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ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)


We rehearsed all the time. I mean, I couldn’t appreciate the compliment about the chemistry more because, like, I fell in love with Timmy in the process of making the movie. He’s fuсking terrific and he’s also an incredible actor, so I had all of that. It was just this great experience where I think we all, in the process of making this movie, got that experience of that one summer where we were there and everything was perfect.” — Armie Hammer on working with Timothée Chalamet on “Call Me By Your Name”

Fluffy boyfriends going to see the cherry trees together :’)

(still love that Atsushi’s kimono its purple 💜)

Edit: tysm to @freezingdreamer for the precious fic Linked Hands! ;-;

Musical!Matsu Profiles: Karamatsu Matsuno

Name: Karamatsu Matsuno

Age: 17

Average Grade: C+ to B

Senior Quote: “Opinions are like mixtapes, I don’t want to hear yours.”

Teacher comments: 

His voice is like an angel from abov-eh Matsuno, I cant read your writing..”- Anonymous

“Drama king.”- Anonymous

“Perfect student in music class! Straight As and always participated! Good luck Matsuno!!” - Mr White

Peer comments:

“You’re cool,,Idjit.” - Chib-Anonymous

“Despite your really ugly handwriting and awful note taking, you’re an..alright brother. I guess you’ll get..somewhere in life.” - Choromatsu

charasuke-uchiha  asked:

Can you draw madara meeting a young minato I thought itd be funny because madara would mistake him as a girl and minato might do the same Btw your art is so perfect i cant believe i am just now finding your page ❤

Omg ^^ hehehe i love lil Minato too and thank you so much for liking my arts XDD

anw here is AU lil Minato met Madara (bonus Hashirama)

Also idk what happened to both of them eyes, maybe Madara too often using mangekyo and Minato just, kinda need a glasses maybe XDDD

madara lagi ngambek btw, dibilang kayak cewe makin surem harinya, mana malah diketawain bebeb lagi

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Cutiepie (JongKey) Moment ^^ ❤ ❤ ❤160507 SHINee Jonghyun found a flower crown on the floor and pick it up and wear it then show it to Key , and Key ask him to pose and show to the fan because he looked cute… and he really did it..   ❤ ❤ ❤

Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman


Hey, once a cat catches you, there’s only one way for it to go right? Plus she’s a professional hunter. There’s no escaping what comes next.

Commission part 1 for @meddwynn


PART 3 (gore warning)

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regarding the post about RM liking Jin more than Jin likes RM. I think people might be getting the wrong idea about how it is because RM is more out there with how he shows his feelings. Jin is more funny and has his crazy moments but in my opinion the only member that he shows his feelings in non awkward way is JK and it's like in really brotherly way. a good example of it is in the whole bon voyage series. I hope it's understandable what i mean here sorry English is not my first language :x

Ooh definitely! But I think with the entire maknae line Jin is pretty open with showing his feelings (take it as platonic love or even more). And he’s down to act silly with basically all of his members (kind of has you questioning whether he’s the oldest or youngest). Also anon, I think you are right about RM being more open with his feelings b/c he’s always complimenting his members which goes to show how much he loves and appreciates them all (lowkeye everyones hypeman)

And btw, you’re english is perfect, I cant even tell its not your first language :)