i cant wait two days


How romantic!

whispers if u like slow build zutara with a+ character development, a side of azula that will make you shriek (with joy) (also rage), and a hella engaging plot, you should read once around the sun 10/10 would cry over again

Hey guys!! This is just a small announcement to say that I will be attending the London Korean Festival aka Feel Korea in London tomorrow (Saturday 8th July) so I’d really like to meet any of you guys there!! I’ll be attending with @90s-shinee-aesthetic but feel free to come say hi if you see me (I’ll show what I’m wearing on twitter)! I’ll be attending both the daytime event and the evening concert so I’ll be there all day c: (hopefully I get in without the daytime ticket because I forgot to book mine ughhh,,, they did say you can still get in but :/) I’m also gonna be documenting my experience on instagram and twitter :’)

I hope people who are going will have a good time and I hope to see some of you guys there :’D ❤

still crying over this omg, I still can’t believe this is real 

*pay no mind to me literally drawing orihime’s hair to cover ichigo’s hands, because I CANNOT HAND* but anyway i hope that everyone is as happy as me for the ending - there’s still SO MUCH that i wish we got but this is enough ( ^ u ^  ) i want to draw everything, so many things, all the things 

also, i think that ichigo gradually started to show forehead … little by little, haha, or at least that’s what i’m going with ;D 

IT’S FF TIME !! since its the holidays and been forever since ive made the last one, here it is :) wanna thank ALL OF YOU who follow me, you guys have no idea what you mean to me 💕  you’re the reason i keep dedicating myself to make edits, icons and so on.

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my nephew is gonna be leaving the ICU and coming home with us any day now!!!

I cant wait… Its been over two months since he was born. We’re gonna be besties. Cant wait to have him in my arms for the first time 😍😍😍


myunggyu back hugging at KTR ㅡ.ㅡ)♥(ˋㄱˊ

Im leaving for a summer trip with my family tomorrow!! We’re going to the sea again, just like last year ♥♥♥ ive done so many overtime hours at work that i got to take two days off this week! :D i cant wait ;v; ♥

……although its almost 9pm and I STILL HAVENT PACKED MY STUFF where did the time GO

I Miss You (Luke Hemmings)

External image

Luke5SOS: I miss my baby :(

Y/T/N: @Luke5SOS Only two more days 

Luke5SOS: @Y/T/N I cant wait to have you in my arms 

Y/T/N: @Luke5SOS Oh…I had something else in mind baby..maybe a little surprise for you when you come home ;)

Luke5SOS: @Y/T/N Damn I cant wait to be home baby 

Giggling you shook you head and slipped your phone into your pocket. Pushing the little cart at the store you bit down on your lip and looked around. 
“Something special for Luke” you mumbled under your breath as you continued to look around. Feeling your phone vibrate you smirked seeing his name on your screen 
“Well hello” you giggled into the phone as you continued to look around 
“I miss you” he groaned into the phone. Sighing quietly you stopped in the isle and looked at the items in front of you 
“I miss you too baby” you replied as you picked something out “Only two more days and you’ll be home with me” you giggled quietly as you continued to push the cart 
“You’ve been teasing me all week” he moaned making you laugh 
“Just a little reminder of what you miss when you leave for work” you laughed into the phone making him moan in the other end 
“Its no funny baby” he whimpered 
“Awe Im sorry honey” you giggled as you looked around biting down on your lip “But when you come home I’m all yours” you added making him sigh loudly 
“I swear you just call me to mess with me” he chuckled 
“You called me” you laughed shaking your head “I really miss you Lukey” you said quietly “I cant wait until your home and we can cuddle watching movies like old times” you added. 
“I’ll get there as fast as I can” he said into the phone “I have to go baby the plane is boarding” he added. Frowning you sighed and gripped the phone 
“Have a safe flight. I’ll be waiting for you at the airport” you said
“I love you” he whispered 
“I love you too Luke” you whispered back before hanging up.

Looking around you bit down on your lip and watched as people started to make their way down the stairs. 
“Come on” you mumbled under your breath as you looked for your tall blond boy. Seeing the red haired boy you giggled quietly and played nervously with your hand. Once you spotted him your smile grew before you took of running towards him. Dodging the people around you managed to reach him, throwing your arms aroud his neck he laughed before he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. 
“Well hello” he laughed as he pulled you closer to him 
“Dont ever leave me” you cried into his neck holding him tightly. He sighed and slowly pulled back, cupping your cheek he frowned and wiped your tears with his thumbs 
“I’m sorry for leaving you baby” he whispered “I missed you like crazy” he added before he left a small kiss on your lips. “Let me get my bad and we can go home okay” he said. Quickly giving the boys hugs you made small talk with them as you waited for the bags to come around. 
“Do you guys need a ride home” you asked looking over at the three boys. 
“Nah, you two go home. Luke wouldn’t shut up about the whole way here” laughed Michael “Besides Calum’s mom is on her way” he added. Nodding you smiled at the boys and hugged them again before you gripped Luke’s hand and made your way outside to your car. 

“Luke” you giggled as he stumbled into the house with you in his arms.“Dinner is ready we just need to set it up” you moaned quietly. His lips attached to your neck as he slammed the door behind him. 
“I missed you so much” he groaned as he cupped your cheeks and pressed his lips to your. Giggling quietly you wrapped your hands around his wrist and kissed him deeply. His hands traveled down your body and to your legs. Lifting you up, you wrapped your leg around his waist and kissed down he neck as he walked upstairs to the bedroom. A small moan left his lips as you nibbled softly on his skin. He held you tightly as he opened the door and walked towards the bed. Setting you down gently he crawled over and hovered over you, connecting his lips to yours. Smiling against his lips you reached up and started unbuttoning his flannel. He started kissing down your jawline to your neck. Pushing down on his shirt he sat up and slipped the shirt off before tossing it to the ground. 
“Luke” you moaned as he slowly rolled his hips. He bit down on his lip as he stared down at you, his fingers digging into your skin. He moaned and leaned down nuzzling his face into your skin. 
“Baby” he groaned as he continued to move his hips. Your legs wrapped around his waist, your finger tangled in his hair and your head thrown back in pleasure. He cursed under his breath as he gripped the bed sheets, his hot breath hitting your neck. He hovered over you and stared into your eyes his mouth turning into an ‘O’ shape as he climax. A small whimper left his lips as he held you closer to him. 
“Luke” you moaned throwing your head back “mm” you whimpered gripping his hips. 

Breathing heavily you curled up to his chest and left a small kiss on his chest. He smiled and stared down at you kissing your forehead softly 
“I love you baby” he whispered as he pulled you closer to him 
“I love you too” you giggled wrapping your arm around his torso. He sighed quietly, his hand moving up and down your arm softly. 
“Let order take out” he said as he sat up and looked at you. Giggling you nodded and picked up his flannel sliding it on. He grinned at you and slipped his briefs on before standing up. Sliding your panties on you followed him out of the room and down the stairs. Sitting on the couch you watched as he sat on the floor in front of you ordering. Smiling you ran your fingers softly through his blond hair hearing him sigh quietly at your touch. Leaning down you pressed a kiss to his head before standing up and making your way to the kitchen to put away what you had made earlier. 

“I’m sorry it had to go to waste” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around your waist “I just really missed you” he added as he placed small kisses on your neck. Giggling you shook your head and turned around in his arm kissing the tip of his nose
“Its okay” you said quietly “I just wanted you home” you added wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled and placed his forehead against yours pulling you closer to him.
“Please don’t leave me again” you whimpered as you hid your face on his chest. He sighed and rubbed your back softly kissing the top of your head. 
“I wont baby” he whispered as he pulled you closer to him “Next tour you’re coming with me. I wont be able to go another tour without you” he added. Sighing quietly you closed your eyes and cuddled closer to him.