i cant wait 4 the hate

me 95% of the time: i hate my body a lot just like speaking as a weird misshapen pig & i cant wait to shed my horrid flesh suit 4 something greater, i am essentially the fatass caterpiller from  bug’s life except not german i guess and theres nothing anyone can do about it

me for approx 5 minutes after putting on high waisted semi-opaque black tights: i am…………….. an icon actually

i hate this generation
  • waitress: are you all ready to order
  • me: im just waiting on my friends
  • waitress: oh but they're already here *pleaces 4 ipads on the table which are all facetiming my friends*
  • me: ugh ok ill have the water witha side of ic-
  • waitress: oh u cant order like that you have to download our app and connect it to ur facebook
  • me: uggh alirhgt
  • waitress: *brings out food*
  • me: *looks down to see the food is a scolling instagram feed of the #food*