i cant with white people today

Vernon Soulmate!AU

Request: Can you please write a Vernon soulmate AU where you can only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate?

a/n; sorry this is kinda long,, i got carried away n its like 4am so there will probs be many mistakes which i will fix after heh.

  • okay so when you were in middle school you found out about soulmates
  • this was after your best friend found their soulmate
  • you were jealous tbh bc you wanted to meet your soulmate already
  • anyways you cant see colour until you meet your soulmate and you’re tired of seeing back n white you wanted some colour in your life
  • and guess what?
  • today is the day you’re going to seventeens fanmeeting and you got vip tickets
  • so you’re lowkey wishing that your bias, hansol, is your soulmate
  • even though its very unlikely since there are thousands of people there
  • and you knew many people would be praying that their bias is their soulmate also
  • fast forward,, you’re at the concert
  • you were seated near the back of the vip section and having a great time with your bestfriend getting turnt and dancing to the choreo in your seat
  • you were just overall having a great time,, until the concert was over and you got hi touch while your friend got photo op
  • so you bid your goodbyes to your friend as hi touch was called to line up first
  • you felt so nervous like what if hansol is actually your soulmate??? or any other seventeen member??? it would be crazy
  • suddenly the line for hi touch started moving and you could feel your hands get all clammy and your heart started to beat really fast
  • i mean you’re actually going to meet seventeen!!!!! the light of your life!!!
  • you finally got to the first member in line, jisoo, and hi fived him
  • this repeated with the other members, exchanging small words
  • you were lowkey disappointed because you couldn’t see colour yet which means the seventeen members you met so far weren’t your soulmate
  • this was until you met hansol (vernon) who was at the end of the table 
  • you hi five him and your eyes locked,, when this happened suddenly your head started hurting sO BAD
  • you closed your eyes and clutched your head bc of the pain making seventeen members and fans stare at you with worry
  • then suddenly the pain disappeared and yOU CAN SEE COLOUR???? BEAUTIFUL COLOURS ???
  • you’re guessing the exact same thing happens to hansol because hes just like “holy shit you’re my soulmate” n he says it with the dorkiest smile
  • your soulmate is a talented dork ok
  • you could hear fans gasping and voicing their disappointment of hansol not being their soulmate quietly 
  • but you don’t care because hansol is YOUR SOULMATE!!! like could life get any better than this?? he is cute, talented and seems like a great person in general
  • so you and hansol are staring at each other with cute smiles before he realises that the hi touch has to go on
  • he hurriedly says “uhm so soulmate can you please wait until hi touch and photo op is over?? i’ll make sure a staff member comes get you when its over!!” n hes looking at you with hopeful eyes
  • all you could do was nod furiously tbh bc you couldn’t believe this was all happening
  • fast forward again to after the hi touch n photo op
  • you see hansol again backstage and basically run into his arms (you can do that bc you’re soulmates right?? hehe),, he hugs you back and kisses you on the forehead
  • that’s when you realize you haven’t introduced yourself yet so you do and hansol does the same but you’re just like uh yeh i already know you
  • then it gets kinda quiet and you’re both blushing bc hansol is so handsome n hansol thinks you are very beautiful and you’re both just feeling too awkward for this now
  • but hansol breaks the silence by saying “wow i cant believe my soulmate is so beautiful”
  • which makes you blush even harder and your heart flutters
  • and hansol is like the heck did i actually say that out loud how embarrassing which made you burst out laughing and he started laughing too
  • hansol brought colour into your life

U know that post that has like 100k notes and is like “dont let this website make u think..” And then a hugeass list of stuff, some including “being straight makes u not a person” and “that drugs are cool” and “misandry isnt real” Its so funny bc im the whole reason that post exists. Literally i caused that. I know op. I know him irl i used to go to a trade school with him. He had a crush on me and wouldnt leave me alone. Me, being a lesbian, turned him down but he kept pursuing me so i expressed my discomfort to the teacher. The teacher put him on the other side of the room and talked to him, and now he hates me because i turned him down so harshly. And me being a sarcastic butt, i made jokes like “lol straight people are so annoying” and he would scream at me saying i cant say that bc its discriminating against ppl sexuality and i went off on him saying i dont have the structural power to oppress straight people. Then he made. That post. And now it had 100k notes. Fast forward months and i left the trade school (scheduling issues) and he still wont stop talking about me. All he does is talk shit abt me. He hates me so much. Me, a lesbian, a 6 on the kinsey scale, turned him down, a straight white male, and he made a post directed at me that got popular and i logged on today and i saw that first thing on my dash and unfollowed that person

  • Ignorant White People: why should we have to apologise for slavery and colonisation, we didn't do anything!!!!
  • Ignorant White People: so do you support ISIS?????
  • Me: looks into the camera like I'm on the office

what continues to amaze me about trump supporters is if you ask them to explain why they voted for trump they cant give an answer besides I hated Hillary more. 

And then they cant even explain why they hate Hillary. I asked a kid in my class today who voted for trump (a white middle class college boy) why he didn’t like Hillary and I told him to do it without saying the word email or the word women.

He couldn’t do it. He literally had no reason as to why he voted for Trump besides “he’ll be a better president” and “clinton is a liar”


Not a single trump supporter i’ve ever talked to can explain to me why they voted for trump. Not one. They talk themselves through circles because even they know they don’t have a reason. 

We judged a woman on the merits of her husband and held her to a higher standard then her opponent. The same opponent who trashed every known minority and whose approval rating still went up.Because of this a racist cheeto is now going to be our president. 

We must remain strong and we must remain together. We are alive and we will survive. Maybe it wont be as bad as we expect. We must have hope for a better future because without hope we will fall apart. 

so theres this white dude on campus today wearing a fedora and a poorly fitted blazer wandering around and playing an electric guitar and ive spotted him twice today and put him on my snap story both times bc people who wear fedoras and play their guitars in public are rarely good people

so my friend who’s a music ed major replied to me and said that everyone in the music department cant stand him, and apparently his name is jerry but he goes by paden (pay-den) bc he thinks its edgy and cool and???? what???


Teacher: Read the text on page 154

We all have a voice in our head when we read something.
Imagine sitting in a classroom, trying to focus on reading something by yourself. There are some people in the classroom whispering, and every single little sound becomes louder than the voice inside your head. You can’t even hear yourself, you cant focus on your own voice in your own head. Because that whispering behind you and giggling or whatever sound there is takes up all the space, and that’s all you can hear.
You try again, now your hands are covering your ears.

Me: stop, focus Urgh.

WOops now a thought popped up, an image, Remember the white dog you saw earlier today? it was small and white, it looked like a polar bear wait are dogs in family with bears?what if they are Cars.it must be difficult to learn how to drive-wait, can deaf people drive? i mean they can see but they cant hear if someone scream and is about to get over and they dont notice because they’re deaf and- oh wait, what was i doing again? oh right, reading. Comon, focus. Ugh. wait what if dogs are family with polar bears?- ice - ice cream - i want ice cream- UGH, FOCUS, READ, STOP 
Teacher: your name, explain what I just said.

Me: what

Teacher: As I thought, you weren’t listening, geez, just focus a little.

Me: but- (i was … about to read…. like you said)

Teacher: *continues with whatever that you dont know what is because you couln’t focus on it because you were inside your own head at that very moment, trying to read.*

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(internalized racism/internalized colorism tw) // i'm sorry for venting but i'm a lonely black lesbian and...i hate myself. specifically, my appearance. a girl will never love me, not when i have a ugly lips and an ugly nose, not with my mess of a hair, not with my gross brown skin - i'm doomed to be alone forever. gosh i'm sorry this is really depressing but it's been upsetting me for a while. i kind of want to. i dunno. get skin lightening cream or something. fix myself.

today my mom asked me if i wanted some skin-lightening skin and i turned it down because.. no. my skin is beautiful just the way it is. i love my brown skin. im sorry you feel so undesirable but i promise you it is not true. people will love you for who you are, and i assure you the stupid opinions of white colonialism and white society cant bring muddle your beautiful skin colour with evil thoughts. youre beautiful, and if i may be honest you sound a bit young. i know right now youre going through a rather difficult spot in learning how to love yourself, but i know that one day you’ll look back on this and remember how far you’ve come to accepting yourself for who you are



Why Connor Kenway is my favorite Assassin

Many people in todays world have “issues” finding their identities because of their heritage, social upbringing, families, or past tragedies And don’t get me wrong i understand that these are a reality for many people. But often times people use them as a crutch to hinder themselves or put up walls against other people. For example “ you cant say that to me because….” or “I’ve been through this, and or whatever ”

But Connor wasn’t even full blooded Native, he was half white and if you know anything about that time period you’d know that there was nothing lower than being a “half breed” they were called and treated like they were animals . He was impoverished because literally everything he owned he could carry. He never had a father, (Excluding Achilles ) and watched his home and mother burn to ash at a very tinder age. He was dealt the worst hand life could possibly give him. But he never once complained. He never demanded attention or special treatment. In fact, he refused to take credit for everything he did. He never imposed his problems on others and gave everything he had to people his society called his betters.

Yes, i know he’s a video game character, but he inspired me to be a better person. And he always will be my favorite fictional character. All the assassins were great, but in my opinion, Connor was the best.

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I feel like you are one of the few people in the shingeki no bahamut tag that understand that not everything is black and white and I am really happy about that (felt prompted to tell you this after the post you made about Demons actually having done some really bad stuff before Charioce came and fought back) and I am also glad about the last sentence, especially the "No one is excusing their actions" part today because so many seem to think that happened (although I cant see it)

Thank you, of course it isn’t, I said the characters in this show are morally gray.

I was outside school and I just overheard a kid scream “WHITE PEOPLE CAN HAVE DREAMS TOO” and another kid in the group screaming “ONIONS” and then this third kid dabbed

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Also very curious on your thoughts about racism against white people. Personally, I don't think it exists. And really, what white person is going to go home and kill themselves after being called a cracker? I'd go home & turn on the tv so I can watch my favourite show, full of white people and stereotypical Asians, black people and native Americans.

You can be racist against anyone. White people have killed themselves over bullying from being white. White people have been killed or enslaved in many different countries. If you hate somwone for the color of their skin, it is racism

And you are most likely watching the wrong shows. Today, i watched an episode of Bobs burgers (arguably latino), young justice (various races), and i have up up and away playing while i am working on my project (black superhero family). It isnt really that hard to find non white characters. But honestly, if you live in the united states that has mostly white people in it, you cant be surprised that the writers that match that majority will have mostly white characters. The creator of Greys Anatomy is a woman and has mostly female characters. Tyler Perry is black and writes mostly black characters. In Japan, most of the tv characters are Japanese. If you personally want more characters of a specific race, become a writer and make it yourself. Television shows are a type of artform and does not need to conform to what you personally want.

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I keep seeing people say "White people need to take responsibility for the actions of their ancestors" How exactly are they supposed to do that? They weren't alive then, they had no part in it. We cant place the blame for crimes committed a century ago on people alive today.


And apparently, all the rest of us get a pass on what our ancestors have done for…no apparent reason whatsoever.


My white friend named Becky part 2!!

So when you left you were currently reading about how Becky didn’t know or own a wash rag or wash cloth for you uppity black folks who think a name makes a difference.

So as I’m peeping out the bathroom , naked as fuck. Cold cause they got the air on 60. Literally. They shit was on 60 degrees. No wonder white people so pasty , they don’t know what a damn heater is.

So Becky comes to me with a cut up towel and scissors in her hands. She says “uh I cut this so you can use it as rag. We don’t really use those around here I’m sorry.” I was like uhhhh ok. So I’m in the shower , finally.

The water nice and hot. I’m enjoying myself. Reach for the soap and y'all, I honestly could’ve put this bar of soap back in the package and sold it again. It was like the shit was forbidden to use. It wasn’t wet. There wasn’t any soap suds around the soap bar. And you know how some of the soap residue be in the spot where you usually put your wet bar of soap at ? It wasn’t even that.

I’m like what did this bitch do just stand under the water? I almost didn’t want to use the soap I’m like is something wrong with it. But being who I am. I gave her the benefit of the doubt , maybe she opened a fresh bar of soap for me. I’m finally done with my shower.

I come out Becky says “Dinner is ready.” She’s excited as fuck. I’m like ohhhhhh shit her mom must’ve threw down. I’m at the table , her little sister had a stuffed cow just sitting on the table. Starting at me. I’m looking at her. She looking at me. She slowly moves her cow away from me like Ima steal it. Cause I’m black or cause I’m fat ? I was offended either way.

Her mom says “come fix your plate guys.” I happily walk into the kitchen. I look at the leftovers on the stove. I’m like ohhh we must be eating like baked fish or chicken. So I wait for her to pull the pan out the oven. Everybody starts walking to the stove and opening the pots.

I say oh we eating leftovers ? She laughs she’s like no I just cooked this. I’m like where ? When ? What is this ? Who’s gone eat this shit? Now let me explain to you what the meal was. It was dinosaur shaped nuggets. 4 each person. Boiled macaroni noodles with shredded cheese sprinkled over it. I guess it was Mac and cheese. And broccoli that looked like it was thrown from the bag to the plate.

Now no , I’m not trying to push the fact that white people cant cook. I know white people that can cook. A lot of chefs are white. I know this. But Becky’s Mom was no chef. This bitch could not cook.

I did not eat that shit. I said “I ate so much at the park today I don’t even have an appetite.” Her mom laughs and says “girl now I know you ain’t turning down food all that meat on your bones!” She’s twirling her neck.

First. Don’t call me girl and don’t twirl your neck. We don’t do that shit. Second “oh no. I’m not hungry really.” I said. Becky shrugs and says. “Your loss.” Cool. I’ll GLADLY take that L over your prison food.

They chowing down in the kitchen I’m sitting in the living room , looking at the T.V, the tv off , thinking about the good food my aunty cooked at home , thinking about the soft variety of rags we had , and the soapy , used Dove I loved and a heater. I was damn near in tears when they walked in the living room.

Becky mom turns to us and says. “You guys can order anything. I’m going to bed. Come on.” She says to the little sister. They leave. And I relax because I’m like. This still my best friend. I do love her. We have a really good friendship. So we’re watching a movie.

Halfway in she says “wanna see something.” I was reluctant. This is usually when the crazy white Person shows you a dead body or shrine dedicated to Satan. But I say “sure.”

It wasn’t a dead body or a shrine to Satan. But what it was changed my life forever…..

To Be Continued ….

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hey i remember a post you made or reblogged ( i cant remember) and it was talking about moc being sexualized differently from white men since white men are the ones portraying this sexualization. Could you talk a little more about it i think its a bit applicable to my life as a queer moc but like i still dont know a lot about this

Most if not all of the sexualization of men of color is rooted in racist foundations laid forth centuries ago by white people. These continue to thrive today. Black man with a big penis being one of the more well known and everlasting racist stereotypes that black men are given.

To sexualize men of color is to make us into a sex symbol we never wanted to be. And this has huge consequences psychologically and even socially. In the Dominican Republic and most of the Caribbean islands we got white women exploiting this to no end. They come to our land with their nasty ass fetishes about what they wanna do to us, how we’ll rejuvenate their lives, use young men and boys need for economic stability against us. Literally giving thousands upon thousand to support a black market on black and brown bodies.

This is just an example closer to home. The sexualization of men of color is hard to pinpoint too because many moc see this objectification as a good thing so they hardly talk about it or lend their experiences to the discussion. White supremacy is so strong that there’s not much else they can do than to be exploited for not being white. A lot of moc grow up thinking this is good for them, that having their bodies desired and lusted for being “exotic” is all a certification of the male experience and a progress into machismo. We grow up thinking that being fetishized, sexualized and used for another person’s (especially a white woman) pleasure is a normal part of the process of interacting with women when it’s one of the most poisonous. It teaches us that we are valued because we are “other”, and we are “other” because we aren’t white. And white is the normal. So my body isn’t normal, it’s just another thing for someone else to want.

I’m not well versed in this but none of this sounds healthy for anyone.

Earth is Burning

Mom, im happy can i go out and play?
Baby im sorry, no not today
Why not mom, i just turned 13
I can take care of myself
I just want to be free
Well you go outside and tell me what you see
And if you’re pleased, then thats the place for you to be
Now what do you see?

I see war mom.
War between whom?
A war between black and whites
A war with many tombes
open your eyes child
Its more than that
Its people of colour, they’re fighting back
Indians, dominicans, not just blacks

Its a cold world out here
You could end up dead
Here today, gone tomorrow
A whisper dispersed in the air
There’s a disease out there
Its called mental illness
Every white person has it
When it comes to the courts of justice
And thats something we just cant fight
You are my sunshine baby
My last hope of light

Im sorry mom i didn’t know
If this is whats outside then i dont want to go.
Will things get better someday
We can only hope
But today im sorry, the answer is nope

And it always will be

C Is it bad to drop family members and just like.. never talk to them again? A lot of my family is white and as I get older I realize they don’t care for black people or even black culture and would just see me as an exception. Even my mom gets uncomfortable if I do or say something associated with black culture (shes been trying to talk me out of getting box braids for weeks). Today my cousin who I was close with as a kid pulled that “I dont care about what you think of me or your opinions” when I tried to explain how our nations past attitudes/actions carry over to today. So I said OK and blocked his ass. The other day my aunt said she “100% agreed” with one man who wanted to make sure his shop was a muslim-free zone. So I blocked her too. My mom and (step)dad are both mayonnaise white keep sharing fox news articles, cant do much about that. This is so frustrating, my entire life is censoring my opinions so that they’re palatable for white people. Also is it disrespectful to call out parents when they say racist things??? The other day my mom said tattoos look bad on black people and I told her that it was racist and pointed out how she got upset when I said box braids and cornrows look horrible on white people and that it was a double standard. She told me to shut up before I smack you. Should I even bother trying to get her (or any white people) to see eye-to-eye with me on problems around race? 

i-put-the-win-in-winchester Requested: Umm hi I was wondering if you could do a react where EXO and their girlfriend and making out but when they start taking of her clothes she stops and tells them thats she saving her first time for marriage

Heeey! Glad to see people are requesting multiple times!^^

Some supportive EXO for y'all


Xiumin: That’s a good decison, jagiya


Luhan: Alright, jagi (cant prove he’s manly today)


Kris: Then I’ll support you


D.O: Whatever jagi wants, jagi gets


Suho: Alright, baaaaaabe


Lay: What a mature decision, I love you


Baekhyun: Are you sure?


Chen: Marriage? Ah, ok. 


Chanyeol: That’s fine with me


Tao: I’ll love you either way


Sehun: *maknae Sehun is too innocent for this*

look at him, all in white, looking more pure than the virgin mary


Sweet Melanin

Dear Angry Caucasian tumblers’ ,

I can’t quite say that I understand your anger over today. Is it so bad that we cant have our own online trend that isn’t related to murder, some rapper, a celebrity or some media controlled come up story? #Blackoutfriday is nothing but a simple reminder that we can just randomly unify and connect with each other just for the sake of it. Why is that such a problem? This wasnt about racial equality (even though some people made it seem that way) it wasnt about coming together to destroy the “White Man”. Honestly I think this was about showing each other that we’re beautiful. I mean have you SEEN all of the sexy people that tagged themselves in photos? Most of these people are breathtaking and stunning. We’re not trying to exclude other races we are only trying to include each other in a much bigger conversation than one that has to deal with anything negative. 




Trolls Fire away lol