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Let’s estimate the size of the Pandora Hearts fandom on Tumblr

This will be a very rough estimate, but the aim is to count how many people are in the PH fandom on tumblr based on the number of reblogs. I know the PH fandom is rather small, but still I am curious.
REBLOG or LIKE this post and DO NOT DO BOTH because it will count the same person twice. We’ll take the number of notes as the number of people currently in the fandom (only on tumblr since the reblog function would only be available to tumblr users).

Walk Two Lifetimes Deleted Scene

Ugh, I wrote this like months ago when I was in a depressed mood. Basically, my original plan (that I scrapped) was for Hisana to make a move and for her and Byakuya to start a secret romantic relationship. Then his clan found out and everything went to hell. Since I’ve decided to take their relationship in a different (happier) direction, I have no need for the scenes I wrote, and so I thought I’d post them here. People have mentioned in the past that they’d like to see some deleted scenes so…anyway, I’m warning you that this is a bit angsty. 

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