i cant wait two days

was almost asleep, but remembered magnus burnsides exists, so now i’m gonna stay up crying for a couple more hours

i cant wait for the days when you come home to me every evening, and i loosen your tie and kiss your cheek and make dinner with you. i cant wait for the days when it’s just the two of us.


How romantic!

still crying over this omg, I still can’t believe this is real 

*pay no mind to me literally drawing orihime’s hair to cover ichigo’s hands, because I CANNOT HAND* but anyway i hope that everyone is as happy as me for the ending - there’s still SO MUCH that i wish we got but this is enough ( ^ u ^  ) i want to draw everything, so many things, all the things 

also, i think that ichigo gradually started to show forehead … little by little, haha, or at least that’s what i’m going with ;D 

anonymous asked:

I think that they are trying to push the stunt a little harder. C’s mom and best friend aka her wife that she married started following Harry, and vice versa, along with no other than Winston playing along in the social media follows

gemma followed her too two days ago, i cant wait for the annual fake hack in march i wonder who they are going to use this year, who will insult fans on social media for something his team planned? the waiting is killing me 


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Hi. Ooh the philinda excerpts from the book are brilliant thank you. Do you have anymore? I have purchased the book but it is going to take a while for it to get to me and i cant wait two days let alone 4 weeks!!! Oh please please make philinda happen in season 5 lol


I put the bulk of the quotes in my first post but I found a few more for you ;)

“I think they’ve always had a bond, and you could feel that from the very first interaction they have in Season One. This year we talked about how to take that relationship further.”
-Jed Whedon

“I think there is some true feeling between May the person and Coulson. There seems to be a little bit of remorse about opportunities that have passed between them, and you feel like they’ve lived and been in close quarters enough that they might be thinking about reexamining their relationship… The relationship was already heading in that direction. The LMD just expedited it.”
-Brent Fletcher

“(LMD May’s) actions may be based in the programming she’s been given, but it’s mainly based on the actual May. Those feelings and that new openness toward each other had already been bubbling. And it’s really interesting to see how it plays out through the rest of the season. There’s this chemistry between them that does not want to be pushed around or put away. But there’s a reason they haven’t acted upon it until now. The ramifications are serious.”
-Clark Gregg

“I think it’s really lovely that the writers pay attention to what the fans want to see in these characters. Coulson and May have such a close relationship with each other. They’re loyal and devoted to one another. And if you go back through the previous three seasons, you’ll see those moments where they have affection toward each other, but they don’t allow themselves to act upon it.”
-Ming-Na Wen

And here’s a little tidbit about the origins of the Haig bottle:

‘As Coulson and May explore more intimate and personal territory in their relationship, a rare bottle of Haig and Haig Pinch Scotch whiskey becomes symbolic of their progress-and sometimes regression. As it turns out, the bottle’s origins derive from real life. “A bottle of Haig and Haig was originally given to my grandfather by the Kennedy family after John F. Kennedy was assassinated,” (writer) DJ Doyle says. My grandfather was a New York City police detective assigned to escort and guard his sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, for a few days following the assassination. After that, a crate of Haig showed up for him as a thank you. We’ve had a single bottle of Haig in our family that has been a source of mystery and wonder to me ever since I was a kid. It was fun to get to nod to that a little bit and use it as this symbol of possibility for Coulson and May.’
-commentary for 4x07

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im moving into my own studio apartment in two days!!! on saturday!!! i cant wait to start living my own life and be in a space that created & made solely for me

i just cant wait to be myself