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YouTube Channels You Can Watch Other Than JonTron

Nitro Rad (Canadian video game commentator who is precious)

SomeCallMeJohnny (actual laid back dude talks about video games. I know. Shocking. I wanna have coffee and chat with this guy someday.)

Shan Boody (click-baity titles, but actually entertaining sex educator for young adults)

Nerdy and Quirky (Sabrina is delightfully nerdy and I love her jokes)

The ThomCast (I find this guy talking about his comic work kinda inspiring because it makes me keep going)

Innuendo Studio (did a BRILLIANT multi-part video about GamerGate and what we can learn from its garbage. His videos deal with pop culture, psychology, and games)

Caddicarus (You probably know about him and his game reviews already)

Animal Wonders Montana (animal rescue nonprofit organization that shares videos about their animals and how to care for them)

Sexplanations (Sex education!)

The Good Stuff (short-form documentaries about anything from pinball to haunted houses to solar energy)

BoyInABand (British guy who occasionally makes great music, when he’s not talking about whatever he wants to talk about)

Olan Rogers (his stories ALWAYS make me laugh, and make a bad day better)

WheezyWaiter (comedian and EXCELLENT video editor)

Andrew Huang (does lots of music with household objects, and sometimes talks about how he writes music)

100 Days (Watch John Green be terribly out of shape in the gym but get better over time, along with his buddy Chris. Community tab’s where it’s at)

Thomas Sanders (he does more than Vines)

Brows Held High (Thanks to my buddy Sean, for showing me this insightful review channel)

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we went from this

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in the span of two (2) episodes, and book!alec has been murdered and buried with all his biphobia for good and I couldn’t be happier about it ♥

show!alec is such a great, constantly growing character who’s evolving and overcoming his insecurities instead of letting them hurt his relationship or the very man he loves ♥

I realise this is going to sound very twee, but being a tabletop game designer gives me a certain stark perspective on how cynically performative a lot of this “punch a Nazi today!” stuff is.

I mean, I’m all in favour of punching Nazis, but having been deeply involved in various geek communities for a lot of years, I know for a fact that this attitude is a great deal more recent than many of us would care to admit. The truth is that for most of that span, we openly tolerated the presence of actual fascists among our ranks in the interest of not “dividing the community”.

Like, it’s really cool that we’re all about Nazi punching now, but where was this fervour twenty - or even ten - years ago when a shared interest in pretending to be vampires was more important to us than the fact that we were playing pretend with literal Nazis?

Let us not feign surprise that there are fascists in our midst; not only did we know they were there, we welcomed them with open arms!

Headcanon: Ask teenaged Damian about Batman Inc. and Brucie Wayne’s relationship with Batman and you’ll always receive a different answer.


“What is your father’s relationship with Batman?“
"They’re lovers.”

“Unrequited love. Father adores him, but Batman has only one passion: JUSTICE.“

"Childhood friends. Met at summer camp. My father stumbled into the woods and noticed a rather fat bat in the tree. Back then he was a little overweight, and also known as Batboy.”

“I am here to deliver the truth, and the truth shall set this city free. X-Men are real. He’s a mutant! They’re all mutants!”

“Total weebs. They were really into Inuyasha in high school. You know that one episode with the bat demons? Huge inspiration.”

“My father cares a great deal about animals, as I’m sure you are aware. Batman is half bat. That’s why he covers his face. He has bat eyes.“

"It’s a torrid affair. Batman’s secret headquarters are under Gotham harbor. My father has always had a thing about romance surrounded by fish. Sometimes he’ll get Batman to sing sea shanties.”


“Here’s the thing: Batman is actually not a man. The figure is made up of small cobbler elves. That’s why the Kevlar fits so tight.”

So everyone is all about being the voices of the voiceless.

Animal rights are a big deal to a lot of people. They speak up about animal cruelty and the killing of animals. Most people support this cause and agree with it.

But what I don’t get is why voiceless animals are more important than a small voiceless unborn baby. It is alive from conception and has a future. That baby could do great things when it gets older. I really don’t understand why not eating meat is more important than the protection of a human embryo. Like, I don’t care if you, reader, are pro-choice or not. Think about this. People care more about protecting animals than protecting our own species. And don’t try that “it’s not human” argument. If it isn’t a human, what is it? It’s not a fungus or a cat or a fruit. If you plant a seed and watch it grow, is the sprout not still a plant? Anyway, I digress.

The fact that saving animals’ lives seems to be more important to people compared to saving unborn children who are actual human beings and a part of our species is pretty alarming. Just my opinion.

i mean T’Challa just lost his dad and the only part of grief we have seen so far is grr revenge hiss but i mean he has to learn how to be a king let alone deal with that type of loss. he’s going to be a great king, but we have a long way to go first

basically let him be a mess for a while. he shouldn’t immediately be taking care of other people and even if he does it should be at least a little mutual for the love of god i shouldn’t have to say this yeesh

  • shoutout to bisexual boys who are told they’re actually just gay
  • shoutout to bisexual girls who are told they’re really straight and just want attention
  • shoutout to bi kids who are told that bisexuality isn’t real and they have to “pick a side”
  • shoutout to pansexual kids who are told that pansexuality isn’t real and have to deal with stupid “so you wanna fuck a pan?” jokes
  • shoutout to ace and aro kids who are told they just “haven’t found the right person yet”
  • shoutout to poly folks who are told they are cheating and cannot love more than one person
  • shoutout to all the ignored sexualities and romantic identities that have to take a lot of shit from everyone
Allowance use

Alright my dolls, you locked that SD and started getting that money, what y'all gonna do with it?

-don’t even think about spending the whole amount. I mean NO. No matter if you are sure that’s a steel deal you got yourself, remember your daddy can leave you any time. So -

-always take some of your allowance and stack it like it doesn’t exist, literally, DEAD, burnt. Have your own little rainy day trust fund, it can be your childhood piggy bank, I don’t care as long as those paper bills aren’t spent.
You are in a great position now yet how you gonna know what tomorrow can bring you? Maybe you will be in drought for weeks sometimes a month or more. Always be prepared.

-don’t get into that terminator spending mode as soon as those hands feel the paper. Do you really need them Chanel bags and Loubies? If you are really craving for it make your SD get em for you. But honestly, shoe/bag/clothes shopping will make you happy for a while, a car or a house/apartment shopping would make you a bit more permanently happy ? These are big goals I know however aren’t unreasonable and aren’t something so not possible to reach.

-first take care of your bills/rent/tuition/food supply, COVER your basic needs for the month, SAVE the rest. You would be amazed by the sum if you counted all of them bills spent on cute little things you bought yourself from sugaring.

-Keep the receipts and sum it up in the end of a month, if you aren’t going to keep track of your money who will? God? No.

-set up some bigger goals that you plan on reaching from sugaring. It’s maybe paying off that student loan, signing up for masters degree, saving up for your own place, investing in stocks or a small start up of your own. You name it. But I’m sure there must be something more valuable to you than the shopping sprees. Tend to be more friendly to your future.

-I saw a movie few months back, and there was this scene where a bodyguard of a rich guy asks these SBs hanging in the mansion how are they investing their money? What they all said-shoes and bags. And then he spilled the basic truth, What y'all gonna do with them shoes and bags in few years? Mr X will replace you all with them younger bitches and then what? You gonna live in ya shoes? Damn. Opened my eyes. You ain’t gonna be sugaring forever.

-if you HAVE a vanilla job, don’t even dream about leaving/quitting! NO. No matter what or how good your SD is. No matter what he promises to you no matter how much money he gives you. THAT is NOT your PERMANENT INCOME. Allowance is your little/big lottery ticket you are getting every month/week. Treat it like one. It CAN be a losing one just from next time.

-be a HOE but a smart HOE. Always mention to these SDs your actual goals for your future, he is more likely to spend and help ya out with that education/business venture for example than he’ll be interested in spending on some flashy superficial stuff. I’ve learned that hard way.

-think about the way you get your allowance (wire transfer, pay pal, cheque etc) this does vary on a country you live in but CASH will always be the good old almighty cash.

-if he gives you a card, don’t buy everything you see! Take cash from ATMs and stack it. If that card is really at your disposal use it SMART. Pay your groceries with it, bills if possible, replace a thing in your home, help out your family if you are able. But don’t go on a crazy mall tour. Your SD won’t really give a damn how you used it, moreover you can earn bonus points if he notices you are spending it smart.

-I’m not saying that you should not go shopping eventually but be smart about it. Keep inventory of your wardrobe, do supply/demand chart. Do your supply renewal every 3 or 6 months. PLANNING is the mother of SPENDING. If you take care of your wardrobe it will always look fresh and new. Respect it. Remember- your bomb pussy earned that!

-you have stuff in your closet you haven’t worn a year? Great. Sell it online. It will clear up your space and get you some extra $$$.

-another tip on saving- don’t necessarily go all the time to beauty salons (if it’s not something mandatory you can’t do yourself), take some time and do your own mani/pedi, if you can style your hair (there’s some new brushes that literally do the straightening for you while using it, if I find a link I’ll post it) learn to do your own makeup. Don’t buy all the most expensive beauty products all the time, there are cheaper ones which are also good. Take note: BRAND sells the product. So don’t be a victim of someone’s successful advertising. Just because it’s a Dior cream it’s why you need to own it?

-stack as many SDs as possible, short time ones, regular ones, it means MORE money for your wallet.

-don’t show off, don’t bring that negativity out from people. It’s still bad energy and why would you possibly want to make yourself a problem or an unpleasant situation? E.g. Outing you to your friends family coworkers etc, list has no end. You DO NOT have to impress anyone! You live in your OWN skin NOT in other peoples EYES!

-if you can’t keep track of your finances/spendings hire an accountant, it will help you big time!

-take advantage of the sales when you are getting your food/wardrobe or whatever

-don’t be lazy and go to the restaurants all the time! LEARN how to cook if you don’t already know. I’m aware how delicious that home delivery is but the price of a single order could maybe cover more meals if you went to the supermarket. It’s ok occasionally ordering food/going out to eat but think how much you can save up just by cooking yourself.

-be bills and environmental friendly, which means that you don’t need to have all of your lights in the home ON all the time, take your charger out when finished charging your phone/computer, don’t leave your desktop running all day/night or on sleep mode. Same applies to your tv. Take showers instead of filling up the tub. You will be amazed how much all of that can reduce your monthly expenses! Now sum that up for a year! Oh, yes.

-instead of paying for a crazy expensive gym, go out for a run, work out at home/in nature, don’t be lazy and look up YouTube tutorials for different workouts that don’t include gym.

-use public transport whenever you can instead of taxis/uber/your own car (if you own one), take a bicycle if you can, it will do magic to your body and your bank account.

-learn the difference between your NEEDS and DESIRES. Your desire can be your worst enemy if you can’t control it.

-don’t hoard food! Do your supply AD HOC (when necessary).

-make list of all monthly expenses you have, write PROs and CONs for each. Ask yourself do you really need it every month? Cut all unnecessary things off that list.

-get a vanilla job if you already don’t have one!

Combine some of these tips and do good for yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow up to the point rather customize it to your own convenience!

Be a smart Hoe with your money.


This isn’t really a theory as much as it is a thought. With all the Dorian/Gavin and Manon/Elena physical parallels, and the fact that Aelin is trapped in a box on her way to who-knows-where… What if Aelin’s big plot line is defeating Maeve, while Manon and Dorian’s is reforging the Lock and getting rid of Erawan?

Think about it for a second, it could be like a symbolic “Gavin and Elena” do over. Adarlan’s last great king and queen rewriting where they went wrong. And it could (potentially) explain why Maeve showed up to take Aelin. Erawan could have called the bitch up and been like, “I have a fiery problem I’d like you to take care of–this deal with benefit both of us.”

OBVIOUSLY, this could be potentially really REALLY disappointing to fans. BUT wouldn’t it be kind of sweet and savory if the one thing Aelin entrusted to someone else (Manon/Dorian by default) they came through on? Wouldn’t it be nice if she didn’t always have to save the day? That she could be the one saved and then come back to a happy ending instead of the death she thought still awaited her?

It’s just a thought/headcanon. Thoughts/opinions from others who are as nerdy about literary devices and character development as I am?

But honestly the relationship between Kaz and Wylan is so pure?
·Kaz Brekker, actually complimenting someone? ‘You think like a lockpick’ ?? I bet he never compared not even Inej to a lockpick. The honour.
·Kaz making sure Wylan is costantly watched by the dregs, or Jesper, because that merchling wouldn’t last two days in the slums.
·And when this kid comes to him confessing his disability -the reason why his father hates him- this dangerous criminal goes like ‘it’s no big deal?? ? Look Wylan you are so smart, and brave, and great at least at 654 things why would anybody care about that?’.
·Kaz betting that Asshole Van Eck won’t put his son’s life in danger because?? Look at this blond little duckling how could anyone harm him?
And said little fierce duckling winning the bet, just looking at Kaz Brekker- Dirtyhands, second most dangerous criminal in Ketterdam- in the eyes and going ‘pay up, Kaz’.
And you can bet in that moment Kaz had just appointed himself as honorary father of this baby crow.


Request: aww i’m really sick at the Moment :( Would you maybe write an imagine with Bucky where you’re his girlfriend but also dealing with a nasty flu and he is all caring and protective, doing anything to help you and makes sure you’re comfortable and stuff ? That would be really great <3

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You suddenly jolted awake in your bed, gently wrapping your hand around your throat. It had a nasty sting that flowed through your chest and your mouth was producing a lot more saliva. You knew what was about to happen. 

Quickly throwing the blankets off of you and stumbling over your own two feet, you rushed into your bathroom and bent over the toilet, emptying your stomach. You coughed up the rest and took deep breaths, the little episode leaving you without air for a few minutes. 

You stood up and suddenly felt really cold and drained of energy. You flushed the toilet and brushed your teeth twice before all traces of the nasty stomach fluids went away. You walked back into your bedroom and slipped on your warm Stark Industries hoodie.

You felt like death as you checked the time. 5:30am. The sun wasn’t even out yet and you knew you weren’t going to be able to sleep. Bucky was always the first awake so he could run early with Steve. He was more than likely in the kitchen. You sighed, feeling nauseous and dizzy. Your body ached as you walked out of your room and down the elevator to the kitchen. 

The light was already on and it gave you a headache. Or did you already have it? You didn’t remember; it was hard to focus when you were shivering violently. You walked in the kitchen and saw Bucky reading the newspaper, still in just his sweats from last night.

You let out a cough, startling the man. Bucky’s head shot up to you and he took in your appearance. “You’re so pale. What’s the matter, Doll?” He asked, quickly coming over to you. His hands rested on your cheeks and he gasped. “You’re burning up! Do you feel okay?” Bucky asked, his shocked expression making you smile a little.

You just shrugged and coughed again, covering your mouth with your arm. “I threw up and I’m freezing. Everything hurts.” You explained with a scratchy voice. Bucky frowned and touched your forehead. “What did you eat last night?” Bucky asked, moving to get you some water and to make you some soup.

You sat down on the stool he was on moments ago, the warmth on it comforting you. Bucky grabbed some medicine and put your chicken noodle soup on the stove, waiting for it to heat up. “I didn’t have much of an appetite actually. So I skipped.” You said softly. He set the medicine down along with your water bottle.

Bucky hummed in response as he got the thermometer and came around to stand beside you. You turned to face him and frowned. “Bucky, I-I’m fine. Really.” You didn’t want to admit you were sick because you knew Bucky would try to help you any way he could. You didn’t mind, but he would eventually stay with you the whole time and sacrifice his upcoming missions just to take care of you.

“Open.” Bucky said, ignoring your previous words. You sighed and did as Bucky said, letting him stick the thermometer under your tongue. Bucky watched you closely and sighed. “You might have the flu.” He said lowly, gently tucking your hair behind your ear. “Baby, you’re gonna need lots of rest, okay?” Bucky said, pecking your forehead. You nodded and the simple movement made your head spin slightly.

The pot of soup on the stove started boiling and Bucky quickly moved over and poured it in a bowl. He set the spoon down in it, stirring it lightly as he blew cool air on it. You took the thermometer out when it started beeping and you groaned at the number. “What’s it say?” Bucky asked worriedly as he set your bowl of soup down in front of you. He took it from you and his eyes grew wide. “103? Y/N, you’ve definitely got the flu.” Bucky said, setting the thermometer down.

You groaned again, suddenly feeling really hot. You breathed out and coughed hard, this time feeling the congestion in your chest. Bucky rubbed your back and grabbed a spoon full of soup, bringing some of the warm liquid up to your mouth. You gently swallowed it and let the warmth soothe your sore throat.

After you finished your soup and took some medicine, Bucky carried you to your bedroom. You sighed, slipping off your hoodie now. You were starting to sweat and Bucky frowned as he sat on the edge of your bed. “I’m gonna let Steve know you’re ill. I’m staying with you until you’re better.” Bucky said quietly, reaching for your hand. He softly stroked the back of it and you sighed.

“You don’t have to stay with me, Bucky.” You said softly, looking at Bucky with a frown. He just smiled sadly at you. “Y/N, you’re sick and everyone else will be gone on the mission today. Who would take care of you then?” Bucky asked, sending a quick text to Steve. It always amused you to see Bucky and Steve using their iPhones. Their fingers were so large, sometimes you couldn’t even understand what either of them typed and sent you.

Bucky set his phone down on your bedside table and you quickly sat up, holding your mouth closed. “Doll?” Bucky asked, his eyebrows furrowed. You shot out of bed and rushed into the restroom, the toilet full of the soup you just had. You felt a hand pull your hair back and Bucky rested his head on your shoulder. You couldn’t care less how you looked right now, you just knew it was all a hot mess.

You finally finished and you were breathing hard, trying to catch your breath. Tears filled your eyes and you sniffled. “I hate throwing up.” You said with a cough. Bucky stood up and got a wash cloth, running it under the cool water at the sink. He handed it to you and you grabbed it, wiping your hot face. “Doll, I’m so sorry.” Bucky said quietly, his hand resting on your shoulder.

You stood up and flushed the toilet, quickly brushing your teeth again. Bucky kept his arms wrapped around your waist, his hands gently rubbing across your stomach. His chin was resting on your shoulder and you sighed, cleaning off the toothpaste around your lips. Bucky led you back into your room and you got the chills again. You shivered harshly and buried yourself under your blankets.

Bucky climbed in beside you, his body heat immediately drawing you into him. Bucky held you as close as possible, wrapping his leg protectively over yours. His lips stayed on your warm forehead as he gently rubbed your back. You hummed and closed your eyes, exhaustion creeping into your body. “Thank you, Bucky.” you said softly. Bucky smiled against your forehead.

You felt Bucky hug you closer as you shivered again. “I’ll always be here to take care of you, Doll.” Bucky said.

Suddenly someone knocked on your door, pulling you out of your rest. You groaned, waking up from having been in a deep sleep and your head killing you. “Come in.” Bucky said quiet enough not to hurt your ears. Your door opened and Sam poked his head in, Clint and Steve joining him.

They all piled in your room, one by one, taking in your sick state. “Guys, she needs to rest. Steve, I thought I told you I wasn’t going to make it.” Bucky said, holding you even closer, shielding your body as if to let them know not to come near you right now. 

You nuzzled your face in Bucky’s neck. “We just wanted to make sure she isn’t dying.” Steve said, making Sam snicker. He immediately stopped when Bucky shot him a glare and Steve slapped his shoulder with the back of his hand. Clint chuckled and Sam glared at him.

You groaned and turned to look at the men. “Yow!” Clint yelled, seeing how pale you were. “Daaamn!” Sam yelled, holding his fist to his mouth while he made an ‘o’ face. You shot them your middle finger and Steve quickly ushered the two men out of your room. “Sorry.” Steve muttered. You rolled your eyes and buried yourself deeper into Bucky’s body. “I’ll deal with them later.” Steve said with a sigh.

Bucky nodded and rested his hand on your cheek, stroking it with your thumb. “Y/N, please, sleep.” Bucky said, looking down at you. He turned to Steve with an apologetic look. “Steve, she needs to rest. She just has the flu.” Bucky explained shortly. Steve nodded sadly. “Let me know of any changes.” Steve said before leaving, joining the others to go on the mission.

You whimpered and looked up at Bucky. “Do I really look that bad?” You asked, your voice almost gone. Bucky frowned at the sound of your weak voice, shaking his head. “Of course not. You’re so beautiful, Doll.” Bucky said, kissing your forehead. You smiled a little and closed your eyes, sleep once again calling your name.

“Sleep well, Y/N. I love you.” Bucky whispered, staring at your face he adored so much.

Note: I hope you feel better, sweetie! I want Bucky to take care of me when I’m sick, aw. feedback is welcome! .c

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i want even to be the next lead, yes obviously partly bc i don’t want to say goodbye to isak and even, but also I would really really really love to see them tackle his mental illness from HIS perspective, because watching this season, and watching people talk about, i think a lot of people still don’t really understand it fully. This season was great because it addressed how to be supportive of someone you care about dealing with it, but I would love to see them explore the other side of it, I don’t think they did enough to really explore what Even was going through, especially with Isak always asking Sonja instead of Even how to help him


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

P&P vs HP

Rather than doing any writing this weekend my brain has been humming over a dream I had about a Pride & Prejudice and Harry Potter crossover crackfic [that I will never write]. With Hermione as Elizabeth, Sirius as Darcy and Riddle as ‘I’m here to fuck everything up’ Wickham.

Tom (Wickham): Did you know Miss Granger, that Mr. Black didn’t turn up and join my… *intense coughing* political group like he promised, I ended up losing a lot of money and a great deal of pride over the matter.

Hermione (Elizabeth): Oh how awful [puts a hand on Mr. Riddle’s arm] I’m not surprised, though, he’s been a total wanker since he got here.

Lavender (Lydia): [looking at an unknown man that has unwittingly crossed her path] Well where’s his black robe? I don’t care three straws for a man without one.

Parvati (Kitty): *incoherent squealing*

Lavender (Lydia): I mean he hasn’t even got a shiny silver mask, it’s like he’s not trying.

James (Bingley): [seeing Lily (Jane) for the first time at the Hogsmeade assembly ball] I’m going to marry her, now, like right now, do you think the churches are still open?

Sirius (Darcy): *Disdainful pureblood scowl TM*

James (Bingley): I’m going to buy her a pony, girls like ponies, or a boat… or a house. Maybe all of it, maybe a house for the horses that I will buy and one for the boat. 

Sirius (Darcy): *facepalm*

Hermione (Elizabeth): [In conversation with Luna (Charlotte)] Mr. Black does look over here often I wonder what he can mean by it?

Sirius (Darcy): *intense eye fucking*

Cormac (Mr. Colins): I really think your refusal comes too quickly Hermione.

Hermione (Elizabeth): I assure you Mr. Mclaggen I am earnest in my response.

Cormac (Mr. Colins): More fool you, do you have any idea what I’ve got going on underneath this outfit?

Hermione (Elizabeth): 

Cormac (Mr. Colins): Dick for days, Miss. Granger. Dick. For. Days.

Molly (Mrs. Bennet): Are you insane for rejecting Mr. Mclaggen Hermione? No easter eggs for you.

Sirius (Darcy): So in summary, despite me finding your whole family entirely repellant to my surprise your bookish personality and need to speak every thought that passes through your mind totally without filter is strangely endearing. Will you do me the honour of becoming the next Mrs. Black?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Incoherent rageful screaming*

Sirius (Darcy): Really? You’re not jumping at this?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Something about house elves*

[Sirius, enraged walks to the door before pausing for a moment looking back over his shoulder]

Sirius (Darcy): I got the fancy thing right though yeah? Like that would be a bit of a blow.

Hermione (Elizabeth): *slightly flushed* oh yeah, I mean, your a total arse but beautiful in an otherworldly way that will make me start hating myself in about three weeks.

Regulus (Georgiana): Why am I in a dress?

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What I think needs to be said

Dear absynthe–minded,

I’ve been following you since you declared you would make a new dress in reaction to the 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie, which I think is an admirable project.

In response to the recent controversy, I would like to make several points.

Point One:  Why the costuming in the new movie is a big deal, and why people should care about it

I’ve got no clue about fashion and periodic clothing, but even I can see that the costuming in this movie was done badly, and with barely any regard to social norms and fashions at the time; and more importantly without any apparent respect to the actual costume designer. I’ve looked up Jacqueline Durran’s work and it’s absolutely incredible, I am absolutely in love - I never realised that she was responsible for the amazing costumes in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina.

It is fairly obvious that if she had any input or advice for the costumes in Beauty and the Beast, it was disregarded. So I do not understand how those anons can hear about this and say, “Why do you care about this, it’s got nothing to do with you, get over yourself,” etc.

Because costume design is Durran’s life. It is a job she takes obviously takes pride in. She is internationally renowned in her field and winner of numerous awards, among them an Academy Award for her work on Anna Karenina. And it is not just job, it is art. As an artist myself, I know that when you make art, a bit your heart and soul goes into every piece you make.

And I love and admire Emma Watson, I really do. But taking control of an artist’s work the way she did is Not Okay for so many reasons.

The general opinion seems to be that Watson’s goal was to make this movie more feminist, and to have her costumes reflect that. But this raises the question - how is it okay from any feminist standpoint to walk all over a fully capable woman’s work? How is it okay to take a woman’s art - her job, her life - and decide that it is not good enough?

I’m not sure that that is what actually happened, but this certainly sounds as if Durran - even though she doesn’t act offended by this, so there is an unlikely chance that she was okay with it - had a plan, and Watson stamped her own opinions on those without fully understanding the intricacies of periodic clothing and the importance of fashion actually had in that period of time, never mind her lack of experience in costume design. If she had been an expert in the field, it would have been different. But she is not, she is an actress, and so she comes across as a woman who appropriated another’s work and forced her stamp on it.

So I fully understand your outrage. It is even more personal for you because this might be your future. Your work that you love and take pride in might be taken and twisted to suit someone’s opinions, and be used in a fashion that offends you personally.

(Such as wearing a dress and hiking up the for the sole purpose of revealing the bloomers worn as underwear. Honestly. No.)

Point Two: Why the changes to Belle’s characters are such a big deal

Again, People have been questioning in varying levels of politeness if you are justified in being revolted to the point of tears by the new movie.

The answer is: You are. You definitely are.

For one, and this should be a no-brainer, you have the right to have opinions, and you have the right to defend those so long as you don’t force them on anyone, which I don’t think you have done at any point unless I misinterpreted or overlooked something.

I am honestly appalled at the awful things some of those anons have been saying, and admire the bravery with which you face their hate - I for one would have a great deal of trouble dealing with that kind of toxicity.

For another, and this is the point that people just don’t seem to understand, so I will spell it out for them.

2017’s Belle is not a new Disney Princess.

“Of course, we know that, it’s a remake, dumbass.”

Yes, of course. The point is this:

The remake of Beauty and the Beast has been advertised heavily as not just that, a remake, but a movie that surpasses the original and adds to it. A movie that brings a modern Belle with it. An improved Belle.

Basically, we are told that the original Belle and her qualities are no longer valid. The New Belle is the improved and better version, a modern woman™, they are telling us that the New Belle is what women should be now. They are telling us that we should replace the Belle we grew up with and loved with the New Belle.

“So what? They’re the same character!”

Sure. They are the same character. But they are not the same person.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the original Belle and the New Belle had the same personality, now would it?  But here’s the thing. They are not.

The original Belle is lovely. She’s graceful, she’s intelligent, she is sweet, kind and selfless. She‘s also soft and she gets scared, and likes pretty things, and she sees the good in people. And she’s misunderstood and an outsider in her own city, people look down on her ideals; she’d like to break free of her life, feeling that there is more for her out there.

New Belle is actually a lot of those things. But the thing is, they are prioritised differently, and it makes her different.  

I’m just going to highlight the most important differences, I’ve only watched the new movie once which isn’t enough to fully analyse a character.

So. Is New Belle graceful? I would say no. Again, she hikes up her skirt and shows off her bloomers, among other things.

Is she sweet? No, not really. She’s confrontational. She had her moments, but it’s just not a defining characteristic.

As for kindness and selflessness - she was those things, but it wasn’t as pronounced as the original Belle. In portraying Belle as a strong female character, she was made more grab-the-bull-by-the-horns and less accepting.

And this New Belle doesn’t value pretty things as much. Or material things, period. She’s less soft, and more importantly, I got the feeling that she was jaded towards people - hence she was confrontational. She didn’t believe in the good of people as much. Actually, she seemed to look down on them.

I’m not saying that New Belle is a bad character per se - but she is very much different, and again, we are encouraged to look at her as better. As stronger.

Now here’s the thing that makes all of this so important.

Original Belle isn’t weak. She is strong and brave, precisely because she is kind. Because there’s incredible strength in kindness. To go out every day and be praised only for your looks and ridiculed for who you are, for your ideals, for your intelligence, for what makes you you, and still be able to smile at people and be kind to them. Original Belle never rolled her eyes. She never sighed in aggravation, she didn’t do sass. She went on with her life and stayed kind even when others were unkind towards her.

And New Belle doesn’t have that quality and she’s portrayed as strong because of it. This is the real problem. The 2017 movie tells us a woman is strong when she’s talking back and wearing bloomers, when she refuses to wear corsets, when she confronts others, when she fights. And - and this is a pretty important point actually - it tells us this vehemently. The strong™ Belle moments are all emphasised in some way (like the costumes, as you’ve pointed out), we basically get the feminist messages shoved in our faces. The movie doesn’t give us a subtle message to consider and think about at home. No, we are told a point and we are told to accept it, and fast. At least, that is the impression I got from it, and I found it uncomfortable.

The original movie doesn’t tell us about how a woman needs to be. It’s not about feminist propaganda. It tells us a story in which the heroine is kind and stays that way, and makes the best out of a bad situation in a quiet and gentle way. She’s gentle and peaceful, and that is okay. It has a love story in which one learns to look past the other’s terrible looks and sees the good within, and the other falls in love because of the qualities others laughed at her for. To me, The Beauty and the Beast is a story of acceptance.

Again, I’m not saying that New Belle is bad.

But in replacing Original Belle with New Belle and told that the latter is better and modern, we are told that the original Belle’s in this world are outdated. A thing of the past. That we should change to be like New Belle. That we aren’t enough anymore.

So this isn’t actually just a little problem. Because maybe 9 out of 10 people don’t see it that way, but the tenth? The one who grew up wanting to be just like Belle, who had posters of her all over their bedroom, who felt this Belle was their friend who would love them if they were real, who felt encouraged every time they watched the movie?

To them, seeing the new Belle will be disappointed at best, and devastated at worst. It’s like seeing a beloved friend pushed into the shadows for the louder and shinier twin sister, and not being able to do anything.

And what makes this even sadder, there will now be children who’ll grow up never knowing the original Belle.

I don’t know about you, but I think that prospect sounds really lonely.

So I hope that some people will now better understand the significance of this controversy. Absynthe–minded, I fully support you, and I wish you courage. Please know that you’re opinions are valid, you are valid, and what you do gives courage to a lot of people out there.

Thank you for being you.

okay like

this is the nicest thing anybody has said to me about this project? And also just… thank you. For understanding, and for Getting It. Thank you so much.

  • Hermione: Did you just take away the bride's book on her wedding day?
  • Ginny: Oh oh, is this your wedding day? I'm sorry! Couldn't tell, because you're acting like its any other Sunday morning, and it's not!
  • Hermione: Ginny, if you're waiting for me to suddenly turn into the bridezilla, you can just give up, that's not me.
  • Ginny: Fine, maybe we should just act like this wedding's no big deal, and you know what? I don't feel like wearing my bridesmaid's dress.
  • Hermione: Great! I mean it's just a wedding. Who cares what people wear?
  • [In Another Room]
  • Blaise: [shows Draco the hundredth suit that day] SAY YES TO THIS SUIT!!!
  • Draco: [crying] I can't. I can't!
  • [Blaise frustratingly throws the suit on to the floor into the large pile of rejects]