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Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

This is pretty lengthy so everything is under the cut

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The signs should know...
  • Aries: it's okay to not be okay. Let yourself break down. Cry. Let someone hug you while you do it. Remember I'll still look at you like you're standing in the top of a mountain even with red stained cheeks.
  • Taurus: you don't have to be there for everyone all the time. You are and it's noticed, trust me, but the second you let someone be there for you it'll be a gift you gave yourself. You have a golden soul and it'd be a shame if you didn't get a little of it for yourself.
  • Gemini: you made the right choice(s). I trust your decisions. You are smart. And you're in too deep to go back so live your goddamn life.this is what you have TAKE IT.
  • Cancer: you're the strongest person alive. You have mountains on your back and roses in your hair and I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Don't let the mountains get too heavy.
  • Leo: it's okay to be frustrated. Remember why you are and don't get off track when expressing those feelings. Nobody is mad at you it's okay. I love you.
  • Virgo: you've been strong for a while now (your whole life) so go ahead and rest your beautiful brain. Be weak but only for enough time to realize that being strong is something you are, it's in you, it won't change.
  • Libra: feeling uncertain is okay!!!! If you feel it in your heart, go for it. If you feel it in your gut, turn the other way.
  • Scorpio: you're not mean, and you're not difficult. You're who you were made to be and that's nothing less than the the stars in the sky.
  • Sagittarius: every word that comes out of your mouth is heard and it is so nice to hear let me tell you. You're not annoying, and you make so many people so happy.
  • Capricorn: you don't have to be the same person that everyone always thought you were so you kinda just stuck with it. Change the way you need to for yourself and everyone else will just have to adapt. But remember that whichever "you" you choose is still 100% you.
  • Aquarius: you're understood. I get you. Keep talking. Say whatever it is you'd like. It'll be absorbed and remembered and stored in hearts and minds and souls into old age. Your words will be remembered in rocking chairs on old creaky porches at 7am when I'm old.
  • Pisces: oh you are so loved. And at every moment of every day you are on someone's mind. The smell of your hair and the sparkle in your eye and the words from your mouth scar the passerby's in shapes of stars on their mind in colors we've never seen before.

!! Spoilers for Julian’s route in Book VI & paid scenes !!

After the update, I wanted to try touching a little bit on Jules’s predilections. ;D It’s not nsfw or anything, so don’t get too excited lol.  And it’s not too spoiler-y, but just in case.

1300 words, Julian/Apprentice, teen by AO3


“Julian,” Xan hissed.

His closed eyelids scrunched up, and he made an unhappy sound.  Leaning on her elbow over him, she reached out to squeeze his shoulder.  ‘Leaning over him’ was a bit of a misnomer, though; the little twin bed had her practically sprawled over his chest.  This had had its benefits and its detriments in the couple of hours she’d drifted asleep, and if he weren’t so exhausted from the vampire eel bite she’d suspect the ‘benefits and detriments’ would have increased tenfold.


“I’m– I’m up, I’m up,” he squinted at her, at the dark still pressing against the cottage’s little window. “What is it?”

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Woken up like an animal
Teeth ready for sinking
My mind’s lost in bleak visions
I’ve tried to escape but keep sinking


Do you believe you could change me, the way I’ve changed you? I a l r e a d y  d i d .


If you haven’t watched Soul Contract, YOU SHOULD. It’s on Youtube, subbed by Bayi Subs. 

Reasons to watch:

  • An interesting story with supernatural elements
  • Surprising twists
  • The humor (lots of meta and self awareness!)
  • BL flavor that goes beyond baiting
  • Relationships that change and evolve 
  • Character development, whooho!

It took me some three or four episodes to get into it because at the beginning it felt weird and now I’m suffering because it’s over. I NEED MORE.

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If they are males, why still using the neutral pronun, with the male one ? Wait, it make it able to change to hermaphrodite if you want them to have kids. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) After all, it's kinda the perfection like the union of the Grand Canyon with the Mount Everest, it's the pleasure of giving and receiving, tenfold and simultaneous. It's the ultimate form of life, mainly because it both have a clitoris and a prostate maybe... Saying I go too far ? Oh, don't be obtuse. ಠᴗಠ

……no, I just use the gender neutral pronouns cause a lot of people got mad at me for revealing their biological sex. 

Pennywise madness 🤡

Do you remember when everyone was freaking out because there were Kylo Ren x reader or Negan x reader fanfics? Well, let the madness begins again because thanks to Bill Skarsgård I just saw a Pennywise/It x reader fanfic! Lmao I love you guys! Never change!

Let 👏 them 👏 write 👏 whatever 👏 the 👏 f*ck 👏 they 👏 want! 👏

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A part of my job is asking customers if they have coupons. Because if I don't ask, they'll idiotically bring it up after the transaction is complete and get mad. So it doesn't help that we have a line with 30 people in it and I have to ask if they have a coupon, and they go "hm...I don't know let me look" and spend 5 minutes looking for one. And then my boss gets mad at me because "you have to move faster" Um, it's not ME that's slow?? It's this old lady who can't find her coupon

OH. MY. GAWD. I am feeling you on that one. My manager used to say that to me all the time. One day I had a regular that I was cool with digging in her purse for something (coupons, change, etc.) and he told me to move faster so I got loud and said “I’m ready to move but this customer has to find her stuff. COME ON LADY HURRY UP!” She faked a shocked look and he pulled me aside and told me to never do that in front of customers. I told him that I will do it louder next time if he ever pulled that shit with me again. He did the following week and true to my word I was screaming it at the top of my lungs. This time though it wasn’t a customer I knew and he called corporate and when he did he said it was the mangers fault and he got into trouble. Sometimes I don’t know how I get so lucky to never get into real trouble at work. Long story short that manager tried his best to sabotage me the rest of the time he was in that store. I just wish they would do it on policies that I didn’t know better then them. 


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If Jimin is ol' Jimmy, can you rename everyone else in bts 😋

Seokjin (Jin) - Jin and Juice

Yoongi (Suga) - Paula Dean

Hoseok (J-Hope) - Obama

Namjoon (Rap Monster) - ‘Nam

Jimin - Ol’ Jimmy

Taehyung (V) - Valyrian Steel

Jungkook - J-Dude

  • a friend: i have to tell you something, okay? but you have to promise you won't get mad. i don't want to change the way you think about me.
  • me, a borderline, prone to splitting on people over their dislike of a food item: okie dokie

“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

Lord of the Flies reboot is being made…

but instead of a group of boys…they’re remaking it with a group of girls…

what idiot came up with this idea?? this change in premise literally erases the point of the book


you find out Calum’s crush. 😜

this isn’t a request, nor is it related, but i just wanted to post something random because of the new ios 10 update. i hate it tbh. 😒 THEY CHANGED THE EMOJIS! 😭 what do you guys think? anyways yeah ,, ✌🏽

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I don't remember what this customer was complaining about(some price I couldn't change) because I tuned it out but I remember I tuned back in at the end just in time for her to say "I'm going to speak to your managers. I know them personally." And lord help me, "oh, me too" slipped out of my mouth and she walked away even more mad. I did tell my managers who laughed about it.

Wartime Starters
  • "We have no choice. We have to go in there."
  • "Forged by fire, we are united in one cause!"
  • "We fight for our homes. We fight for our freedom. We fight for very survival."
  • "War never solved anything. It only makes life more miserable for everyone."
  • "We must delve into the darkness. Sometimes bad things have to be done for the good."
  • "Do you even hear yourself? What happened to you?"
  • "I'm not letting you go. They'll kill you."
  • "You want to do what? No. That's suicide."
  • "No, don't let practicality get in the way."
  • "We can do this. I know we can."
  • "Stand firm! We can take them!"
  • "I think we found your inner mad scientist."
  • "I can still smell it, you know. I can't forget that smell."
  • "We go in and hit them hard. They'll never know what happened."
  • "All we have to do is last the night. Reinforcements will come in the morning."
  • "We're going to win this one, aren't we?"
  • "Hey! Hey! Stay with me. Don't you fall asleep yet."
  • "Does anyone know we're here?"
  • "There's no damn reason why we're out here. We're all just killing one another."
  • "This is going to be a one way trip, isn't it?"
  • "How is any of this going to change anything?"
  • "We have to stop them here. We're the last line of defense."
  • "Does it matter what my gender is or the color of my skin? We're all dead if we don't win."
  • "I take orders from no man."
  • "We could run, you know."
  • "There's no such thing as bomb proof."
  • "Am I the last one?"
  • "Hope? There's no hope here."
  • "We aren't going to be able to tell who is who out there."
  • "Can we move through this fog?"
  • "I'm no hero. I just did my job."
  • "I don't know about you, but I expect to get out of this alive and in one piece."

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Can you do some langst where Allura and Shiro are mad at Lance, and the team except Hunk and Coran defend him and name off all the things he has done, and maybe a week after they go to a planet that the aliens are really good at reading emotions and they see Lance doing so awesome stuff as the blue paladin and thank him while the whole team is sorry and try to apologise, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to it depends on you

I can try!

I had to change it slightly because I didn’t want to make the team out of character or write them as abusive towards Lance! 

I wrote it so Lance doesn’t hear the full sentence and he thinks that Shiro and Allura hate him. 

I hope you still like it! 

The mission was bound to fail from the moment it started. Each paladin could feel the negative energy as soon as they left the castle to board the Galran ship. Something felt off and they all felt like something would go wrong. They were all right. 

No one could have predicted that the Galra were expecting them. No one could have know that they would be separated. No one could have know who would’ve gotten hurt. 


Lance willed Blue to go faster he turned around to check on the red paladin bleeding on Blue’s floor. 

Lance could hear the panicked cries of his teams over the coms and heard Allura demanding what happened aboard the ship. 

Lance wanted to respond but he couldn’t get his voice to come out. I need to get Keith into a pod now! Lance looked back at Keith again and felt tears threaten to spill over. 

Lance gripped Blue’s controls tighter. This is all my fault. 

As soon as Lance landed Blue he was met by his entire team and a frantic looking Shiro. 

Lance went to stand and help Shiro move Keith but Shiro pushed him back into his chair. 

“Just sit down.” Shiro grabbed Keith and moved him out of Blue. 

Lance sat in Blue’s chair, am I not needed? Lance couldn’t stop the tears that fell from his eyes. I can’t do anything right. 

Yet what Lance failed to hear was the whole sentence. Shiro’s full sentence was “Just sit down Lance, you’re shaking, you can’t help Keith in your state.” 

After Lance composed himself he made his way down to the medical bay to check on Keith and the rest of the team. 

As soon as Lance entered the med bay he was greeted by everyone. Keith was already put in a pod and everyone had already changed out of their armor. 

Allura looked at Lance she gestured him over and Lance walked towards the princess. 

“Lance where have you been?” Allura spoke her tone harsher than usual. Lance didn’t hear her full sentence and didn’t her how concerned she was. Allura asked “Lance where have you been we’ve been worried sick.” 

Lance slightly curled in on himself “I was in Blue.” 

She gave Lance a sympathetic look which Lance read as a look of disgusted. 

After 20 minutes of sitting in the medical bay Lance left, his legs shaking and his thoughts consuming him. 

If I was just a little faster, Keith would have been safe. He wouldn’t have to be in that pod right now. 

Lance was pulled out of his thoughts by Hunk touching his shoulder. He turned and saw Hnk and Coran both looking very concerned. 

“Hey man are you okay?” Hunk gave Lance a questioning look. 

Lance gave Hunk and Coran a small shrug and Coran pulled Lance in for a hug. 

“My boy don’t worry about Keith he will be fine.” 

Lance nodded and pulled away from Coran. “But Allura and Shiro are mad at me.  I could’ve protected Keith if I was faster.” 

Coran and Hunk gave Lance a confused look. Hunk seemed to be choosing his next words and he looked at his best friend “Lance what do you mean Shiro and Allura ar-” Hunk never got to finish his sentence when Allura called them all up to the bridge. 

Lance bolted to the bridge, he didn’t want Hunk or Coran to be disappointed in him either. 


A few weeks after the mission the team was on another mission They had to help a species clear the Galra from their planet. 

After they succeeded in saving the planet and everyone was checked for injuries the aliens threw them a party. 

Lance stayed quiet the majority of the time, he still firmly believed that Allura and Shiro were mad at him. 

The aliens read these vibes off Lance and immediately questioned the Princess and Shiro. 

“Excuse me, I have a question regarding the Blue Paladin.” The alien vaguely gestured towards the boy. 

Shior and Allura both looked at Lance and shared a look of confusion. 

“What do you mean?” Shiro attempted to keep his voice formal and tried not to sound confused. 

The alien gave him a confused looked. “Do you mean you can’t feel it?” 

“Feel what?” Allura questioned. 

“The vibrations? You’re paladin thinks that you two hate him. I can tell by how his vibrations change whenever he looks at you guys.” 

“Why would we hate him?” Shiro looked towards the boy who was staring at the floor. 

“You have to ask him, but I do hope you fix whatever it is. He seems very valuable to the team and I would hate to see you lose him.,” The alien gave a small bow and walked away. 

Allura and Shiro looked at each other a nodded, they needed to solve this problem now. They didn’t want to lose Lance. 


A few moments later they managed to get Lance outside where everything was quiet and asked him why he believed that they hated him. 

Lance didn’t say anything at first but he eventually broke down and told them what they “said” to him. 

Allur and Shiro pulled Lance in for a hug and assured him that they didn’t just say those things and that they loved Lance and he was part of the team. 

They spent the rest of the night hugging Lance and making sure he knew how important and valuable he was to them and everyone else. 

I hope you like it!!!!!

Sorry this took so long!!!! And sorry for changing it! 

Thank you <333