i cant with him as well

diamond no ass chapter 79




jokes aside, everytime i see some of his improvements im grinning like a little bastard

like this for example

never forget dumb sawamura

proud of chipmunk kawakami

honestly im dying to see the kawakami and sawamuras rivality

i thought this dude was just some salty idiot, but hes actually speaking the truth

probs to him

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hamsters. theyre hamsters.

but well, basically this chapter seems to be not as insteresting as the last one.. ~ but i guess thats normal since it cant be interesting 24/7 - its more like.. the fun time, i even think it will be bad if the atmosphere wouldnt cool down
you dont want to see drama all the time (it would become kinda tiring tbh) so some slice of life chapters are quite relaxing~

what kinda irritates me is that furuya wanted to become the best pitcher in japan, but he actually had no clue how (well duh.. of course he had no clue).. he didnt even picture the type of ace he wanted to be. he didnt invest a single thought into it.. that kinda makes me think that he thought it would be quite easy to achieve that goal. i mean i definitely dont dislike furuya as much as i used to, in fact im pretty happy that his development is starting! 

i totally want to see how kawakami, furuya and sawamura outplay themselves to get the ace position!! 

im seriously waiting for sawamura to outplay his performance in the ouya match..!!! 

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What would happen if CP was Joker's daughter but not Harley's?

Harley fell in love with Joker through and through and everything that came with him. Through the highway scene and chemical wedding he asks and she fully accepts him for all he his. So since his daughter is apart of him, Harley would love her too and want her in their lives. It’s all or nothing for Harley and Joker and Harley wants it all. I have an imagine called ‘Dr. Harleen Quinzel’ on my masterlist (sorry im on mobile I cant link) about Harley meeting the step daughter and it not going too well if youre interested in the idea!

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"hello yes I'm always angry and I'm about to fuck a bitch up if she tries something with me!!!! hold up there's a hot guy coming... oh SHIT I MISSED HIM I DIDNT GET HIS NUMBER FUCK... oh well men are assholes hahaha who needs them? i'm a realist and I love myself!" ninthhousemoon 2K17



Well my baby is getting married this weekend. Oh am I getting mature(we don’t say old)😬. It was neat to get a picture of 4 generations together, with my father, me, my daughter and little Donald. The baby took right to dad which was awesome to see. He held his arms up for dad to hold him right away which brought tears to dads eyes. A 7 month old brought a former USMC drill instructor to tears. And my uncle has a display case with all of my family that has served. I guess its a right of passage. Cant make it out to well, but the last picture in the case is ky cousin who gave his life in Iraq in order to save 30 from a suicide bomber. And for some reason, my 4 mile run felt so effortless and I was able to hold a good pace. Have a good weekend everyone. It will be a busy one for us.

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I really agree about Niall's shield. He's for sure got a genuine chill side but he strikes me as someone who legit needs to know people well to open up, and the chill side really is his safety. I also noticed that thing about not being able to write his most personal songs with people he didn't know well. He's in some ways so private. He wants to ride the tube and not get spotted. But that's his mystery. The little pieces you get through his songs and snippets are his more hidden side.

yup. i feel like, especially with otl, we’ve really gotten to see this….whole different side of him and i cant wait to see what else hes got in store for us. hes so open with so many things, but he still very much keeps himself guarded, but i actually think thats a very smart thing? he’s definitely in control and thats good. thats how it should be. 

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Hi! So i just watched despicable me with my nephew and i cant stop thinking on how j would be like with those 3 little girls, especially the youngest one. I dont know if this makes any sense but oh well :)

He’d probably have a lot of pride in having 3 children because it’s like an army for him. He’d see his legacy growing. It’d be very likely hed get overwhelmed having to spread his attention so much but in a way itd make him more relaxed because he wouldnt stress over small stuff with them, because theres so many. I don’t see him singling anyone out or acting different over age but rather just get in tune with their personalities because he loves individualism so much. Honestly Joker would probably forget who came first and second etc once theyre growing up more. He’d want all three to be their own and enjoy watching which ones have a little it of him in them or harley.

My dood is coneless and doin good. I did a quick store run earlier to see how be behaved and he didnt even consider his belly. Doctor said most dogs won’t, esp if its as healed nicely as his since it doesn’t itch etc.

Funny part is, going to the vet, he literally tried to get into the car UNDER the steering wheel and got stuck, and he ate part of the cone trying to get food off it. Yet when we got home and I removed it, he was like “meh”. As if the cone was never there.

I still have to walk him in the yard, and slowly transition him to his old food, but he’s doing well. And his 10th bday is tomorrow!

I wanted to get him something special to eat but I cant feed him anything wierd… one year he got about $6 of filet. This year, just lots of extra love for being here 10 wonderful years. And maybe some extra pumpkin.

imagine a parallel moment (set after a mission or something) where this time it’s allura who kneels down to grab shiro’s hand/help him up, and it goes down like:

allura: shiro… are you alright?

shiro: (smiles warmly) i’m fine. we really make a great team, huh

& they’re still smiling at each other as they’re still holding hands, and lance is there to witness the whole thing so he turns to keith and says:

lance: holy shit, are you seeing this right now?? it’s like watching a scene straight out of a cliché romantic movie omg



Nothing a little magic can’t fix.

now that the episode is public, smth Really Important to me from the latest ep:

so like. caboose actively seeking simmons out and keeping him company? and talking abt church and asking about grif when simmons gets sad? is literally all i ever needed. Ever

they’re both against splitting up in the first place, so caboose seeks simmons out so they can keep each other company and “split up together” which is so good. and then they have a whole convo abt death and ghosts and simmons treats cabooses ideas (people turning into ghosts, specifically bc u care about them) as actual theories and debates them which is So Good.

they both lost their best friends and they both know what the other person is goin thru and im just. so emotional. the friendship we need and deserve honestly

a long list of my fave lightning thief musical moments
  • before the play started they had fog in the air and the sound of thunder and crows playing over the speakers, it was so spooky, i walked into the theater and immediately fell in love (also they were selling orange chb t-shirts at the merch table!)
  • you’ve probably already seen pics of the set design but ancient greek columns sprayed w graffiti and covered in nyc scaffolding is the Ultimate PJO Aesthetic
  • sally calling percy “baby” :’) carrie compere’s sally was so good overall i loved her so much
  • mr. d’s song was so funny, george salazar really nailed him
  • luke going past percy while sword training and stopping to watch him go by when they met eyes uhhh…..
  • percy and grover’s hug when they see each other again, percy just ran to him and held him so tight i love them
  • luke annabeth and grover sitting together and joking in the background!! there were a lot of little interactions between characters when the focus wasnt on them that were so cute <3
  • percy making lightsaber noises with his sword when he first gets it before capture the flag
  • silena hyping clarisse up during “put you in your place”
  • grover crying about pan but trying to keep dancing during his part of the campfire song
  • percy at the campfire saying he can’t sing after he’s spent the entire first act singing, i love him
  • also the entire campfire song being abt how much everyone hates their parents and then percy standing up and being like “hi everyone, i love my mom”
  • percy climbing the scaffolding during “good kid” and hanging like he’s going to jump when he sings “all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack and no friends and no hope and no mom” chris made me cry real tears here oof
  • grover telling percy he’s coming w him on his quest and percy immediately going into Angry Protective Mode and grover jumping in before he can say anything w/ “don’t get mad!”
  • act 1 ending with this big triumphant song abt leaving on their quest but then the lights go dark and monster calls echo and groups of red eyes peak from the back of the stage and percy grabs for grover’s hand before the blackout 😭
  • “i don’t wanna die in the garden state!”
  • grover staring percy down for a good silent five seconds after percy responded to him talking to a squirrel w “this is nuts”
  • annabeth telling percy her mom turned medusa into a monster and chugging water halfway through her sentence so she doesn’t have to finish it
  • “that little squirrel came back and gave me these!” “three amtrak tickets?”
  • girl in braids and a floppy hat at the lotus hotel: why, my brother and i arrived just yesterday, may 1st, 1939!
  • thalia singing softly on the second level while luke and annabeth stand behind her with their hands held out, lit w green light, turning her into a tree while grover tells percy about being afraid he failed her, he was crying, i was crying
  • “it’s charon with an “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • creators of this musical, apparently: well we dont have time to focus on them facing cerberus so now he’s a dj for a sequined charon who rocks the entire theater
  • “i think this pit is tartarus” “(gasping) YOU MEAN LIKE………..THE FISH SAUCE
  • the toilet paper guns used for percy’s water powers being shot over the audience until the entire orchestra was completely covered in toilet paper
  • “well the gods aren’t always fair but we’re not total dicks”
  • jonathan raviv’s quick change from poseidon to chiron was really quick so he came out as chiron with his shirt unbuttoned in the deepest v saying “I GALLOPED HERE AS FAST AS I COULD” which was ridiculous and yet completely in character
  • percy and luke’s handshake! and luke telling percy what he thinks of the gods and going for the handshake and percy hesitantly doing it w him bc he agrees w/ the way luke feels before realizing that luke’s the lightning thief
  • luke has a dark reprise of “good kid” when he betrays percy and i !!!! SCREAMED!!!!
  • also the creators of this musical, apparently: well we cant have a poison scorpion on stage so how about luke just fuckin stabs percy in the back? hm?
  • the stage was a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper by the end which is truly the only way a percy jackson musical should end
  • please go see this if you have the chance it’s so funny and so good, it’s really an amazing adaption that gets the tone of the book so well and every actor captures their character(s) perfectly, they all clearly know the material and seem like they’re having so much fun onstage, i loved it so much!!!!

Jefferson: So what I believe you are trying to say, is “thank you”.

Hamilton: “Thank you”?!

Jefferson: You’re welcome!

Hamilton: N-no that’s not what– i mean, why would I ever say–

Jefferson: I know it’s a lot. The hair, the bod..

Hamilton: oh my god