i cant with this picture

Otabek is so fucking cute. He’s looking at Yuri as if he as the fucking galaxies in his eyes even though the Cat Son is literally scarfing down food, talking with his mouth open and ready to stuff even more food in.

It’s like Victor looking at drunk and blubbering Yuri all over again. 

AND OMG Otabek’s style? It’s so aesthetically WHOLESOME and cute! Ya thot that the cardigan-wearing Otabek was a one time thing? HA! No, this nerd just likes to dress elegantly. 

And ya, they’re likely in a restaurant given the plating of the food and the appearance of the table. So ya, they’re on yet another food date.

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say it really is a bee. I cant help picturing Harry heard Steve called Louis' fans an army of bees and being a dork who is also a huge louie himself, Harry came up with the idea to put a "stamp" on his skin to show that he indeed is one of the bees..

can u believe he “apparently” got a bee, in honor to his arch enemy  Louis Tomlinson… such a Louie move.

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"CLARKE LITERALLY WONT STOP FUCKING ME AND I CANT TAKE IT” LOL I just pictured an exhausted Lexa coming home and just hovering outside the front door, like she wants to go in but she knows Clarke is gonna jump on her the second she does. So she just stares at the doorknob but then she hears paws scratching the door on the other side and then an excited bark. Fucking Fish gives her up and before she knows it Clarke swings the door open and pulls her inside 😂😂😂 Lexa despises Fish even more

jkhkjhdfgkjshdkfg k but why is this kind of similar to what i had imagined happens in that chapter? Lexa CAN NOT deal with it. in theory sex all the time is great, but she just like…can’t anymore and Clarke is like a goddamn machine??? who is insatiable??? Hormones and everything. 

Reading on the couch? Clarke is there rubbing up on her. Trying to sleep? Clarke is sure as fuck gonna wake her up. Making coffee in the morning? You guessed it. Clarke wants sex. Lexa has had it. She can’t. She just needs a break and a nap and something that requires clothes


Ok, like I know there were a lot of other pictures of the dance battle at the banquet, but these are just a few of my favorite with Yurio in them because

The fact that Yurio actually did this???? Oh my gosh???

Also holy crud they can breakdance

Yuri and Yuuri can breakdance

*deep inhale*

How can these bois get any more perfect like pls spare my heart

The sun is setting.