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Looking Ahead {210717} 14/100

i finally finished going through this chapter ㅎㅎ;; cant wait to start the next one tomorrow! the feeling when youre moving forward is so rewarding~~ i have a post in my drafts that i’ll upload in the next day or so which is week 7 of the random vocab series…i finally came across some new vocab from my friends so im at last able to continue this lol and i have some ‘larger’ works planned ahead…one thing ive  been experiencing is that the drafts started on my phone changes the korean letters into numbers that code for those characters so it’s just a mess if i want to go back and add things so it’s a struggle ㅠㅠ i also eventually have to do the final week of yonsei and continue some quick korean lessons… 


Ruroken Week 2015: Jinchuu

Day 5 | Trust/Betrayal

Tell me everything that happened

Tell me everything you saw

They had lights inside their eyes

They had lights inside their eyes

Dead Hearts - Stars 

[continued in this set.]

Its 1.30am… and I actually have to stay awake for another hour and a half. I have to pick up Josh from night shift… (his phones dead so he cant call a taxi) And fuckkk I am struggling. I use to not be able to sleep before 4am. But since Koby had been here I go to bed between 8-10pm every night…
Ive had coke, food and im about to have an energy drink to get me through the next hour and a half.
I cant wait to sleep.
The worst part is Koby wont let me sleep in. He will be up at the crack of dawn.
Thankfully tomorrow night (or tonigt i guess) my uncle will be working with Josh and will be able to bring him home so I will be able to sleep normally and then we get to go home thursday which im actually excited for…..

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Hey!!!! Can I request Bobby and B.I when you're begging them for a kiss but they're trying so hard to refuse it.


“look, i gotta have my work done by tomorrow, okay? can you not…” *deep sigh because he finds you sooo cute* “one kiss and i’ll go back to work”

Hanbin is a responsible worker. He would put up his work as his priority, after you. So of course, as you are his precious girlfriend, he’ll eventually gives you what you asked. But like he said earlier he will focus on his work again just to hear you whine behind him.


“really, y/n? I told you to wait for a minute and you cant even wait that long?” *chuckle chuckle* “done, you little thing. come here and let have something you asked”

Unlike Hanbin, Bobby will find it a bit cute. He loves the idea that you came to him and ask him for some attention. So maybe after he gives his little thing some kisses (sorry i dont see him only giving a single kiss)  you guys will end up cuddling all day long.

Im leaving for a summer trip with my family tomorrow!! We’re going to the sea again, just like last year ♥♥♥ ive done so many overtime hours at work that i got to take two days off this week! :D i cant wait ;v; ♥

……although its almost 9pm and I STILL HAVENT PACKED MY STUFF where did the time GO

the past week or so ive been feeling so great!! i got to hang with a bunch of the coolest girls in town and me and emilio have been having a really amazing time doing a bunch of fun shit that we hardly had time to do last summer and i just love him so much that spending any amount of time with him feels like a dream. im going to have a new job as of tomorrow as long as everything works out at my interview. its emilios birthweek and we have a bunch of fun stuff planned over the next couple of days as well!! this summer has been so good so far i cant wait to see what else is in store

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i just wanted to say that I have a super big crush on you in both a gay way & an I-respect-you-lots way (you're the only blog I have notifications from 😂) you're so well spoken & kind & have great aesthetic taste. and while you seem to have had/are still having a rough time of things with internal & external challenges, you're still working to be the best you can be & killing it. AND you still take the time to answer people's questions & help them out & you're just really beautiful & good ok ❤

omg this is so sweet!!!!! cant believe someone took their time to write this thank you so much! Im going thru some busy times currently but thats ending tomorrow hopefully ive been super stressed lately i cant wait to Finally Rest i havent slept in 2 days but next week ill have some more time 2 tend 2 this tumble and to relax maybe

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Omg!! That university au hc is awesome!!! Pls more of that *hands praying emoji* Maybe rfa+v are already friends with mc and are struggling finding out how to invite her on a date? Or being insecure bc they dont know if mc likes them or not

godd707 will answer your prayers!

~female MC


  • okay, okay today was the day
  • he was gonna finally ask MC out on a date
  • him and MC had started talking more and more lately and he really wanted to ask them out but he gets so anxious about these thingS
  • its 40 degrees fahrenheit that morning at the bus stop but Yoosung is sweating
  • why wasnt she at the stop yet??
  • Yoosung wants to text her and make sure she woke up on time but he doesnt want to annoy MC…
  • oh god this is so nerve raking
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and scrolls through instagram to try and distract himself
  • “come here often?”
  • Yoosung almost jumps at the sound of MC’s voice he was so on edge
  • he turns to see them smiling brightly, wrapped up under layers of warm clothes
  • he smiles and giggles, which he does a lot when he’s nervous
  • “i’m at this bus stop everyday of the week at 10:30! unless its saturday or sunday or a school holiday”
  • MC laughs at the way Yoosung answered her question
  • “everything alright, dork? you’re acting kind of jumpy today”
  • Yoosung lifts his hand up to push back his hair, forgetting he had clipped it up that morning
  • his hand gets caught up in the hair clips and moves it out of place, and he tries to fix it
  • oh god, he probably just messed up his hair and looks totally weird now..
  • fffffuuccckK
  • MC’s trying to hold her laughter in
  • he takes the clip out and shoves it into his pocket
  • “everything is fine, totally fine!”
  • “okay, Yoosung…sure…”
  • “i wanted to ask you something, actually”
  • “whats that?”
  • “i was just going to ask if you wanted to maybe do something together this weekend if you have any free time i mean if you have a lot of homework thats fine i know you’re taking hard classes and probably dont have much free time but i figured if you could maybe we can grab a coffee i’ll even pay for yours if you want or-”
  • “Yoosung”
  • “um…yea?”
  • “i’d love to get some coffee this saturday”
  • “r-really?”
  • “yes!”
  • Yoosung jumps up victoriously
  • nailed it


  • Zen had no idea if MC even wanted to do anything he was interested in
  • but MC had been tutoring him lately and he’d kind of developed a liking toward her…
  • okay, think Zen
  • what does MC like
  • math….? she’s like…pretty good at math…
  • do people who like math like going to the football games???
  • everyone likes the football games, right??
  • god why does asking someone out have to be so stressful
  • Zen was sitting in his math class waiting for it to start when MC came in
  • ZEN!! chill. you’re an actor. you can do this
  • “hey, Zen! how’d you do on fridays worksheet? understand everything?”
  • Zen’s eyes widen
  • dammit…the worsheet…he didnt do the worksheet
  • “um, yea! totally understood it. no problems at all”
  • “oh wow, you’re getting good at this class. not even i understood the whole thing. maybe you should tutor me!”
  • nice one, Zen;;;
  • okay enough messing around! a s k  h e r!!
  • “MC, do you want to go out with me?”
  • she tilts her head, looking at Zen
  • “to the football game, i mean! i was wondering if you wanted to go to the football game this saturday. with me.”
  • “oh…well, the football games arent really my thing”
  • Zen!! fix this!!
  • “we dont have to go to the game if you want! we can watch it at my place and order pizza or something”
  • MC smiles at him
  • “yea, okay. that sounds nice, Zen”
  • “awesome. i’ll see you saturday, then!”
  • Zen had to turn around then cause class was starting
  • shit, he cant believe he really pulled that off
  • wow, he really has a date with MC!
  • wow, he really needs to clean up by saturday


  • Jaehee and MC hung out all the time, but it was only so MC could help her with her public speaking skills
  • but after being coached by MC for awhile Jaehee wanted more
  • but she didnt really know if MC did???
  • i mean yea they met up a lot but it was always just for school
  • would MC want to see her if school wasnt involved??
  • ?????
  • maybe Jaehee could ask her out for some ice cream?
  • who doesnt like ice cream?
  • Jaehee decided to text MC, since waiting till class tomorrow would probably kill her
  • “hey, you busy after class tomorrow?”
  • “not really, just have some homework to do. need help with something?”
  • “yea, i do actually”
  • “okay, sure! what do you want to work on?”
  • “well i’ve been craving ice cream like crazy lately but i dont have anyone to go with”
  • Jaehee waits for the text back, growing more nervous with every second that passes
  • “you buying?”
  • “yes!”
  • “alright, i’m in! cant wait for that icecream :D”
  • Jaehee blushes reading the message
  • “me either”
  • phew. hopefully Jaehee wont be too nervous on their date…


  • since Jumin met MC on the first day of school she’s like, all he can think about for some reason??
  • he’s never felt like this about a girl before
  • but he gets so stupid around her for some reason
  • he wants to talk to her when he sees her in class but it always comes out so…weird…
  • like once he wanted to ask her “what did you get for number six” but he said “what did you get for number sex”
  • it was awful and embarrassing and oh my god
  • maybe the classroom is the problem!!!
  • if he spends time with MC outside the classroom he’ll be totally cool
  • ….right?
  • when MC sits down next to him, he feels his face heat up just like it did the first day of class
  • hey, face, stop that
  • Jumin doesnt look at MC, afraid she might see that his face is red
  • “good morning, MC”
  • “good morning? it’s 2 PM, Jumin”
  • dammit
  • “…right. i was wondering if after class you would want to join me for a meal”
  • Jumin’s still staring at his desk
  • “sure! where do you want to go?”
  • “anywhere. i would do anything to for you”
  • Jumin closes his eyes, feeling like an idiot
  • theres no way MC will agree to go anywhere with him now…
  • “anywhere? can we go to my favorite pizza place, then?”
  • Jumin looks up, a slight grin on his face
  • “yes, of course”
  • MC smiles and brushes some hair behind her ear, cheeks pink
  • “c-cool”
  • for the rest of the class period Jumin cant stop thinking about that pizza place
  • he was going to be super cool there, for sure!!!
  • yea, Jumin. you keep telling yourself that


  • Seven cant believe he started going to the computer gaming club meetings again
  • and it was all for that girl…
  • she made it so much fun though
  • she was only of the only people in the club who wasnt actually completely clueless when it came to computers
  • playing games with MC was fun and all that but he wanted more…
  • he wanted to take her out to the park and buy her hot coco and take her to an ice skating rink where he could hold her little hand and pull her along the ice
  • god, even he’s disgusted by how sappy his thoughts are
  • but Seven cant help it
  • the thing is
  • Seven’s never really…..asked anyone out before…
  • the last time he came close to having a girlfriend was when he asked his second grade teacher to marry him
  • and he got shot down pretty hard so,
  • would MC even be into all that stuff??? she seemed so chill and they only ever talked if it was about computers or gaming…
  • Seven goes to the club room
  • MC’s there, just like he thought she would be
  • he greets her by standing to her left and tapping on her right shoulder
  • she turns toward him immediately
  • “as if i would still fall for that, Seven”
  • he rubs the back of his neck
  • “damn…you’re getting too good”
  • “i know”
  • Seven chuckles a little and shoves his hands into the pockets of his hoodie
  • “so….what are you up to?”
  • “i’m playing LOLOL, Seven. that’s kind of what i always do when i’m in here?”
  • “oh, yea. cool…so how’s that going?”
  • MC makes a confused face
  • “it’s going great. everything okay, Seven?”
  • Seven takes a deep breath
  • “MC, do you want to go get some food with me?”
  • he kind of blurted it out, talking really fast
  • “…what?”
  • “i’m hungry so i thought you might be too”
  • MC blushes
  • “um…yea, okay. i’d really like that”
  • “oh. for real?”
  • Seven also starts blushing
  • “yea. it’ll be nice to get away from this computer for a little, i guess”
  • MC tosses her backpack over her shoulder and links arms with Seven
  • “and we’re off! the dynamic duo takes the nearest fast food restaurant by storm!”
  • he feels his face get even more warm than before
  • MC had never touched him before…
  • knsvbksdnvmlxcvjoiwyryshfbkldvf


  • thank god V got that cute girls number he met at the party
  • since then theyve been texting nonstop
  • he even got in trouble with a few of his professors for texting during class
  • she was just so much fun to talk to
  • they talked for a couple weeks but neither of them suggested meeting up or anything
  • V isnt sure if MC is interested in him romantically or anything
  • but she really seems like she is?
  • should he just go for it?
  • girls are scary…
  • it’s like 5 PM on thursday and V cant stop thinking about her
  • before he knows it, he’s dialed MC’s number
  • “hello?”
  • “oh um, hey MC!”
  • “hey, V. whats up?”
  • “nothing, really. i was just thinking about you”
  • wait!! fuCK that was so STUPID
  • “oh? what were you thinking?”
  • i was just thinking that i probably want to date you really badly
  • “i just wanted to make sure you ate something today”
  • nice save, V
  • “now that i think about it, i havent really had time to eat all day…”
  • “want me to come get you? i’ll feed you some dinner if you’d like”
  • ‘feed you some dinner’?!!! what the hell was that??????!?!?
  • “oh, really? that sounds awesome, V!”
  • did he just hear that right?
  • she actually wants to get some food?
  • well shit, he better get ready
  • “great. i’ll head out now. see you soon!”
  • “V, wait!”
  • oh no. is she gonna cancel? tell him she never wants to talk again? tell him she already has a boyfriend?!
  • “you need my address, right?”
  • oh, duh.


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HOT DAMN I CANT BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED. I'm reaaallllyyy suspecting Cheryl now. I'm completely shook. When do you think the next chapter will be up? I can't wait.

Cheryl is kind of sketchy, huh? I mean… that conversation was a bit shady. ;)

I’m going to start working on the next chapter tomorrow so hopefully it’ll be up sometime around Friday or so. <3


You and Taylor have been dating for a couple of months now and he just went to the dealership to buy a new car with out you knowing. He calls you while driving the car to give you the news.

“Hey babe! Guess what!!!” Taylor over excitedly said.

“Hmm lemme guess.. you got a new car!” You say sarcastically, not knowing yiure actually correct.

“Damnit you guess right.. Well im on my way to pick you up.”

“Taylor I cant I have to work tonight and I have a shit ton of laundry to do.”

“But baaaabbeeeee” taylor said in a whiney baby voice.

“Im sorry tay. Maybe tomorrow?”

“No. I want to see you now.. I need to see you now.” I could hear the anger rise in his voice. “I really just want to fuck you sensless in the back of this car right now.”
“Well thats going to have to wait until tomorrow Tay.”

“Fine.” Is the only response I get back from a very angry taylor.

“I promise while doing laundry Ill think about new things that we should try tomorrow. Just for right now imagine us in an empty parking lot in the back seat of your car, were both sweating and weve been going at it for hours. You finally push into me one last time and we both collapse amd fall asleep, naked next to each other.”
You bit your lip after you said that. You have to admit that thinking about sex in the back of his car sounded amazing right now.

“Fuck you y/n. That was very naughty of you.. you may need to be put back in your place tomorrow.” Tay says in an extremley sexy voice.

“Guess so” you say back, happily “I have to go baby love you”

“Lovw you too my bad bad girl.”

You hang up the phone and continue dping your laundry while watching American Horror Story.

About an hour later before your leaving for work you get a text from Tay with this picture attached and the caption saying:

“I cant stop thinking about you. I wish I could have you now and being doing what you said over the phone right now.. you have me so fucked up rn y/n”

You reply with just a “;)” and nothing more. Sexually frustrated taylor was kind of funny to you.


//I always have taylor feels but I feel like im having a feels attack like theres just to many of them//

30 Weddings

What?! A fic? haha.  Just to let you all know.  This one is jumpy and it took me a month to write but hey, it’s finally done.

I mentioned this prompt awhile ago. Let me know if any of you see a theme from a movie while reading it.  I tried to change it a bit.

Anyways, I am really not that happy with this at all but I figured now or never…

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