i care too much about this poll. and way too much about mean girls


Anon prompt: “omg! I love your imagines! could you pretty please doone where jughead and the reader are at a party and juggie gets drunk and sings sex by the 1975 an then in the morning wakes up and doesnt remember dooing it? please!”

A/N: Sure can, sorry I didn’t post this last night :-( 

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The Spider 4/?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: None that I am aware of
Summary: Will his return affect anything?
Notes: Hey guys liked promised here is part 4 hope you enjoy. The only reason why I want to do the poll was to see which Harry I should use for the gif so yeah. Spring break is over for me and school starts in a few so back to the busy schedule; anyways here is part 4 hope you enjoy-Anahi

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New Life

Characters: Reader x ???

Words: 1596

Summary: The reader gets offered a job, and Sam and Dean offer to let her move in with them.

Part 5 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 herePart 3 here, and Part 4 here

And here we go! Lots more in this part.The poll has closed, and the pairing has been decided, but it will be a while before I reveal it to you all. ;) Enjoy!

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SnK Chapter 89 Poll Results

This poll closed with 770 entries. It was a lot to go through, but I appreciate the all the support. The poll was posted on Reddit and Tumblr, so I’m hopeful it’s a solid snapshot of how the fandom views the events of chapter 89.

What happened on the roof was too significant a moment for the characters to be completely unchanged by it. Anger, trust issues, grief were cited as factors. Interesting, many people saw the change as a potential positive.

My favorite positive comment:

Change, yes, but not necessarily damage.  Their relationships will grow from this just as they have through every other  arc.

This comment made me nod my head solemnly: 

I REALLY hope so. I hated the serumbowl,  but if it happened it might as well have some meaning and not have all the  drama be just outta the moment. I wanna believe the characters have a say in  where the story goes, and it’s not just convenient so the plot can move to  where Isayama wants to. 

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[DGSummary] DGS #484 & Kamiya’s message

I’m putting HiroC’s message right out front. The rest of the episode summary will be under the cut. My opinion about the article? I don’t really give a damn. People deserve to keep privacy private. There is no obligation from HiroC or his agency to give any of us closure by confirming the details or not. HiroC obviously cares a lot for his fans, as seen from the message, so please continue to support him and respect his decisions~

*note: I will not be subbing any part of this episode. If you would like to make a video with subs or whatever, feel free to use the translations below.

Only HiroC’s message will be translated closely with the audio. The rest of the episode is gonna be rough/brief/mashed together.


Today, I, Kamiya Hiroshi, have something to say to all listeners, hence today’s radio opening segment was re-recorded in order to accommodate this. Eh, some might have already guessed, but this week, an article regarding my private life has been published in a weekly magazine. In regards to that incident, I would like to first apologize to everyone who has been worried or hurt by it. I am sorry. If you could forgive my usual casual talk, why wasn’t there a better photo than that published…? 

Eh, usually, well, (that photo) might not bear resemblance to the me you see in seiyuu magazines, where I’d be wearing make up and photoshopped, I, for one, am more used to seeing the unappealing old man (in the photo). So seeing me like that, I believe you can somehow understand that I would not want to reveal too much about my private life, or even talk about it. This time, I was surprised that my private life was put in the spotlight from an unexpected source. I might not be someone of high morals, and although this might not be something to boast about, I do have a private life. However, to me, this is a privacy that should be protected. The seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi that everyone knows about exists on the basis of that private life. 

Based on my own perspective, bringing my personal life into my work or entertainment is something I would avoid as much as possible; also, I place a higher priority in doing things that everyone can enjoy rather than doing things I want to do. Also, I would like to avoid lying as much as possible, and yes that might seem rather vague, but I have a strong policy on this. The reason behind this principle is no doubt the result of me being a seiyuu, being someone who stands for myself in front of the public, where even when speaking on radio, I always bear personal responsibility for the works and characters I partake in. 

Whether for the people who took the time to come for events, or for the everyone who matched their schedules to tune in to the channels on TV or the radio, to me the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the time they spent (in events/TV/radio). For those situations, I hope you would recognize that I do my utmost best to be careful in my actions in order to not get out of character. As an adverse effect, due to the fact that there were no intervals for my private life to come in, and that the timing to make any announcements were missed, I believe that is a factor that led to the current state of affairs. However, as a result of working with staff members who understood my principles and doing our best at entertainment, we were able to make the DGS Expo, that just occurred the day before, to come to fruition.   

OnoD: That is right 

Hence, while continuing to uphold my principles, I would like to continue to provide entertainment for everyone to enjoy, and face this industry in the right direction, I hope you will allow me to continue performing through the microphone. Personally, I do not have much means of expression since I do not possess a blog or a Twitter account, with the permission from the sponsors of Bunka Housou, I was given this time (to make the speech). Once the CM ends, I promise to bring you the usual enjoyable broadcast hence I hope you will stay tuned as usual! 

OnoD: Yes! Ah but honestly speaking, the old dude in front of me is still the usual unappealing guy 

HiroC: Um well yeah…! I guess! I’m really sorry ‘kay! 

OnoD: No No, from now on let’s continue to laugh heartily and merrily together~! 

HiroC: Sorry for being the unappealing old man…but please continue to support us! 

OnoD: Yep! 

HiroC: So let’s start off tonight as usual. This is yours and our story! 

OnoD: Episode 484 Today we shall bring you the radio part from Day 1 of DGS Expo 2016~ 

HiroC: Ah, Yonaga-kun, sorry for suddenly calling you back then. 

OnoD: Mengo mengo! [casual way of saying sorry (gomen)] 

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It Keeps Happening

Summary: Nico keeps falling for the wrong people. At least he has people to talk about it this time.

Also on AO3 and fanfiction.net
Word count: 1,522
Based on this prompt.

It was happening again.

Nico had hoped that Percy would be an exception. Some kind of hero worshiped cranked up to the extreme, the boy who had saved his life and caused him emotional turmoil over Bianca’s death. Love and hatred were sides of the same coin, right? Clearly what he’d felt was because of…well, that. Nothing to be hung up over.

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Hannibal Rewatch Recap: 2x10

**Warning: rewatching blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I am so sorry for the rewatch delay, friends! I had Things. But hopefully you’ll forgive me as this newest TREATISE was written while drinking a glass of wine that went into full effect right in time for the scene we were all awaiting for, in…

Season 2, Episode 10: “Naka-Choko”

“Naka-Choko” is interesting in that it actually starts BACK a touch from how 2x09 closed. “Haha, you didn’t think we’d miss a chance for a trippy emotionally charged fight sequence did you?” - The Hannibal Show

This also gives them the opportunity to show off some footage they didn’t use in the last episode, namely DAVID ANGLE WILL GRAHAM.

Flawless. Fight off your lions, petal. This is how Hannibal sees him all of the time.

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Normally people prefer to get through the polling queue without everyone shoving fliers in their face but I love talking to people about politics. I asked everyone handing out how-to-vote cards as to why I should vote for the party they were supporting just so see what they’d say under pressure. In order:

Liberals: Middle aged woman (possibly older) stated “I don’t know that much about politics so I don’t want to have a debate with someone more knowledgeable than me” when I asked “why should I vote Liberal?” so good to know right off the bat she’s admitting ignorance. Honesty is always good. She did then explained her position by saying that she was afraid of the unions getting too much power and ruining the country so (insert stability slogan here like a TV ad) voted Turnbull for “strong leadership” and gave the whole Liberals = good economic managers that I pointed out historically wasn’t that accurate but thanked her for her time and moved on. (Later on there was a Liberal supporter hanging around near the queue that I asked “why should I vote Liberal?” and he just didn’t want to talk at all about it so I accepted that and left him be).

Greens: Young voter. She said that the environment mattered. I asked her the age old “if you care about the environment then why are you handing out so much paper?” question that people like to say to environmentalists like it’s funny/original. She pointed out that it is a necessity for campaigning but thankfully paper is the most manageable waste product (as it can be recycled) and therefore the environmental impact can be managed. Yay! Also: marriage equality was a big issue for her as she wanted her queer friends to be treated equal.

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party: Older lady was fully prepared. I pointed out she was the least well known party trying to hand out fliers and she gave me the most. She was so ready to tell me dot point by dot point why this dude was the best - likes justice, putting criminals away for the length they deserve, fighting crime… more justice… a sex offender register. “Does it include rapists not just pedophiles?” “Yes.” “Is there a rehabilitation program for offenders or just a register?” She faltered slightly. “…I guess there are some kind of programs…” and continued on, not entirely sure on that point. Also: she talked longer than anyone else and I wanted to leave but she wouldn’t give me a way out of this conversation. Also: someone asked her for a how to vote card and she was really confused for a moment as if it was a weird occurrence for someone to willingly walk up to a person and ask for a flyer. It didn’t make sense though as that lady then immediately walked up to a Labor supporter and handed her the flyer in exchange for a Labor one?

Labor: A girl in her 20s (presumably) when asked why vote Labor replied with “Do you like medicare?” “Yes. I also like how Greens want to expand it to include the dentist.” At that point she responded with “Look, I don’t actually know many of the policies. I’m here because my boyfriend is doing this too so I’m supporting him.” She then gave me a description so that if I wanted an in depth discussion I could talk to him. Fair enough. Alas I didn’t find him as I would’ve loved to have a proper conversation. I thanked her for her honesty. I wished her luck as I understand the position of Prime Minister is between Liberal and Labor and despite not voting for either of them I would much rather Labor over Liberal. It was pleasant.

Australian Christians: The final lot of the bunch. A middle aged lady. I asked her why to vote for them and she replied that she believes there is a moral decay in our society that other parties aren’t standing up to. I asked how the Australian Christians will benefit me as a queer person and she laughed. She said she had many friends who were homosexual that understood her position and she simply respects that difference in belief. Everyone is different. She stands up for what she believes in and I can stand up for what I want. I thought that was a very mature response. I mean, I completely disagree with her on the idea that children are being “forced” to learn about LGBT acceptance and how there’s a “moral decay” in society, and that her party would actually be damaging to the queer community if elected… but she didn’t get annoyed at me for asking. She wished me to have a nice day and me to her.

Verdict: there’s an even split between people who are really interested in politics and people who are just kinda into it… which is unexpected. I would’ve thought if you’re going to promote a party then you’d be ready to talk at length about them. Thankfully everyone was really nice about being gently challenged on their beliefs. Good times. No one was a dick about anything I had to say to them.

And in 3 years time I get to do it all over again…