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Persona 5: Phantom Thieves (click for HQ)

“Remember, there’s no such thing as the ‘real’ world. What each person sees and feels — those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential”

And with that the Matildas have now beaten Brazil 3 times

goals scored by one sammy kerr, caitlin foord and sammy again bc that kid just doesnt know when to quit

Brazil’s goals came off Fabiana and Marta 

forreal tho this game had it allllllll goals in the opening minute, ribbons, backflips, god-tier goalkeeping, yellows for everyone, flopping, the unceremonious dumping of foord to the floor multiple times and even an almost brawl!!!!

K-Dramas for the Second Half of 2016
  1. 38 Task Force 38사기동대 airing 17th June starring Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Seok and Choi Soo Young (Girls Generation)
  2. Doctors  닥터스 airing 20th June starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Rae Won and Jisoo
  3. Beautiful Mind 뷰티풀 마인드 airing 20th June starring Jang Hyuk, Park So Dam and Park Se Young
  4. Wanted 원티드 airing 22nd June starring Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Ah Joong and Ji Hyun Woo
  5. After the Show Ends 연극이 끝나고 난 뒤 airing 2nd July starring Yoon So Hee, Lee Min Hyuk (BTOB) and Yura (Girls Day)
  6. Uncontrollably Fond 함부로 애틋하게 airing 6th July starring Kim Woo Bin and Suzy (Miss A)
  7. The Good Wife  굿 와이프 airing 8th July starring Jeon Do Yeon, Yoon Kye Sang, Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Won Guen
  8. Jealousy Incarnate 질투의 화신 airing 17th August starring Jo Jung Suk, Gong Hyo Jin, Go Kyung Pyo and Moon Ga Young.
  9. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo 보보경심:려 airing 29th August starring IU, Lee Joon Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Ji Soo, Byun Baek Hyun (Exo) and Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Z.Hera and Seo Hyun (Girls Generation)
Hockey Jerseys 101

Hi friends I thought I’d make some sort of guide in buying jerseys that may help some of you who are planning on buying one that are a little unsure with sizing etc.
Just a reference point I’m 8-10 AUS size which I THINK is maybe 4-6 US size.
Note: I only own Youth Premier, Youth replica and Women’s jerseys.

Youth Jerseys Premier
- Cheaper than Women’s and Men’s
- They are quite long in length and the sleeves are big in width terms
- However most Youth jerseys are not customisable so they only come in selected players
- Logo / player number are fully stitched into the jersey (if you turn the jersey inside out you’ll be able to see the full stitching)
- Comes in two sizes S/M AND L/XL
- Both my Pacioretty and OEL jerseys are L/XL, they are quite long in length and cover my front and backside area (if you catch my drift)
- Size L/XL is big on me, it’s bigger than Women’s Size M jerseys that I own but I’d rather a big jersey that I can alter than a small jersey.
- I did alter my Pacioretty jersey so it’s a little more fitted in the waist area.

Youth Jerseys replica
- Cheapest of all jerseys
- Thinner Material
- Smaller make
- Comes customisable to player of choice
- Logo / player number are ironed on material
- Sizes comes in S/M AND L/XL
- Despite only having 2 sizes like the Premier Youth, the Replicas are smaller in make than the Premier so beware
- Trouba away jersey I own is in S/M it’s very fitted and kinda see through not sure if it’s just because it’s white or the fact that it is thinner

Women’s Premier
- Cheaper than Men’s
- Comes in S-XXL
- Slightly Fitted in the waist area
- Sleeves are narrower in width in comparison to the Youth Premier jerseys
- Comes in already customised of selected selected players AND customisable of player of choice
- Logo / Player number are stitched but when turned inside out unlike the Youth Premier the stitching isn’t as evident (not sure how to explain it without photos)
- Both my MacKinnon and Laine Jersey are size M, not super fitted but slightly loose with a SLIGHT fit in the waist area in comparison to the Youth jerseys. I could probably fit a size S but I like my jerseys loose.
- I’m not exactly sure if the length of the sleeves are dependent on the team but my MacKinnon Avs jersey sleeves are longer than my Laine one even tho they are the same size. Not sure if it’s because the MacKinnon jersey is the alternate jersey.

Important Notes:
- ALWAYS CHECK THE SIZING CHART, not sure about other websites but the NHL shop have a size chart for every clothing they sell. It’s sometimes helpful to measure your own clothes to get a reference of the size of the jersey.
- Usually during the end of the year NHL shop have 20-30% OFF on merch
- Sometimes the NHL shop have discount codes they have on a limited time (eg. 24Hrs)
- Always read the * when there’s a discount code, most of the time they are not applicable to customised jerseys.
- You can Sign up with NHL shop so you can receive emails about sales etc, it’s always nice to be notified when they’re having sales etc.

I obviously don’t know everything about jerseys etc, I just own a few and go on from there.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to message me 💖

“just me and the music”

baby driver inspired fahc | 5.8k | jeremy-centric

Jeremy drives. He’s a driver as a hobby, until he steals and sinks a very shiny chrome Adder that lands him in what some would consider an excellent position, but most would consider the fucking nightmare scenario.
Then he drives for the Fake AH Crew, and quickly finds himself taking part of the gang shit he told himself he was gonna avoid when he’d landed in Los Santos in the first place.

on ao3

releasing urls

hey faves, i’m going to be releasing these urls into the wild wild west soon, so if you wanted to claim any of these before they are anyone’s taking then give me a message :)

for your info:

  • reblogging to spread the word would be much appreciated
  • i’ll be editing this original post to update which urls have been taken, and i’m very sorry if you are misled and a url that you like has been claimed already :(
  • no trading required, these are all going to be released no matter what, so this is more about you guys claiming them before anyone else if you are really keen
  • i’ll release the urls sometime on wednesday (utc+10:00) if no one claims
  • *** means canon, + means plural, and striked means taken

the urls:

  • jessicajownes
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Pitch Perfect Meme

[¾] Objects - Beca’s Headphones 

+ bonus gif


imo iwaizumi deserves all the love in the world



Motivational speaker - Dan Howell