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STAR CHILD - a star butterfly fanmix

star child, the orion experience. koko, tamurapan. beings, madeon. queen, janelle monae. because this is the sky my heart flies in, itou shizuka. wings, little mix. to the ends of the earth, kyousougiga ost. whole wide world, mindy gledhill. new moon ni koishite, momoiro clover z. good time, owl city. lions, lights. haven’t you noticed i’m a star, adriana figueroa. future star, kyoukai no kanata cast.

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Harry Potter AU - Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol has slowly ruined my life……….

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  • tall bean would be one of the chasers for Gryffindor
  • His hair color would constantly be changing
  • HIS HAIR WOULD BE FUCKING BRIGHT RED EVERY SINGLE QUIDDITCH GAME (its hot on him but RONALD MCDONALD  man….but its chanyeol so…˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘)
  • did I mention that he is POPULAR AF B/C HE IS IN THE EXO CLIQUE
  • Shitloads of fangirls/fanboys/owls/dragons/etc wanting a piece of him   ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ
  • But he’s still a loyal hoe to you

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man, no matter how you cut it, jotaro is a rich kid.

he wears 200 dollar pants as a part of his school uniform. all of his outfits after that seem to be tailored to his interests down to writing his name down the sleeves. joseph basically owns new york in real estate, which is unfathomably Big Money. his father is a famous musician “always on tour”. his mom owns a huge home in the center of tokyo.

do you think jotaro struggles with like, the concept of money ever being a problem? because I Kinda Wonder

crushes :/, [listen]

Like or Like Like- Miniature Tigers // Post Break-Up Sex- The Vaccines // Woe- Say anything // Stuck In The Middle- Mika // Hello- Capsule // I’m Not Gonna Teach…- Glee Cast // Toxic- Peace // Tightrope- Walk The Moon // Beating Heart (Vindata Remix)- Ellie Goulding // She’s a Riot- The Jungle Giants // My Freeze Ray- Neil Patrick Harris // Pollyanna- Catherine Warwick // Vanilla Twilight- Owl City // Synethesia- Andrew McMahon // Fantasy- DyE // Kids- Two Door Cinema Club // Somebody to Love- Queen // I Won’t Let You Down- Ok Go //

ART CREDIT: http://jununy.tumblr.com/


i made two playlists inspired by the boy with the cuckoo clock heart (the book jack and the cuckoo clock heart is based on) and the progression of jack and miss acacia’s relationship

side a: the sensation of flying http://8tracks.com/kairi4evur/side-a-the-sensation-of-flying

all i see are stars- jatcch st // enchanted (live)- taylor swift // paperman- christophe beck // moon dance- corpse bride st // ♥- baths // tonight- west side story revival cast // light and colour- summertime’s end // elephant love medley- moulin rouge st // let’s get lost- mandopony feat. eilemonty // catch me- demi lovato // hooked on a feeling- blue swede // up all night- owl city // tango brilliante- ouran high school host club st // kiss of fire- hugh laurie // it is you (i have loved)- dana glover // chelsea- summertime’s end // serenade- ouran high school host club st // you are in love- taylor swift // romantic flight- john powell // mademoiselle clé- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

side b: the agony of injustice http://8tracks.com/kairi4evur/side-b-the-agony-of-unjustice

tais-toi mon coeur- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz // this love- taylor swift // rejection in the rain- megamind st // lonely lullaby- owl city // el tango de roxanne- moulin rouge st // iniuria palace- baths // stay with me mr brightside- sam smith and the killers // love is in my soul- sean lennon // never let this go- paramore // all alone- fun. // broken open- adam lambert // lovesick synthetic- baths // when she loved me- sarah mclachlan // speechless- lady gaga // unchain my heart- hugh laurie // elegia- ouran high school host club st // plane crash dreams- josh farro and hayley williams // distant years (piano version)- clannad st // clean- taylor swift // hamac of clouds- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

music shuffle tag!

Put your music on shuffle, list the first nine songs and your favorite lyrics from each. When you’re done, tag 9 people to do it next.

@bowflakes tagged me a forever ago and i’m just doing this now ripp

1. Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) // The WeekndFunny You Should Ask // The Front Bottoms
“The good thing about this cast is I can still hold a knife,
So if you ever twist my arm again I’ll be sure to put up a fight.”

3. Mad At Nothing // Patrick Stump
“Right now, you’re just sour,
But that can sweeten with time,
But I’m not bluffing:
You should’ve been a friend of mine.”

4. Metropolis // Owl City
“I feel like a postcard,
I wish you were here.”

5. Mathew James // Bad Suns
“Hungry for a meaning, this all seems unclear,
I’ve come to the conclusion we’re all clueless here.”

6. Golden Days // Panic! at the Disco
“Time can never break your heart,
But it’ll take the pain away.”

7. You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave // Fall Out Boy
“And everyone’s looking for relief,
United States verses disbelief.”

8. Take Me To The River // Talking Heads
“Sixteen candles there on my wall,
And here I am, the biggest fool of them all.”

9. The Cave // Mumford & Sons
“And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.”

i tag @hugstable @cherryxblossoms and @tobe-o + anyone else who wants to do this!!


The old version of me is very “open wound.” She and my characters in Night Owls, Insurgent, and Maze Runner have this sort of rawness–I call it rescue dog syndrome: You’re like this pit bull, barking and biting people, and then someone starts to understand you and you become this domesticated couch potato getting your belly rubbed.” — Rosa Salazar

i made another overkills playlist bc they’re my whole life rn

listen here: http://8tracks.com/kairi4evur/nothing-but-love-for-you

art source: http://scarletoverk1ll.tumblr.com/post/123375473614/they-only-have-eyes-for-each-other

merely a man- xtc // all my days i’ve been waiting- christopher cross // it takes two- hairspray original broadway cast // got to get you into my life- the beatles // classic- mkto // partners in crime- set it off // it’s not unusual- tom jones // the masochism tango- tom lehrer // i found love- owl city // the meeting place- xtc // hello hello- elton john and lady gaga // sunset rounds- jeff richmond // toxic- glee cast // strange magic- alan cumming and evan rachel wood // there’s room on my trolley for two- summertime’s end // la valse de l’amour- patrick doyle // love is strange- mickey and sylvia // all about us- he is we (feat. owl city) // i want to hold your hand- the beatles // whatever the weather- dionysos

sunshine, a fanmix about Crutchie Morris, actual sunshine child (cover art by monzellious

uptown funk - mark ronson ft. bruno mars // in my own little corner - r&h cinderella obc // fireflies - owl city // sweeter than fiction - taylor swift // when i grow up - matilda obc // you have more friends than you know - glee cast // keep your head up - andy grammar // lego house - ed sheeran // on the brightside - nevershoutnever // take what you got - kinky boots obc // i lived - onerepublic

(Jack) (Davey)  (Katherine)

Someone mentioned the Strange Magic cast be drawn in a Don Bluth style-HOW COULD I RESIST?!?XD

My attempt to draw the fearsome dreadful Bog King of the Dark Forest in said style. Marianne the fearsome fiery QUEEN next along with fuckboy Roland. After that who knooooows?…

Please don’t let me go. I desperately need you.

I think there is no better way to illustrate utmost surrender to the will of God than a man in the middle of the sea, casting his line. He is in the middle of the vastness of the treacherous oceans and left to the mercy of the waves and tides but we continue rowing onward despite all this, trusting in the immense power of our Lord who is greater and mightier than all things in this universe. 

I am lying in my bedroom at night.
I am dry-throated, lipbiting
exhaustion, no one left to fight,
no friends awake to talk to.
It should be just me and the Gods.

Really it should be me and You,
because I knew You first
in the night, in the blue
shadows cast by the stars.

I don’t see You in the moon,
I see You in the way the spruce needles
are silhoutted against the disk
of its face, in the way the owls’ wingbeats pass
and how they call and grow silent
when I step onto wet grass.

I see You in the dew, in cold well-water
as the sun goes down, in the way the deer
come out in the moments between day
and darkness. My father could hear
the silence changing and went out
with a bow at twilight every night
in the fall. I saw You in the way wet grass
shimmers differently when it’s been walked on;
the only part of tracking I was ever really good at.

Now I don’t know where to see You.
I went out into the rain and begged
for Your forgiveness, for Your presence,
for You to hear me at all.
I’m writing for You through a computer screen,
and that feels wrong and I feel very small.

—  a sad poem for Artemis because it’s late at night // reilly falanx

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you think Ahsoka died? I really hope she didn't she's my favorite character from TCW and GAAAH Filoni is killing me here leaving Ahsoka's fate unclear.... Also, I heard the the owl creature represents something important. Do you know what it symbolizes? What's your opinion?

After watching the episode and seeing her descending into that Temple, I was 100% certain that she is alive. But now, after listening to several interviews with Filoni and the cast I’m not sure anymore that she’s “alive” in the most obvious sense of the word. I think something must have happened to her, maybe she entered some other plane of existence. Filoni hinted at a parallel with Gandalf and I can’t stop thinking about it. Idk, I think the answer to the question whether she’s alive or not can’t be just a simple “yes” or “no” and things run much deeper here.
As for the owls.. Yes, they certainly do represent something important and Filoni himself confirmed it in his post-finale interview with IGN (link). People in the fandom have been speculating that they have something to do with the Sister from the Mortis arc from The Clone Wars (see that twitter post). And I think it might very well be true.
I suggest you read that IGN interview and watch this Q&A with cast and crew of Rebels from the s2 finale screening. There’s a lot of interesting information there. 

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and answer the questions, then tag ten people.

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The first song describe how you feel: Break Every Chain - The Digital Age

The second song describes your love life: Fireflies - Owl City

The third song will be played at your wedding: Umbrella Beach - Owl City

Add “In My Pants” to the fourth song: Live With Abandon In My Pants - Newsboys

The fifth song will be played at your funeral: Lift My Life Up - Unspoken

The sixth song is your theme song: Yellow - Coldplay

The seventh song will be played when you think of someone: All You’ve Ever Wanted - Casting Crowns

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If you're 👈the bird 🐤🐦whenever we 🙆📅👫pretend 💭it's summer📆🌞💕 Then I'm the 👉🐛WORM🐛-I know the part 😔it's such a 😥 bummer But fair👏 is FAIR↔️! If my segments get separated🙌✂️🐛 I'll 😫scream😭 and you'll be 😂there...🐛💞🐤 Close your 😑eyes👀 close my eyes🙈 Slide the cotton💭off of your shoulder🙍🙅 And feel the 🔅shine🌞 feel the shine🌞🌅🔆 I'm h👀ked so toss me over🆘and cast a line🎣oh I'll try Oh, throw🎈a party 🎉🎊and 👉GREET👈my undersea 🐠🐟🐬friends🐳🐋🐉 ☝️It depends, as🚶 they arrive, if they arrive🏃❓⁉️ You and 🎎 I left our troubles 🛀 far behind🚲 But I still have just 🙋 one more question on my mind 😯🙊 For all my pals 🐬👭🐳👫🐟who live in the 🌊oceans ⚓️and the seas⛵️ With friends ✊👯like these🙌 💁well, who needs 🔪👿enemies/anemones🌱 ❔


The shadows cast by the city of Gotham reached out over the bay waters like thin, black fingers.  There were lights beyond the horizon, the lights of civilizations that didn’t know the horror of living under the constant watchful gaze of the Owlman.  Lights of cities that knew the Crime Syndicate by name, by reputation, by the money that was funneled into the government to keep the president and his cast of idiots quiet; but not by the intimate fear that Gotham knew.  Thomas Wayne Jr stood at the precipice of the city, 400 feet above the streets below– his streets.  His city.  And someday, he swore to himself, his world.

The subtle shift in the air currents alerted the Owl that his companion had arrived, but he didn’t turn to look.  Thomas’ love for dramatics was well known, almost as well known as his penchant for torture.  “You lost control,” Thomas tsk’d idly, like he was just making conversation, “I didn’t give you permission to go zipping around my city, blasting whoever you pleased.  It reflects badly on my– our leadership.”

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