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The Ghost (Part 4)

Steve x Reader (getting warmer) and many other happy friendly relationships (friends! yay!)

Based on this prompt here: http://hymnofthevalkyries.tumblr.com/post/148148445176/hardboiledegg21-oh-man-i-need-someone-to-write

Requested by: Well, @hardboiledegg21 issued the challenge, and I accepted it. :P

Word Count: ~2700

Warnings: Swearing (foul-mouthed reader), I should mention the reader has sort of a panic attack at the end of the chapter, a mild one, but one none the less. Just a word of caution to you.

A/N: Here is part 4 after a while! Gotta keep you guys in suspense ;) But at long last, we finally meet who we’ve all been waiting for. I left it at a pretty interesting cliffhanger, that will get a much needed explanation backstory in the next part. Cheerio darlings. <3

Other Parts: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

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  You didn’t want to open your eyes, the warmth of the bed you were laying in careening you into it. A knock on your door resounded, which is what you assumed woke you up in the first place. “Ooooooh Y/N…” a voice called out to you beyond the door. Tony.

  You groaned and pulled the cover over your head. “Go away, I wanna sleep more.”

  “Fine then, no breakfast for you… and here I was being nice and saving some for you.” he said through the door, and you heard the patter of feet against the hard floor walking away from your door.

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Honestly it's so awesome that you are diligent enough to plan all these parts out for Transference before you release the next part because no matter how long it takes i or should i say us readers all know it's gonna be fiyaaaaaaaa when you do release it. Im fine waiting, it is so good i really don't care. I cant even believe your working on so many right now? (I can't even get my life together ugh lol)

Your ask came at a good time and I’m feeling very open this evening.

Transference is the kind of story that requires planning several steps ahead. I probably should have written something easier lol, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it could be. As the chapters roll out, the story has grown and now I’m thinking it will be closer to seven chapters instead of the 4-5 I was originally planning. If the readers knew what I was writing right now, they wouldn’t mind waiting longer so I could get it right. Lots of research is required given Hoseok’s skill set and I think it really cheapens the experience if I rush it with simplistic sentences like, “He tied you up and you loved it.” I would rather spend those extra couple of weeks to describe what happens to the body under his control, whether you feel excited or afraid, what’s going through your mind, etc.

As for the other works, those are just the ones that I’m more than 75% committed to writing. There are at least ten other ideas I have written which are still a secret (tehehehe), but the ones on the Updates page are those ideas that I pitched to writer-friends who I trust not to spill the beans and all of them begged me in all caps to make those fantasies a reality.

Thank you for your ask and your patience. If it’s any consolation, I don’t think anyone really “has their life together.” I know I certainly don’t!

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Did you ever write chapter six of brunch fic (or I think it’s called friends with benefits)? I’m in need

girl can i be expecting any new fics/ headcanons in the near future (specifically the brunch au)? bc i am legit in love w your writing and i don’t even have a tumblr so i’ve been going into google and typing in “bannanannabeth tumblr” on the daily just so i can make sure i won’t miss it when something comes out LOL

do you have any idea when the next part of the brunch fic au will be out??? i’m having percabeth smut withdrawals😬 if not do you know of anything i could read until then??

Hello I love you also have updated the 5th Brunch fic?? All respect and all, it’s just I caNT KEEP UP

Aaaaaahhhhhh I can’t wait anymore!! When are you gonna update the brunch fic?? I’m beyond excited! If you can’t give a date, could we just get a “between this time and that time” sort of thing?


i’m really sorry, i can’t give a date but i promise i’m working on it and it will be posted eventually

The crow - part 3

N/A: I wasn’t really sure on how to write this part but hopefully its okay! I quite love the idea of this being a series so tell me if you want me to continue it.

Request: Are you going to be doing the crow part 3? Im obsessed and i cant wait for the next part.

Prompt: You tell Stiles the message his mother left for him.

Warnings: angst, mention of death

Part 1 // Part 2


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You couldn’t get out of the car. You’ve been in the school’s parking lot for fifteen minutes now, waiting for some courage to get out. The morning had already been long enough after the few hours of sleep you’ve gotten. Two ghosts payed a visit, a lady during your shower and an old man in your car, almost causing an accident. They didn’t have and actual request, just wanted to talk to someone living for a change. It happened sometimes. 

The blue jeep arriving woke you from your day dreaming. Stiles got out of the car and you couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked. Oh God. Stop it Y/N, you can’t think about him right now. He walked into the school, giving you the courage to do so yourself. He wouldn’t be able to talk to you if you knew exactly where he were, so you could avoid him. You kept an eye on him at all times, taking some glances at his sweet butt, but that’s not important. You needed to gather some courage before talking to him, prepare yourself. After everything you learned last night you were sure that if you came to face him before you were ready, the tears would fall free. 

You had three classes with him today. You made sure to enter all classes after the bell rang, sure he’d already be there and hopefully the teacher too, so you wouldn’t be able to talk. Stiles waved at you when you entered the room, which you replied with a smile. Everything was going great. You have avoided Stiles beautifully, running out of class as soon as it was over, staying in the bathroom until the bell rang again. It was almost lunch and you couldn’t think of a way to avoid him now. You didn’t know anyone who’d not be sitting with him.

All your thoughts vanished when Claudia appeared. She smiled at you fondly and then looked at Stiles, laughing lightly at the sight of him. He was playing with his pencils. That broke your heart. You felt the tears coming and jerked of your place, leaving the room. You didn’t want anyone, especially Stiles seeing you like this. It was a useless plan, you could hear Stiles right behind you.

“Y/N, wait! What happened?” He was so clueless. You stopped walking, knowing you wouldn’t escape this. You should just rip the band-aid, you’d never be ready to talk to him about this. You wiped the remaining tears from your eyes and turned to face him. 

“We need to talk.” His face turned with the demanding tone of your voice. He couldn’t think of anything he could have done wrong, but then again, he almost never did. 

“We can go outside if you want. There’s some tables where we can talk. Just.. Did I do anything?” He scratched the back of his neck, clearly nervous. He was too cute for you to handle. He grabbed your hand, leading the way. He tried to keep the small talk going but you were too nervous to give him the courtesy. His head was spinning with questions but he felt like asking them would make you exploded, since you look like in the verge of it. You couldn’t figure out how to start this conversation and what his reaction would be, it was slowly eating you.

“So, what do you want to talk about? You seem really nervous” Stiles was playing with his fingers nervously. You were sitting down in one of the tables outside, no one in sight. He took your hand in his, looking at you. It made you feel slightly calmer, his thumb drawing circles in the back of your hand for reassurance. 

“I need to tell you something and I hope you won’t be mad at me. I have a message from you.” You squeezed his hand softly in hopes that he would understand, and from the look on his face he did. You continued before he could say anything. 

“Last night your mom came to visit me. I saw her here at school and she found me so I could give you a message. She asked me to tell you that she’s sorry about the way she treated you in her final days, she’s sorry for leaving you so soon but she’s been keeping up with your life. She’s doesn’t hold against you what happened with Donovan, she understands and it doesn’t change how she sees you. She’s really proud of you Stiles,she’s proud of what you do here, how you help people. And she wants you to know it’s not your fault. What happened to her, it’s not- I’m sorry, ugh, it’s not your fault.” You let yourself cry after you finished. With every word Stiles could feel the tears coming and when you said she was proud of him he couldn’t hold it in anymore. His whole body was shaking, sobs leaving his throat freely. You pulled him into a hug, not being able to see him like that. You felt his arms lacing around you and you stayed there. You couldn’t believe how hard must have been to grow up blaming yourself for your mother’s death. You could feel his aura a little less gloomy, though you were sure he still had a lot of problems. 

“Thank you Y/N.” You pulled away to look at him, a hint of a smile in his lips. He didn’t know what else to say, but honestly, you didn’t think anything was necessary. 

“One last thing, she wanted you to know you are smart, brave, kind and generous. And if it means anything, I think so too.” You put your hand over his, as a way of telling him you meant it. 

“It does, thank you.” His smile was now genuine, some final tears leaving his eyes. Your heart swelled with his smile. Oh boy, that’s not good. “Do you think… Do you think she’s going now?”

“After I talk to your dad and send him her message, yeah, I think so. Usually they go, but maybe she doesn’t want to. I’m pretty sure she likes watching you grow up, even if you don’t know she’s there.” His head rested on your shoulder while his grip on your hand tightened. He kept quiet, digesting your yours. He liked the idea of his mom watching over him, watching him grow up, even if she wasn’t really there. But the idea of her watching, all her life, not being able to do anything, to touch him, pained him. 

“Please tell her to go. She can go and have peace, we’ll be fine. She deserves it.” He knew that letting her go was the right thing, she didn’t belong here anymore and she deserved to have her peace. It must be too painful to watch the people you love grieve over you, but mostly move on. He liked that she was there, that she knew what he’s done. Even the bad stuff. And maybe, if she really meant what she said, maybe he could start forgiving himself.

“I will, I promise.” You placed a soft kiss in his head. He looked like a teenager but surely right now it felt like you were holding a child. A helpless child and it pained you. How can someone hold to that many bad feelings? You stood there, holding each other until the bell rang. You knew, by the look in his eyes, that nothing about what happened here was to be commented on and with a nod you left for the cafeteria. Your hands still holding.


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