i care so little i almost passed out

I just wrote a tiny little fic to get the idea out of my head (please don’t kill me- i promise desole is almost done-) but it’s where Ladybug detransforms too early and falls into the snow and basically passes out from shock, so Chat takes her home with him because he’s panicking and Tikki tells him it’s okay, but he’s super careful about it so he doesn’t see her face, and he waits for her to wake up and hides so she doesn’t see him either, then she leaves and she’s like: “wow you sure have a cool room” and he’s like: “yeah i guess.”

And Tikki and Plagg are both dying from frustration.

And then a few weeks later Marinette decides she’s gonna tell Chat her identity because it was just too awkward and depressing when he’d only tried to help her that one night, so she plans on it, and then that night she, Alya, and Nino all go over to Adrien’s house for a movie night because his dad was lenient enough to let it happen and she just walks into his room and then turns around like:

“Lol, nope, I’m out.”

I am not crying..you are..

I am sitting at home on my big red couch for the day, going through all of the insurance break down on pigeon..

She was not on my insurance when she was born but OHSU will try and bill them anyways. She is turning into my Million dollar baby very quickly. I have almost received all of my hospital billing..If you do the math on me alone I came out to be almost $90,000. HAHAHAHA *sigh*

BUT little pigeon is going to pass me up REAL QUICK..just her first few days of life she was almost $9,000. Her care is well OVER $1,000+ a day…

SO..all the prayers..and good vibes on this stuff you guys..my sanity needs it..