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londongirl2001 replied to your photoset “In this season’s exploration of Isak and his sexuality, this might…”

It is this scene that makes the eye-fuck scene later on rather sad than hot to me :-(

Well, I think two things happened before that scene that changed Isak’s outlook again? I agree, he was having really dark and self-hating thoughts that week. When Sonja was introduced, it hurt him far more than just Even being taken. He likely was beating himself up for ever thinking about the possibility of this being something, telling himself he must have been projecting his own attraction onto Even. So, he turns around and he’s ready to give up entirely, he’s going to arrange a new pre-game with Emma and do his best to hook up with her. Be better at being straight. 

But then, Jonas reacts so strongly when he makes that remark about the dance instructor being gay. Jonas is one of the most important people in his life and also a source of some of the casual homophobia Isak has absorbed too so I think that moment of being called out by him really sticks with him. But really, the ♪ eye-fucking to Call Your Girlfriend ♪ neverrrr would have happened without Even saying “You don’t think that’s a bit of a superficial generalization?” and having that conversation with Emma. @ravenclawisak already did a great breakdown on just how much that would have meant to Isak, to sum it up: “This is the first time he’s heard that he could say ‘I’m gay’ and not have every other part of himself erased in other people’s eyes. Even if they had never gone further in their relationship Even would still have changed Isak’s life with this moment.”

I think that’s why his eyes first seek out Even, his mind is completely fixated on what he just said and what that could mean. He just cracked open the world again: made Isak wonder it wasn’t just him and offered him something he desperately wants.

I mean, it is fucked up though! It’s hot and sad and conflicted, hopeful and jealous and wanting and wondering. Just singing with tension. That’s what makes it so good though, it’s such a loaded moment. But it didn’t happen with Isak hopeless like he had been before and that question to it makes all the difference imho. 

I love this episode because everything builds on the moment before: if Even hadn’t said what he did, Isak wouldn’t have been looking him on the dance floor like that. Then Even looking up and their eyes locking leads right into the almost kiss in the kitchen. Rather than this being a “game” they’re playing, I more think everything they do is feeding more and more into what’s between them. Until they reach that breaking point and… *cue Noora*