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I’ve been in Holland for the weekend, unable to watch cow chop videos and I come back to the greatest video ever. “The account of Aleks” is literally so impressive, funny and creative. Now going through the tag and seeing people ship each character and do fan art for it and all that makes it even better. Damn I’ve missed them so much, and the fandom 🤷🏻‍♀️

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hey ok i got some more you should do 32 for Lucy and then um OH 18 and 34 for Lucy's older sisters Victoria, Sarah, and Ellen please if you can AND THEN 39 and 40 for all the Lucy/Austin kiddos like Rory and Gus and I might be forgetting one of them crud

THESE ARE SUPER INTERESTING QUESTIONS THANK YOU SO MUCH BRO! Sorry my answer has taken so long. Iceland Adventures happened :’D Also heads up this is gonna be a long one… but let’s do this!

32. Do[es Lucy] have a go-to story in conversation? Or a joke?

Any story from her circus days, man. She has so many stories it’s actually a shock for people to find out that she was only there for a few short years. (If they ever find out, that is. Lu’s happy to let people assume she straight up grew up there). As for a specific story it depends on the topic. If it’s Lucy starting the conversation she can legit just be like “I used to live with the circus :D” and that’s usually unusual enough to spark a conversation.

18. What embarrasses[Lucy’s sisters]? 

Victoria: Her parent’s generation and their old fashioned views. This is why she gets into the suffroget movement when it finally takes wing. She’s not outlandishly progressive herself though - which is why she still has a husband and kid before Lucy even runs away to the circus - and also why she’d be embarassed by, like, public nudity and stuff. Or even fashion showing too much cleavage or whatever. There’s progressive and then there’s just plain indecent.

Sarah: Being proven wrong or shown up in front of people.

Nelly: Again, “indecent” things. Usually in public places. She’d lightly hassle Lucy about letting her hair be wild instead of tying it up nicely when she’s galavanting around without permission. Nelly can overlook a lot of things, but over all, yeah. I guess she’s understandably prude.

34. How hard is it for [Lucy’s sisters] to shake a sense of guilt?

Victoria: Victoria can be quite cold and as such easily wash her hands of any guilt. Even if it’s something she rightly feels guilty for and finds difficult to overcome, she won’t let it hold her back overall. She’ll adjust her ways if need be though. Victoria deals with things very internally.

Sarah: In the habit of pawning off guilt onto other people. “No U should feel bad for this thing I did”. Sarah honey, no.

Ellen: Not so easy. Nelly takes her time to make peace with things, but she can get there eventually.

39. How easy is it for [the Kimber kids] to ignore flaws in other people?

Gus: Like his dad, I reckon Gus doesn’t necessarily ignore people’s flaws but he can acknowledge and… deal appropriately with them? Words.

Rory: Depends on what the flaw is. Rory can be a liiiittle judgemental, but only if it’s a flaw she sees as entirely in the person’s control. You’re racist? EDUCATE YO’ SELF. Ignorant? EDUCATE YO’ SELF. Selfish? EDUCATE YO’ SELF ON SYMPATHY YOU JERK. She’d never hassle someone for being shy or something though. That’s not really a flaw to Rory though.

AJ: (The one you semi-remembered! I’m impressed you remembered him at all since I barely post anything about him like ever. <xD ANYWAY) Mmmm I kinda feel like AJ quietly keeps an eye on people’s flaws. He’d ignore them for the most part, but if it crops up in a serious situation he’ll stand up and act.

40. How sensitive are[the Kimber kids] to their own flaws?

Gus: Boy is f*ckin flawless whatchu talkin’ bout? Lol no jk jk, Gus is very aware of his own flaws but he owns them. “Yeahh, I definitely could have done better on that test if I studied but I did okay so I’m probably not gonna study for the next one either.” “Oh yeah I have the memory of a GOLDFISH, bro.” “Wait what did you just say? I completely tunes out for a second there because I have butterflies for brains.”

Rory: RORY HAS NO FLAWS HOW DARE YOU. Jk Jk again! She’d definitely ironically be like that though. Someone tell’s Rory she has a short fuse and she explodes in faux offence. Some flaws she definitely needs pointing out to her, but overall I think Rory would take genuine critisism to heart and try to better herself. Takes a grown up to own your mistakes, man.

AJ: VERY SENSITIVE MY POOR BABY. He’s pretty quiet (for a Kimber kid anyway) and so he takes critisism to heart and just… lets it fester there. He’s aware of his short comings (or perceived short comings) and if anyone points them out it only makes things worse. He’ll work on them if he can, but if he can’t it just makes him extra self-concious about them. Overall he’s probably very self-concious actually. He’s good at internalising though so it’s not necessarily that obvious to other people.

And now throwing this over to @lilbluestem to answer for her trio of Kimber kiddoes! \o/


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