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D&D Shenanigans: How My Players Got An Inn At Level 3 

So I DM a party of four, and they’re all of chaotic/lawful alignments, split down the middle for neutral/evil. Coupled with that they’re all smartasses in and out of character. It’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. But every now and then, their fuckery will give gems like this: 

So my party, a lizardfolk bard, a tiefling witchhunter, an aasimar paladin, and a human cleric, arrive in the human city Folasade, they see the queen who basically hires them as mercenaries and then go to a high-class inn called the “White Stag Inn.” Where they introduce themselves and make it clear they are guests of the queen and are then served food by a very nervous barkeep. 

Little do they know that he’s so nervous because he has poisoned their food. And when they realize that, the witchunter (who is SO trigger happy that I have had to rewrite encounters so they’re less likely to murder the crucial NPCs) shoots the barkeep while he begs for his life. They then question the cook, and shoot him too, while he also begs for his life. 

Now I’m not sure what I expected them to do after this point, maybe start the quest that the cook laid out for them before dying? But that is not what they did, what they did, was take all the money out of the cash register. 

Alright fine.

Then they hid the bodies. 

Again, cool.

Then, they said they were going to find the deed. 

They wanted to take ownership of the inn

Okay, unexpected, but sure, there’s a deed somewhere in the inn, but it’s in a lockbox in a locked room with very very good locks. If they can get to that deed, then fine, they can have the inn, but the DC is WAY too high for level 3 players to get it without a nat 20 probably. 

Here’s what I forgot. 

One of my players is really good at breaking the game while not technically breaking any rules. Really good. Which player was this? The bard. You know what stats they broke? 

Dex and charisma. 

So my unpickable locks proved to be nothing. They were rolling above 20 at level fucking 3. I could see them roll and then count on their fingers what the final roll was, at some point I looked over at their dice to see what the base roll was. 


What was the final roll? 


They found the deed. 

I don’t know. I don’t know how they did it. They explained it to me and I forgot. I was t i r e d. 

So they have the deed, I expected them to maybe go to the queen, or go on the quest. But no, they raided the liquor cabinet.

Alright, that’s not TOO out there. So you find liquor. In fact you find LOTS of liquor. It’s a high class place okay. They got it all. Fuck yourselves up while I eat this ding-dong you- 

“I cast minor illusion to create a giant flaming skull over the inn.” 

“A massive skull forms over the inn, it’s jaw opening in a silent laugh. For a moment it illuminates the houses around you, you heard people scream until it fades-” 


So they did it again, attracting a guard, who they cast vicious mockery on, and runs away screaming. 

This was all done by the bard btw, with the witchhunter with them laughing along, while the cleric and the paladin got high in an opium drug den/brothel. Eventually, the bard casted one last spell, that made all animals around the inn fall asleep. Including an owl. Who flew through the window and was then adopted by the witchunter. Who then got so drunk they didn’t remember actually getting the owl and someone else had to explain to them why they woke up with an owl preening their hair. 

Anyway, that’s how my party got an owl. And an inn. Which they have to do some SERIOUS PR for because the entire city now thinks it’s haunted.

To which the party replied “Well just the garden!” where they buried the bodies under the sod. 

Imagine: Fili Getting Concerned over Your Injury

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(SEQUEL to Balin Giving You Love Advice, as requested!  In case you haven’t read the original, here it is! https://rainydaydream-gal.tumblr.com/post/158675686677/imagine-balin-giving-you-love-advice )

   You made your way back to camp, one arm wrapped around a bundle of firewood you gathered while the other hand touched your braid.  A smile grew on your face as you recalled the bonding time with Balin.  He had become like a grandfather figure to you and just made it official by braiding your hair.  You were basically family now.  Not to mention the elderly dwarf had sealed the deal by imparting some love advice to you.  It was a sneaky plan, really.  He suggested that you fake an injury, a twist of the ankle maybe, in order to get your crush’s attention.  Of course, you didn’t take the advice.  The Company had plenty of things to deal with.  That last thing you wanted was to make anyone worry over a fake injury. Balin’s suggestion had been hilarious, nonetheless.  To think that he could be so mischievous…  It made you smile and even laugh aloud a few times on the way back with the firewood.  You almost hadn’t noticed one of your comrades approach you several minutes later.  

    “Hey, _______,” Kili greeted you with a big grin. “How is my favorite female Company member doing?”

    “I’m the only female Company member,” you reminded, eyeing him suspiciously.  That grin of his was just too big.  He was up to something.  But then again, the young dwarf prince was always up to something.

    “My point still stands,” he retorted.  The grin faltered, but morphed into more of a smirk.

    “What’s going on?” you asked, suspicion growing into concern.  His smirk vanished, and he looked a little more on the nervous side.

    “Oh, nothing.  Nothing at all.”  He rocked back on his heels for a moment, hands folded behind his back as he glanced around in an attempt at nonchalance.  “Beautiful night.”

    “Yeah, it is,” you glanced up at the night sky, which you could barely see through the canopy of trees in the forest.  Stars shone like distant diamonds through gaps in the branches.  The moon was very bright and cast rays of silver on the scene.  “The sky is so clear.”

    “Mhm.”  He nodded.

    “And the moon is really bright.  I haven’t seen a moon like that in a long time.”


   “Yep.”   You tore your gaze away from the sky and let it rest on him for a moment.  The moon cast dark shadows on his face.  He seemed to be staring at something distractedly over your shoulder.  Before you could turn to look, he spoke up suddenly.

    “Um, what’s that over there?  Is that an owl?” he nearly shouted, pointing to your right.  An alarm went off somewhere in your mind, a warning of sorts.  But you ignored it in the heat of the moment as you turned to see what he was pointing at.  Of course nothing was there.  There were only trees looming before you.  No owl, or whatever.


    Your inquiry was cut off when a sudden shove from your left side caused you to stumble.  Arms flailed in a sad attempt to establish balance, but it was no use.  A tree root caught on your foot, and a sharp pain jabbed in your ankle as you fell to the forest floor.  

    “Ow!” you winced, sitting up slightly on your elbows. Your eyes flashed up to glare at the culprit.  “Why did you do that?”

    A smirk appeared on his face for barely a millisecond, but it vanished just as quickly.  You wondered if you imagined it.

    “________!  Are you alright?”  A familiar voice called from behind.  Footsteps hurried through the grass and fallen leaves until a certain dwarf prince stood in front of you, his concerned blue eyes gazing at you.

    “I’m fine, I just….fell,” you replied, cheeks flushing red from embarrassment.  Of course it had to be Fili to see you like this. The only dwarf in the Company that you would have preferred not to see you falling to the ground clumsily.  Your eyes flickered to Kili briefly in irritation.

    Fili followed your gaze to his brother immediately, and put two and two together. “What did you do?”

    Kili threw his hands up, feigning innocence. “It was an accident!  I barely bumped into her, brother.  I didn’t realize she would fall so easily.”

    “You should be more careful,” Fili huffed to the dark-haired prince before turning to hold out a hand towards you with a charming smile.  “Here.”

    You offered a small grateful smile as you took his hand.  But when the strong dwarf lifted you to your feet effortlessly, the sharp pain returned to your ankle, making you crumble to your knees again.  “Ouch!”

    “What?  What’s wrong?”  Fili questioned, kneeling in front of you.  His eyes searched your face anxiously.   You didn’t mean for him to be upset, but it was kind of sweet for him to be fussing so much.        

    “It’s okay,” you assured him.  “I think I may have twisted my ankle in the fall.”

    His expression turned from anxious to serious, his eyebrows furrowing.  “Kili, go tell Oin.  Now.”

    It was strange to see Kili leaving with a smug look on his face.  What on earth was he smirking about, anyway?  There was absolutely nothing funny about the situation!  Your thoughts were interrupted by Fili sliding an arm behind your back.  

   “Can you wrap your arms around my neck?” he asked.

   You blinked.  “What?”

   “It will take Oin forever to finally understand what Kili is trying to tell him.  We might as well get you to a more comfortable spot back at camp,” he explained. You barely understood what he was saying because the close proximity with someone you fancied was throwing you off a bit.

    “You don’t have to do that,” you protested.

    “I’m not going to let you limp back to camp.” He flashed a charming grin beneath his braided moustache.  “So you might as well allow me the pleasure of helping you.”

     It only took a few seconds of his blue eyes, glinting with amusement, staring into yours for you to give in.  “Okay,” you agreed, giving a small nod.  His grin grew wider as you tentatively wrapped your arms around his neck.  With one arm still around your back, he carefully slid his other arm under your legs and lifted you up with ease.  It was quiet all of a sudden, and the only sounds you could hear were his footsteps in the forest and your own heart beating wildly.  It was unbearable.

    “Thorin’s going to mad,” you muttered.  “I didn’t get the firewood…”

    “Nevermind him,” Fili chuckled softly.  He looked down at you, and the light-hearted sound faltered as he did a double-take.  “Your hair,” he said, his voice cracking slightly.  “It’s…braided.”    

    “Yeah, I know.  It was really getting on my nerves.  I’m really glad that he braided it for me.  I was having trouble finding a clip to keep it together.”

    “He?”  Now there was no mistaking the downcast expression.

    “Yes,” you nodded.  “Balin.”

    “Balin?” his brows rose incredulously for a moment. Then, he full-on laughed.  “As a gesture of grandfatherly love, I presume.”

    “Well, of course,” you laughed.  “Because I don’t have any family members on this journey to do it for me.”

    “Of course,” he repeated.   The silence in the conversation returned for a minute as Fili stepped over a particularly large fallen tree.  “I must admit, I was disappointed for a moment.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “When I thought someone else had braided your hair.” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “That someone was courting you.”

    “Oh,” you blushed at the unexpected confession. “I would have been disappointed too, if it were anyone other than you.”  Your eyes widened at the realization you said that aloud.  Oh no…You probably crossed a line at that one… But to your relief, Fili was grinning.

    He opened his mouth, probably to retort with some witty flirt, but was interrupted when two members of the Company came crashing into the clearing.

    “Here’s Oin,” Kili announced.  He paused when he saw Fili carrying you and you with your arms around his neck.  He smiled slyly.  “It looks like you took things into your own hands, Fee.”

    “Well, it took you long enough to find Oin,” he retorted.

    “You might as well bring her right to camp,” Oin told him.  “I’ll have a look at her ankle then.”  The four of you continued only a few yards before emerging into the clearing where camp was.  You wanted to hide your face from Balin’s smug look as he watched Fili carefully set you down on a bedroll.  Oin knelt to take a look at your ankle.  “It’s not broken,” he announced.  “Just a sprain.  But you might want to stay off it for the rest of the night.  I’ll let Thorin know.”

    “Thank you, Oin.”

    Across the way, Balin was watching the scene with arms folded.  Kili went over to join him, and they shook hands.  Then it clicked.  Balin’s advice.  Kili randomly pushing you over “on accident” so you just happened to sprain your ankle….  

    You glanced at Fili, who watched as Oin wrapped up your injured ankle, and then you stared at Balin and Kili in absolute disbelief.   They waved back with pleasant smiles on their faces.  It looks like you took Balin’s advice, whether you wanted to or not.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 27


My palm is still raw from wrenching it off of the doorknob.  My phone was on my bed, too far away for me to reach, so I couldn’t even call for help.  I was left to grit my teeth and peel my skin off the metal bit by bit.  Then I had to use about five cleaning spells to get all the glue off the doorknob.  It was ridiculous.

           I use my left hand to sift through the books on the shelf I’m scanning.  My right hand is still bandaged around the palm.  I can wiggle my fingers, or hold a pencil, but it still hurts, so I move my hand as little as possible, letting it become stiff in its cocoon of bandages.


           I turn to find Agatha peering into my aisle, a quizzical look on her face.  Even when her eyebrows furrow her features remain smooth, like no matter what configuration she pulls them into, that’s exactly where they’re meant to be.

           “Hey Agatha,” I give her a half-smile, inching a book off the shelf little by little with my free hand.  I make a mental note to practice operating left-handed, in case anything worse ever happened to my right hand again.

           “What are you doing here?” she asks, drawing nearer.

           “This is the library.”

           “I know that,” she says, “but what are you doing here?  This is the curses section.”

           “Looking for curses.”

           “Who are you planning to curse?”

           I clench my jaw.  “Who do you think?”

           She nods knowingly.  “What did he do this time?”

           “He super-glued my hand to the bathroom door.”

           “And what did you do to deserve it?”

           I shoot her a raised eyebrow and she shrugs. “Penelope told me about your prank war,” she explains.

           “I tied his wand up in my cross necklace.”

           Agatha just nods, not admonishing my actions like I’d thought she would.  “So you’re going to curse him?”

           I open the book I’m holding to the middle, throwing a glance over the words but not registering a thing.  “That’s the idea.”

           Agatha peers at the book’s title.  “Curse First: A Guide to Harmless Cursing,” she reads aloud.

           “I don’t want to actually hurt him, just give him something to think about,” I say, flipping through a few pages but not seeing anything to catch my eye.

           “Have you tried psychological?”


           “From what I understand, all of your pranks so far have been physical,” Agatha replies.  “You’ve both attacked the body, so why don’t you try the mind?”

           I hold her gaze, weighing the idea.  “How would I do that?”

           “Unwanted thoughts can be maddening,” she tells me, her eyes cool and clear.  “If you can make the brain your weapon, you’ll have won.”


I take out the book and spend the next few hours poring over it in a far corner of the library. Every footfall has me looking up to see who’s there, to make sure Baz doesn’t find me studying up.  Even if I weren’t searching for spells to bring him down, I can’t concentrate when he’s around anyway.

           Returning to the room much later isn’t nearly as terrifying as it was last night.  I suppose it’s possible that he could break the rules and pull something out of turn, but somehow I know that he won’t.  His last move was strong enough that he’ll give me time to retaliate.

           I wonder how he’ll react if he doesn’t know I’ve made my move.

           I’m lucky tonight, he doesn’t go out gallivanting who-knows-where for a change, meaning I don’t have to wait as long.  I repeat the lines I’ve written to myself as I get ready for bed, ignoring the fluttering of my heart.  Curses tend to bring on spurts of adrenaline, which makes them harder to control.  If I can’t pull this off tonight, I’ll have missed my turn.

           When I emerge from the bathroom, Baz has already turned out the lights and climbed into bed.  He’s facing away from me, but I can be sure he’s not asleep yet.  So I pull back the covers on my bed, crawl in, and check to make sure the notepaper with my curse scribbled on it is still in my pocket.  Then I settle down to wait.

           Falling asleep is always easier when you need to stay awake.  Before long, my eyes are burning from holding them open.  The lines of my curse repeat and mingle in my head as sleep threatens to take over.

           Just a little longer, I tell myself, then I can rest easy.

           My eyelids slide closed involuntarily, and I blink hard to force them back open.

           I strain my ears, listening to every sound I can pick out.

           Baz breathes long and deep.


           Quietly I push myself up and peer over at Baz.  I can’t see his eyes, but the sheets rise and fall slowly.  Throwing back the covers and grabbing my wand from under my pillow (which is where I’ve started to keep it at night, just in case), I tiptoe across to his bed and squint to see his eyes in the dark.  They’re closed, and for a change his brow is light, smooth, like a boy instead of a monster.


           I send out a quick prayer that he won’t wake up while I’m casting, and then I bring the wand low over his face.

“Deep sleep, crawl and creep,

From him sweet peacefulness keep,

Turn his dreams to nightmares foul,

Eerie fog and hoot of owl,

Dark, unpleasant, not for fear,

But to keep in misery,

Do not wake for terror’s cries,

Lest you flee his sleeping eyes.”

           By the time I’m done casting, my wand hand is cramping up in its bandages, and I have to force the last sparks of magic out. Baz gives a long sigh in his sleep, and his brow comes together slightly.  Something has worked.

           I return to my bed as my heart slows back to a normal rate.  Sliding my wand into its place under my pillow, my eyes fall shut faster than I can lie down.


           Baz is a silent sleeper.  He doesn’t snore, doesn’t mumble or toss and turn, doesn’t shout nonsensical phrases.  Sleeping with Baz in the room is like sleeping with a dead thing in the room. Ironic, if I’m right about the vampire thing.

           So when I wake up a little later to the sound of his sheets rustling furiously, I know something is wrong.

           I sit up to see his bed in a flurry of motion as he tosses from one side to the other.  I can’t see his face as he moves, but his breathing is short and heavy like he’s running from something.

           Clearly the curse has worked.  A little too well, by the looks of it.

           It’s harmless, I tell myself as I sink back down into my pillow, trying to ignore the commotion.  He’ll stop in a moment.

           Then the whimpering starts.

           I don’t think I’ve ever heard Baz make such a helpless sound.  It’s so quiet at first that I can’t even be sure I heard anything, but then it happens again and I’m certain.  He keeps tossing and turning, but now it’s vocal.

           He must be having a really bad dream.

           Which doesn’t make much sense.  The curse was only meant to conjure minor nightmares, things like falling, bugs, public humiliation.  Just enough to give the person a restless night’s sleep.

           Somewhere along the way, though, something must have gone wrong with my casting of the curse.

           Because Baz’s whimpers are becoming words, mumbled and then clear as day.

           When he blurts out the word “no”, it’s generic enough that I’m not overly worried, but then he’s saying things like “run” and “please”.  At the word “mother”, which he says louder than before, I flinch.  I don’t know much about Baz’s mum, but I know she’s long dead, and I know he was there, and old enough to remember for the rest of his life.

           I bolt upright when he says my name.

           Because he doesn’t say “Snow”.  He says “Simon”.

           I don’t think I’ve ever heard him call me “Simon” before now.

           I suppose we’re fighting in his nightmare, but there’s something about how he says my name.  It’s not angry or defiant, or even gloating.  It’s afraid, it’s pleading, it’s tearful.

           I shake my head and lie back down, trying to erase the memory.  What is it they say?  Most dreams only last a few seconds in real life even though they feel really long? Whatever Baz is dreaming, it will be over soon.  I pull my blankets closer over my ears to block him out, even though it doesn’t work. I can still hear him.

           It’ll pass.


           It’ll pass.


           It’ll pass.


           It’s not passing.

           I jump out of bed and run to him.  He’s clutching the sheets to his face like he’s trying to hide in them, and I still can’t see his features for the frantic shaking of his head.  Just as I reach him he gives a wordless cry, and I throw my misgivings to the wind.

           “Baz,” I say as calmly as I can, grabbing him by the shoulders, but he just swats at me in a new panic.  This time I shout.  “Baz!”

           He sits up like he’s been shot from a cannon, gasping and panting and looking around in terror.

           “It’s me,” I tell him, still gripping his shoulders. “You’re alright, it’s just me.”

           When his eyes meet mine they’re wild and dark, and heavy with tears.  I see the few seconds it takes for him to recognize me, and then the relief that floods into them as I brush a lock of his hair back from his face with my fingers, not even thinking about the tenderness of the gesture.

           “It was just a nightmare,” I say steadily, my voice low with sleep, and I can see it grounding him.  “Take a deep breath.”

           He tries, but instead I feel his shoulder start to shake as he comes down from the panic.  The tears spill over from his eyes and he looks away from me, back down at his lap.

           Have I ever seen him cry?  Maybe, but never like this.

           This is my fault.

           Suddenly I want nothing more than to fall onto his bed and hold him through his tears, to rub his back slowly and ride out the terror with him. “Baz…”

           “Just go back to bed,” he manages without looking at me, and for a moment I wonder if he knows what I’ve done.

           Walking away from him is like pulling a magnet away from its counterpart.  It aches in places I’ve never ached and it tastes like copper in my mouth.

           I climb back into bed and the feeling hasn’t faded.  It’s just as strong and just as scary.

           I’m so sorry, Baz.

           Some perverse voice in my brain tells me to drop the “your move” line, but the thought is so appalling that it makes my stomach hurt.

           I say nothing.  I make no further move to comfort him, even though every bone in my body is screaming at me to do it.

           I just lie there as he sobs quietly.

           My eyes fill with my own tears more than once before we both calm down enough to fall into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Runaway: Part 6

(( OOC: “The Mom-Off” ( a collaborative storyline with @wolfstar-puppylove )

Regulus played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus​ ))

*Sirius and the Potter’s wait for the train on Platform 9 ¾*

Sirius: Sorry… 

Sirius: I’m not-

James: You are.

James: It’s okay to be scared. 

Sirius: *glances around nervously* 

Sirius: *freezes as Walburga appears, Regulus trailing behind her* 

Sirius: *breaks eye contact, trembling* Shit… 

James: Shit…  

Walburga: *Whispers something to Regulus, casting dark looks at Sirius*

Regulus: *face slowly falls* 

Regulus: Of course… 

Regulus: *takes a deep, shuddering breath and begins walking down the platform towards Sirius* 

Sirius: *watches as Regulus gets closer, his younger brother’s eyes focused straight ahead* 

Sirius: *desperate* C’mon Reg… 

Regulus: *ignores Sirius and continues walking, picking up his pace* *disappears into the crowd* 

James: *grips Sirius as he sways, overwhelmed* *Turns as his mother approaches* 

Euphemia: *reaches out to Sirius as well* 

Euphemia: How nice to see you… Mrs. Black. 

Euphemia: Speaking of which, I sent you an owl concerning Sirius’s belongings.

Walburga: And I sent you one back… I believe.

Walburga: *a menacing smile stretches slowly across her face*

Walburga: *leans forward, her voice dangerous* But I do believe-

Euphemia: I’d really appreciate it if you’d deliver… everything… on the list. 

Euphemia: And how you “discipline” your son is also of particular concern to the ministry, Walburga. Your brand of discipline is called unforgivable for a reason. 

Euphemia: When can I expect Sirius’s things?

James: *whistles* 

James: You are bloody brilliant. 

Sirius: Would you take this?

Euphemia: Of course dear. 

Sirius: Thank you, Mrs. Potter. 

Euphemia: *smiles* Have a wonderful year sweetheart. I’ll see you at home. 

Euphemia: *Beams* 

proud of your boy (a lego robin playlist)

“and i already have a catchphrase, ‘tweet tweet on the street!’”

playlist for lego robin because i love him.


friends are family // oh hush! ★ sugar rush // akb48 ★ on top of the world // imagine dragons ★ never gonna give you up // rick astley ★ journey to the past // liz callaway ★ wake me up before you go-go // wham! ★ i lost all my eggs // shawn wasabi ★ shooting star // owl city ★ dancing queen // abba ★ we go together // grease cast ★ razzle dazzle // richard gere ★ try everything // shakira ★ tomorrow // aileen quinn ★ i found you // fraser murray ★ proud of your boy // adam jacobs


8tracks || playmoss || youtube

Ritual to Lilith


Perform this ritual on a night of the dark moon.

Lay out the alter with one black candle upon a dark candle stick, behind a statue or representation of Lady Lilith.

Also place upon the altar a red candle, lower in height to the black one. Where the black candle represents Lady Lilith in the mysteries of the dark, the red represents her passion unleashed.

Write for yourself a spell which incorporates something you desire: love, money, health, learning, revenge … whatever moves you and which you would like Lady Lilith to lend her vast power to assisting you with. Once you have written the spell I suggest you sign your name, or at least make your initials, with a few drops of your own blood. This bonds the spell to your life-force with literal and symbolic power.

You will need a bowl or caldroun into which you can safely cast the burning spell and a burning page of the Old Testament if you choose to use this symbolism.

Prepare the temple by burning incense you find stimulating.

Cleanse yourself. Appear before the alter skyclad, wearing only jewelry appropriate to the ritual. I have a pendant representing Lilith on a necklace which hangs at about the level of my heart.

I also wear a choker with an owl pendant fastened to it: the owl being one of Lady Lilith’s many manifestations.

Sometimes, before I begin – before I have lighted the candles – I kneel in the dark room and say the prayer to darkness: which sets the mood:

Light the candles:

Ring a bell once to purify the air about you.

With the athame draw a circle three times, moving counter clock-wise to create the circle.

As you form the circle chant:

Lady Lilith, I call to thee, dark Goddess of the night realm, Mistress of the night and consort of Lord Lucifer, divine Mistress of passions and Dark Goddess of Liberation, I call to thee and respectfully request thee to be in me.

Lady Lilith, accept my love and devotion, embrace me as I embrace thee, fill my soul with thy fire, take me to thy pleasure.

(When saying “embrace me as I embrace thee” a powerful symbol might be added by embracing yourself. Alternatively, I clasp the Lilith pendant when I say these words).

Lady Lilith, accept my love and send to me thy teachings, for I wish to learn and give thee worthy service and to be thy ally – to you my love and adoration.

When the circle is done kneel at the center and say:

Lady Lilith, Dark Goddess of the night realm, She who fires the passion of all women, I welcome thee into me and ask you to join thy powers to me and work with me that which this night I seek.

Caress yourself gently as you say the following:

Before you I am an incarnate being, in a specific body.
This is my body. My body.
My body is a joy to me
and others should see it in my step, in my smile and in me.
My body is a temple that houses the sacred Me.
My body is sacred and every way I use it is a prayer and a ritual.

This Holy night I open my body, mind and spirit before thee,
to make of myself a vessel into which the waters of thy insight might flow.

Praise Lady Lilith, for her will is strong, and her power great!
In her hands rests this world, and she has promised it for her children,
and for her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for she is Will, and her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Love, and her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Power, and her power is our salvation.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our Pride, and per pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our desire, and her desire is our being.

Lilith is my Dark Lady – Teacher and Inspiration,
Following Her path I shall be eternal.
She guides me to oppose all Her enemies,
Who are my enemies.
She leads me into the raging waters of understanding.
She fires the passions that burn within my being.
Yeah, I wander a beast with pride on the path of my liberation,
And I my celebrate life in Her names.

Even though I walk through the world of the sheep,
Lady Lilith will lift me above the herd.
I fear the sheep not, nor their empty wrath;
In their face I spit!
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy desire feeds me.
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy rage blazens the path for me.

Lady Lilith preparest a feast of the pleasures,
Before the temples of mine enemies.
She crowns my head above them,
My cup of life overflows in Her cause.
Surely desire and passion shall arouse me,
As my pride and will shall make me free.
All the days of my life I will walk the dark path with You.
I shall dwell within Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith,
In the power of forever.

Too Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith, I open my soul,
Oh Dark Lady, in You I trust.
Let me not be put to shame;
Let not my enemies exult over me.
Yeah, let none that celebrate You be put to shame;
Let them be ashamed who wantonly hide or decry You.
Allow me to crush all who oppose Your way,
Oh Dark Lady!

Make me to know Thy ways, Oh Dark Lady;
Teach me Thy infernal ways.
Lead me on the path of Thy dark truth.
For Thou art the Goddes of my being;
For Thee I wait all the long day.
Be mindful of my needs, Oh Dark Lady,
From Thy dark passion emflame me,
Open the wells of my desire,
as I focus my desire upon Thee, Oh Lady Liltih.
For Thou art the Goddess of my being;
Thy embrace does set me free.

For in devoution to You, Dark Lady,
I proclaim the sons of Adam to be false,
And their prophecy is lies.
Curse them for the slander they have made,
Against thy name!

(Burning a page from the old Testament can be a highly symbolic and powerful way to invoke this curse and gain the Dark Lady’s favour)

In you, Dark Lady is the truth of life, And for this I love You, for Your sake and mine!

Dark Lady Lilith take my love, offered unto thee from the depths of my heart and soul. Thou art in me, and it is thy way that I seek and do embrace.

Dark Lady, embrace me as I embrace thee.

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, I lay before thee my desire, for my cause and for thine.

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith,
true Goddess of my heart and soul,
that I might be forever within thee.

Praise unto Lady Lilith who teaches:
Desire sparks the flame of life,
Will overcomes the shackles of falsity,
Pride overcomes the enslaver,
Fury unleashes the power of making, and
Discord unleashes the trial of evolution.

Praise Lady Lilith who together teaches:

Self-denial is a lie,
Blind faith is a prison,
Karma is weakness,
Fear is the mantra of the dying!

Desire is the flood that overwhelms the false frontiers erected in my mind!
Through desire, I gain strength,
Through strength, I gain power,
Through power, I gain victory,
Through victory, my chains are smashed!

When my chains are smashed,
When my mind is liberated,
When my desire lives unleashed,
The Dark Lady and Lord shall embrace me,
And I shall be free within Them, forever!

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith, true Goddess of my mind and soul, that I might be forever within thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, hear now my desire:

(Repeat the spell you have written for your desire as many times as you feel is necessary.

When you feel its power within you, burn the parchment upon which it is written – saying as you burn it:)

With this fire, so burns my desire, with this fire so burns my desire!
Lady Lilith take my desire to your heart,
Power of my desire become as the flame,
Burning ever hotter, ever brighter,
Until the day that I live my desire!

Dark Lady hear my cause, and find favour for it on thy path.

Dark Lady Lilith embrace me as I embrace thee.

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, with love I say praise unto thee,
true Goddess of my heart, mind and soul,
that I might be forever within thee.

What you see outside is what lives inside of me,
And what is inside of me what I present outside to You.
It is visible and it is my garment.
If I bring forth what is within me,
What I bring forth will save me.
If I do not bring forth what is within me,
What I do not bring forth will destroy me.

Awake, O thou whom my soul loveth, and come
Come into my garden, where the spices flow out.
Come into your garden and eat the pleasant fruits.
Come to the temple for the infernal rights of love.
Set me a seal upon thine heart.
Set your soul free; guide my soul into thee!

We are beings of emotion, both tender and strong.
We use them well and we use them badly.
They are there so we can experience the fullness of life,
both the bitter and the sweet.
As the dark defines the light,
our bitter emotions define the sweet.
The surface defines the submerged
and the submerged defines the surface.

I am all that I have experienced.
I am all that I know.
I am all of the energy within this vessel, shaped and fueled by me.
I am a person, and a becoming spirit.
I seek the Dark and yearn to be of the Lilim.
This transforms me in ways that are exciting and unimaginable.

Come to me Oh Queen of Darkness
Ancient, terrible one!
You are known by many names,
and legion are your sisters in the infernal realm.
Come to me this night, and lend your power to my will.

Great is thy Love, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou says:

“Whomsoever of thy loins that will embrace me and seek my path, and in so doing renounce the false one, in them shall I light the black flame, and take them to my bosom as if they were my own Lilim.”

Great is thy Wrath, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou smites:

“But my children, beware the upright ape who dwells in ignorance and pain. For he will tolerate you not, nor allow you peace. His is the way of ignorance, and his illusions of power prosper only when he drives you down. At his hands will you suffer; at my breast will you find succor.”

Lift me to thy breast oh Mother Lilith,
of your power give me succor,
for on your path do I seek,
and in my distress it is your name I call.
For I want not of the ignorance of the Ape,
but seek they will and thy way, Oh Dark Mother.

Praise Lady Lilith,
for Her will is strong and Her power great!
In Her hands rests this world:
She has promised it for Her children,
and for Her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for She is Will, and Her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Love, and Her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Power, and Her power is our life.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our Pride, and Her pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our desire, and Her desire is our being.

Make a blazing fire of my soul, oh Great Mother!

Make a thundering drum of my heart, oh Great Mother!

Make a raging river of my blood, oh Great Mother!

That I, Thy Lilim, may dance Thy eternal dance for Thee, oh Great Mother!

(You can repeat all or some of the above as many times as you like to enhance the power of the ritual and the meditation within you).

Close the ritual thus: Kneel at the center of the circle and say:

Dark Lady Lilith I thank thee for thy time and the power of thy spirits. Well I bid thee into the night, that our paths might converge again and empower us all.

Lift the circle by reversing the process of creating it (i.e. three circles clockwise with the athame), saying at intervals:

In Nomine dei Lilith Excelsi!

Once this is done release any residual spiritual energy by proclaiming:

“It is done. So mote it be!” and ring the bell once.

Be sure to put out the candles!

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the show Little Bear? I think it had something kinda like what you described if I remember right. It confused me as a kid because there were two random human characters among the cast of animals. Every friend of the anthro bear family was a talking but non-anthro animal, but the granny and child down the way were inexplicably human.

Little Bear goose is named Goose, the owl named Owl, the cat named Cat, a hen named Hen, and a human named Emily (the most unsuitable name for a human)

Little Bear is confusing cause the domestic animal characters are all just people  living on their own but humans and non sapient dogs live amoungst them.

I’m more perturbed by the fact that Little Bear’s parents wear cloths but let their son run around in the woods bear bare naked

sonicsfan1998  asked:

Can you do a story where Sonic finally gets the courage to tell Amy he loves her? Some people really go out of character with Sonic and Tails, make sure you don't go out of character please, like some fanfictions do, it throws me off and makes me see Sonic in a slightly darker light.

I make it my life’s WORK to try and stay in character, hon XD But I also have to say that it will be AU (out of character) for Sonic to just up and say it, you know? So you’re asking for a very canon moment between the two where he ‘kinda’ says he loves her but not so directly, right?

In most of my prompts, I usually have it where Sonic and Amy are a little older, just so that Sonic can feel those ‘hormones’ a little stronger XD and feel the need to not want to keep it all ‘same old, same old’ anymore too.

But I digress, on with the show! :D/ (Are you expecting Tails to be in this prompt, or..? 0-o)


Sonic zig-zagged between the robotic horsemen’s legs, seeing the robotic centaur look down and step away, having in one hand an electric spear, and the other, Amy Rose…

“Okay! I believe you!” Amy kicked her legs as the robot sent a bolt of lightning down at Sonic, who flipped into the air and started climbing the floating stones to get to the Centaurs weak-points.

The centaur was being controlled by the machines, the storybook having a corrupted God from mythology use his mechanical know-how to corrupt his fellow Gods and also their beings.

He was sucked into this world and Amy fell in soon after, seeing the book shaking and glowing, her curiosity just got the best of her.

Sonic rammed his head into the last remaining red button that connected the whole of the machine to the centaur, as his last piece of shoulder, mechanical armor came off, and he calmed down.

Sonic landed and smiled, holding out his arms as the creature sorrowfully, with a look of asking for forgiveness in his eyes, lowered the girl back into Sonic’s arms.

He nodded, and took off, as Amy kept speaking.

“So… you really WERE King Author! And those… those rings were… Woah! My head’s spinning so much I can’t even think straight!” Amy put her hands to her head, ducking them down and shaking them while Sonic carried on his merry way.

“I mean, I know you get into some tough situations.” Amy was fiddling with her hands as Sonic fought Poseidon in the background.

The scene seems to then shift again as Amy is on a rock and kicking some pebbles around, “And I know you wouldn’t naturally lie to me unless it was something important…” Sonic fights Zeus as the giant lightning bolt is casted into the air, and Sonic jumps to narrowly dodge but uses his Super form to shift the energy away from hitting Amy and then taking down the metal helmet controlling him on his head.

“And I mean, you weren’t really trying to avoid me. I understand that now.” She nods her head as a mechanical owl is gripping her in his claws, cawing to Sonic behind him as Sonic takes him down with the help of another freed God and his accompanying creature.

“So, I guess this means you would have come on time if it weren’t for all these things, right?” She raises an eyebrow, trying to make sure she’s understanding this as some ancients stand below them and seem to bow down in worship to Sonic, who just saved their stories.

Sonic looks over them but only sheepishly smiles, folding his arms before turning to Amy.

“Wait… what just happened?” She looks around, but Sonic scoops her up again and dives into a portal, as they’re suddenly out of the Myth book and laying down on a couch.

“Nothing important.” Sonic shrugs, taking a bite out of an apple, as Amy is suddenly aware she’s wearing a greek robe, with a bowl of fruits in her hands, and a golden lace of leafs as a crown.

“..H-huh?” she suddenly becomes aware of her surroundings as Sonic pulls the bowl towards him, having her on top of him while he lounges. “Basically, you’re right.” he winked, and then continued as he ate a grape. “And as a God, I should probably keep my promises more. So, yeah. I’ll take you back to the heavens sometime.” he nonchalantly ate his meal before putting the bowl down and flicking Amy’s crown.

“You realize those ancients think you’re a Goddess too, right?”

“W-wa-wait, WHAT!?” Amy stuttered, as the crown tilted slightly on her face.

He chuckled, seeing she was too focused in her thoughts to experience the real adventure around her, and adjusted the crown on her head.

“Yeah, I told them you were a mortal I picked up, saved, and then told them I was bringing you back into my world with me.” he lowered his hands, looking at her before sighing a moment and scratching the back of his head.

“Sadly, they misinterpreted this.”

“What?” Amy looked down at the book he was staring at.

Opening it up, she read the last page.

“The Blue, Holy Hedgehog then took his Mortal Woman to the land beyond. And there, it is said they lived out eternity in one another’s arms. Surrounded by music, love, and all things holy.”

Amy blushed, “Holy Hedgehog?”

He put the book down, “Yeah, weird imaginations these people have, huh?”

“W-wai-wait! They think you-!” She turned to point to Sonic, startled, before turning to the book, “T-That we’re-!”

He smiled, “Guess I can’t help it.” Sonic kicked up his feet, putting an arm around the back of the couch, and grinning from ear to ear. “I like my mortal woman.”

He laughed, as Amy hit him in the face with her hammer.

“Careful there, HOLY Hedgehog.” she twitched an eyebrow, before smiling and removing the hammer, looking smugly in her place.

Goddesses have quite the temper.”

(I thought it was cute XD It’s an AU concept but I tried to keep it in Character. Sonic isn’t one to just come out and say it, but if you read enough into it, you’ll get that they think Sonic and Amy are like Hercules and Meg. He took her cause he loved her XD)

Not Who You Think I Am (Part 2)

New? Start HERE!

Gladdy daddy’s up for the count, prepare urselves

{1,501 words}


It was the night before you invaded Formouth Garrison that you finally let your thoughts get the better of you. It had been something Gladio said, innocently of course, because really, how could he have known? The guys were talking strategy, what potential entrances they could use, and the ones they couldn’t because of their previous infiltration.

“Well, it’s a good thing we have our own little spy then, huh?” he said, shooting a grin in your direction. You returned it with pursed lips and wide eyes, the sudden burn of acid tickling the back of your throat. You looked back down at the stew in your hands you had barely touched and tried to drown out their voices. Watching the flickering firelight that danced over the fingers, you clutched your plate a little too tightly and thought about the borrowed time that no longer existed.

The guilt— it was eating you from in the inside out.

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Thank you @heretoseethequeen  💛

You can tell a lot abt someone by the music the listen to. So put your playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs, no skipping! Then tag ten ppl.
Are you ready for the weird music mix my playlist is? Fasten your seat belt, here we go.

  1. Harry Freakin’ Potter - The Space Tour Cast
  2. Famous - Kanye West
  3. Rat A Tat - Fall Out Boy, Courtney Love
  4. YOUTH - Troye Sivan
  5. Milkshake - Kelis
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! At The Disco
  7. Save Rock And Roll - Fall Out Boy, Elton John
  8. Do The Hippogriff – Jason Buckle, Steve Claydon, Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, Steve Mackey, Philip Selway
  9. Asleep - The Smiths
  10. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

That’s what I call a good mixture of literally everything.
So I’ll just tag a few random ppl bc I don’t know too many @hpwands @marli-tharn @1runw1thw0lves @daeneryaastargaryen @bug-in-a-cup @ughleavemealoneplease @hoodies-winter-hetalia @softboypastel @sarah-paulsons-bottom-lip @complainergirl ,, oh and maybe @the-rose-owl (if you want to)


Mood Board: Swan Lake Odette/Odile & Siegfried/Von Rothbart

The noble Prince finds himself alone in a peaceful spot in the forest by an enchanted lake where a swan gently floats across its surface. As dusk falls the swan is transformed into the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen, the Swan Queen. She informs the young prince that an evil sorcerer had cast an enchantment over her. “But surly there must be a way to free you,” the Prince pleads. She then confesses that the only way the spell could be broken is if a man, pure in heart, pledges his eternal love to her. The Prince, about to confess his love, is quickly interrupted by the evil sorcerer, disguised as a large owl, who swoops down and steals the Swan Queen from the Prince’s embrace.

Music: Tchaikovsky, Op. 20, Act I: 9

Harry Potter AU - Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol has slowly ruined my life……….

Originally posted by cabinpotter

Originally posted by thecrazykidnextdoor

  • tall bean would be one of the chasers for Gryffindor
  • His hair color would constantly be changing
  • HIS HAIR WOULD BE FUCKING BRIGHT RED EVERY SINGLE QUIDDITCH GAME (its hot on him but RONALD MCDONALD  man….but its chanyeol so…˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘)
  • did I mention that he is POPULAR AF B/C HE IS IN THE EXO CLIQUE
  • Shitloads of fangirls/fanboys/owls/dragons/etc wanting a piece of him   ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ
  • But he’s still a loyal hoe to you

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Scorbus Headcanon #3

(Because this ship is basically my life)

Scorpius and Al are super close friends throughout their entire Hogwarts experience, so when all of the Weasley family gets together at the holidays, Molly always insists that Al invite Scorp to the Burrow.  So during the winter holiday of their sixth year (shortly after they finally realize that they like each other, even though they’ve been hopeless afflicted with puppy love for years), they show up at the Burrow and Scorp is all nervous because he thinks only the Weasleys and Potter kids who are currently attending Hogwarts know that he and Al are a thing, but in all reality Rose sent an owl to Molly the day of their first kiss, so the matriarch Weasley KNOWS, but none of the rest of the family but the kids.  So everyone is going about their business, unpacking luggage and getting owls settled in, when Molly announces loudly, “Welcome to the family, Scorpius dear.  When can I expect great grand babies from you?”  And scorpius’s alabaster skin turns a violent crimson and Al literally chokes on the butter he was drinking so Harry has to cast an Anapneo spell on him while trying not to laugh at his mother-in-law’s comment.  The rest of the family watches in horror.  

tagged by @aforeffortenjolras and @ladyinshiningarmor!! thank u!!

rules: put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up

OK SO i finally figured out how to put entire folders on shuffle on spotify? but?? i have so many folders……..so imma cheat the frick out of this and do all my major folders o0o

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Little things about me

I was tagged by @lysergic-saturnine-desert and @haunterrr to give all y’all the low down on the finer details of myself so here we go;

Name: Jamie Lynn

Nickname: Nothing that ever stuck, But my family call me Jame

Age: 35 ( Yea I know, it sounds bad to me too)

Where do you live: In hell… but more specifically Lakeside CA, which is pretty much the same thing so whatever…

Gender; Female

Star Sign: Leo

Height: smol.. I dono.. 5′6 maybe

Sexual Orientation: Swedish men.. Metal Men.. Men with amazing tallent, incredible intellect and wit with a good dose of nerdiness.. wait am I on a dating site lmao…

Favorite Color: Teal, Aqua

Favorite Animal: Wolves, foxes, Owls

Cat or Dog Person: Both, but I only own a dog (she has only child syndrome)

Lucky Number: 13

Favorite Fictional Character: Basically the whole cast of Deadwood, oy from The Dark Tower, Shadow from American Gods, The little monkey children from The Otherland Series, Death and Morte from The Discworld series

Favorite Bands: GHOST AND AVATAR FTW but also Gojira, Au-Dessus, TID, MCC, Wardruna, Repugnant, Pg. Lost, In Solitude, Subvision, Cult of Luna, AU-Dessus, Zeal and Ardor, Mastodon, Opeth, Sisters of Mercy, Primordial, Tribulation, Queen, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Prince, Metallica, Led Zep, Blue Oyster Cult..just to name a few.

When did you create your blog: I have no idea.. Sometime in the last 10 years

What do you post about: Mostly Ghost and Avatar but on the whole music and art that I love. 

Why did you choose your url: Because Im exciting and went with the basic facts, I live in Cali and am a girl. Good stuff.

I’ll tag @theevildana @metalhat and @therealcrybaby @raspberrysnuggles only if you want to of course!

crushes :/, [listen]

Like or Like Like- Miniature Tigers // Post Break-Up Sex- The Vaccines // Woe- Say anything // Stuck In The Middle- Mika // Hello- Capsule // I’m Not Gonna Teach…- Glee Cast // Toxic- Peace // Tightrope- Walk The Moon // Beating Heart (Vindata Remix)- Ellie Goulding // She’s a Riot- The Jungle Giants // My Freeze Ray- Neil Patrick Harris // Pollyanna- Catherine Warwick // Vanilla Twilight- Owl City // Synethesia- Andrew McMahon // Fantasy- DyE // Kids- Two Door Cinema Club // Somebody to Love- Queen // I Won’t Let You Down- Ok Go //

ART CREDIT: http://jununy.tumblr.com/

Home - Draco Malfoy

Request - Can I maybe request a blurb or imagine for Draco Malfoy based on “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran? The “sunset on the castle on the hill” lyric reminded me of Hogwarts and asdfghjkl. Love your writing 💕 ((Anon))

Warnings: None? Fluff, just some fluff.

Pairing: Draco x muggleborn!reader

A/n: I hope this is good enough for you! I got a little excited about it. Hehe.


I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real

Found my heart and broke it here
Made friends and lost them through the years
And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I’ve grown
But I can’t wait to go home

You watched the trees and fields zoom past the windows of the Hogwarts Express with a small smile. Hermione was reading a book across from you. You let your mind wonder to what would happen later tonight, when you would meet Draco in the Astronomy Tower to watch the sunset together like you did every time at the beginning of the school year since fourth year when you found Draco there one night, stressing about his parents and image. You hadn’t spoken at all over the summer, and you missed him so much. Not many people had decided to go back to Hogwarts after the war but you knew that Draco did, it was the only time you heard from him at all and even then it was sent by muggle mail.

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i made two playlists inspired by the boy with the cuckoo clock heart (the book jack and the cuckoo clock heart is based on) and the progression of jack and miss acacia’s relationship

side a: the sensation of flying http://8tracks.com/kairi4evur/side-a-the-sensation-of-flying

all i see are stars- jatcch st // enchanted (live)- taylor swift // paperman- christophe beck // moon dance- corpse bride st // ♥- baths // tonight- west side story revival cast // light and colour- summertime’s end // elephant love medley- moulin rouge st // let’s get lost- mandopony feat. eilemonty // catch me- demi lovato // hooked on a feeling- blue swede // up all night- owl city // tango brilliante- ouran high school host club st // kiss of fire- hugh laurie // it is you (i have loved)- dana glover // chelsea- summertime’s end // serenade- ouran high school host club st // you are in love- taylor swift // romantic flight- john powell // mademoiselle clé- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

side b: the agony of injustice http://8tracks.com/kairi4evur/side-b-the-agony-of-unjustice

tais-toi mon coeur- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz // this love- taylor swift // rejection in the rain- megamind st // lonely lullaby- owl city // el tango de roxanne- moulin rouge st // iniuria palace- baths // stay with me mr brightside- sam smith and the killers // love is in my soul- sean lennon // never let this go- paramore // all alone- fun. // broken open- adam lambert // lovesick synthetic- baths // when she loved me- sarah mclachlan // speechless- lady gaga // unchain my heart- hugh laurie // elegia- ouran high school host club st // plane crash dreams- josh farro and hayley williams // distant years (piano version)- clannad st // clean- taylor swift // hamac of clouds- dionysos feat. olivia ruiz

About Takizawa (quick ramble before the next chapter)

I know the new chapter is soon but I didn’t have time to write this earlier than now so… Well here goes. :)

As I noticed, it seems my old metas/answers to Anons on Seidou’s character, his inferiority complex and his relationship to Akira interested a few more people after the last chapter, so here are the links if anyone else wants to (re)read them.

Yeah, I know these posts are old but they still make sense to me and don’t contradict canon for now so… Well, it’s just how I see things :)

Additionally, I just wanted to say that, whether you enjoy his character or precisely in case you don’t like him at all, it’s important to remember that he was not initially written to be as likable as Kaneki, Amon, Juuzou and other characters like them.

You know the whole “we can’t all be heroes” trope? Well this trope was almost entirely illustrated by Takizawa back in TG, until he was abducted by Aogiri and turned into a half ghoul.

What I mean by that is that Takizawa, a good investigator, never had extraordinary fighting abilities (like Arima or Suzuya), he never had extraordinary perceptions (like Akira) and he didn’t have the strong heart and iron will others showed (like Amon) because he was a normal human, never meant to become a hero like Amon (whom he saw as such) or someone worthy of so much praise like Suzuya or Akira, despite wishing so much for it.

You could say he was aware he was nothing special or that he had trust issues because of his inferiority complex (or both), but in the end it doesn’t change anything: when the Anteiku raid arc happened, he showed how normal and human he was, scared of dying during the equivalent of a war, even if he initially became an investigator to protect people.

I remember some people called that being cowardly and others just shrugged because Takizawa never had as much presence as Akira, Amon or Juuzou during the first 14 volumes of TG, so he never seemed to be important until he came back as the “Owl”, the crazy but strong one eyed ghoul of Aogiri, even less likable than before for a lot of readers, despite knowing that he probably went through a terrible ordeal when you see what he became.

All that to say… Whether you like him or not (or hate him) is up to you but I just think it’s important to realize that his character, because of the way he was written, contributed like many others to the diversity of the TG cast by Ishida-sensei and for that he is interesting as much as the other characters are, even if he’s not as noble as a lot of them.

But it wouldn’t be funny if we were to only like the hero-types right? :) Although, Takizawa’s fate is hardly something defined right now as everything is possible considering that he’s facing Akira, one of his greatest rivals (in his mind) but also his big crush so… I doubt any characters of Ishida-sensei is bound to stay in only one role anyway, but we’ll see~~ 

Sorry for this huge thing, I just needed to write it out before the next chapter :)) Let’s wait for spoilers now ^_^