i cant watch this scene enough

that scene when doc notices baby notice the blood leaking out of the trunk is masterpiece theatre. baby driver has the rhythm of a comedy but that scene makes the audience realize this isnt a funny movie and forces them to re evaluate everything thats taken place up until then. movies are the most fun to watch when they force the audience to actively participate in the narrative and i think baby driver did an incredible job of that

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On the subject of 13rw like when i tell people i didnt watch it theyre like "omg whyyy???" So i say i can't cause i know i cant handle certain scenes but sure enough everyone wants a 5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format on why i cant watch 13rw. Like you don't need my life story just take your stupid show and get away from me (sidenote, whys it getting a second season?? Like what are they gonna do in it? Relistening to tapes??)

Okay so firstly: Fuck those people

Secondly: I can go on a rant about the Second Season™ sooooooo….

Thirdly: The first thing that jumped out at me was “5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format” SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Why 13RW Does NOT Deserve the Progressive Title People are Giving It

                                               An Essay by Me

13RW made its debut back in 2007 as a novel written by author Jay Asher. Now, the book had its problems with handling such a sensitive subject BUT these problems were only highlighted once the novel found its way to Netflix. 

The first problem is the fact that they do NOT follow guidlines laid out for them (by “them”, I’m kind of grouping them under the term “media” since this is the media) in a nifty handbook for media outlets called “Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide”, which outlines responsible ways to talk about suicide. This includes the acknowledgement that suicide is not so easily pinpointed to one or two specific events but the culmination of numerous causes, most often including mental illness. This also includes staying away from graphic depictions and descriptions of the suicide. Otherwise, you risk what is called the “copycat effect” where people will take these ideas of suicide and apply them to their own suicide. Which has already happened because of this show. 

Now, to the show’s credit, it does put a warning in front of the episodes. But warnings are an…. iffy sort of deal. For example, I was going through a difficult time when I first started watching the show. And when I saw the warnings, I figured that they wouldn’t phase me because usually I’m not very sensitive to things like that. I’m usually pretty good about separating myself from the story. But this was very different because the story doesn’t just focus on her, it focuses on all of this pain and regret and saddness over her loss, all of this attention and love she was getting afterwards. And for someone who was on the border of having a SHITTY™ time, something, almost anything, that would earn me so much attention and feeling from other people was appealing. I honestly sat down and thought very seriously about it before gathering myself and taking MANY walks outside to cool my head. And the worst part is that if I was feeling this way, someone more sensitive than me would be feeling 100x worse and would have no resources given to them at ANY POINT during ANY of those episodes. At no time did they list any resources before the credits, or peppered in the episodes. None. In fact the only alternative the audience is presented is in the line “[cutting is] what you do instead of killing yourself.” 

That being said- they then also try to bring in the issue of rape and sexual assault. Of which they also graphically show (which, again they do put warnings but) And this is where it gets sticky so I’m gonna bullet list people, or rather characters at fault here: 

  • Bryce- He’s the one that does the raping here (TWICE on screen) 
  • Justin- Sits back and does nothing to help Jessica, his girl, and lies about it to her face for months(?) before finally coming clean and telling her the truth but also trying to convince her that it’s okay because they just have to keep quiet about it. 
  • Hannah- Ah, the black sheep no one wants to talk about. The other person who ALSO witnessed the rape occurring and did absolutely nothing about it whatsoever until making the tapes where she spends then entire time putting the blame on Justin and Bryce despite being in there and witnessing the entire thing and going on to do, again, N O T H I N G to help Jessica either.

And of course, over the course of these tapes being listened to, no one ELSE does anything about any of this either until Clay gets his hands on the tapes. 

Which brings me to my next point: Mother. Fucking. Clay. Jensen. The boy who acted like a dick to her while she was dealing with the rumors and the bullying. The one we’re supposed to sympathize with because he wanted to bone her so badly but never got the chance. NEWS FLASH- Clay Jensen is a “Nice Guy” in sheep’s clothing. His entire character arc is trying to redeem this girl that he thought he was in love with because he regrets not being able to “love” her back to life somehow- despite the fact that his relationship does not: 

  1. Suddenly erase the rumors 
  2. Take away the fact that there is a counselor on staff who has no regard for his student’s safety or mental health 
  3. Fix her developing mental health issues
  4. Mean that people will change their minds so quickly

This just in- dating someone who has a mental illness, who has the kind of issues that she does, is not butterflies and rose colored lighting. It is not saying “I love you” and everything just being magical and okay. And that’s exactly the picture this show paints, there is an entire scene devoted to it. And this furthers the unrealistic and problematic picture that being in a relationship will solve all of your problems.

And, after ALL of this, there are the subplots being introduced in the show of: 

  1. That kid (Tyler?) about to shoot the school up because Hannah told those people about how he took naked pictures of her (but when Justin took a similar picture of her underwear and showed his friends- that was okay and didn’t deserve the same kind of punishment?) 
  2. Justin’s family life isn’t too hot and we’re supposed to sympathize with him and understand that this is why he acts out and he’s so devoted to Bryce because Bryce has on numerous occasions supported him and this is, presumably, why he does nothing to stop him from having his moment with Jessica (because to Bryce women are property, no different from an Xbox, and so Justin has to act that same way), why he goes along with Bryce sending out the picture of Hannah, and why he is trying to help protect Bryce. 
  3. Alex has shown signs of suicide on multiple occasions, including actively trying to kill himself at least twice in the show. 
  4. Jessica, now having to deal with her rape.

That last point is probably the one I want you to pay attention to most because the PR team or w/e released a video of Jessica’s phone in use. Justin calls Jessica a whore (or slut…. something) and she confronts him. And then, suddenly, the conversations flips to him saying how much he loves her and needs her.

Well, little miss Jessica, who has been exposed to the tapes just like the rest of us now, gets an idea in her head and good thing there are weapons in her house. She sends a snapchat of a gun to Justin and leaves a note on her phone addressed to her parents and that’s where the video ends. So yet again, suicide is used as the big dramatic plot device to move the story along. 

And in ALL of this talk about suicide not ONCE is ANY sort of mental illness addressed. There are a few glimmers of a serious conversation about it from an English teacher who then immediately gets drowned out because of whatever angst Clay is feeling over his unsatisfied Hannah needs.

The show tries to act like it’s the knight in shining armor riding in on the white horse of “Media Representation” when in all actuality it’s the court jester trying to stall his beheading by telling the King some convoluted drama just enough to plan his escape. 

It tries to say that it’s going to address the issues of rape, sexual assault/harassment, and mental illness. It tries to say that it is trying to bring awareness to suicide because it shouldn’t be an option. But the fact of the matter is: It doesn’t. The social media accounts the show runs only post “cute”, ~relatable~ pictures and quotes from the show, with little to nothing about any potential resources anyone might need or be curious about. 

The ONLY actual, real conversations that MAY be productive are in a video called “Beyond the Reasons” that is also on Netflix but presented as a completely separate entity that does not how up in recommendations after the show or otherwise, and had next to no publicity whatsoever around the release of the show. 

Overall, the conversations the show has stirred up are not about mental illness, not about how rape is reported or viewed in our society, and it’s not about how we can be working to prevent suicide in young people. The conversation has been about the show itself and the question of whether or not it’s a “good” or “powerful” show and if/how we should be letting younger, more impressionable people (i.e, middle schoolers and young high schoolers) watch this show. 

The writers and producers will sit there and tell you that they want to show this in a “real” way. They’ll say they wanted to portray these to mimic reality, the nitty girtty truth. Well, guess what? If you are going to take on that responsibility to be truthful about what goes on, about how these things happen, then it is ALSO your responsibility to make sure that you actually give people REAL WORKING alternatives. And the fact that there is no sort of master list of resources, no conversation in the show about how to handle all of this, no sort of conversation about these ISSUES THEMSELVES in the show proves that the writers and producers don’t care about being accurate. They don’t care about helping the community, they don’t care about representation. 

They care about views and money. 

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And some places to get help: 





Sizzy scene breakdown of Season 2 Episode 12, "You Are Not Your Own."

I know this is late and I apologize for that. The first thing that I want to bring up is that I’m going to try to break down all the Sizzy scenes that we get for the rest of Season 2 and hopefully if I have time in the future, I’ll do the same with Season 3. In this breakdown, I’m going to stop in between the dialogue or quotes and give my reaction to that particular part in the scene I’m discussing.

Please note: I would also like to bring out and for you to notice that when Izzy is in all her scenes with Simon, she is wearing red. When it comes to wardrobe on TV, the color red usually gets a callback to romance/romantic feelings and even romantic love. Just think about that as I do my best to break down all of the Sizzy scenes from this episode. If anyone wants to watch the Sizzy scenes from this episode here’s the link: https://banasiakj123.tumblr.com/post/161824366772/i-just-cant-get-enough-of-these-two-i-love-them 

I will say that the Jade Wolf scene wasn’t included so here’s another link to that: https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=rjLfWKQ9D9M 

Here’s a link to my other Sizzy breakdown from Season 2 Episode 7, “How Are Thou Fallen”: https://banasiakj123.tumblr.com/post/159832856767/sizzy-scene-breakdown-from-season-2-episode-7

Isabelle: “Simon, I got your message about Raphael. Are you okay?” Simon: “Yeah. Yeah. Living the Daylighter dream!” I just think it’s so cute that Isabelle always wonders if Simon is okay. She recognizes that Simon can’t always handle himself because he’s human. Sure, Simon is a Vampire/Downworlder but he’s more human than Vampire and the reasons why I say that is because he’s still trying to adapt as a Vampire and he’s the only Vampire that can walk out in the sun without the sun having to fry his whole body which makes him an outcast to the Vampire clan. Anyway, moving on.

Simon: “What?” Isabelle: “You got a tan. Looks nice.” Simon: “It does?” Isabelle: (laughs) 

Okay. That is definitely some low-key flirting between the two of them. Izzy is definitely checking Simon out and she definitely likes what she sees! If you look closely, Simon blushes when Isabelle compliments him on his appearance. I don’t think Simon is aware of his feelings for Izzy just yet but he will, believe me he will eventually. Notice how Isabelle at that point isn’t focused on the mission initially. She is focused on Simon and his well-being. The most important aspect of love to me is the caring of someone else’s well-being especially if it’s unconditional love. After all, you can’t have a relationship/connection with someone else if they’re dead. Let’s move on.

Izzy: “Back to Raphael. How can I help?” Simon: “So… I heard you guys were kind of seeing each other and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing that thing you’re really good at. You know, making a man bend to your every will. Look, if you don’t wanna get involved, I’ll find someone I get it.” Isabelle: “No, No. It’s not that.” This part of the conversation is just to show how well Simon knows Izzy and he knows her well enough. Next.

Isabelle: “It’s… When I got injured by that demon, Aldertree gave me some Yin Fen to regain my strength. But things got out of control… The reason I was seeing Raphael…” Simon: “Izzy, what is it?” Izzy: “I became addicted to Vampire venom.” Simon: “Oh. I I had had no idea. Are you-” Isabelle: (interrupts): “I’m- I’m okay. Actually, I’m… I’m great.” Simon: “Good. Okay. Good.” Isabelle: “Yeah.” Can I just say how in sync these two are with each other? Isabelle earlier asked Simon if he was okay and then Izzy tells Simon about her Vampire venom and Yin Fen addiction and the first thing that pops into Simon’s head after Izzy tells him this is if she’s okay and he’s happy to hear that she’s doing better and that she’s feeling great actually. Isabelle telling Simon about her Yin Fen addiction and Vampire venom addiction shows that she really trusts Simon. In order for any relationship to work out long-term especially a romantic one, trust and communication should be the top priorities to fulfill that purpose. Isabelle used both with Simon at this point in this scene. Not to mention, Simon is the third person to find out about her Yin Fen/Vampire venom addiction. (First was Alec and then Magnus.)

Simon: “‘Cause you know with my mom, it’s a lot of ups and downs. I’m guessing there’s not really a twelve-step program at the Institute for Shadowhunters. Um, I know a lot of really good groups.” Izzy: “Simon, I’m not a mundane. I don’t do groups, but I do fix Downworlder problems. Come on.” Simon: “No, uh I I’m good. I know that staying clean means staying away from Raphael.” Isabelle: “Who said anything about going near Raphael?” Izzy tilts her head and gives Simon this sort of flirty look after she asks: “Who said anything about going near Raphael?” Now breaking down this part of the conversation, Simon indirectly reveals that his mother was a drug addict. Anyways, Simon wants Izzy to go to group therapy sessions to help her refrain from Vampire venom/Yin Fen because Simon recognizes that just because Izzy is a Shadowhunter doesn’t mean she’s a god or that she’s invincible. Izzy doesn’t believe she’s a mundane so she wants to help Simon with his problems with Raphael. Simon adds so much texture to Isabelle’s character because he teaches her that even though she may be a shadowhunter, she is also human or mundane. Isn’t that what Maryse tells Isabelle after Isabelle tells her about her Yin Fen addiction in Episode 14 of Season 2 about putting too much pressure on Isabelle? That’s not a coincidence! And don’t answer my question, lol. Also, don’t forget that Maryse tells Isabelle to never give up on love and continue to fight for it but at that point, Izzy is still too emotional to think straight so she goes to Raphael due to the fact that they keep going back to each other but she makes the wrong decision because she has been going through a lot of stress lately. Isabelle didn’t go to Raphael initially because she genuinely liked him. She needed to satisfy her addiction and once you become addicted to something your body craves it and it needs it because your body has gotten so use to it and once you cut back, you can die a lot faster than just gradually killing yourself while being on the drug that you’re addicted to.

(Isabelle and Simon in Central Park.) Isabelle: “¡Hola Rosa! ¿Cómo estás? I brought you your favorite!” Rosa Santiago: “¡Graciás!” Simon: “Wait. So we’re giving a kind old woman tulips?” Isabelle: “Rosa, meet my friend Simon. Simon, meet Rosa Santiago.” Simon: (laughs nervously and grabs Izzy by her arm so they can talk privately): “Okay. Um, I’m all for creative anti-bullying tactics but please don’t tell me that we’re here to kidnap Raphael’s grandmother.” Isabelle: “Okay, first of all, she’s not his grandmother, she’s his sister. And no one is kidnapping anyone, okay, relax.” Rosa: “Who are you again?” Izzy: “I’m Raphael’s friend Isabelle, we came to visit you during bingo night.” Simon: “Wait, seriously Raphael plays bingo with her?” Izzy: “And he makes tomales for her every Sunday.” Rosa: “Such an attractive couple! How long you two been married?” (Both Simon and Izzy chuckle) Isabelle: “No, we’re just friends.” Rosa: “Big mistake. He’s a catch!” Simon’s face after Rosa says he’s a catch is priceless because he’s doing that to tease Isabelle. Okay if you haven’t figured it out yet, spoiler alert: Izzy and Simon get married in the future so Rosa basically foreshadowed what’s to come for Sizzy! Rosa Santiago maybe the biggest shipper on the show and is definitely the voice of the Sizzy fandom. Who would’ve thought that a Santiago would ship Sizzy romantically? When Rosa tells Isabelle that it’s wrong to view Simon as just her friend, Izzy gets this realization on her face where she is starting to realize that she has romantic feelings for Simon.

Isabelle: “Okay Romeo give me your cellphone, it’s time to send Raphael a message that if he can get to you then you get to-” Simon: “See, see um, yeah, my heart kinda goes out to the guy right now, you know?” Izzy: “Simon, save your sweet side for someone who cares, sit down.” Ironically for them, Simon will be saving his sweet side for Isabelle because she is the one that cares about it, she’s also aware that he has it because she mentions it and it’s very interesting that the writers of the show have her saying this. Simon: (to Isabelle): “Noted. Uh, Rosa can I take a picture with you?” (Rosa chuckles and nods) Simon: (chuckles) “Okay.” Isabelle: “Alright. Say cheese!”

(Simon and Isabelle at the Jade Wolf.) Simon: “How are things at the Institute?” Isabelle: “Everyone’s trying to recover. Alec is paranoid about pretty much everyone and uh (sighs) Jace is still spinning.” Simon: “About the soul sword attack?” Izzy: “That and finding out that he’s not really Valentine’s son.” Simon: “Wait. That means- That means that Jace isn’t Clary’s brother.” You can tell by Izzy’s face that she regrets telling Simon it but isn’t it interesting that Isabelle tells the secret to Simon like a girlfriend should do and not like Clary who still has lingering feelings for Jace? Now, I don’t hate Clary’s relationship with Simon because it’s important to the overall story but I’m showing the reasons why their relationship is temporary. Clary SHOULD have told Simon the truth because that would have been the way for Clary to show Simon he has nothing to worry about with Jace and her relationship with him but Simon does have something to worry about especially after the events of the Seelie Court because Clary still has romantic feelings for Jace. I feel really bad for Simon because of that though. I mean you have romantic feelings for your best friend and after so many years that same best friend returns those feelings to you and then after a while of dating and getting intimate, you find out that those feelings you thought that they had for you are actually for someone else. That REALLY REALLY sucks. Isabelle (shocked): “Simon. I thought you knew.” Now, I really love that when Isabelle is in trouble, Simon tries to go and save her and Isabelle tries to do the same thing before she is restrained when two of the Vampires restrain Simon. 

(Sizzy walking in the rain.) Izzy: “So, should I call you Daylighter? Sir Daylighter?” Simon: “Um, I think um 'your Lordship Daylighter,’ I like that best.” (They both laugh) Izzy: “The meetings you told me about, the ones your mom goes to…” Simon: “I’ll send you all the info.” Isabelle: “Hey, don’t worry about Jace not being Clary’s brother. Rosa’s right. You’re a catch.” We have Simon blushing when Isabelle says this. Isabelle telling Simon that he’s a catch is definitely flirting and that is about as much as flirting you could get out of someone without going too far. I just want to also say that I’ve never seen Isabelle smile at anyone the way that she does to Simon and it doesn’t take much for either of them to be comfortable around each other and for one to crack a joke while the other laughs. When Izzy agrees with Rosa that Simon is a catch, Isabelle is starting to embrace her feelings for Simon.

Well, that’s the end of my breakdown for the Sizzy scenes for this episode and for the record, I don’t hate Clary’s relationship with Simon or Isabelle’s relationship with Raphael, I’m just telling you what the show has shown us and why I think that those relationships are temporary. Oh, Sizzy is endgame no question! You would have to not be paying attention to them as you watch the show for you to not see it!

Okay so...

I recently watched the 2007 TMNT movie again after so many years and i cant get over how good the animation is. i know other people have pointed it out, but…

look at the definition!! you can see the different colours in Raph’s eyes!

the subtle changes in facial expression. it might not be clear here, but if you watch this scene, you can see Raph’s pupils dilate when he realises what he’s done.

this movie does not get enough credit sometimes. the storyline may be a bit off from the usual TMNT plots, but it still good and the graphics are amazing compared to some animated movies!! still one of my favourite TMNT movies.

#as a quick bonus…

Raphael can just casually holding his entire body up with ONE arm…

Gif Reaction Request: Seeing 50 Shades of grey with them. *SOME Gifs aren't mine*

Thank you for your submit and ooooh~ this should be interesting * Wink * lol.

Suho: “Maybe we can do a little role-play when we get back home..and we can try what they did in the movie. “

Baekhyun: ”Oooh This Movie..Makes we wanna just..”

D.O: *Doesn’t know what to say at the moment because right now its at a teasing scene and its getting hot in the theater for him*

Chanyeol: *Covers his eyes at the sex scenes but pulls them away to look manly enough when he notices you noticing him*

Kai:  *Cant even take the movie seriously..he cant even.*

Sehun: *Watching the movie intently, looking for pointers on moves in the bedroom to use on you*

Kris: *Gif speaks for itself*

Luhan: *Keeps His head down the entire time*

Chen: *As soon as he sees the handcuffs come out*

Lay: *He has been so busy that he didn’t see any commercial about it and so he thought it was a children’s movie about learning your colors* “WHAT DID I JUST SEE??”

Xiumin: “I bet you’d look good in that outfit” *Looking you up and down*

Tao:  *Actually enjoying the movie*

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Holy shit.. I can't get enough of the tower of joy scene. So much goosebumps. Ever since after the finale, I ended up watching season one and finished it the whole night, you see, I've watched all the seasons multi of times before but for some reason, after the confirmation of R+L=J, there's this feeling I cant describe every time Jon Snow comes on the screen like I want to jump into the screen and yell at Jon YOU ARE LOVED! YOUR MOTHER LOVED YOU! YOUR MOTHER WANTED YOU TO BE SAFE AND PROTECTED!

omg you’re making me tear up fricketyfrack ugh

Every time i try to imagine the bethyl reunion scene i just… cant. I dont know why, but nothing seems perfect to me.

I imagine Daryl on his knees sobbing and Beth hugging him and kissing his head. Not enough. I imagine them running to each other and hugging and crying and falling to their knees. Not enough. I imagine Daryl giving Beth the bridal carry into ASZ while everyone is watching. Not enough. I imagine Beth saving Daryl, he thinks he is hallucinating and Beth hugs him and they share their first kiss.. so that he knows she is alive. Still not enough.