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Hi Taylor, i’m Kate and i’m traveling from Mexico to Los Angeles just to see you! This is gonna be the very first time i see you live and i’m just so excited you cant even imagine lol Seeing how incredible this tour is going to be makes me all anxious and excited and happy and i just cant wait! i’ll be seeing you on August 26th at The Staples Center and hopefully i’ll get to hug you! i love you and i’ll see you soon taylorswift

I’m really liking how ufotable decided to go with an original character instead of Yuu, though I was really expecting him to be the protagonist.

Let’s be real here, almost everyone in the fandom knows how Yuu works, he’s a cool character, a very capable leader, a friend to literally everyone in Fenrir, and he’s got a thing goin on with Alisa.

That’s the problem there, we’ve never seen what makes Yuu like that, we’ve never seen Yuu’s personal history, what his limits are, who was he before he saved Alisa, the world or Lindow? Did he lose precious ones prior to becoming the first New-Type God Eater?

That’s what I believe Renka can offer. I want him to develop into a character who can grow out of Yuu’s shadow and create his own. I’m really expecting alot from Renka since we can see another possibility in the story.

Although, that doesn’t mean that ufotable plans to abandon the original plot for something else, we’re definitely gonna see a terraformed moon and a dual wielding protagonist…maybe.

Don’t forget that in GEB, you are a silent character regardless of gender and appearance and that your choices, although they didn’t change anything, defined your relations with the other characters, if you were a dick to Kota then you’re a dick to Kota. 

God Eater is a game of pure choice and Yuu Kannagi is just one of a million paths we can take and ufotable has theirs.