i care way too much about what other people think

Nekoma And Karasuno React To: Kurostuki.
  • Kuroo:Wait, so people 'Ship' Tsuki and I? Wait- What is shipping?
  • Tsukishima:Don't call me 'Tsuki', and also. Please stop. I don't want to be associated with a man who cares way too much about his hair.
  • Kuroo:SHUT UP OKAY?
  • Kenma:Okay, calm down. 'Shipping' is when people think two other people go good together. There fore they 'Ship' them.
  • Kuroo:Ah, that makes sense I guess.. Tsuki, wanna be a ship?
  • Tsukishima:Absolutely not.
  • Kuroo:But why?
  • Kenma:Wait calm down-
  • Sugawara+Daichi:Called it.
  • Tsukishima:Wait what?-
  • Hinata:So, Tsukishima and Kuroo-san are dating?
  • Tsukishima:No-
  • Kageyama:I think so.
  • Kuroo:I mean oka-
  • Yamaguchi:I never knew Tsuki was gay-
  • Tsukishima:AM NOT-
  • Kuroo:Shh baby, let it happen-
  • Hinata+Kageyama:I ship it.
  • Tsukishima:I HATE YOU ALL.
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i hate min yoongi and his gorgeous eyes and his stupid smile that makes my heart melt. i hate that cute little pout that he always does and dont even get me started on his legs and the marks that he has on his knees. i hate how he tries to act so tough and like he doesnt care but in reality hes just a smol kitten who cares way too much about what others think and is so hard on himself. i hate how he always goes out of his way to make people happy or to make them pleased with him. hes such an angel and basically what im trying to say is that i really love min yoongi

Do you have any idea how many things I’ve wanted to say or show people but I’ve been too scared of people judging me so I’ve stopped myself? At least 849, according to my drafts. That’s not counting the number of times I’ve discarded a post, and that’s upsetting to me because we live in such a world where people would tell me “don’t get walked on like that, if you want to say something say it and to hell with people who don’t like you as a result!” However it’s really not that easy, and when I say this sort of thing people always tell me to post the sort of stuff I’m thinking so I do, and it normally leads to anon hate and then I go back to hiding it. 

Even posting this is honestly a bit frightening, who would have known it’s scary to post your personal opinions on your personal blog?

I think I get it now. it just makes me feel guilty. I don’t need other people to point out that I need to suck it up, or that there’s no miracle cure (and by extension im going to be in considerable random pain for a considerable amount of time), or that im missing way too much work, or anything- ive already thought about all those things. I really don’t know what it is… maybe it’s my demeanour? people assume I don’t care about my life or don’t consider outcomes but that’s all I do! oh MAN I feel so angry and sad and … ugh fck

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You care way too much about what other people think when they themselves need to stop being sensitive bitches.

Honestly, I disagree with labeling people “sensitive bitches”. That sort of attitude is one reason it can be so difficult for people to find help, because people just tell them they’re being “too sensitive” or otherwise dismiss their feelings.

Day four;

Day four of treatment but day two of being completely symptom free. I had so much anxiety after dinnertime today because I was scared last night’s progress would be an isolated incident but I need to not be so hard on myself. If slips happen, the best thing I can do is to learn from them and not let my thoughts worsen the situation. 

Last night, I had a dream that someone left me because I was too much to handle. Since then, I’ve felt anxious interacting with people that I care about even though I know what happened was just a dream. I think seeing ppl in therapy open up so easily has made me not want to be honest even more than before. No one has ever left me because I was “too crazy”, but that fear has always stuck with me in some way or another. I’ve been so harsh on myself for so long that I project those views onto others and assume they’ll think of me in the same way that I think of myself. I guess I’ve wanted to leave who I am for so long that I just assume everyone else will want to leave me too.

I’m actually feeling pretty content, albeit anxious, and I don’t think I’ll have any slips tonight. I even managed to finish some CBT & body image homework. Small victories! 

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Its sad to see that you aren´t okay cause I hate it when bad things happen to good people, and youre a wonderful person, and you know what? Im a good person, those who love and care about others just because the feeling of gratification, without expecting anything from the others, but when you do too much for a person who doesnt give a shit, it really hurts, and makes me feel that I should be more selfish, but I cant and I think u feel the same, and I dont want you to stop being yourself +

just because some people doesnt appreciate the kind of person you are, cause maybe you forget it but the way you are is perfect and you wont find people like you everywhere, cause the world is so selfish and mean. I know it hurts when a person u love doesnt appreciate what you do for them, but there’s people that will, and i know it, and If no one said this to you today: THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO, YOU´RE GREAT, HELPFUL AND USEFUL, NEVER CHANGE. Te amo mucho, nunca cambies XxXx

Thank you so much love, it really means a lot to hear this right now and I really needed it tbh. I teared up a bit because you seem so incredibly kind and lovely. Sending you all my love and support and I hope things if they’re not going well for you, get better soon.

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describe your ideal partner (Send to five of your followers anonymously after! <3)

alrighto, i will divide them by numbers bc its easier to write/read that way

1.someone who would listen to me.
not like ‘do as i command’ but listening to my stories,blabbering,whining, without saying things like “shut up already/you are annoying/(lmao) you know i havent been listening to you(/you have been talking to yourself all this time)”

2.wont prioritise what other people would think while doing things and/or wont try to discourage me

3.wont make fun of my 'childish’ interests, or my rather childish thinking way. or things im passionate about

4.care about me and is kind generally, will let me care about them as well and tell me about their problems

5.this is probably one of the most important things, yes, that they are a good cook (but wont interfere too much when im the one cooking) or else we may starve ;;;

6.and please not a clean freak and dont invade my personal space without my permission please

7.will be my best friend as well as my lover, yeah.

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She always said she's so private so it was a shock seeing her so open about the rs with Austin. Also bc she didn't had that much Pda with zac

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. She was real private when it came to Zac. Not so much with Austin, but I think that just comes with growing up. As you get older, you start to really not care so much about what other people think or have say, especially about your relationships. They were so young and they probably didn’t feel very comfortable showing off their relationship like that in public. Ashley was the same way with Jared. She never really liked to talk openly about her relationship with him, or show much PDA. It wasn’t until Scott, that she started being more open about her relationships.

Lesson learned: We don’t have to apologize for caring too much, loving too much, or being broken for others.  God calls us to love without an exit strategy—to care about others regardless of how they treat us, what they think of us, and without expecting anything in return. Truthfully, for the longest time, I felt like I had to explain myself to the world around me—that I had to answer for the way I choose to live (or rather the way I choose not to live), treat people, and the way I long to be a difference in loving the world around me.  But the reality is that I was wrong.  I was mistaken to believe the lie that I’m not good enough to be where God has me, that I can’t handle His plan for my life, and that I can’t do the things He calls me to do. Those are fallacies and excuses that become stumbling blocks and barriers keeping us from reaching our full potential.  Those are lies we believe. You never have to apologize or even explain yourself for the things that God puts on your heart. You’re where you are right now for a reason.  A wholehearted life starts with ditching the lies and ditching the exit strategy. 🍁

Sometimes I think I come across a little too harshly and speak my mind a bit too often. But honestly the only reason I ever worry about that is when I care about what other people think of me. It’s about time I stopped caring and started being proud of the fact that I’m opinionated and firm in my beliefs, because I have standards and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with adhering to them. I’ve wasted far too much of my life being a doormat to try and please other people, and I’m sick of letting people take advantage of me and walk all over me. I like that I’m assertive, I like that I’m self-confident and I like that I can be stubborn and headstrong. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that at all. It doesn’t make me any less caring, or kind, or open-minded. It doesn’t prevent me from being a good person. It simply means that I won’t constantly sacrifice my own comfort for the sake of others and won’t let other people dictate my beliefs. 

I’m a strong-minded, strong-willed person. Don’t even bother trying to change that.  

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I mean this in a helpful way, but dont you think you're thinking and expecting too much out of adults that have their own lives to worry about? I'm not saying that people dont care about you, I'm sure tons of people do, however, we all have our own lives to deal with and dont have the time & energy to think about others 24/7. Your assuming and making up things about people you dont even know as fact..

That wasn’t condescending or anything…

I take it you haven’t read much of my blog or you have and you just read what you wanted to and ignored everything else.

I have said multiple times in various places that what I go through, I know others don’t and I don’t expect them or want them to. I know what I go through isn’t normal and not everyone does it. I know everyone has a life and families and friends. I’m not a fucking idiot.

I have depression and anxiety and these things combined make me think differently to a mentally healthy person. I don’t have much of anything going in my life compared to most so I fixate on things. I see things when there is nothing to see. I care too much. Worry too much. Think too much. I am aware that I do this. I am aware that it isn’t normal. I am aware it’s part of my mental illness.

A blog helps me vent my ridiculous thoughts and gets them out. It’s how I feel at a particular time. Not all the time.

You do realise that assuming the worst is part of anxiety right?
I know my mental health better than you or anyone else. I’ve had it my whole life. I also know the difference between rational thoughts and irrational ones and my blog mostly gets filled with the irrational ones so I can work through them.

I realized today that to do some of the amazing things I’ve done I had to go full circle to realize that I am just fine being me. And that trying to fit in to be what society says I’m supposed to be instead is only an epic failure and doesn’t make me any happier. I rejected who I was to be something that I thought someone else wanted and I think that they would have been just fine with me the way I am. I started apologizing for being myself. That was a mistake. The mistake that made me lose myself.

I will always be the person who likes too many things to ever excel at only one, read too much about this and that, have unexplainable breakdowns, unexplainable even to myself; like cars, and how things work. I even put off getting my motorcycle license because I thought more about what other people thought than the fact that I wanted it. I no longer care what anyone thinks about that.

I’ll always like arguing just for the sake of arguing and taking the opposing position even if I don’t believe that. I’ll always like philosophy, and psychology and science. I’ll always have a weird sense of humor and think words used constructively are better than just saying anything. I’ll always like art and politics and shoes and bags. I don’t like crowds and being in places where I can’t be the fly on the wall. I’ll always read in bars. I’ll always like the beach, and feathers and sitting still when the sun goes down and sand between my toes.

I’ll always accept people for what they are no matter how I want them to be. But I’ll always stand up the best I can for how I feel and what I believe. Even if it’s only to express that. Other people are free to express themselves too.

I am whole and complete as I am.

- For Fabulous February

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Hey friend I've been seeing a lot of these negative things you're posting and I'm not sure what's wrong, but I just wanted to send you some positivity. I really love this blog and I think you're a pretty awesome person. Me and I'm sure tons of other people care about you. <3

Thank you so much friend this really lifted my spirits you are too kind. Sending good vibes your way as well *big hugs*

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1. Do you live in the Past, Present, or Future
i live in the future although i’m trying to be more in the present

2. Do you usually chose Truth or Dare
it honestly depends on who i’m with and how late it is (although i prefer to choose dare if i’m with people i’m comfortable with)

3. Are you confident
for the most part yea. i’m pretty comfortable in my own skin and appreciate my beauty and talents as well as my flaws although i do care way too much about what other people think of me for some reason

4. Do you want to stay young or grow old
given the option i’d want to stay young

5. Which do you value more? Youth or Wisdom
wisdom, although i don’t think wisdom only applies to the elderly. i think it all depends on a person’s life experiences. someone who is youthful can also be wise

6. Will a pretty face make it better

7. How hard do you try
too hard sometimes and not enough others

8. Why do you get up in the morning
i have like five alarms that i usually sleep through so i wake up to my mom screaming at me :))

9. Do you think there is a difference between pain and suffering?
pain is temporary, suffering never really goes away, you just learn to live with it

10. Which do you prefer pain or suffering
what kind of a question is that?? ? neither ?? ? ?

12. When do you consider someone your friend
someone is a friend once we’ve hung out one on one

13. Friendship or (romantic) love
??? both?  ?

14. Is pain beauty
there’s beauty in everything, you just have to look for it

15. Do you believe in perfection
yes, and it comes in the form of Dan Howell and Phil Lester

I guess I should be a hermit...

I have no interest in a lot things many people care about……but sometimes I have to pretend I care about them……

people are so good at labeling others…you can’t escape this…if you do not discuss gossips, there must be something wrong with you…but I have ZERO interest on most of people I know…

If you said ‘money is important’, they will think you are a gold-digger; if you act friendly to others, they will think you are an attention-seeker…at this time you just need to pretend you actually are to satisfy their boring minds…because compared to taking time to explain what you really think, it is much easier to act in a way they think you are. if they think you are too happy, just act miserably. it is because even when you explain to them, they won’t believe in you for they only see what they believe…in addition, I don’t care about comments from people who are not important to me/not of my interest.

I am not democratic at all, I have to admit (probably because I come from China). This world is not fair…it’s just NOT true that everyone is equally valuable to this world…I am not perfect, you are not perfect, we have to face it bravely, but not to indulge in a democratic self-deception that everyone is brilliant and glorious.     

I was planning to write even more maliciously…but I deleted them. Never mind, whatever.