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So it’s coming to the end of the year so I caved and I made a follow forever. Whoops. It’s the people here that have made friends with which makes the year more amazing even though it seems terrible this year. I am thankful to each and every one of you. I hope you know who you are. Also thank you for putting up with me. I’m a lot of work. I try to include everyone on here, I have tried to keep up with the url changes if you’re not on here know that you’re important to me. I wish for many good things happen to you for the upcoming year. I wish you guys a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Quaziggyziggyzam. (See that Jonas Brothers reference, I made?) Just know I love you guys. :D And without further ado, here’s my ff:

Blogs that I am part of: @bellarke, @dailygmw, @dailyriarkle, @fyeslydiamartin, @rileymatthewsgifs, & @sciradaily

@ajanaomiking, @annakendirck, @alexanderhamllton, @always-stydia, @allvdia. @arianagrandes. @anakinren, @bellamyblake, @bellarkism, @bellslarkes, @baetrenoora, @bisexualraven, @bokayjunkie, @bellamyblakeish, @bellarkerevolution, @blakesgrffin, @blyedeeks, @clarke-raven, @clarkegrffn, @clarysfray, @coldyoungheart, @chaoticlesbean, @chris-evahns, @claryfarchild, @dylanslilnugget, @daylightspeaks, @dvlanobrein, @davinaclaires, @duffhilary , @eleveun, @evyscarnahan, @emetoubias, @feenys, @foreverfelicityqueen, @flawlessbanshee, @fuckyeahstydia, @farkle-minkus, @fauwnas,

@grantgustn, @grantsass, @georgeweasely, @gustingrantt, @gabriellabolton, @girlmeetswrld, @ggrinted, @halcys, @holybellamy, @hisbanshee, @harleys-quinzel, @helptwelve, @hollandrodsen, @hellastydia, @hcrndale, @irisvwest, @jordangavaris, @jyncassian, @julianbarrys, @khylinrhambo, @karazorol, @karmaashcroft, @kacie-ville, @lydiaskiss, @loonyelovegood, @lukdanes, @lukasphillip, @lydia-martins, @leaderblake, @lydstilinsk, @lydiastilinski, @lindseymorgan, @lydsstilinski, @likeapromises, @laurelance, @lydiamartins, @lorelukes, @lilispotter, @lydiascotty, @layden, @likcoln, @lydiamccall,

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+ blogroll (because there’s a lot of people I’m missing)

Quite obviously I can hardly photoshop for my life, which is why this is the simplest graphic to ever graphic, but guess what? I just reached by first 100! ヽ( ˃ ヮ˂)ノ I know it might not seem like much, but I am honestly so excited that I have finally reached a number I can call a milestone. I appreciate each an every one of you cutie little followers, which is why I’ve thrown together this thing, which will probably miss people and make me very embarrassed, but it’s worth a shot, right? Everything’s in no particular order, by the way <3

The adorableness of the people who I honestly don’t know where I’d be in the roleplay world without:

meadcweswrites | deathlyhllws | britt-writes

The cuties who deserve honorable mention for being amazing:

norahelps | gryffindorwrites 

My lovely mutuals who I seriously need to interact with more (seriously bros, hit me up):

frankeyeairoh | starlordwrites | hufflewrites | lilylunawrites | pinayrps | badlandswrites | tabithalynnwrites | abby1x1s | osmentrps | bellwrites | ezriarps | hoeofrp | brittawrites | ashleybrps | eris1x1 | bliss1x1 | scxrpiowrites | agntcarterwrites | kirstenrps | harleenquinzelwrites | cpwrites | nymphadorawrites | slythrnwrites | chungwrites | sanguinewrites | caspianwrites | acidsrps | writerscube2 | rococowrites | princesshemmowrites | impierio | siriuslywrites | swcnwrites | blondierps | cuterps | slutrps | rapunzelofrp | ronweasleywrites | ukrainianironbellyy | mexicanaca | songbirdwrites | badlcndswrites | starletwrites | jasminrph | sadnesswrites | blewsergant | romanoffrps | mikeyofrps | durmstrangwrites | peanutwritess | caithelps | try2putlovein2words | mrmaidwrites | wayfarerwrites | punkwrites | majestictxffy | corneliawrites | ciarawrites | chiddywrites | laurenrpgs | sxphiewrites | kelofrp | winemomwrites | cruxiowrites | ashlynnhelps | arielellenrps | babypenguinwrites | origliassorps | unclejwrites | ayerps | wanderesswrites | koalofrp | sncwwhiterps | wonderboywrites | annabananarps | hachiwrites | lilyevansrps | puckypuckrps | merlynwrites | novemberwrites | astoriawrites | snivelluswrites | knightleyswrites | jamessiriuswrites

Hey everyone, so I caved and decided to do a follower’s forever list. I hope you’re all having/had a great holiday, and I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Here are the people I follow who make my blog a wonderful place, favourites are bolded.


@agentcarter-gifs, @agentsdaily, @asyouwishkillianjones , @beautifulsq, @belle-french, @bellefrenchs, @bellesfrenchh, @businesscasualprincess, @capsuponatime, @captainmeerkat, @captainswan-coffee, @colin–odonoghue, @cs-and-er-network, @cutlasswans, @dailyagentcarter, @dailyouat, @darkjonesaf, @dashingrapskillian, @diablodancer, @doctorwhoblog


@emmabadasswan, @emmandhook, @emmasdreamcatcher, @emmasneverland, @evilqueenregals, @evilregaler, @flarrowdaily, @fuckyeshermajesty, @fuckyesouatvillains, @fuckyesoutlawqueen, @guylinerjones, @hedasclexa, @hermajestygifs, @hook-come-back-to-me @hook-found-emma, @hookier


@i-kissed-hook, @i-love-you-swan, @illneverstopfightingforus, @ipreferkillian, @itsalostgirlthing, @ive-always-been-a-pirate, @jennymorrison, @joneswans, @keeptheoutlawqueenfaith, @killianandswanforever, @killianhasmehooked, @killians-tinkabelle, @l-avant-gardener, @lieutenantduckling, @lieutenantducklings, @lovestruckswan


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