i cant upload in color :( it was so pretty

Hayes Grier Imagine


“So, (y/n) how should we go about this?” Hayes asked me. We were finally going to announce our relationship to his fans. WE’ve been together for a month now but wanted to keep it hush hush because of the fans.

I was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. “uh, I dont know? A good old fashion youtube video?” I suggested. 

“Yea, I guess that would work.” He said turned to look at me. “We could do the girlfriend tag? Yanno that way they find out and meet you?”

“Alright sounds good.” I sat up to make me look a little more presentable.

Several hours later the video was uploaded for everyone to see. It basically talked about where we met, first dates, favorite colors etc. We titled the video a big surprise. The responses were great: people saying they thought we were adorable, I was so pretty, some were upset that Hayes was officially off the market. 

“I’m so glad they like you. if they didn’t we would have to break up. “ He said sounding serious.

“Oh shut up.” I giggled giving him a light shove. 

He laughed and pulled me in for a quick kiss, “I’m serious babe, cant lose my career because of a girl.”