until you find a name that suits. 

If that doesn’t work, then I tend to literally just Google it. So with Belle for example, I knew I wanted her first name to be Belle and I knew that she was a necromancer and that this gift had been in her family for a long time - so it made sense that she would have a surname related to death. I Googled “surnames meaning death” and got “Darthe” which is probably French in origin. Thus a possible translation of her full name ‘Belle Darthe’ is ‘beautiful death.’ (which is probably going to annoy people as much as Remus Lupin being a werewolf does but sue me I like it haha).

Other times, the inspiration for names comes from totally random places. Like with Demo - I’ve just spent the last six weeks working as a software tester up at my local hospital and we have to use a bunch of pretend patients to put in the new system and make sure it works. Anyway someone named their test patient “Demo One” or something like that, and then I thought “hey I actually really like the way Demo sounds as a name” and now it’s her name in this book because I’m playing God and i can.

Thanks for the ask! And hey if you do feel like writing again, let me know, I’d love to hear all about it! (That goes for anyone, if you wanna drop in my inbox or DMs and tell me about your projects I am always happy to hear about it, always) xx

wow wow wow

You know what, when I started this blog (which I was so blind about until now-help me I am a cave woman), my purpose is only to make cover for my fanfic (not going to tell you why or how but let’s stick to that information) but as times passed by and people started to follow (still amazed until now like–wow, someone likes this blog?), I try to learn things here like giffing (not perfect) and still blind af about changing blog theme (icons etc) and many many things. BUT you still are following me (or maybe aren’t which is okay and sorry not being the blog you like), I am — loss at words, beside, yayy let’s have this re-blogging party going and even though we don’t talk to each other, I do appreciate you all! BIG THANKSS GUYS!!! 

hello! i havent done one of these since last year i think and i really like them so here we go

» mbf me
» reblog this post
» i’ll choose around 6 blogs (3 mutuals + 3 non-mutuals, tho this is subject to change)
» i’ll post the poll in around 4 days and close it on the 22nd
» i’ll check out all the blogs that enter so give it a try

» a place on my blog
» as many promos and post reblogs as you want
» im up for edits and theme/pages requests, i will even give hcs a try but its not a promise
» basically anything u want tbh go wild

thats it let me know if you have any questions good luck!!