i cant wait ..... anymore


dan and phil meme: [1/5] daniel howell videos  →  My Bahamas TRAVEL DISASTER

Strap yourselves in for an adventure to a world of suffering, bureaucracy and engine failures.


WEW ITS OCT 17 AND EXACTLY 22HRS AND 14 MINS TO THE FIRST EP OF STRAY KIDS!! I rlly don’t noe what to expect but I think it’d be a super fun and enjoyable episode tbh!! (pls I hope there’s no crying in ep1 my heart can’t take it) @hanjisungie and I literally have national exams in 6 days but we have no self control AHAHA WE ARE GG TO SKYPE AND WATCH IT TGT YAY this is what happens when u stan a new group a few weeks before a major exam:)

look at the face izuku is making… look at how long-suffering and deadpan… look at him…. i cant believe we’ve been blessed with a glimpse at izukus true personality…thank u horikoshi…. ill never forget…