i cant with these lyrics

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the first song from this show I heard: aaron burr, sir
do I own the cast album?: yes
favorite song: washington on your side…. the best and most iconic song in the musical
least favorite song: i dont have one? i like them all. but i listen to schuyler defeated the least probably
favorite character: madison
least favorite character: seabury… a white devil
OTP: BOI i have a lot. but i like jeffmads the most
BROTP: i have a lot. thats hard. but still jeffmads ig
NOTP: washette is the ship i hate the most so…
song I didn’t like at first but now do: i cant answer this one i liked them all
song I used to like but now don’t: cant answer this either
is the fandom annoying?: yes
do I read/write fanfic for this show?: yes. go read my fics
favorite non-sung line: um…. its sung through so i cant answer this
favorite lyric: “oh ho” “a quid pro quo” “i suppose”
overall rating out of 10: 9.5/10. its my second favorite musical ever but madison should have gotten a song >:(


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B o y c o t t   l o v e
Detox just to retox

ok so i went to the listening session earlier and now im gonna try to type out everything i remember from each song. dont expect this to be too coherent as im still extremely overwhelmed from it all. im putting this under a read more bc spoilers obviously but yeah here we go!!!!!

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