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Happy Klaroline Arbor Day!

The full moons had always meant pain and loneliness. Nothing else.

But on that morning, he woke up naked in the forest, mind filled with hazy memories of another wolf and the teasing games they’d played; how she’d run and he’d chased.

Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate. Ma-

He’d woken up alone… Had it been nothing but a dream?

No. His skin was covered with the evidence of her playful bites; he could still smell her lingering scent in the air, could still sense her presence in the woods.

He needed to find her.

So he got to his feet and started walking, letting his lupine senses guide him as he sought her through the fog that clouded that morning… Until he caught glimpse of golden hair amidst the green leaves.

Klaus called after her, already chasing her – always chasing her.

She turned around to face him, a smile on her face and a heat in her eyes that mirrored his own. She was unashamed in her nakedness as she should be. Perfect, she was utterly perfect and utterly his.

Neither of them found any words that needed to be said in that moment, their minds too filled with this instant need for each other, with a fire that threatened to burn that forest to the ground.

So she took an inviting step towards him and he closed the distance between them. Neither of them cared about the dirt or the cold as she allowed him to push her to her hands and knees, moaning for him so prettily as he filled her, hard and fast and perfect.

Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate. Mate.

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#16 Clexa. Thank you <3

Lexa had barely woken up when her phone chimed. Eyes still closed, she groped blindly around on her nightstand, nearly knocking her lamp off, before her hand landed on her phone. She rubbed at her eyes and looked at the screen, blinking rapidly to adjust to the bright light. One new text message.

Good morning. This is your daily reminder that you are wonderful. Have a great day! XO

Lexa stared at the message from the unknown number. She had been receiving them all week. Three or four every day. One in the morning, a few throughout the school day, and then one each night before bed. She didn’t have a clue who the messages were from, and the person was giving nothing away, but they assured her they had the right number. She’d tried to convince them they didn’t when the messages first began, but the person had insisted.

She scrolled back up and reread a few of the messages she’d received throughout the week.

In case you were wondering, you’re beautiful. Like, insanely beautiful.

You make me nervous, but in the best way. My heart races when I think about you.

I hope you know how incredible you are.

A sleepy sigh rolled across her lips as Lexa stretched out her limbs, joints popping, and then looked at the messages again. 

You know, she typed, as nice as it is to be complimented several times a day, it’s starting to weird me out a little.

The reply came a moment later.

I’m sorry. I don’t want to weird you out. Would it help you to know that I’m someone you know?

That didn’t entirely surprise her, given the implication of some of the messages; the implication that the person had access to her of some kind. Lexa immediately began to consider everyone she was close to. The messages were way too nice to be from Anya. Too sappy to be from Raven. Too borderline romantic to be from Clarke. Too gay to be from Octavia. Plus, she had all of their numbers, so she knew it wasn’t any of them. She didn’t have a clue.

You’re not a guy, are you? Because I’m a lesbian.

She laughed when the reply came.

I said I know you, didn’t I? Everyone knows you’re a lesbian, Lexa.

Lexa snuggled a little further under her covers and pulled the phone closer to her face. She had a few more minutes before she had to get up and shower for school. 

That’s good to know, she typed. Are you planning on telling me who you are any time soon?

Yes. Not yet, but yes.

Why not?

I’m not ready yet, came the reply. I’m still wooing you.

Laughter bubbled up Lexa’s throat and she shook her head against the pillow.

I’m not easy to woo.

Oh, I know. But I think I can handle it.

And what if I find out who you are? Lexa grinned. I have excellent detective skills.

I’ve taken all the proper precautions to keep my identity secret, Detective. But feel free to try.

Lexa knew it was strange, but she couldn’t help it. The messages made her happy. She would never admit it out loud, but they made her feel wanted and beautiful, special in some way. It was nice. She wouldn’t be caught dead grinning like a fool in public, but for now, she couldn’t stop smiling.


Lexa looked up from her bag as Clarke approached. Their lockers were side by side. Clarke bumped her hip against Lexa’s and then opened her locker. 

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My dear lgbt+ kids, my dear questioning kids, 

If you think gender is confusing, let me tell you a secret: 

Yes, it is. You’re right. Figuring out your own gender idenity is super confusing. It can even be upsetting or frustrating. It can make you want to cry.  

Gender is confusing. That’s not you being silly. It’s not you being fake. It’s not you being over dramatic or attention-seeking. 

And you are certainly not the only one who feels that way. I know you may feel like you’re the only one with those worries, doubts and questions. I know you may feel like everyone except you just magically knows and you’re the only one who needs time to figure it out. I know that - because i’ve been there, my dear. Please trust me when i tell you that thousands and thousands of people have been there. We cried like you. We were frustrated like you. We felt confused and scared and overwhelmed like you.  

And, most importantly, we were strong - just like you are, my little one. You’ll get through this. You’ll learn and grow and one day you’ll look back and see that all the confusion was worth it. You’ll be able to say “This is who i am and i love who i am.” 

Gender idenity is confusing - because it’s important. You deserve to take all the time you need to figure it out - because you are important. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

What is personal space anymore?

Couldn’t Help Myself (Samoa Joe x Reader)

A/N: OK SO I MADE THIS ???? Listen, I’ve been thirsting over Samoa Joe for quite a while, actually, but I had no one to share it with. Now though, after tonight’s RAW, everyone seems to FINALLY GET IT. So, I thought I’d write this to celebrate. I’ve legit never read Samoa Joe fanfiction before, so I have no stand point, just my horny self. I hope you guys enjoy it, I know he’s not for everyone and that’s just fine! Laters! xx

Side note: There are no good Samoa Joe gifs ???? 

Warnings: Slight dom mal/sub female. Swearing, teasing, shy reader. unprotected sex, smut without plot.

Word count: 4108 lolol

Tagging my usuals and some more: @hardcorewwetrash @imagines–assemble @imagineall-the-fandoms @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @littlemissava13 @nuroxic @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @taryndbiase @reigns420 @horcruxhunter5972 @xfirespritex @wrestlewriting @heelcharlie @archiveseb @wwefangirl69 @oreillyskyle @gingertalksshit @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @princess3733 @ridingmoxley @panic-angel3314 @wrestlingnoob @sunflowers-and-swear-words @wwe-rollins-lover @baeckyshorsewomen @the-greekgoddess @metabalaba @roaring-storm

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You didn’t know exactly how it happened.

One second, you were talking to this guy at the bar, shyly pushing away his advances; the second, you and him were separated by a large body, your hands clutching to the counter like your life depended on it.

Truth be told, you weren’t particularly upset about being interrupted, seeing as the guy in question had been really insistent and was making things more uncomfortable by the minute. Hell, his innuendos were barely hidden, and you did not enjoy the way his eyes kept ghosting over you like you were nothing but a piece of meat waiting to be bitten into.

You were, however, extremely surprised about who had stepped in.

Samoa Joe, of all people.

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A Little Reminder (Jumin x MC)

Jumin comes home one night and finds you in one of his shirts.

Word Count: 520

I haven’t done much today but I’m watching Ghost Hunters so you know I’m living life to the fullest. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic day! Thank you!


The evening had shifted into night with pools of blue painting the sky as you lay on the sofa, the sound of the front door opening chiming across the home. 

You shot up, rushing over to find your husband, a soft smile tugging at his lips as he saw you.

You were wearing one of his collared shirts, even the cuffs sleeves rolled up to your elbows as if this was casual. 

“Darling, are you wearing my shirt?” He chuckled softly, pulling you into an embrace. 

“How’d you know?” You snickered, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

“Perhaps I’m just that intuitive,” He hummed. “but what happened to your clothes dear?”

“They’re being washed. I hope you don’t mind.” 

“Oh no, I don’t, but I would be happy to have a shirt better fitting you, be made.” He said, furrowing his brow almost. 

“You don’t need to do that though, I like this!” You beamed. “It’s nice!” 

“How so?” 

“Well…” You tried to think of how to explain it. “It’s…it’s almost like you’re never really gone! It’s just a little reminder of you.” 

“A reminder of me…”  He repeated the words, almost seeming guilty. “Does that mean you miss me when I’m gone, love?”

“Of course I do! I always tell you that!” You exclaimed, cupping his face in your hands. “This house just isn’t the same without you.” 

He melted at your words, adoration drenching gaze before the gears in his head began to turn, stepping away and moving towards the bedroom.

“What’re you doing?” You asked, following shortly after him, tipping your head just beyond the door frame.

“I’m truly sorry I can’t be here more often darling, I wish I could but this week has been especially busy. I promise to take the next few days off when it dies down.” 

“You don’t have to do that,” You reassured him, inching closer. “I know how important your work is-” 

You stopped as you watched him snatch one of his shirts from his drawers, spraying his cologne onto the fabric.

“What’re you doing…?” 

He looked to you, giving a crooked smile. “Even if I’m gone I want to do as much as I can to help ease the loneliness. I certainly know how it feels, and I’d hate for you to have to deal it if I could help it somehow.” 

You could hardly believe his words, rushing forward to pepper his face in kisses, ruffling his hair in your fingertips. 

“How can you be so wonderful?” You said, scrunching up your nose as his messy strands of hair curled about your hands.

“I suppose I just had a good influence.” 

“And who was that from?” 



Authors note: just continuing the Greek mythology one shots

Summary: a young god on the scene cannot find a way to fit in. he should learn to just be himself.

Word count: 2800

Watching the other god’s converse and laugh together, Hansol felt further separated from them than ever. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, allowing his eyes to close out of boredom.

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I Needed This

This is something I posted a month or two ago, but it was then pointed out that almost all of the links were broken…and at the same time, tumblr enacted their new restrictive linking policy. Meaning almost no one it was directed at actually saw it. I haven’t had the chance to correct the problem until now, and in that short time, the post referred to has climbed to over 14,000 notes. Like…what? Holy crap. Okay.

I wish I could sit down and reply to everyone who responded to the post, but at this point that’s just impossible. Just know, I do see the notes, and I’m grateful for every single one.

Below is the fixed post, as it was supposed to appear in April. If you’ve already read it, feel free to disregard this and scroll on by.

So…I’m gonna do one of my weird things. This isn’t really to do with FFVIII, but…I feel like I owe people this. Because I’ve been watching this silly little writing power build and build and snowball, and…it just seems…so counter to the situation of the people I seem to be reaching, that I can’t just let it sit there and rack up “points” in the form of notes without taking a moment (well, a few hours at this point, but I had the time, and this is what I decided to do with it) to at least acknowledge the response. I’ve received messages from people, a flood of kind comments and tags, I’ve watched people reach out to one another to support them in their writing endeavors. Most of it has been outside this fandom, so…I apologize ahead of time if this is somewhat off-topic.

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Carousel: Part 1 ( COLE X READER )

Carousel (COLE X READER)

Summary- Your 6 months summer program in NYADA definitely paid off since you ended up getting casted for the second season of Riverdale. Getting casted in the same show with your celebrity crush is something most fangirls dream of. Let’s find out how this one escalates :)
A/N- This is my first fanfic, hope you guys enjoy! Please give me a feedback :3 PS- REQUESTS ARE OPEN


Today is your first day in the set of Riverdale. As nervous as you were about the acting part, you were even more nervous ( and excited) to actually meet the guy you’ve been fangirling over since Riverdale first aired. We all know who-

You’re playing the role of Cia Blossom, Cheryl’s half sister. You’re excited about the role since it resonates with you so well. Cia is , although, nothing like Cheryl- except for the red hair. She lives in the world of poetry and tea. How interesting, you presume.

The second you enter the set, the Director, Mark Piznarksi, warmly introduce you to all the crew members. None of the lead actors were present during your introductory session; just some producers and guys from hair and make up. Thank God.

“Okay so (y/n), your first scene is with Camila. Here’s your script. All the best” Mark instructs you.

“Got it” you nod.

“Hey, you must be the new girl!” you hear an overly excited voice.

Your search for the voice and damn, it’s Camila.

“Hi, I’m (y/n)” you greet politely

“Aw, don’t be so courteous! I’m Camila. Welcome to the show!”

You’re overwhelmed by how friendly and nice she is. You can’t really come up with anything to say since you’re shy and nervous so you just give her a small smile and nod.

“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re shy! I’m sure we’ll get along well and HOPEFULLY you’ll soon breakout of your shell ! Come, let’s practice our lines” she excitedly grabs your hand and takes you to the hair and make up room.


“And that’s a wrap!” the director yells.

“Hey (y/n), you were great today! Not bad for a first timer. See you tomorrow” Mark says before leaving.

“Thank you. Goodnight” you smile and proceed towards the changing room to collect your backpack.

“So” Camila intervenes “ how was your first day?” she asks while changing out of her Veronica Lodge outfit.

“It was….” You get interrupted

“CAMILA!!!!!” you hear a bunch of kids yell in unison.

“Oh my god, you guys!” Camila gushes.

Turns out the bunch of kids were none other than KJ , Lili, Cole and Casey.

“We heard you were alone today so we decided to surprise you. SEASON TWO YO!” you hear one of them say, too shy and nervous to look up and check who.

You become frantic. You have no idea what to do or say. I mean c’mon you’ve binged Riverdale over 10 times and here they are, standing just few feet away from you.

“ Oh I totally forgot” Camila comes over to you” This is (y/n) she’s new and she’s playing Cheryl’s sister.

You give a shy smile and a half wave “ Hi”

“Aw, she’s so shy! Hey, I’m Lili”

“Nice to meet you. You’re so pretty!!!” you blurt out. Damn it (y/n) try not to sound like the crazy fangirl you are, will ya?

“KJ Apa. You can call me KJ” KJ comes in for a hug. He smells so good. Thankfully, you didn’t blurt that one out.

“And of course, I’m Cole Spourts”

wait what.

“Haha, I’m just kidding. Cole” the handsome cheeky fellow offers his hand,” Cole SPROUSE”

You swear you could’ve fainted right then and there. I mean, Cole Sprouse. He literally consumes half of your heart and whole of your tumblr!

“Nice to meet you, Cole” you keep your cool and shake his hand.

Well done (y/n).

Ohmygod did I just touch Cole’s hand.

“And I’m Casey!!”

“(y/n)” Lili holds you by the arm “ Don’t worry. We all know what it’s like to be new in the industry. I’m sure we’ll all get along very well”

You are overwhelmed by their kindness. They are all ridiculously good looking and down-to-earth.

“Alright then, see you guys tomorrow” KJ announces

“WAIT!” Casey intervenes “ GROUP HUG!”

You chuckle and stumble in for a group hug. It felt nice. The atmosphere here was something else.

Only if the ridiculously handsome Cole could just stop making your stomach feel so ticklish, that would be great.

As they leave, you can’t help but ponder how great this day turned out. Not that you were skeptical at first, but their kindness and warmness certainly caught you off guard.

And somehow, I don’t know how, you have a feeling that this is the start of something great.

The thought of Cole Sprouse still puts a grin on your face. Why is he so good looking?

Tomorrow, you have a scene with Cole Sprouse. Wonder how that one will turn out?

Look I’ve been trying to avoid fully diving in to this anti-cc for a while because of various reasons, but this is ridiculous. He was not being disrespectful. He was acknowledging that shows change things, and that ShowSimon wouldn’t date two girls at once. Was the wording perfect? No, but come on. It didn’t warrant this.

But, let’s be real: I am honestly starting to think she’s panicking because she’s realised that the show is making changes that are actually healthier and stronger than her books–including this, eliminating biphobic Alec, some changes made to characters, etc. And she’s reacting very, very unprofessionally, if you ask me.

Matt has said some things, and so have some other actors but he’s sticking out to me right now, where he’s (rightfully) said references to Alec not being biphobic/not caring about Magnus’ dating history because he just doesn’t think that’s Alec…therefore, he was going against the books and his character in the books. And she didn’t say anything then.

Then she does this. To a fair comment. About a change that makes sense in regards to the show and the message it sends to a younger audience about dating and morals and just human decency. Also, I consider myself a fan of both the books and the show, and this is a plot line from the books I don’t think any book fan would be disrespected or upset if that wasn’t included. As a fan of the books, I certainly feel relieved to know that wasn’t happening. It was awful to both Maia and Izzy. That was a plot line from the books that I thought was rather unnecessarily wrong. And un-Simon-like. And it sends a bad message towards romanicizing cheating and not committing.

And this is just petty. And pathetic, to be honest. Why did she feel the need to say anything about this? I just don’t get it.

Resources by trans women on the sacred feminine, and access to spiritual women’s spaces?

[Originally posted to Twitter, starting here.]

Greetings, folks! Does anyone have any resources by trans women, about transness in sacred femininity contexts?

A friend of mine, a cis woman, is very involved with sacred femininity sorts of spaces, and wants to be trans-inclusive, but this is the bit where I get all angry and ranty, while acknowledging “the part that women who are born into women’s bodies and have a connection to the wisdom teachings from cyclical nature of life through connecting to their wombs have.”

This makes me go D: because it feels like she’s saying cis women are in a special club that you need a uterus to be in. And I don’t want to speak for/over trans women, and this is a *very* niche area of pagan femininity stuff. I don’t know, I know how I feel and I could certainly go on at her at length about how I feel about this, but if there are good resources… Well, I would rather send something by a trans woman, you know? But I don’t know how likely this is!

So, what d’you reckon?

The LGBT Community And The Church

(I already posted this on Deviantart a long time ago, but I felt I should post this here too.)

I know I’m gonna get loads of hate for this, but I feel led to post this.
Recently I’ve been hearing more and more stuff about lgbt people against Christians who believe same sex marriage and transgenderism is wrong. They called us gay haters, homophobic, bigots, and a slew of other bad names. But that’s not what we are. I know there are some who call themselves Christians that either accept lgbt as ok, or those who truly do hate these people. But neither approach is right. They’re not being godly by doing this. (for those who profess to be Christian and think transgenerism/same sex marriage is ok, I urge you to read Romans 1:18-32 and pay special attention to verses 26 and 27. And read it from the New King James version of the Bible, not the newer versions that are more than likely watered down.)

The fact of the matter is, transgenderism and same sex marriage is wrong. The Bible states this clearly as a sin (see the reference above). And as such, we simply cannot support such practices. We just can’t. It’s not that we hate people who do this. I certainly don’t. But I feel sorry for them. I know that abuse, peer pressure, and many other things can come into play when people decide they no longer want to be the gender they’re born to be, or that they don’t want to marry/date a person of the opposite sex. I know that much hurt a lot. But doing that won’t fix the hurt. only God’s love can fix it.
Of course, transgenderism and same sex marriage isn’t the only sin that exists in the world. There are many others, and God equally hates all sin. No matter if it’s transgenderism, murder, or lies. All sin is the same in His eyes. And because we all sin, we’re all in danger of falling into hell when we die. Some people might not think hell is so bad. But it’s a place far worse than anyone can humanly imagine. Think of the most painful way possible to die. Then stretch that pain out to where it lasts for infinity. It’s even worse than that. And because our first ancestors disobeyed God and took the fruit of knowledge of good and evil at the temptation of the devil, we’re all doomed to suffer that.
But there’s a hope for us. God sent Jesus to earth, as both God and man, to die in the most gruesome way possible. and be resurrected on the third day. He died in our place. For each and every one of us. That’s how much He loves us. And in doing this, He provided a way for us to join Him in heaven–the exact opposite of hell. He covers your sin in His own blood. And that blood washes you white as snow, so you can be accepted through the gates of heaven. That is the one and only way we will be saved. No other religion will save you. No other religion is the same. In order to take advantage of that blessing, we have to confess our sins to Him, ask for forgiveness, and ask for help in loving Him and doing His will.

Of course that isn’t easy. Many Christians make it think that’s easy, but it really isn’t. Jesus Himself expressed that the gate is narrow. (Matthiew 7:13-14) You’ll have to risk many things. Your friends and family may hate you for your faith. Satan and his demons will try every way possible to beat you down and break you. Holding onto God during troubled times seems impossible. And sometimes you might let go and slid backwards. But God won’t let go. No matter how many times you sin again, God will welcome you back if you repent. Even if it happens 1,000 times, He’ll still take you back that 1,000th time. Sounds like an impossible love, but God can do the impossible. You may even have to die for your faith. It’s hard to believe that won’t happen here, but all around the world, Christians really are dying for their faith. America is one of the few exceptions to that so far, but we will even be persecuted even to death here too. It might not be immediately, but it’s coming someday. But even with all these hardships, the reward is more than worth it. With God’s love, you don’t have to fear dying.

That’s not to say Christians can’t be friends with lgbt people or other sinners. Far from it! We’re supposed to show kindness and love to these people, just like God shows love to us. It’s not the people we don’t like. It’s the sin. And we’re not trying to be pushy or disruptive when we tell others about our faith. We’re spreading the wonderful Gift Jesus has provided for us, and we want to save as many people from the depths of hell as we can. And the church that says lgbt things are ok is making this hard. They’re not being biblical when they say this. And more people need to call them out for it. Same for those who truly do hate on/judge those who aren’t Christians. There are few who are truly believers. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. But by making this journal, I hope to make some people think, and move toward joining God’s family. God bless you all! 

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There's something I noticed when I was re-watching season 5, in the episode where Lucifer kills all the pagan gods. Sam says "its him" - even though everyone seems unaware - even Kali says "how?" Like did Sam sense Lucifer? Can Sam feel Lucifer's presence? Idk I have questions my dude

 Ah, these delicate little moments mean so very much to me. I really loved the way they kept that subtle “bond” between Sam and Lucifer for the entirety of S5. The moment he was freed, you see the way it just sort of hits Sam, and it shows itself again when Lucifer manages to find and reach out to Sam, even if it can’t be in a physical sense. 

They are definitely on a different wavelength than everyone else, and I certainly get the feeling, quite a few times, that Lucifer just knows that Sam feels the bond between them as strongly as he does. When he speaks to him, there is always this underlying feeling of melancholy - like he’s so desperate for Sam to just acknowledge that he already knows everything he pretends to not understand. For example, saying things such as “You know I’d never hurt you,” and “You of all people should understand,” those little things always stuck out to me as quiet pleas for acceptance of this thing they share. 

I really wish they’d kept that little nuance of their relationship around in the newer seasons, but - ya know, the writers just happened to forget about their whole M.F.E.O. status. Even so - that connection was solid, man, and we have all the proof we need that they are two halves made whole. 

{”True Love,” Dean. The answer we were looking for was “True Love.”😈}


Name: You know you want to
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Note: Bucky convinces the reader to spend the Valentine’s day with him. She hesitates because of his reputation of a “ladies’ man”. Fluff, only fluff.
Dedication: @zoevesper Darling, it is here only because of you. So shame on you if it’s bad. But I did my best, hon. I did.

“Y/N,” you hear the knocking on the glass and look around, trying to get where the sound is coming from, until your glance stops on the window. The knocking repeats. “Y/N?”

“Bucky?” you stare the man behind the curtains, as he is sitting the stairs, totally calm, as if it’s his usual seat. “What are you doing here?”

“I am happy to see you too,” Bucky grins and jumps inside the apartment, shutting the window behind himself. “You know how cold it is outside?”

“You know that people use doors?” he waves his hand. “What did you forget at my place?”


“What? Bucky, please, go and do whatever it is you usually do… Charm some girls, I suppose,” he grins and looks around, noticing that you don’t have any signs of an existing special one. “Leave me alone.”

“Uhm… nope,” since Steve helped him adapt to the modern world, Bucky became much more confident. Even though he never became the over-confident, quite selfish guy he was before the war, Bucky did flirt with lots of girls. Lots and lots. “See, Y/N, you keep not agreeing to go out with me. Why?”

“Because you flirt with any female anywhere, at any time, Bucky,” you keep pushing him towards the front door. “And I… I want. A long. Term. Relationship,” you realize that pushing him is totally hopeless, when Bucky lowers his head.

“So… You are looking for a boyfriend material?” you grin, then blush, then nod. “Then what’s the problem?”

“That you are not boyfriend material,” you sigh, as Bucky rests his palm on your cheek, softly smiling at your sudden bashfulness.

“How would you know if you never tried?” he lowers his head, as if about to kiss you, yet keeping the (tiny) distance. You try to pull away, but do not succeed. 

“Bucky… Come on, let’s not make it complicated. We work together. I don’t know about you, but I will certainly feel weird about working with you after this… Let’s call it a one night stand,” Bucky frowns. “I do have some rules, Bucky.”

“I know. Which is why it ain’t a one night stand,” you freeze, and he smiles gently, still dangerously close to your face. “Y/N,” he slowly strokes your cheek, brushing his finger against your lips. “It’s a Valentine’s day, definitely a special one… It still is, I asked Natasha.”

“You asked Natasha?” he grins and nods.

“Yeah, she found it amusing and may very probably use it against me later,” you smile, as Bucky tucks a curl behind your ear, pulling you closer, until you really have to lean away to avoid being smashed. “Yet… You let me in.”

“You never asked, just jumped in,” you mumble, trying to defend yourself, knowing that you’ve already lost.

“You still haven’t punched me.”

“You still haven’t anything reprehensible,” before you even finish the sentence, Bucky lowers his head and gently presses his lips against yours, so careful, as if you actually could decide to bite him.

“I have,” he pulls away quickly, shining a huge smile at you. “What now?”

“You want me to punch you?” you ask finally, trying not to blush.

“No… To admit that you want it. And that you are stubborn,” he adds quickly, smiling at you.

“I am not stubborn!”

“You’ve been ignoring my attempts to conquer you for the past few months, so I had to take some special steps. Valentine’s day was just right on time,” his head is still lowered, face next to yours, so you more stare in his eyes than listen to the words. Bucky realizes that and stops talking, still holding you so close, you can hear his heartbeat better than your own.

“Can you let me go?” you ask, knowing that, as he is holding you with his iron hand, you have no chance of running away.

“No,” he shakes his head, smiling at you, his hand firmly yet gently holding your back, so that you know that you can’t escape. “You know how annoying it is…”


“To have you ignore me? Y/N, you’ve been playing hard to get, now just stand still, won’t you?”

“But the food…”

“Are you cooking?” you grin.

“No, I am burning the food. But I will eat it at some point, so sure. Cooking,” he smiles and, without letting go of you, walks into the kitchen to look at the food. “Looks bad?”

“Looks like it could use some help,” he smiles and turns to the oven. “You’re lucky I am here.”

“I am lucky?” he laughs and throws a towel at you. “Oh.”

“You are incredibly lucky, sunshine,” you stay quiet, hoping that your face doesn’t give away that you agree with him, when Bucky suddenly turns to you, smiling. “I forgot to do one thing,” you raise your eyebrows, as he quickly pulls you close and kisses passionately, as you close your eyes, kissing him back, running your fingers though his hair. A few minutes later (you think so, at least), Bucky lets go of you, allowing you to breathe again.

“You were so much more restrained when you got back,” you murmur, and he smiles.

“I did spend a lot of time with Tony. That never ends well,” you grin and nod. “Now let me get back to your food before it is actually burnt.”

Title: Excerpts from Betty’s Diary    

Fandom: Riverdale

Episode: 1 x 04

Ship: Jughead Jones/ Betty Cooper

Rating: Mature

Summary: 3 entries from Betty’s diary, two of which are to do with finding Juggie a place to stay and one in which she sees him shirtless and finds her thoughts spiraling out of control. 

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Feb 20, 2017, 10:00 pm

Dear Diary,

I’m so upset today. I feel so many things – anger, sorrow, frustration, horror– but mostly I just feel worthless and uselessly privileged and oh - helpless. Maybe not entirely helpless, because Juggie’s here now, in my room, taking a shower. I had somehow convinced him to come home with me and sneaked him into my room. I had also sneaked up some leftovers from dinner and the poor thing devoured it like he’d been starving for days. We were all so shocked when we found out he was homeless. Had been for a few days now since the drive-in had been razed to the ground. And it had come out so unexpectedly! If Kevin had not been playing some silly guessing game about who had what thing in what room at their home and Juggie had not inadvertently, being his usual sardonic self, let it slip out that he didn’t have one, they’d have never known. He’d been living at the drive-in and that’s why he was so keen on saving it! And I had thought he was just being annoyingly sentimental! Oh, why hadn’t he told me? Or Archie? Or anyone? Why had he distanced himself from them all? 

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anonymous asked:

First of you've the most wonderful Kalafina's site. I visit multiple times a day. Thanks for all the wonderful things you updated related to the three wonderful ladies. Now my question is about Keiko - why you do or many other fans think she is gay? Would love your long essay on this or anyone else thought on it. Since I also shared your love of Keiko and WaKei - anything involving them would be most welcome. One cannot get enough of Kalafina so don't stop the spam. Thanks for your hard work

I HAVE NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER!!! I FEEL SO ASHAMED! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! THIS TOOK A MILLION YEARS! I originally wanted to finish some translations before getting to this ask and then real life crept up on me and kept me pretty busy. For whatever reason, this post got lost in my drafts and I only rediscovered it a couple of days ago. I AM SO VERY SORRY!!!

I have so many unfinished posts in my draft section, it’s crazy, it’s downright embarrassing, I really need to get my shit together. Anyways, let’s finally get to your ask!!!

Here we go =>
Thank you so much!!! This message made me incredibly happy! You have no idea!

VERY TRUE, there can never be enough Kalafina in this world ^_^ I honestly see it as my personal mission to spread the Kalafina love!! If I ever stop spamming you, I’ll either be dead or abducted by aliens.

Also, what an interesting question! While I (and a bunch of other fans) have addressed this topic a couple of times in the past (lookie here! I’ll link to it again later on), I’ve never actually dedicated an entire post to it so thank you so much for asking this! It gives me the opportunity to go all out on the subject and by now all of my followers should know that I have a penchant for writing long ass essays related to Kalafina XD

Before I start, I’d like to mention that our lovely fellow Kalafan @iakrus (who hasn’t been active on tumblr in a VERY long time unfortunately) has already covered this topic quite extensively (to a point where I don’t think my own post will do it justice >_<). She has obviously put a lot of effort into her research and she has found a ton of great sources that provide evidence for her arguments so be sure to check out her thoughts here and here. She has done an incredibly thorough job discussing the matter (addressing each and every important issue) so I might occasionally refer to her in my post (she also discusses the possibility of Yuki Kajiura being gay but that’s not the topic of this ask). All right, now that that is out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? ^_^

Why do I/other fans think Keiko is gay?

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Summoner/Chrom C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


(y/n): No one will notice if I hide in here to take a nap, hopefully…


Chrom: Dammit, that’s another hole. I guess I have to tell (y/n) now… Where is s/he, anyway?

(y/n): Zzzzz…

Chrom: (y/n)? Is that you?

(y/n): Huh?! Oh, it’s just you, Chrom…

Chrom: Why are you sleeping in a broom cupboard, of all places?

(y/n): I can’t get any rest anywhere else. It’s always crowded around here now, ever since I accidentally went a little overboard with my summoning.

Chrom: I have noticed an increased amount of heroes, lately. But aren’t you supposed to be taking them out for training?

(y/n): I was just taking a break in between teams. I hope I didn’t keep them waiting too long.

Chrom: Don’t worry, (y/n). You are truly admirable, to be taking on such a task. I don’t blame you for needing to catch up on your rest.

(y/n): That may be so, but I have a responsibility now, and I have to live up to it. I admit I never had to take on a task this important back in my world and I don’t really know if I’m doing a good job.

Chrom: Well, I was coming over here to tell you that I broke the wall again-

(y/n): Chrom!

Chrom: -but instead I’m going to offer atonement by taking out the next batch of heroes to be trained. Take this time to rest up, alright?

(y/n): Chrom, I can’t ask you to do that for me. 

Chrom: You didn’t ask - I offered to. As our summoner and tactician, you’re certainly shouldering a lot of responsibility. I know how that feels. Let me take this team out for you.

(y/n): Alright, if you insist… I guess I’ll just hang out here for awhile. It’s surprisingly comfortable.

Chrom: S/he’s falling back asleep… Well, I’d better make good on my promise. Time for battle.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): Dammit… Where is it?

Chrom: (y/n)? What’s wrong?

(y/n): Oh! Chrom. Nothing is wrong. I just lost something kind of important.

Chrom: What is it? I’d be happy to help you search.

(y/n): No, no, that’s not necessary. I can find it myself. Please, don’t get bothered over this.

Chrom: I’m offering my assistance. It’s the least I can do, really, with everything you do for us. What are you looking for?

(y/n): I’m a little embarrassed to tell you, to be honest…

Chrom: Oh? How scandalous is it? I’ll keep your secret, don’t worry.

(y/n): What?! No, nothing like that! It’s just a stuffed animal, okay? It was somehow brought with me to this world, and I guess it reminds me of home. I can’t sleep without it.

Chrom: That’s nothing to be ashamed of! My sister kept a huge collection of dolls in her bed with her for several years after she had outgrown them. So, did someone steal it?

(y/n): Most likely. Uh, lately I’ve been keeping it in my pocket in case I want to grab a quick nap. But it’s not there anymore.

Chrom: Should I ask around?

(y/n): No! Please don’t tell anyone else. Everyone seems to see me as some sort of big, important hero around here. I don’t want them to see that the truth is I’m just another scared person who misses home. That would probably drop their spirits.

Chrom: I don’t see anything wrong with that. I miss Ylisse terribly. I’m sure many here feel the same about their homelands.

(y/n): Be that as it may, I still don’t want anyone to know. If you could just… keep an eye out for it, that would be great.

Chrom: I’ll keep a lookout. See you, (y/n). I hope you find it soon.

(y/n): Thank you, Chrom.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank B.]


Chrom: (y/n)! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.

(y/n): Sorry, Chrom. I’ve been busy all morning taking out heroes on training missions. What do you need?

Chrom: I found it! Some dastard had pocketed it and tried to sell it as a foreign relic. I taught them a lesson they would never forget, rest assured.

(y/n): Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Wait, I mean, um…you didn’t have to go to that trouble, really.

Chrom: Of course I did. You are a leader we all look up to, so I’m happy to help you where I can. Here.

(y/n): Thank you.

Chrom: (y/n)? Are you crying?

(y/n): N-no, I’m just…sweating from my eyes.

Chrom: I’ve never heard of that happening before. Is it a rare disease? Are you okay?

(y/n): That wasn’t meant to be literal, Chrom. Ah, never mind. Sorry for turning into a leaky faucet all of a sudden.

Chrom: … A what?

(y/n): I’ve just been so stressed lately with all the duties I’ve taken on, and the pressure of having a million eyes on you, expecting you to be great is really taxing. I probably haven’t slept at all in three days.

Chrom: I know exactly how you feel. When I became exalt, the pressure on my shoulders increased tenfold. But the way I coped was by finding friendship in my close allies and forming bonds with them.

(y/n): Bonds, huh?

Chrom: If you’d like, I’d be happy to be that friend for you.

(y/n): Hmm…

Chrom: (y/n)?! Are you alright? You just collapsed out of nowhere.

(y/n): Zzzzz…

Chrom: S/he’s asleep again… I should find a better place for him/her to rest. The way s/he’s clutching that stuffed animal is rather cute, I’ll admit.


Chrom: There you go, (y/n). Sleep well, and know I’ll still be here for you when you wake.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank A.]


(y/n): Chrom?

Chrom: Hm? Oh, hello, (y/n). How is your day going?

(y/n): To be honest, a lot better. I’ve been getting more sleep ever since you started helping me take out the new heroes.

Chrom: Excellent. I’m glad I was able to help.

(y/n): Also, Chrom… There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.

Chrom: I’m all ears, (y/n). You can talk to me about anything.

(y/n): You know how you were talking about bonds between allies?

Chrom: Ah, yes. Essential to any war, I think you’ll find.

(y/n): Right. When you were in the Shepherds, did any bonds of friendship turn into…something more?

Chrom: Oh? What do you mean?

(y/n): I mean, did any friendships turn into, um, romance?

Chrom: Romance? Well, yes, I suppose a lot of close friends began to find love in each other. Why do you ask?

(y/n): Because I think I’ve fallen desperately in love with someone I have a close friendship with.

Chrom: Oh. Well, I’ll leave you to that, then. Have a good day, (y/n). I hope it works out.

(y/n): Wait! Chrom, don’t leave!

Chrom: Hmm? Why?

(y/n): Because it’s you, okay?! You’re the one that I’m in love with. Somewhere along the way in this crazy endeavour I’ve fallen for you, hard. You’re always there for me, and you’re always doing nice things, and…

Chrom: (y/n)…

(y/n): I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, especially because we’re from entirely different worlds, but I had to at least tell you how I feel.

Chrom: Don’t apologise. The truth is, I have feelings for you as well, (y/n).

(y/n): …Really?

Chrom: Yes. Our bond has grown so strong that nothing could break it. I love you, (y/n). Come here.

(y/n): Oh… It’s been too long since I had a real hug. Thank you, Chrom. For everything.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank S.]

Confession Quote:

Chrom: You are the most important person to me. May our bonds of love last…for all of eternity.