i cant with his face any more

Friends without Benefits

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Characters: Kenny Omega x OC

Warnings: Sexual Content, NSFW.

Summary: I cant write anything too smutty related to Kenny, He seems to adorable to be rough or daddy so I always go with something a little more smutty sweet. OC and him are best friends, both have feelings for each other that they have never acted on. He catches her moaning his name in her sleep and he has to investigate.

Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my other stories (:

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Sweet Envy (M)

REQUEST:  A smut scenario with anyone from the maknae line where you are greek and he finds the while thing really sexy like your accent and the way you look and stuff. Teheheee =^^=

AUTHORS NOTE: 2,706 words of fluffy smut with taetae (but can i just mention how outrageous taehyung is getting) ally xx

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Just curious, but what ethnicity are your ocs? Do any of them have cultural backgrounds?

All my ocs have the same face but here we go

Ok so as a disclaimer basically NONE of my ocs live in actual real world scenarios, so this is what they WOULD be (or what i headcanon them to be at least) if they lived in an Earth setting :’>

for this same reason i cant talk much about cultural backgrounds but they all had their different upbringings, some more turbulent than others

The ones with the most cultural background in their own settings would have been Riptide (his family and him were technically foreign), Alex (hes straight up from another planet), Engel (his place where he was trained had a lot of people from all over the world and each one wove a piece of their culture into the others before tragedies started to happen) and Hal (back when he used to be human still he was from ancient greece so his ‘upbringing’ as a human would have been different from the others lmfao. Then got adopted by death and got taught a bunch of stuff idk if that counts as a cultural background)

Bonus!! The main jaj cast ;0c  

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You always shove your face to mine in mocking way so i just kiss you so that you will stop doing it aka taehyung likes to playfully mock yoongi right in his face and that one time where yoongi had enough of it so he kiss him and now taehyung is ignoring him and he kinda like the peace but at the same time miss the younger. P/s : taehyung cant stop thinking about the kiss so he avoids the older. Thanks btw

☛ Yoongi kisses Taehyung and likes it more than he thought he would.
✘ 750 words; college AU; fluff, fluff and more fluff.

And look, Yoongi really hadn’t planned any of this.

If he’s being completely honest, all Yoongi had wanted was a quiet hour at the library (what the fuck was quiet in their college library, but Yoongi could dream) and not get that annoyingly adorable freshman’s face shoved in front his every ten seconds. It made Yoongi want to wipe that horrendous teasing grin of his face.

It’s all Taehyung’s fault, really.

And now they were kissing behind the bookshelves on alphabetically arranged Botany.

“Fucking dork,” Yoongi mumbles when they break apart, but that’s just Yoongi’s way of telling Taehyung he kind of (really) liked it.

Taehyung, on the other hand, looks terrified.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asks concerned, because Taehyung looks like he’s just swallowed a coin or something and that’s not a good sign after you’ve just kissed someone, even if it is to prove a point.

But Taehyung just nods mutely and before Yoongi can do anything, Taehyung’s backing away shakily and walking out of the library.


“What’s up with Tae?” Jimin asks Yoongi a week later when they’re walking to the same History class.

“Ask him,” Yoongi mumbles, and okay he feels a little sorry about scaring Taehyung off like that, but in his defense, the guy was literally asking for it.

His face was two inches from Yoongi’s. What was Yoongi supposed to do?

(In his defense, Yoongi isn’t the type to not kiss a cute guy if the opportunity presents itself.)

Jimin cocks an eyebrow. “Every time he sees you in a five mile radius, he goes bright red and basically sprints off in the opposite direction. It’s like he’s mad at you or something.”

“Look, he’s the one whose been shoving his face three inches from mine all of last month and he’s mad I finally got annoyed about it and kissed him.”

You kissed Taehyung?” Jimin squeals, and Yoongi smacks Jimin’s forearm.

“Didn’t think he’d mind,” Yoongi mumbles, walking into class and plonking himself at the back.

“Look, I wouldn’t worry too much,” Jimin says at last, taking the seat next to Yoongi.

“What? Why?”

“Because,” Jimin smirks, “if I know Taehyung at all, he’s always like that when he has a crush.”

It takes Yoongi about half the fucking lecture to stop his cheeks from reddening and the other half to get Taehyung and the word ‘crush’ to stop flitting about his head.


Oh,” is the first word that spills from Taehyung’s lips when he bumps into Yoongi two days later in front of the cafeteria before breakfast.

“Hey,” Yoongi says, and he wants to ignore Taehyung’s unruly dark hair sticking out in every direction, his thick glasses just askew on his nose, his tired eyes and his pretty Daegu accent that slipped through the cracks when Taehyung wasn’t paying attention.

Yoongi really wants to ignore it all.

“Hyung, I- ” Taehyung trails off, voice cracking a little from disuse. Yoongi grins.

“Jimin says you’re mad at me,” Yoongi drawls, watching Taehyung’s eyes widen in shock.

I’m not - I never said that, I swear, Jimin says the stupidest things - ”

“Uh huh,” Yoongi smirks, taking a step closer to Taehyung. “He said it’s either that or you have a crush on me.”

Taehyung goes completely red then and Yoongi has to bite his lip to not let the laughter fall past his lips at how easy it was to get Taehyung flustered.

“I can’t believe he’d - Jimin doesn’t even know- ”

Yoongi clicks his tongue. “So you don’t have a crush on me?”

Taehyung looks to the floor for a while before answering. “Didn’t say I didn’t,” he mumbles, and Yoongi is sure he’s never felt more smug.

“If you have a crush on me,” Yoongi says, hovering his face so close to Taehyung, he can feel his breath against his lips, “then you shouldn’t mind this.”

Taehyung’s breath hitches and his eyes flicker to Yoongi’s lips and back at Yoongi’s eyes again.

“Mind w-what?”

Yoongi pulls away just then, tugging Taehyung by the hand.

“Me playing your stupid game,” Yoongi grins. Taehyung looks a little disappointed but Yoongi makes up for it with 8AM coffee and asking Taehyung out to movies next week and Taehyung looks like he will let Yoongi tease him a little longer.

Yoongi may be the tease, but Taehyung started it.

(Yoongi doesn’t mind kissing Taehyung at all though, so it’s kind of worth it.)

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How can you tell that the photo of BamBam and Mina is fake?

the pic might be real or it might be fake but idk i guess the editor in me just said “fake” the first time i saw it. there just seems something wrong with the pic. for one if this pic is as they said obtained thru hacking then they must have gotten the full resolution not something that looks like a site generated thumbnail. second is the lighting on bambams face, it just looks wrong for me. his hair is quite convincing tho. theres more but i just cant pin-point them i suck at explaining things TT. it looks like those fanmade otp pics i see on instagram.

tbh i dont really care if the pic is real or not what im worried about is how this will affect both of them.


Genji Headcanon

i feel like even after genji got his cyber body and you know the scars and the burn scars he has in his face. imagine , just like how techonolgy is advanced, it is the same with makeup, or skin care products. of course it wasnt really available when he got his body but probaly after. i mean, i dont see how this is wrong, if theres a faster healing for any injury i fail to see how there cant be anything to at least get rid of few scars.

but still, i think his deepest scars will stay (like 2?) the rest fades away. while genji is more mature than ever, i think it doesnt hurt to take care of himself, ESPECIALLY if hes going out with someone. (imagine genji’s partner reaction, hes sexy as fuck) plus imagine he at least starts changing his suit sort of (nomad skin or his regular skin with black with red or black with green eyy) can i add nose piercing genji pls i saw a picture with him with ,also, his hair down.


welp here we go with some horribly done basicallyidowrk dooooooodles (basicallyidofanart). he’s an adorable child and i’ve ruined him.

originally i was gonna have a huge chain around his neck that said wrk on it but i just cant. also, what is shading? i’ve never heard of it before. and whats with the black smudge on lui’s face ugh

i may go in later and add more detail and what not but i’m not too sure it needs any. it could totally be fine just staying as gross as it is already

man NOW who am i gonna draw

I don’t know how you Monsta X fans do it ive been in this fandom for 5 days and i cant with any of the members fuck

Wonho is fucking the sweetest thing on earth I know hes mr abs but his smile melts me more than his tummy and if we’re talking about smiles well Kihyun wont leave me the fuck alone and I cant stop thinking about his masterpiece of a face and his smile lights up my entire life.

I.M is just rude and I cant deal with these cute but im actually really chill and I dont really give a fuck about anything deep ass sexy voice maknaes, not to mention mr perfect, tall, sweet and handsome Hyungwon with his sinful lips that send me to hell.

Minhyuk is just the sun, the cutest most energetic monkey and then he gets on stage with his smirking and performs the shit out of everything making me think hes actually cool slaying everything within a 10 mile radius, Jooheon is one of the best rappers ive heard and could probs rap my clothes off in about 2.5 seconds and if that group wasn’t made around him I don’t know day from night.

And then theres mr cutie, handsome, sexy, tall sweet and would never hurt a fly Shownu who’s totally not my type but can sing like honey and dance till the world ends with his manly ass body that im becoming more and more attracted to like?????