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harry potter aesthetics: femme
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I know what you’re going to ask me Harry,
but… I don’t remember who cursed me.

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48-50/? preseries screencaps

263 AC  ♛  “My father insists on attending.  Insists!” Taking the chair beside the king, Tywin leaned back with his boots stretched out in front of him and signaled for wine. 

“I would not have thought him capable,” Aerys confessed, adjusting his crown as it threatened to topple.  Though he had worn it for nearly a year, the heavy circlet of red gold still did not rest easily upon his brow.  

“Making a mockery of me and mine is my father’s sole talent. He would not miss my wedding for the world, or so he claims.” 

Aerys voiced his sympathy.  “Does she know?” 

“Not yet.” Tywin studied the women shaded by a silken canopy as they took their midday meal. One of them, at least. “My betrothed is already marshaling an army of porters, seamstresses, and confectioners. Had we had such numbers on the Stepstones, Maelys would have been defeated within a month. She will be crestfallen when she learns Tytos the Tame shall play the host.  At least he has finally tired of his milk cow. I suppose I should kneel and thank the gods we shall be spared her presence.” Tywin swirled his wine and took a deep draft.

“I could preside over the feast,” Aerys said quietly, not looking at his Hand.  “Tytos would give way before his king.”

Tywin’s surprise quickly turned to pleasure.  “Thank you, my friend.”  He returned his gaze to the queen’s companions.  “Joanna will not be disappointed.”

Gabriella Wilde as Joanna Lannister  ♥  Toby Regbo as Tywin Lannister  ♛  Christian Lees as Aerys Targaryen  ♥  Tamzin Merchant as Rhaella Targaryen


☆ ☆ ☆  Happy!!! Halloween!!!!   ☆ ☆  ☆ for @darkgreyclouds , I hope you enjoy your gift!!<333 A pure Xanlas comic that as nothing to do with Halloween   ☆ #fetrickortreat2016

Really quick doodle of a really pretty boy 🍧♡



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