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Hi! I think i just read EVERYTHING you've written. And it is AMAZING, so, its ok if i submit a request? Maybe Soulmate!AU (with words) with Loki (bc i love my son) there is something strange with his words (i dunno what, omg) and he thinks that he don't have a soulmate and then, one day, after some bad things he is in a BAD mood, and he meets reader and shouts at them, but instead of being upset reader is just GRINNING SO WIDE, and then... fluff. Yeah. I'm bad with ideas x) Thank you!

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: can’t lie to your soulmate!au ; a biiiiit smutty. tiny bit.

A/N: oh my god, I’m soooo glad you’re enjoying my stories my dear and I certainly hope that you like this one as well. I don’t know if I’d necessarily call it ‘fluff’, but I just thought a bit more steam would fit it a little better. don’t worry, it’s no actual smut, but I’m certainly hinting at it. (also, I wrote this before I saw Ragnarok, so this happens before the movie)



He had always despised this planet, still did and probably always would.

So why was he here? Why was he doing this to himself and not plotting how to take over Asgard again?

Because despite of what he told himself, he didn’t want his brother to die just yet and he certainly didn’t want anyone else to kill him if that someone wasn’t himself, so here he was, on Midgard, getting ready for the fight against Thanos.

“Loki!” speak of the devil. Thor approached him, already in his armor, “Get ready for battle, brother. We’ve got a lead on one of the infinity stones.”

“I don’t see why that concerns me? Ask one of your ‘friends’,” he sneered and continued reading, his legs propped up onto the coffee table in front of him.

But Thor pushed them off with his own feet and snatched the book out of his hand.

“But I want you by my side.”

Loki rolled his eyes and got up, his casual clothing turning into his armor.

“Fine. Congratulations, you’ve just robbed me of my relaxation day,” he walked towards the door, a laughing Thor running after him.

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Love Is a Marathon

For Zutara week, Day 5, “Fever”

Summary: Zuko and Katara come to an earlier understanding. Based loosely on the “Love Is a Battlefield” comic. AU.

@zutaraweek Better late than never?

They were counting down the days until Sozin’s Comet, diligently preparing for the task ahead, and yet trying not to think about the end of summer all at the same time. Katara had thrown icicle after icicle at a courtyard wall that morning, envisioning the Firelord as best she could—though she had never seen his face. Somehow, his visage always morphed into Azula’s by the end.

Azula. The surreal glow of the Avatar State; Aang ascending into the air; the excruciating white of her lightning shattering Katara’s world. She could never let that happen again.

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This department’s work ethic is killing me slowly because every time I come in to open and need to be able to do dishes, everyone else has left days worth of dishes in the sink so that I have to do those dishes to make room for my dishes.

So today I did EVERYONE ELSES dishes, my dishes, dried everything, and now everything is clean but I guarantee I will come back after my day off tomorrow to even more shit piled up. People here will leave things FOR WEEKS until I cave and do it myself. This store is disgusting and messy and they like don’t care. It’s driving me nuts.

-Admin Lolo


“Let me go!” You yelled at your ex. It was practically useless, the school was already empty except for some teachers.

“Give me a second chance and I’ll let you go.” He gave you an ultimatum, “(Y/N), give me a second chance.” He demanded in a stern voice, having a tighter grip on your wrist.

“Get off!” You screamed, frantically pulling.

“Not until you give me another chance.” He repeated, grabbing your other wrist.

“Stop, you’re hurting me!” You cried, falling on to the floor as he walked towards you. The pain was targeted on your back, the weight he applied on top of you to hold you down was no help. “Help!”

Just when you were about to lose hope, a door swung open from the hall around the corner and someone came running your way. “Get off of her!” The man yelled, charging over to you two and grabbing your ex boyfriend from the back of his shirt and throwing him off you. “You think it’s okay to force a girl like this?” He growled, “Pick on someone your own size—and as if she’d want you back, it’s no wonder why she left you.”

“Mr. Min—”

“Get the fuck out of my sight before I beat you senseless.” He pointed towards the doors, “Go.”

“I don’t think you wanna pick a fight with me.” He pushed the blonde teacher’s shoulders roughly, “Even if you do, guess who’ll be at fault? You; they’ll never believe a grown adult over a student.” Standing up closer in his face, he was challenging him with bumps to the chest with his own.

“Yeah? Well,” Mr. Min laughed, “no one has to find out, do they? Go home embarrassed and bruised, I’ll be here untouched; it’s not like you can do anything.”

This angered him, his face got harder, his fists clenched, “What’s a loser music like you got up his sleeve? You play piano for a living, teaching high schoolers shit they don’t need in life—music is a waste of time, just like you.” He almost let Mr. Min speak but laughed and looked towards you still on the floor watching everything, “Just like its her job to shut her mouth; she’s a woman, she had no say. (Y/N) was mine before so she’s mine now—I own her.”

Mr. Min punched your ex boyfriend in the face, sending him back into the lockers. Grabbing his shirt collar in his fists he brought him to his face, “A woman brought you into this world, women are life—respect them. (Y/N) sure as hell is not yours, nor will she ever be; she’s a beautiful girl who doesn’t need assholes like you in her life. Leave this school right now, don’t pass my class and don’t you ever walk in there ever again.” He growled an inch away from his face, “Do you understand?” Your ex gulped and nodded silently as Mr. Min pulled him closer until their noses were touching, “Leave!” He threw him against the lockers once more. He fell onto the floor but ran out of the building as he stumbled lightly. Mr. Min sighed, he hung his head low and looked at the ground. Once he had regained his posture, he smoothed out his dress shirt and slowly walked towards you. “(Y/N)?” He held his hand out to you to grab, you accepted it and he pulled you up. “We have a bit to discuss.”

“Yes sir.” You nodded, keeping your head pointing towards your feet.

“You’re not in trouble, (Y/N)-ah.”

He caught you off guard, he never favored students, he never called anyone in that manner. He was strict, only cracking a few jokes every month or so and barely speaking when he didn’t have to. His cold exterior seemed to shatter when he called you beautiful, he seemed almost as if he had failed at something. “I’m not?” You looked up at him, feeling so small and fragile as ever.

“No.” She shook his head as he opened held the door open for you to walk into the music classroom. You entered and crossed your arms, feeling quiet embarrassed after what had happened out there. Mr. Min closed the door behind him awkwardly and looked down, taking a deep breath to gain courage, “(Y/N), this is a very difficult thing to say; I’m not good with words. It doesn’t help that these things aren’t supposed to happen, it just helps that you’re of age. Nonetheless, no one can find out about this.” He looked through his long blonde hair, his dark eyes sparkled in the lighting but were filled with guilt.

He was an extremely handsome man, many thought so but thought he was weird for not speaking. There were rumors spread around that he had a traumatic experience that wouldn’t allow him to talk, some girls have said that he touched them inappropriately; that he was a child molester. In all honesty, those girls used these kinds of stories on every male teacher—telling everyone horror stories about how they couldn’t keep their hands off of them to build popularity and to make people feel sympathy towards them. You felt disgruntled, Mr. Min was a nice man and fell victim to another one of those sob fictional stories—and it stuck. For about a week or two straight there were notes on his desk and daring students calling him harsh names, it even got to the point where the principal had to take him out of class for a couple of days. The stories were endless altogether, every teacher fell victim; only Mr. Min Yoongi had it worse. “What is it?”

“Can you sit down for me?” He motioned to one of the desks behind you. You nodded and slid into the seat of the closet one. “I..” He started but closed his mouth and his eyes. His thin fingers brushed into his hair as he paced around a small area. “You’re a very nice girl,” he started, “the nicest person I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in this school.” His hands were shaking, “I can’t find a way to say this.” He laughed in disbelief.

You watched as his hands were quickly stuffed into his pockets when he noticed you staring, “Just say it Mr. Min.”

“Okay,” He breathed, “I will.” He stood still, looking at you straight in the eyes, “I really like you, (Y/N). You’re beautiful; I’d protect anyone from that, but you’re special to me. You’re the only one who got close and wasn’t afraid of me after that whole fiasco. I really appreciate you as a student, and I’ve fallen in love with you.” He licked his lips quickly, “Please don’t think of me differently.”

You shook your head, “Of course not, I think you’re handsome and there’s no doubt in my mind you didn’t do all those things. Those girls make up rumors for credit, many other teachers have had that happen to them.”

“It’s so easily to believe people,” Mr. Min walked closer, “you knew I didn’t do it.” He smiled a beautiful cave smile you’d only seen a handful of times. “Everyone said it would just blow off, but I got it more than anyone else.”

“I know you did…” You motioned for him to come closer, to which he knelt down to you. You grabbed his cheek lightly and caressed it, “I’m happy it finally went away, that you could teach and live now. I’m happy you like me—”

“I believe love is the correct word.”

You smiled, “That you love me.”

“Why is that?” He hesitantly held the hand on his cheek.

“Because I really like you too, Mr. Min.”

“You do?” He was in awe, he held your hand but placed it on your thigh. “Would you like to go on a date? How does Saturday sound?”

“It sounds great.”

He looked at your eyes, immediately making the blood rush to your cheeks; the heat from your cheeks rose. “May I kiss you?”

You bit your lip and nodded, “Yes you may.”

Mr. Min cupped your cheek and brought you in slowly, you felt his lips brush against yours lightly. The heat from your breaths tickled each other, but the fixation you had in each other’s eyes was more apparent. Finally, the gap had been closed and your eyelids had closed: your lips gently pressed against each other in the most heavily way possible. When you pulled away after a few seconds, Mr. Min had looked at you once again, “Call me Yoongi—just Yoongi.”

“Call me (Y/N).” You mocked him.

“Already making fun of me?” He touched his chest lightly, “I’m hurt. Respect your elders, respect your oppa.”

“Yes sir.”

He smiled and laughed, “No more yes sirs, only in school. Just call me Yoongi, act like this is a normal date and relationship.” He informed you, “Okay, so now we just do what normal couples would do.”

“We aren’t normal?”

“We aren’t exactly the ideal relationship,” he grabbed your hand to stand up, “but I’ll love you and it regardless of the circumstances. As long as I have you I’ll be happy, (Y/N). I swear I won’t be anything like your ex; I’m mature, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, I know how you should be treated.” He promised.

“I trust you will, Yoongi.”

“Mhm.” He hummed, kissing the top of your head and wrapping his arms around you. “I’m happy you’re mine now.” He looked down, “Show me your aegyo.” He pinched your cheek, “You’re so cute I’d love to see it.”

“Nope.” You shook your head.

“That’s okay,” he chuckled, “you have natural aegyo.” Yoongi held you tightly against his chest, “I can’t wait for our date, (Y/N)—I really like you.”

“I can’t wait either, I really like you too Yoongi.” You hugged him back.

Not Today// Twenty One Pilots

Requested: can i have an imagine where Tyler and Josh both like you, and they fight over you, and one day when they are fighting, you catch them and tease them about it, and they both get all embarrassed? thank you so much, and i love your writing, it’s goals.


              Some tension while on tour was normal, everyone gets sick of each other at least a little bit after being cramped up with them after a while. So when you noticed a slight tension between Josh and Tyler you initially didn’t think anything of it. Though the two loved each other to death, this was the longest tour they’ve been on. You merely shrugged, it was only your second tour with them so maybe this had happened before; you didn’t really know and didn’t care to ask.

              “Hey, Y/N?” You heard Tyler call as you were in the middle of setting up Josh’s drumkit. “Can you listen to something for me? I think my piano is losing its tune.” You shrugged slightly. You were hired on as a drum tech, and you weren’t exactly familiar with piano.

              “I could try? You know I’m not an expert on pianos like you are Tyler.” You laughed, as you moved to set up the kick drum. “Let me just finish this, then I’ll help you. Deal?” You wanted to help Tyler, but your job came before your friendships.

              “Please Y/N?” He droned, obviously wanting you over at his piano right at that moment. “I have something to show you and I wanted it to be a surprise. I kind of want to show you before everyone else shows up.” You felt slightly bad, Tyler was a sweetheart and you were acting cold. It wasn’t like the drum kit would take you that long to set up, would it?

              “Fine.” You caved in, walking over to the piano stool where Tyler sat. “I’ll listen for a bit, but I do need to finish setting stuff up. I really don’t want to get fired.” Tyler gave you a small smile as his fingers began to expertly press keys. Making a beautiful sound as he did so, you loved it.

              “That’s only part of it, but what do you think?” He asked, looking up at you with a certain look in his eyes. You couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but right as you were about to answer Marks voice rang out.      

              “Y/N! What are you doing?” You shot up, apologies soaring past your lips at a million miles per minute as anxiety bubbled in your stomach. You really didn’t want to lose this job, and Mark seemed less than impressed with you. “Finish setting up the drum set, then come find me. We need to talk.” You felt like you were about to cry as Mark walked away, leaving you to slowly finish the job you had started.

              “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect him to be like that with you.” Tyler began, placing a hand on your shoulder as you worked. You shrugged it off, not wanting any contact with him whatsoever right now. Tyler may have been a good friend of yours, but he may also be the reason why you lost your dream job.

              “Leave me alone Tyler.” You whispered pleadingly. Using everything inside of you not to cry. “Until I talk to Mark, I don’t want to talk to you.” You heard another quiet apology before Tyler walked away, probably to go prepare for the show tonight.

              “Hey. Let me.” You were just about to move one of the symbols when Josh intervened. Offering to do some of the work. “I’ve done this a million times before, and you look like you need a bottle of water and some time to relax.” You shook your head fiercely, continuing to set up the drum kit. You were not about to get caught slacking off again in front of Mark. “Is this about what Mark said? Don’t worry about him, he’s just stressed because it’s a sold out show. If you’re worried I could go with you to talk to him. Or wait outside until after.” You smiled at the offer.

              “Maybe. I’m just hoping I don’t lose my job, you know?” You whispered, it sounded pathetic when you said it in words. You knew Mark admired your work ethic, and wouldn’t fire you over one little thing like this.

              “He won’t fire you. You’re the best drum tech I’ve had in years, and besides if he were to fire anyone it would probably be Tyler and I.” You couldn’t help but laugh at Josh’s words; the situations the two have gotten themselves into drove Mark up the wall at some points. “I wouldn’t let you go anyway; I’d hire you as my private tech, and not allow anyone else to touch my babies.” Josh lovingly rubbed the snare drum he was holding; for something he would be hitting with all his might in a few hours, he babied his drums.

              “Thank you Josh, for everything.” You smiled as the two of you finished setting up. You pulled the drummer into a hug, surprised at how tight he held onto you. “I’m going to talk Mark now, wish me luck.” You whispered into his chest, not wanting to pull away. You loved hugs, and found Josh’s to be some of the best. With that being said you never viewed him in a romantic light, same with Tyler. They were two of your best friends. Who you could hug and cuddle whenever you pleased. You walked off stage, wandering throughout the venue fearfully looking for Mark.

              “Y/N, looking for me I’m guessing?” You jumped as you heard his voice come from behind you. He had just stepped out of a dressing room and took a couple steps toward you, leaning against the wall. “I’m sorry for being an ass earlier, I shouldn’t have gotten mad. But you know hanging out comes second, right? You have to get your jobs done, then you’re free to do whatever you please.” You nodded, working up the confidence to ask the question that had been buzzing in your mind.

              “So I’m not fired?” You rushed out, receiving an amused look in response.

              “Tyler and Josh would fire me if I even thought of letting you go. Plus you’re great at what you do, and you keep the boys company on the bus. I have no reason to fire you. Just try not to let this happen again?” You nodded happily, watching as Mark walked past you before letting out the sigh of relief that you had been holding in. Josh was right, Mark wouldn’t fire you. The Twenty One Pilots crew was a family, and the clique was the children. The children that Tyler had somehow birthed without dying. The thought of that interview made you smile inside as you went to find the guys to tell them the news.

              You were about to round the corner to where you heard Josh and Tyler talking, until you realized that they sounded angry. You stopped, pressing your back to the wall as you listened in. You had a small voice in your head scream at you to stop, knowing that if they caught you they would both be devastated. Then again, they seemed to be hiding something from you. If one of them had a problem with something, or each other they would surely tell you, right?

              “You didn’t see how sad she looked. You can’t just jeopardize her job to make stupid moves on her.” Josh snapped at Tyler; to make moves on me?

              “Yeah, yeah. At least I’m romantic enough to make moves on her. What have you done, help her do her job? Nice going you took some of the workload off, what a sweetheart you are.” Tyler retorted, confusing you completely. Why were they fighting over who was sweeter to you?                

              “And you played some stupid tune on piano, good job.” You could almost hear Josh rolling his eyes, followed by a pop. One of them opening a can of what was probably Red Bull.

              “Don’t you test me, just because I play the piano doesn’t mean I’m not willing to take you down.” You had to cover your mouth to keep from bursting out into a fit of laughter, did Tyler seriously quote one of his own songs?

              “Did you just try to threaten me?” Josh asked, outright confused at Tyler’s words; and probably the fact that he quoted his own lyrics.

              “I’m sorry.” Tyler mumbled, continuing the song a little more as you couldn’t hold it in, you leaned around the corner and started laughing. Watching as their eyes widened and faces turned bright red.

              “Are you serious Tyler?” You choked out between laughs, “Quoting your own fricken song?” You were beginning to calm down at this point, forcing yourself to take deeper breaths so you could discuss the issue at hand. “Were you guys seriously fighting about a girl? And was this girl seriously me?” You felt embarrassed to assume that, but the evidence you heard made it clear.

              “I’m sorry.” Their voices chorused together, you merely crossed your arms trying to look like a mother figure.

              “Is this why you guys have been so tense around each other? Over a girl? I thought I raised you both better.” You pointed your finger at them. “Now hug it out. You both are never going to hear the end of this.” You giggled. “I love you both to death, but I would never, ever tear this little family apart by dating one of you.” You saw the disappointment brew in their faces. “You guys understand that, right? I love to cuddle you both, give lots of hugs and say cute things. But I could never jeopardize the relationship I have with either of you by diving into a relationship. I can’t stand the thought of losing either of my dorks.” You held your arms around, nonverbally calling for a group hug with the two boys.

              “I’m never going to hear the end of it from you, am I?” Tyler asked, still embarrassed about quoting his own song in a fight.

              “Never ever, you won’t either Josh.” You smiled, feeling their arms slip around you. Peace in the Twenty One Pilots family was restored.


Stupid, stupid, stupid.

That’s me.

I didn’t feel so stupid this afternoon, when I was being a good mother. It was a crisp fall day and the leaves were gorgeous colors, so I took my daughter for a walk. We strolled the back paths while she asked a thousand questions, and I listened as she recounted each fairy tale that the woods brought to her mind. It didn’t matter to either of us that I was the one who had read all those fairy tales to her in the first place.

No, none of that was stupid. But wandering near the crumbling old wishing well certainly was. She was enchanted by it.

“Have you ever done it, Mommy? Made a wish here?”

“I’ve made two wishes,” I said. “Once, I wished for you, and then you came true. And you only cost me a penny.”

She giggled and asked about my second wish.

“That wish was the most heartfelt I’ve ever made, because it was for you again.”

“But you already got me!”

I smiled.

“Yes, but I didn’t want to lose you. I made the second wish when you were a baby, when you were sick and the doctors said there was no hope. I was so sad that I dropped in another penny. And that wish also came true, because you got better. Are you glad I wished it?”


So was I. And I wasn’t lying, I really did make that wish.

But I didn’t tell her the whole story. I didn’t tell her how, after I’d tossed the coin down the well, it came back up and landed right at my feet. I didn’t tell her that when I touched the coin again, I instantly understood that something down there—or maybe the well itself—was making a wish in return. And it wanted more than a penny.

“Did Daddy make a wish, too?” she asked.

Of course she would ask that. She thinks the world of her father, even though she never really knew him. I told everyone else that my husband ran away, but I’ve only told her what a loving and devoted man he’d been, until he went missing. In her imagination he was a long-lost king, and she was his princess.

“No,” I said, “I never dragged Daddy all the way out here.”

Except I did.


Because some wishes cost more.

And now, tonight, someone is beating on my front door. There are tortured groans that vaguely resemble my name, and I can smell something terrible. It’s a musty odor, like the mold in a damp cellar or cave.

Suddenly there is silence. Then with a crash, the window is shattered by a grasping, skeletal hand, and the moldy smell is overpowered by the stench of decayed flesh.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

What was I thinking? What else was a little girl who loves her missing daddy going to wish for?

Why did I give her a penny?

dineshgilfoyle  asked:

Please indulge me and imagine what it would be like if Nelson Belson happened and Big Head was like "dude if we're gonna be in a relationship you gotta hang out with my friends"

oh my god

it would be so fucking awkward

like Gavin would not want to be around Richard at all but he’s Big Head’s best friend so he has to because of course he’d eventually cave, and Richard is almost always around the other Pied Piper guys, and they all just like go out for a drink or something and they’re just sitting around like




NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO TALK ABOUT and Gavin and Richard are both why did I agree to this and everyone else is like how did I get dragged into this

and Jared and Big Head try so hard to make fucking small talk because you can cut the tension with a spoon but it just makes everyone else clam up more

oh god this is the best mental image

thank you for this


Noct let me know Prompto’s having a bit of a rough time right now, but he wouldn’t say why. In all the chaos the Empire has caused, we haven’t really taken a day to just get our heads together in a long time, and from the looks of things, we all need a day off.

So that’s just what we did. Prompto shoved Noct into a lake while he was fishing; Noct threatened to charge him with treason.

Eventually we all got back on the road. Decided the best thing to do would be to go back to Lestallum. If nothing else, it puts us back near the waterfall cave, and we can figure out what we’re doing from there. I’ve resigned myself to no one ever wearing a seatbelt. At least we’ll all die together should we crash.

I’m definitely not going to complain about staying in the Leville again. Thanks to the hunts we’ve been doing lately, we have enough gil to get enough beds for everyone. I might actually get some decent sleep without Prompto insisting on sharing a bed with me.

Then we all just did whatever we felt like doing for the afternoon. I checked in with the merchants to make sure their deliveries had arrived this time, then settled in at the hotel to look through Prompto’s photos.

My friends may be morons sometimes, and it’s exhausting trying to keep everyone from falling apart or getting killed. Sometimes they may hate me because I have to tell them no, they can’t do that very stupid thing. They’re irritating, stubborn, unwashed, and ungrateful, they mock me when I think up new recipes, and yes, I occasionally wonder how hard it would be to poison them all, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be with on this trip.

Dylan yawned as he made his way down the hallway to the door, not bothering to check who it was before he opened it. He really should have, because he came face to face with his twin. “No,” he said, promptly turning on his heels and walking back down the hall. “Whatever you’re about to say to me right now, I’m just gonna go ahead and say no.” He turned back to her, “Take a number, Chris, Mum’s already been trying to get in touch with me all freaking morning and said she’d have the entire Ministry on my ass if I didn’t answer her. I’m fine.”

He wasn’t, and it was obvious, but when he got like this, he completely shut down and everyone out in the process. Dylan would’ve thought his sister, above anyone else, would have known this. “Did she send you here?” Dylan gave her a look, “Merlin, Chrissie. You weren’t talking to Orion, were you? Because I swear to God if you guys are conspiring behind my back to do some weird intervention, I promise you, I will go off seclude myself to an ice cave in the North Pole. It’s a stupid news article and the Minister is a heartless bitch. I’m fine.”


blndesmiles-blog  asked:

One shot of rucas- Lucas and Riley finding an animal on the street and Lucas sorta nurses it back to health

This took a while to get to but it’s a cute prompt so I hope this is okay ddflgkh
Their early session movie wraps up and Lucas walks Riley back to his apartment since his parents weren’t home to disturb them. The pair are huddled under an umbrella as it trickles down on top of them. On the corner of the street Riley notices a cardboard box and faint whimpers could be heard from it. 

Curiosity got the better of her and she went over to investigate. Inside the box is a soaked puppy shivering in the corner. 

“Lucas!” Riley exclaims. 

“Hey little guy,” Lucas crouches down beside it as Riley holds the umbrella for them. Lucas gently picks up the scared pup and tucks him under his jacket, “He’s freezing.” 

“Here,” Riley removes her scarf and hands it to Lucas. 

“Thanks,” he wraps the puppy up like a newborn. 

“What’s a cute little puppy doing in a box in the rain?” Riley asks as they walk. 

“Sometimes people can’t take care of the litters so they abandon them on the street for people to take, I guess this one didn’t find a home,” Lucas explains and Riley is on the verge of tears. 

The couple then hurry back to Lucas’ place. Riley hangs her wet coat up by the door and returns to Lucas’ side. He pulls out the puppy that’s still shaking from the cold. 

“What do we do?” Riley looks at the helpless creature. 

“Could you hold him a second?” Lucas passes the pup to Riley and runs off down the hall. 

Riley gently scratches the dogs ear and waits for Lucas to return. When he does he has a hairdryer in hand, he plugs it in at the kitchen counter and Riley carefully unwraps the small animal. She keeps it huddled in her arms as Lucas blows its white fur with the dryer. 

The warm air steadies it’s shivering body. Lucas gets some leftovers from the fridge and urges the puppy to eat. He resists still frightened from the whole ordeal but Lucas manages to calm the white fluff ball enough to take a few bites, then some more until he finishes off the whole plate. 

“He was hungry,” Lucas laughs patting the dog. 

“You’re going to be a great veterinarian,” Riley smiles as she’d watched Lucas care for and earn the trust of an abandoned pet. 

“You think?” Lucas picks the puppy up and holds him by his cheek and it licks his face lovingly. 

“Yeah,” Riley giggles giving it’s belly a scratch. 

“I guess we’ll have to take him to the pound tomorrow,” Lucas frowns. 

“No!” Riley gasps, “This poor little guy was abandoned, left to fend for himself, we can’t give up hope for him, not like everyone else.” 

“Riley,” Lucas looks at her pouty face, “Your building doesn’t allow pets and I don’t think my parents will let me keep him..” 

“Lucas,” her pout intensifies. 

“Okay, okay!” Lucas caves, “I’ll try convince them.” 

“Did you here that?” Riley beams speaking to the pup. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Friar return home, Riley listens from Lucas’ room as he tries to convince his parents to let him keep the puppy. Mr. Friar seems to think the dog was wonderful but Mrs. Friar is pretty adamant that it isn’t staying. 

Lucas enters his room with a sad expression. Riley holds out her hands and takes the dog, nuzzling him with her head. 

“They’re not letting you keep him are they?” Riley frowns. 

“No,” Lucas shakes his head, “We’re taking him to the pound in the morning.” 

Riley leaves upset. Lucas insisted he take the puppy without her as he wasn’t confident she was ready for that kind of environment. The following morning Lucas’ mom accompanies him to the pound. 

Lucas was right, Riley wouldn’t have been able to handle the sounds of crying animals and apparently neither was Mrs. Friar as she left cradling the white pup in her arms. 

Once back at his apartment Lucas calls Riley immediately.

“Have you been to the pound?” Riley sighs. 

“Yeah,” Lucas starts but the yelps of the barking puppy on his lap cut him off. 

“Is that?” Riley perks up. 

“Yeah!” Lucas excitedly replies, “Mom changed her mind.” 

“YAYYYY!” Riley bounces on the other end of the line. 

“Since we’re keeping him he’s going to need a name,” Lucas lets the pup gnaw on his finger as he speaks.

“Do you have any ideas?” Riley asks. 

“Just one,” Lucas smiles, “This puppy isn’t disposable, he’s believed in and we’re not giving up hope for him. I was thinking we call him Pluto, what do you think?” 

“I love it,” Riley giggles. 

Ways I Relate To The Master

1. When he’s upset he lies down on the floor

2. Understands the struggle of being the only person to do any work during a group project

Seriously he’s the only one

who did 

any goddamn work on this whole thing

3. In middle school there were like 5 white boys who all looked the same and I just called them all Eric in my head and I honestly think he’s did the same but with the name Colin

4. Primarily worked in child care and appears to be a moderate to fair babysitter

5. Appears to consistently have a cold or allergies (could be a motivating factor to trying to leave his dusty cave and get adequate health care) 

6. Has difficulty waking up but once he’s up he’s up

7. Likes animated movies

8. idk I would vote for him

Learning To Fall (Part 1)

Requested: No

A/N: Hi! So I wrote this with my friend Cel from teenage-mutant-ninja-5sos. We plan on making this a series so please stay tuned for more. This is my first time writing a 5sos related thing and I wanna do more of these. If you want you can start requesting and I would be more than happy to use your prompts!

Charlie was a girl with secrets and she knew how to keep them very well hidden. But can she keep them from a certain Calum Hood?

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     i caved & did the thing like everyone else is doing. by now everyone knows the rules, but just the quick rundown. like this if you’re a mutual & you’re cool with me : randomly tossing you starters, showing up in your inbox ic ( or ooc ), throwing plot ideas at you, sobbing into your lap about threads, & sending you pretty much every meme you ever reblog. there’s no cap to this & i’ll probably refer to it quite often ( & have a link to it somewhere on my blog tbh ) , & i hope everyone knows that you’re never obligated to answer any of the things i hum at your head.