i cant watch the news anymore

You know, the World Cup is very interesting, you get to meet a lot of people from a lot of places, you get to know more about soccer and you have the chance to make people from your country happy. Well, the last part didn’t happen to Brazil because we suck and some son of a bitch from Columbia almost killed me on the field and I didn’t get to play important games, yet – I had to see Brazil vs Germany game and the fact that we lost by 7x1 makes me laugh because it’s just unbelievable. I had to sit in the bench and watch the game like an idiot because I couldn’t do anything to help my team. But like I said before, the World Cup is very interesting, but I’m glad this shit is over, I don’t have to listen people making fun of Brazil anymore. Anyway – I’m Neymar, I love listening to music of all kinds, I’m seriously addicted to tv series and sometimes I pretend to be a singer (stay tuned for more news about this), and I bet you don’t know anything about soccer, am I right?