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Number 4 please!!! I wanna burn in all these feels


(this was originally supposed to be titled ‘’things he does that make your heart soar but that was a little cheesetown so now we have this!!!)

  • he’s a forehead nudger. he’s done it since you first started dating. if your squishing together on the couch, he’ll nudge his forehead into your shoulder to get you to adjust so he can fit flush against you. or he’ll just do it when you two are standing close together. its something that’s extremely intimate like a kiss but yet so gentle and loving
  • when talking to tessa, he will refer to you as “mummy”. 
  • you can remember the first time he did it. you were waiting by the front door as he fastened her leash and cooed to her. “gonna have a nice walk, aren’t we, princess? you, me, and mummy.” you’ve never discussed it, but the look you gave him when he glanced up at you was the only confirmation he needed
  • sometimes will refer to you in conversations as “the missus”. once or twice it has sparked some engagement rumors and that’s partially why he loves it
  • every time you watch him pack for another long press junket it away, he will wrap and arm under your legs and across your back before carrying you bridal style into his suitcase. he pretends to pack you, setting some t-shirts and socks on top of you before shutting the lid. “i told you i can’t forget anything!!” 
  • when he gets home after a long day and its quite late, he wakes you up by slathering your face in kisses. there’s no corner of your skin left untouched before he smiles against it and whispers a “missed you”
  • feel free to fight me but, he’s a big corner mouth kisser. like not all the time, but rather then place a quick peck to your lips, he’s developed a habit of catching the corner of your lips, in a sort of teasing, cheeky way. 
  • (when he first started doing it, he’d say “there’s more where that came from!!!”)
  • he’s also a big grabby hand baby. if he’s talking to harrison back stage in a green room, he’ll stretch out his hand to you, beckoning you to come play with his fingers or at least just sit by him.
  • or when he has a break and for some reason you’re still across the room, he’ll stretch his hands out to, fingers flexing and a whine leaving his mouth
  • tried to cook for you but only has 3 ½ meals memorized and can never be bothered with recipes because the boy cannot follow directions (”i’m not gonna let a piece of paper tell me what to do!!!”)
  • when you tag along to his events, in between networking or interviewing, he’ll twist around so he can find you and give you a nose scrunch or a playful snarl, just so you know he hasn’t forgotten you’re there
  • lays on top of you. just spreads across you. doesn’t matter what you’re doing. you will either become his pillow for a quick nap or listen to him beg for your attention.
  • he’s a show off too. like if he gets a crowd laughing or does a flip for an audience, he’ll find you in the crowd or backstage and give you and eyebrow wiggles as if to say “did you see THAT”
  • he hits on you like you’re not already together. you’ll be in the cereal aisle, trying to pick one out for the week and he’ll saunter over to you, place and arm against the shelves and wink “do you come here often?”
  • or “hey you’re really cute, got a boyfriend?” and you reply “yeah and he’s Spider-Man.” he’s always delighted when you play along. “damn, sounds like a really manly guy, you’re really lucky.”
  • if you say “i love you” back too quietly, he shouts “what was that?!” until you shout it back at him
  • he would rather sit on the floor with his back against your legs while you sit on the couch. this way he can drape your legs over his shoulders and loop his arms over them or run his hands over your soft skin
  • will take deep, deep inhales of your shampoo or hair care sent. like sniffs so hard he may pop a brain vessel “i think i’m getting high off of how good you smell!!!!!” 

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.


jisung appreciation gifset - Congratulations Leader Jisung for debuting after all these years of hard work. Even though you may have lost hope at some point, even though some people were telling you that you weren’t fitted the idol life because you are “too old”, or because you don’t fit the idol-ish image, you continued believing in your dream and you succeeded. That’s why you’re such an inspiration to me! Having the chance to be your stan is not only a very fulfilling but also a beautiful adventure. I love you very much and i hope your future will only be bright and bring you happiness because you deserve it so so so so much. And I hope i can continue hearing your beautiful voice, as you are not only talented but also very modest, funny, witty, beautiful on the inside as on the outside, supportive, tolerant, patient, caring. - a proud rice grain.


Imagine what an utter pain in the arse Draco would be while flat-hunting. He complains about everything, scrunches up his nose and yells at the estate agent. Harry gets so uncomfortable every time it happens. He’s beginning to think they’ll never find a new flat. But he should have known Draco would have high expectations. He grew up in a manor for Merlin’s sake. One evening, Harry overhears Draco on the phone with their estate agent and his eyes widen, when he hears Draco say,

“No, you imbecile, we won’t reconsider the second one. My husband only deserves the best and you won’t stop looking until you find something that will make me absolutely certain he has everything he ever dreamed of!”

That night, Harry pays extra attention to Draco’s body while they’re making love.

“Maybe we could take a look at the last flat again? It didn’t seem so bad,” Harry moans while sucking on Draco’s neck feverishly. Draco makes a strangled noise and Harry isn’t sure if it is in response to his question, or to him sucking Draco’s neck. That is, until he hears Draco mutter,

“You can’t possibly expect our child to grow up in a place like that.”

Harry momentarily freezes. He never thought Draco would want to have children with him. But the mental picture that suddenly enters his mind is beyond beautiful.

So now, every time Draco snaps at the estate agent, Harry grabs his husband and kisses him deeply, wondering how in Merlin’s name he got so lucky.


in every lifetime, in every reality

inspired by kookminvasion’s theory in which hyyh/wings is jin trying to save taehyung in different timelines/universes but always fails 

Malfoys don’t get sick ๐Ÿค’

“I am not sick. Malfoys do not get sick!”

Harry gave Draco a skeptical look as the blond blew his nose for the seventh time since he had entered the room five minutes ago.

“Right,” Harry said, clicking his tongue.

“I am not sick,” Draco growled. He turned his back to Harry and made his way to the sofa, plopping down on it.

“Draco, there is no shame in being sick.”

“I am not- not- Achoo!”

Harry handed Draco another tissue before sitting down next to him. He lifted his hand and gently put it on Draco’s forehead.

“Oh, you’re burning up.”

“I’m not,” Draco said, pushing Harry’s hand away. “Besides, I feel cold.”

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You’re obviously running a fever. Maybe I should call Hermione. I’m sure she could cure you of-”

“I don’t need her. I don’t need anything,” Draco interrupted him. “I am perfectly fi- fi- Achoo!”

Harry let out a sigh and shook his head.

“At least lie down and rest for a bit?”

Draco gave him a dark look that didn’t last for long.

“Well… I am a little tired.”

“Alright then,” Harry said, making room for Draco to lie down. He summoned two blankets from their bedroom and tucked his boyfriend in.

“There,” Harry said soothingly. “Sleep it off, okay?” He stroked Draco’s hair who nodded weakly before his eyelids fluttered shut.

After making sure Draco was fast asleep, Harry went into the kitchen to prepare something for Draco to eat when he woke up. He knew just what to do.

Two hours later, when Harry went back to the living room, a vase and several books were floating in mid-air, right above Draco’s head. Harry quickly set the tray of steaming porridge he was holding down on the table and got out his wand. He sent the vase and the books back to the shelf and kneeled down beside Draco.

“I think you’re magic is going a bit bonkers,” he murmured. Draco cracked open an eye and smiled dazedly at Harry.

“Hey,” he croaked.

“Hey.” Harry stroked his hair again and seated himself on the edge of the couch. “Are you hungry?”

“Ugh!” Draco weakly shook his head and scrunched up his nose.

“Come on, it’s Molly’s secret porridge recipe. Here.” Harry summoned the tray and placed it on his lap. “I’ll feed you.”

“I’m not letting you feed me porridge,” Draco said, his face twisting in disgust.

“Is it the porridge you’re opposed to or me feeding it to you?”

Draco didn’t answer but clutched the corners of the blankets tighter around him.

“Come on, you have to eat something. And you’re shivering so much, I think you will drop the spoon as soon as I hand it to you. Let me feed you.” Harry held out the spoon in front of Draco’s mouth with no sign of cooperation from his boyfriend. “Draco, come on. Just let me feed you. You know, it would be kind of cute, too.”

“Cute,” Draco repeated, a disgusted look on his face.

“Yeah. Now that I think about it, it’s nice to have someone I can take care of.”

Draco seemed to ponder this for a moment before hesitantly opening his mouth and accepting the spoonful of porridge.

“What else would that entail? You taking care of… me?”

Harry’s face split into a grin as he offered Draco more porridge.

“Well, I guess that would depend.”

“Depend on what?” Draco asked, slowly taking another bite.

“On the circumstances. For example, if you were sick, I’d definitely want to keep cooking for you. And after you finished eating we could go upstairs and I could hold you and warm you until you stopped shivering. We could take a hot bath together. I’d make you some tea, get your favourite biscuits and I could give you a massage if you feel like it. But since you’re not sick…” Harry peered at his boyfriend from under his lashes and held back a snicker.

“Well,” Draco began quietly. “Maybe… Maybe I am a little sick.”

“Sure, just a little,” Harry laughed, putting the porridge aside and gently pulled Draco into his arms.

How does Isak know Even is drunk? Well, the thing with drunk!Even is that he gets happy and clingy. Don’t get him wrong, Isak is not complaining. Where someone might think he’d find that annoying, he finds the constant need of contact, the flushed cheeks and the ruffled hair of his boyfriend were nothing but adorable.

Even doesn’t drink often, which is why, when he does, he gets drunk pretty quickly. He usually just nurses one or two beers over the timespan of the party but on some occasions he allows himself some more drinks.

If it is one of those rare nights, a few things are very likely to happen:

  • Even exclaiming “Halla!” even though they stood beside each other the whole time with a crinkly smile that makes Isak’s mouth widen into a grin in return. With a much softer and lower voice Isak responds, “Halla, baby.” which earns him nose nuzzles when Even leans in. Isak pecks his lips once and then assesses his boy and asks quietly “You ok?” while he bumps their noses once more. Even nods enthusiastically.

  • Even slumping down close to Isak on a couch (or rather, at least half on him) or scooting closer and closer until he has a leg over or under him before he circles both his long arms around Isak’s middle, settles his head down against his shoulder and sighs contentedly. 

  • Even falling asleep curled beside (or on top of) Isak, who strokes his arms up and down or scratches his head or just has an arm around him.

  • Even talking with Eva, Mags, Eskild, Vilde, Ricardo (who even was that again? A friend of Eskilds? Doesn’t matter tho, he’ll be rambling) about how much he loves Isak. (Drunk Eva and or Eskild always agree excitedly and well a lot of gushing happens until Even goes off to find Isak bc he misses him).

  • Even hugging all the boys repeatedly and telling them how awesome they are. Mahdi and Jonas always gently shove him in the direction of either Isak or Mags when this happens (which both of them gladly take on, Isak not at all jealous that the attention wasn’t on him for a minute. Not at all. Ok? He isn’t. Stop, he really isn’t jeez. But that’s enough Mags, give him back already). 

  • Even inviting everyone for breakfast at their place for the next morning and promising a variety of pancakes, fruitsalat, waffles (cue fingerguns at Mahdi), scrambled eggs etc. 

  • Even allwoing Mags to crash at theirs (which Isak revoks instantly).

  • Even hugging Isak or attacking him with cheek kisses out of the blue even though they were in a conversation with someone else. 

  • Even telling Isak he loves him a good 20 times in an hour and dramatically pouts when Isak doesn’t respond with i love you, too in an instant. (which he really always does but Even is an impatient fucker when drunk). 

  • Even poking into Sana’s dimples when she grinned at something sassy Isak says at which both bio buds roll their eyes but can’t really surpress a smirk.

(Thir friends don’t find the cuddling out of the ordinairy since A) they have seen Even drunk before and B) drunk!isak is honestly way worse with the PDA bc drunk!isak is just one hell of a horny guy.)

Caspian Headcanons

Ok so I decided to write a few headcanons about my sweet little Winter Court Arctic Fox Caspian from my friendly reminder post because I’ve kinda fallen in love with him.

I haven’t written headcanons before so they’re not very good but here we go:

  • He can be a little bit naughty at times(nothing too bad though) just cheeky fun.
  • When he’s not working he’s always getting into things he shouldn’t. Especially sneaking into the kitchens for extra fish. His favourite food. He has the kitchen workers wrapped around his little paw. 
  • Kallias is always lightly scolding him about it, but can never get truly mad at him.
  • He was the runt of his litter and was often teased about his size.
  • Despite that he never let it get him down. When others told him he would never be good enough to be one of the courts message carriers he was determined to prove them wrong.
  • One day Viviane saw him being teased and brought him home.
  • Kallias was against it at first “Viviane you can’t just bring him home. He’s not a pet. He has a job to do!” 
  • But Kallias just can’t say no to Viviane. And turns out the seemingly cold, calculating High Lord has a soft spot for fluffy animals. Not that Kallias would ever admit it.
  • But Viviane will often walk into the lounge and find the two of them curled up on the couch asleep together! 
  • And though he sometimes plays up for Kallias (eg not wanting to wear his vest) it’s all in good fun. At least he thinks it is. Kallias might not always agree haha! 
  • Despite this he loves Kallias and Viviane with his entire heart, and would never let them down.
  • When it comes to his job, he takes it very seriously! And is one of best.
  • His small size has turned out to be an advantage in him secretly sneaking in and out of places to get messages through.
  • He is entrusted with the most important top secret information and has never once failed to deliver a message.
  • But you better believe that as soon as he’s clocked off he’s back to his naughty self haha!
When everyone went to a sushi train/japanese restaurant...

Shiro: *loving it*
Hunk: *heart eyes*

and meanwhile…
Lance: You’re a wuss if you can’t eat a whole spoon of wasabi!
Keith: Oh you’re on!!


Lance: *scrEAMING*
Keith: *crying*

Pidge: -_-

Shiro and Hunk: *laughing their asses off*


So quite a few people have been looking for a masterlist of my posts. I haven’t posted in almost a month properly, I know. I’m going through a seriously rough patch and honestly I don’t know if I’ll recover from it enough to fall back in love with Mystic Messenger, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with this blog, but for now I’m just going to list the things I’ve posted and then return to my hiatus.

Please note that nearly all of these posts are gender neutral ^^ And none are NSFW because I’m an ace minor.


Characters with MC (RFA + V + Unknown usually)



I’ll update this over time if I continue writing. I have a feeling that I missed a few things, but oh well. If there’s anything I missed that you know of, please tell me!

My whole world could come crashing down tomorrow
And I’m really not prepared to handle that

If that’s the news I get
I don’t ย know how I’ll be able to move forward

Currently, I’m moving at a never-ending crawl
But I could end up frozen in time with no sense of direction

What am I going to do if my world becomes unimaginably small and definite?

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Could you do how Zen/Jumin/Seven would react if something went wrong while having sex (Could involve roleplaying, sex toys, etc.) causing MC to get injured? If not that's okay ๐Ÿค— Thank you so much for writing your amazing hcs!

Oh man, the things that accidentally happen during sex…. I hope this is at least kinda funny.


- It wasn’t unexpected that sex between the two of you would be rougher than normal lovemaking. Zen would use his whatever he could to his advantage when you wanted him to let loose.

- Not long after the two of you get started, going at it doggy style on the bed, does it happen. With one harsh thrust, you lose the strength in your arms and fall forward. Not a big deal, normally, if you hadn’t had been so close to the headboard.

- As soon as Zen hears a loud thunk and a painful groan, he’s pulling out and moving towards your side, making sure everything is alright.

- It’s not until he’s in his boxers, you his robe, and you’re holding a frozen bag of veggies against the bump on your head that you giggle. He looks at you confused, but when you can’t stop he joins in too.

- “Maybe next time we should, uh, face the other way?”

- He laughs louder when you playfully smack his chest.


- Of course, ooof course, the first time you two decide to get it on in his office, something happens. 

- You were expecting someone to walk in, Jumin to get a call he couldn’t ignore- Not you getting hurt.

- It started out great. He had his arm wrapped around your waist as he tilted your chin up, backing you against his desk. His lips found your lips, cheek, and started trailing down further. Before the two of you knew it, you were bent over his desk with the skirt of your dressed hiked up, Jumin slowly thrusting himself inside.

- You tried moving a little to meet his hips, but when you did so it caused your hips bones to hit painfully against the desk. When you whimpered he stopped, and when you didn’t answer his question of worry, he pulled out completely.

- Now you were huffy, mad at yourself for ruining the only chance you two had to do this for a while…

- But the small kisses he pressed against your hips to ‘help you feel better’ couldn’t let you keep that frown for long.


- The two of you were no strangers to accidentally getting hurt. You were used to bites that were too harsh, tripping over scattered clothes, finding out that shower sex wasn’t all that great, and so much more. 

- Usually it wasn’t too bad, and with a few apology kisses and double checking, the two of you continued.

- Today you were doing a fail-safe position: Riding him. You couldn’t ever recall being hurt while like this, but lo and behold you were about to find out.

- As you got closer and couldn’t keep up the pace, everything feeling tight and your legs unable to move, Seven gripped your hips and made to flip you over to your back-

- Except he turned you towards the wrong side and you tumbled off of the bed completely.

- Thankfully, your clothes broke your fall mostly, but Seven felt h o r r i b l e.

-  Maybe…Maybe the two of you should just stick to missionary for a while.

i’m physically incapable of accepting any non-happy ending Supercat fic or WORSE any fic that has Supercat as Kara’s previous relationship that ended badly and broke her heart (usually because Cat is such a ~horrible person~ but the portion of fandom that characterizes her that way is a whole other topic) because like


it’s so UNREALISTIC to me like??? Cat and Kara??? leaving each other for any reason at all??? and you can’t say “cheating” because neither of them would EVER so like…..lmfao….

Cat and Kara “breaking up”?? a truly impossible concept, the very peak of impossible concepts

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Woah, what a beautiful soul you have. It's so hard to find people who takes requests for writings these days. So first of all thank you so much and here's my request. Jimin, Jungkook and Seokjin doing a Iseul live on Vapp, drinking soju and beer. But Jimin getting drunk so easily, being clingy to Jungkook and talking like a baby. Later members watching the vlive replay and teasing Jimin about it. Thank youuuu, have a good day ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ

A beautiful soul?!!?? Bless you. Ily~

I hope you like this, it didnt turn out as I wouldโ€™ve liked it to but I tried my best anyway! (I literally couldnโ€™t come up with and ending omfg) But anyway I hope you like it honey! Read it on AO3

When Seokjin suggested the three of them do a vlive together, Jungkook and Jimin did not expect it to turn out the way it did. At first it was a regular Eatjin, the three of them tasting different dishes their hotel had to offer. But when Seokjin brought out the beer and soju, things took a turn.

โ€œHyung, you know Jimin canโ€™t handle alcohol that well.โ€ Jungkook whispered to Seokjin off camera, eyeing up the cans of beer and bottles of soju on the small table.

Keep reading