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List of thoughts jack probably had through the years about Eric Bittl

Year One
•He’s frustrating
•oh but he actually wants to get better
•good at hockey but i started off calling him bittle I cant shorten his name now
•pleasant kid
•its cool that more people of the lgbt community are getting into hockey, or at least being open about their sexual preferences
•do you think he would want maple syrup from uncle? Or honey from uncle with bees? Ill ask (proceeds to get into hour conversation about honey vs maple syrup) uh… i still dont know
•(during the summer) uh i miss bittle. He was cute. I think i kinda like him in the romantic sense but maybe i just miss him too much. Even if i did like bittle, who can blame me. Also i shouldnt act on it, hes a teammate and friend and i cant ruin a freindship again this way

Year two
•bittle is really sweet
•bittle would make any boyfriend of his happy, like look at these pies and hes athletic so his legs look so good and his face is cute. I hope his future boyfriend treats him well or the SMH team will have something to say
•bittle looks so good for the camera hes like an angel. A little southern angel.
•senior year is a bit daunting but at least my friends are here and i have bitty’s pies. Im going to miss them. One step at a time though jack.
•i regret yelling at bittle last year its been a while and were friends now but i mean i can make up for it by taking him out for the sugar coffee he likes i suppose, no other reason for taking him out more than shitty
•his legs are so good (x500)
•aw he still isnt used to the cold here bits, my jacket.
•i want to kiss him. Oh wow what an impulsive thought jack keep it together youre probably horny and hes gay but hes a teammate. Hockey over ten minutes of pleasure as mom always says
•im gonna miss bittle i cant believe this is happening oh no… i would give up hockey playing to be by bittle for another year.. oh no i love him and i didnt tell him

Year three
•i love him so much
•bits looks so good in this kitchen.. and in my room…. and my living room…(etc)
•I LOVE HIM (x9999*10^9999999)
•should i buy him these butt shorts or send him a link- oh wait oh my god bitty butt
•im a bitty butt man

Be Understanding for Daddy/Mommy...

♡Don’t make it hard on them when they go to work, they just want to support and spoil you. I promise you’re on their mind the entire time. Let them know you understand and that you’ll be waiting for them when they’re done.

♡Be there to catch them when they fall. Mommies and Daddies have struggles too and need their little one to pull them through sometimes.

♡Let them know you love them and that they’re amazing! Give the Cg’s praise!

♡Don’t be upset if they fall asleep, they probably need it. Just leave them a cute message for when they wake up.

♡Don’t throw a fit when they cant buy you something! They’re trying their best and probably feel bad that they can’t give you everything you want. Take their hand and let them know it’s okay.

♡Be their shoulder to cry on, or their ear to spill their frustrations to.

♡Support them on their decisions.

♡Mommies and Daddies need their littles as much as we need them, show them that you’re the best little one in the whole wide world and show how much you love them!

I can’t wait until I have someone to spoil. You want the giant dinosaur? I’m going to win you that giant dinosaur. You want a large fry with those nuggets, you best believe you’re getting it. You want those new jeans that really show off your ass? Hell yeah, those jeans are yours.


literally posting this cause i want sympathy for my bruised knuckle and sore knuckle bone lol and also cause even tho i look a mess, i feel good ya know? like stop being ashamed of messy days, love yourself you deserve it

haha anyways i loved this movie and i would die for these two

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I want some more background on the hermit crabs mustard, chicken nugget, and the other one

i am here to provide

  • jake gets a fake id the summer of his freshman year in high school so he can buy a pet bc he’s generally the only person in the house and he’s lonely
  • but he’s like super busy with all the extracurricular activities he does so he needs a pretty lowkey pet and he’s walking towards the fish area when he sees them
  • and as soon as he sees the bin of hermit crabs he knows what he’s going home with and he only planned on getting one but when he pressed his face to the glass three kinda moved towards him and he loses his damn mind bc it MUST be fate
  • so he ends up going home with his new buddies and literally no money bc he spent it all on getting them the best shit the store had to offer
  • he rushes to set everything up and just. stares at them for a soild two hours he’s so amazed at their existence and then he remebers he has to name them and he’s a dumbass so he just does whatever comes to his mind first
  • homerun is the smallest one and she’s kinda grumpy. mustard is really fast and always does this thing that looks like she’s dancing. chicken nugget is kinda a mystery, like if he had hair he’d have an emo fringe.
  • and he loves them so much whenever he has to introduce himself he’s like “HI I’M JAKE DILLINGER AND I HAVE HERMIT CRABS”
  • he does his homework with them. eats dinner with them. watches tv with them. basically he always has at least one of them on his shoulder when he’s home. 
  • he tells him everything, like be out with his friends and someone will do something stupid and he’s legit like “yo i cant wait to tell the kids about this”
  • it’s literally so pure and his whole friend group sources the way jake talks abt his pets as one of the cutest things ever
  • one time he and rich are playing video games and they pass out and jake wakes up to rich screaming bc mustard is in his pants
  • he and michael bond over pets bc michael has a shit ton of reptiles like they r always sending pictures of their pets to each other and buying each other dumb shit they see like jake buys micahel an eraser set where they r shaped like lizards and michael gets jake this hat that’s just a giant shell (he wears it all the fucking time it’s So Much djjndsk)
  • anyways jake loves his hermit crab kids and would do anything for them
The Boys trying to decide on a new segment for the radio (Radio Jack June 9)

Kai (reading mail): “Hey everyone, nice to meet you! This is a suggestion for a new segment – how about ‘Intro Quiz?’ (I guess a game where you have to guess the song just from the intro) Of course it doesn’t have to be – (giggle) – songs by the GazettE –”

(everyone gigglin)

Reita: (crackin up) It’s so loud

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: Omg omg


Reita: Grgrgrgr

Aoi: Hey what was that sound?

(*He’s making a joke bc they’re doing a new segment where fans send in a recording of a sound and they have to guess what it is)

(Everyone dies laughing)

Reita: So it begins!


Aoi: That was funny~

Kai: So anyway (giggling) they’re suggesting an Intro Quiz game. Another one, “congratulations on starting Radio Jack! It’s been so dull with Rajigaze finished and no lives, but those days are finally over. I thought of a segment for the show: Fangirl Poems. The hikikomogomo –” what? Do you understand that – tf does ‘hikikomogomo’ mean?

Reita: Um I use that word pretty much every day

(Everyone laughing)

Kai: Shut up. 

(Okay I had to look this up but it means like “highs and lows, joy and grief,” I guess being a fangirl is an emotional roller coaster lol)

Kai: “We can send in poems in 5-7-5 format about our lives.” Another one, “I was thinking that scary stories would be good. Paranormal stories, or stories about scary people – any kind of scary story. And then you guys could assess how scary it was.” Orrrrr, “Weird Food Combinations. People send in food combinations that seem weird but are actually good, and then you guys actually try them –” Does that mean we have to eat them here? (laughs) 

Uruha: Seriously??

Kai: Well there are lots of ideas, like taking calls from listeners…all kinds of things, anyway, we’ll continue to read your ideas. But of the ones I read now were there any you thought might work? 

Ruki: I thought the poem one was interesting.

Uruha: Yeahh

Kai: The Fangirl Poems? 

Reita: Make one right now.

Kai: (laughing) Pls

Uruha: He’s not even a fangirl lol

Ruki: Why r u looking at me

Kai: So should we use this? Let’s keep it as an idea to maybe use later. Fangirl Poems. 

Reita: I’m just wondering how we can use that on the radio – like, we read it, and then what? 

(Kai laughs)

Reita: Like, “oh cooool…”

Uruha: You rate them!

Ruki: Yeh let’s have them send some.

Kai: Yeah let’s do it! And what else…Intro Quiz?

Ruki: With the GazettE’s songs right? 

Kai: No, it doesn’t have to be!

Aoi: Yes it does

Kai: It does?

Ruki: But if it’s the GazettE ofc we’re gonna get it 

Kai: Yeah true…

Aoi: We’ll think about it.

Kai: (laughing) Well anyway, for now we’ve decided on the Fangirl Poems.

Reita: And we’re still taking ideas so

Ruki: Well that other one was interesting too, the uhh, the food one.

Kai: Ahhh yeah, where we have to eat –

Aoi: Let’s do that now. Let’s do that right now. 

(Kai laughing)

Ruki: Well it should be something that gets us hyped up. 

Kai: Ahh, you’re right…

Ruki: Like, when people message us with their problems, or that Dark Side stuff, they’re kinda downers. 

Reita: OKAY! OKAY!

Kai: ???

Reita: I wrote a poem!!!

Kai: Okay

Reita: Okay here it is –

Aoi: Wait hold up, my stomach

(everyone dies laughing)


(Kai is especially dying) 

Ruki: Okay go

Reita: “After headbanging and buying goods, I can’t move my neck.”

(*In Japanese saying u cant move ur neck is like an idiom for being broke so his Gemini ass is making a pun)

Everyone: Ahhhhh!!!!

Reita: Get it? Cause their neck hurts, and they spent all their money. 

Everyone: Ahh I see

Reita: How was it???

Everyone: Ur good 

(They’re all talking over each other now but Ruki suggests that they give something to the people whose poems are good and then someone suggests stickers)

Kai: Stickers?? Well anyway, we’ll make you something.

Reita: You can just download a picture of the sticker and make it yourself

(Everyone laughing) 

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as it's valentine's day - what do you think anakin and obi-wan would be doing?

Enjoy, (or “enjoy”/”I’m sorry my blog is like this sometimes” as the case may be): 

Anakin: [text] what is this that u left on the table for me
Obi-Wan: Happy Valentine’s Day!
Anakin: u got me socks
Anakin: for valentines day
Obi-Wan: Yes, I’d noticed that yours were all in terrible shape. 😉
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: I know I should have waited until I got home to give them to you but I just couldn’t.
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: Anakin are you all right?
Anakin: i just…i cant believe u got me socks
Obi-Wan: You’re welcome! 😘 I ordered them months ago.
Anakin: oh
Obi-Wan: I know how you’re always cold and all. These are the extra-insulated kind.
Anakin: i do hate the cold
Obi-Wan: I hope you like them
Obi-Wan: Anakin?
Anakin: i love them
Anakin: u r the best
Obi-Wan: Oh good! A few people told me it wasn’t a good gift so I admit I was a little worried. 
Anakin: no i mean who wouldnt want new socks for valentines day
: 😊
Anakin: and u like what i got u right??
Obi-Wan: Ah, yes, the complete seventh season of Dragons and Droids that you’ve been wanting to buy
Anakin: yeah this way you can actually see the finale since u slept thru it last time
Obi-Wan: Yes, that will be a treat. We can watch it tonight.
Anakin: ill wear my new socks 😘

[it’s the thought that counts…right? I feel like this is going to come back to haunt both of them someday when they’re arguing and “OH SURE, THIS FROM THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ME SOCKS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!” “Well at least I didn’t buy MYSELF a gift and pretend it was for you!” gets thrown out there but we’ll let them be happy for now]