i cant wait to see him next year

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I'm sure you've already been inboxed about this but please the With an Accent full 6 minute interview with Cole and Lili is up on YouTube: "Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart talk Riverdale and Bughead at WonderCon 2017." It's really cute but honestly in those first 3 min. that we hadn't seen before, you can see (once again!) how quietly/modestly yet truly intelligent Lili is. I adore this woman. Hollywood, do not sleep on her or underestimate her ability to answer challenging questions.

Omg no you are the first one my dude!!!! The round table interview where everyone got convinced they are dating! 

“ITS FLATTERING” and that look at Lili, Cole don’t kill me. I am so so so happy that they know exactly how big our Bughead fam is! And that they are so happy about that fact. They honestly are such a TEAM, look at how Cole plays out what Lili is saying, they are just there together! 

I love seeing the interview before the last part that we’ve already seen, cos you can really see live how theyre getting closer and closer and getting up arm to arm. 

LOLOLOL when Cole says “as they often are” (not with any intention to make her look stupid btw) after Lili explained that the next mystery would begin in the finale of season 1, she literally could kill him with that look, such an annoyed girlfriend behaviour Im dyyying.

And yes, Lili truly is so calm, collected and clever. Always so well spoken and thinks before she talks. I cant wait to see more of her throughout the years! 

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Truth. I was shocked at how skinny both J2 were. I was expecting some bulk, but honestly Jensen's VERY slim and Jared is like a rake. Most shocking thing about Misha? How tall he is. When J2 aren't around he's usually the tallest person in the room. And he's much prettier irl than he looks on SPN. (So much so that it made me wonder if they make him look tired and miserable onscreen on purpose. Irl he's very handsome and animated.)

god i can’t wait to see them all in person at mtlcon next year

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- i prefer pasta to pizza and this is probably the biggest unpopular opinion ever but pasta is so good and i could eat it everyday im not kidding.

- when i was a child i was afraid of the ep of teletubbies with the lion and the bear?? it always scared the hell out of me but i couldn’t stop watch it

- i’ve 8 tattoos!

- i’ve been to a lot of concerts but my favs will always be the ed sheeran’s ones. that dude is so amazing and talented and i can’t wait to see him again next year!!

- i cant sleep at night. i can sleep during the day the whole day but at night? no can do.

for every ‘⭐️’ i get, i will post a fact about myself

Daddy’s Girl

tony stark x reader father daughter

AN: so this is my first fanfic. i will be continuing this story. i hope you enjoy and please I would love your feed back. It will have the avengers and you will fall for someone but that’s a few chapters away. sorry it’s long 

Summary: Tony stark is you father. He found you one night while he was out and he never let you go. You have powers that you can’t control, you and your father find out about them when you are 8,14,and 17. Hope to join the avengers on day because they become your family.


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 You were only a few months old when your father,Tony Stark, found you in an cardboard box near the dumpster, outside the bar. He had heard movement and crying coming from the dumpster so he thought he would see what was making the noise. when he got near he noticed the box and looked inside to see you covered in a piece of cloth. you laid there crying so he thought pick the baby up what is the worst thing that can happen I get attached? He was very hesitant when he finally picked you up he knew at that moment he was never going to let you be alone again. He felt something, something that was so rare he almost missed it. He stared into your beautiful big eyes when he realized he was smiling. He was happy until he found the post-it. It read “ FREAK CHILD, WORTHLESS , SHOW NO LOVE.” He was furious so he ripped it and threw it away. Before taking you home he spoke to you as if you would understand “Now listen here kid, I am not your biological father… BUT that doesn’t mean i will love you any less than I love myself.” 

   He spoke to himself, asking no wondering what he would name you. “I GOT IT! I will call you (y/n) it’s beautiful just like you.” grinning widely “Now lets get you home so we can put some food into that precious belly of yours.” 


    You were sitting alone at the table when you noticed at the corner of your eye you dad walking up. You were sitting alone for a while until he heard your sobs from the other room. You sat alone wondering as to why none of your “friends” came. You wondered why none of the people your dad had invited were not there either. 

 “Daddy?” tears streaming down your face. “Why didn’t anyone show. Is it because I am different. A FREAK?”

 “You are not a freak,babe.” he wondered why you had said the he didn’t know about your powers. “Everyone is just intimated because you’re a Stark.” “And as far as I am concerned you don’t need anyone but your old man.” smiling while holding you in his arms tightly. 

  Throughout the year he noticed differences in you, he didn’t know what it was. Until, one day he realized what was going on and also finding out what the post-it was all about. The two of you had just finished lunch, he told you to go outside and play because he was going to tinker with his toys and didn’t want you to get injured. So you obliged. You always wanted to fly so you ran to the top of your shed and jumped. When you landed you though everything was fine until you tried to push up and your arms were not helping. You hadn’t realized you broke your arm. So you screamed because you were scared not because you were in pain but because you were scared. You knew your cuts would heal and you never really felt pain but this scared you. You looked and your bone was sticking out and you felt nothing. When you father finally came outside he saw you in tears and a pool of blood around you. He picked you up rushing you inside to see what is wrong with you. 

 “It’s okay babe, i got you, daddy’s got you.” He laid you down on the table so J.A.R.V.I.S could scan you. when the scan was finished he saw how you only had small cuts and bruises as you fiddled with your arm. “J.A.R.V.I.S?” 

 “Yes Mr. Stark.”

 “What does (y/n)’s scan show?”

 “Sir, she has abnormalities that have mutated her to have abilities. the only ones showing up on today’s scan are telepathy and regeneration but who knows what other abilities she man have.”

 “Thank you J.A.R.V.I.S”

 You looked up to your father with a frown on your face. “I told you i was a freak daddy.”

“Now you listen to be (Y/N) STARK! You are not a FREAK. You’re different but that doesn’t mean you’re a freak okay. Look even if you had an extra eye you still wouldn’t be a freak you hear me. I LOVE YOU KID.”

 “ I love you too daddy.”

 The next few years would be rough because you were constantly training and learning new ways to control your powers. It was hard for you especially since your dad was IRON MAN.You knew he was constantly in danger but you knew he would always come home to you. You admired your father for being a hero but you also despised him because he did somethings you were not proud of. You know that not everyone can be saved and peoples lives are always at risk when trying to be a savior but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to have a minimum amount of casualties.Your 14th birthday had just past when your father was visited by a agent named “PHIL COULSON.” He told your father and Pepper, your dad’s girlfriend about how they were assembling a team to fight for our world. When the agent left you immediately you asked your father no begged if you could join. 

  “ Daddy please please please. I have been working and training so hard so i could come on missions with you. please dad i know i can handle it.” once you were done begging him he smiled. you thought it was a good sign but you thought wrong.

 “Listen kid, it’s not that i don’t think you can’t handle the big time. I am just not ready for my baby to grow up so it’s a hard no.” before he could finished you looked at Pepper who was always on your side.

 “please talk some sense into him please. I know i am ready.” you gave your best puppy dog face. 

 “Listen (y/n) i am with your father on this one you are still young. you have the rest of your life to be a hero.”

 “I know you love him, Pepper but i really needed you on this one.” you rolled your eyes.

 She chuckled knowing where you got all of your sass from. Before you could speak again you were cut off.

 “ How about we make a deal. If within the next two-three years you improve and you can hang with the big dogs you will be a part of the team, but til then you can be the mascot.” your dad said laughing at the end.

 You whispered “i don’t want to wait to be an Avenger.” speaking in a normal tone “Fine dad, but you cant be the judge the new team with determine if i will be worth it in the next few years.” you say raising your eyebrow to him. 

 “Looks like we have a deal, kid.”

 It’s been about a week since you and your dad made the deal. You needed a distraction so you turned the tv on in your room only to get the news and see all the things that are happening in the city. Before you could get up to suit up you heard your phone go off. It was you father.

 “Dad what’s going on are you okay. please say your okay dad.” trying to conceal your tears.

 “Listen honey-” you knew it was bad because he never called you that “I don’t have much time.” 

 “What do you mea-” he interrupted you before you could finish.

 “So i need to make this quick. I love you (Y/N). More than you will ever know. You have made me a better man.i want you to know i will always love-” it was cut off. 

 You couldn’t help but scream and cry into the phone “Daddy please. Dad please you can’t leave me. I didn’t get to say goodbye and i love you.” 

 You suited up and went to the living room where the bar was when you say a strange man lying on the floor. you walked over to the man wearing a green, black, and gold suit. He looked weird, you didn’t like surprises so you read his mind. You came to the realization that he was the cause for all of this, he was the reason your dad is gone. Before you get a chance to do anything to the body lying in front of you, you heard a loud scream. You were startled so you ran out to the balcony, you looked down to see your father laying on the ground next to Captain America. Before you had any chance to think your only thought was to jump down there. you knew the impacted wouldn’t kill you bit not being with your father would. before you closed your eyes getting ready to hit the floor , you didn’t. you were levitating in the air. When you realized another power had come out you could fly. you ran to your father. He seen you at the edge of his eye and told the others to play along. 

 “ DAD! Oh my goodness dad. You guys were supposed to protect him. Why didn’t any of you have his back.” you yelled at all of them who burst into laughter. It caught you off guard and made you even more furious.”Why are you all laughing, this isn’t funny. My dad is dead.” tears streaming from anger and hurt.

 “(y/n).” a familiar voice said. “Hey kid, i am not dead i told them to play along.I am kind of hurt you had no faith in your father.”

 “Well maybe if you hadn’t called and scared to hell out of me. I swear Dad that was so evil, you’re an ass.”

 “Language.” Captain said loudly. while they all busted up laughing.

 “I’ll make it up I promise. we just need to deal with his brother and then how about shawarma. its your favorite.”

 “You’re not getting off that easy. Shawarma and you can’t kiss Pepper for a week.” you laughed at your request. 

 “Wow kid that evil. She is going to be pissed but fine.” 

 you guys finished dealing with Loki so you all went for Sharwma. You were about to take a bite into your food when your dad called you over.

 “Yeah, dad.”

“Look kid i am sorry for scaring you. I love you and i will always be here for you okay.” 

“I know dad. Now can I go eat please?”

“Go for it.”

SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I’LL BE GOING ON TOUR NEXT YEAR WITH GIRAFFAGE. I have been a fan of his work for so long and it feels so surreal to be invited to go on tour with him! Also, im so stoked to see old friends and meet new ones! Dates are attached above. Cant wait to party with y'all!