i cant this is just too much

i cant believe billy’s favourite movie is the sound of music

im listening to the sound of music soundtrack just so i can think about billy kaplan dramatically singing to it all

let me propose this:

-toddler billy being entranced by so long, farewell but he cant really handle all the words yet all so he settles with singing goodbYEEEEE to anyone leaving the house for the next three months

-child billy fully going for the hills are alive, standing up on the sofa to belt it despite his family’s protests

-teenage billy driving teddy crazy by knowing all of the words to how do you solve a problem like maria. it would be so cute except hes been singing it for four days straight now please billy stop

-billy kaplan the night before his seventeenth birthday singing I AM SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN to anyone who will listen

-billy singing my favourite things and doesn’t bother to stop his magic from responding. wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings go soaring past the window. snowflakes start to fall from the ceiling and they stay on his nose and eyelashes. teddy is suddenly wearing a white dress with a blue satin sash.

-kate and billy trying to sing all the parts of do re mi between them

-billy tentatively proposing that their first dance at their wedding be to edelweiss. teddy considering it because that’s his favourite song from the soundtrack, and it makes him think of his mum

-adult billy singing i have confidence to his child while taking her with him about the house, making her giggle as he does his chores by magic and makes faces at his baby girl

-teddy offering to make the family tea. do you want it with jam and bread? opportunity glints in billys eyes. TEA, TEA WITH JAM, JAM AND BREAD he sings, and their 7 year old comes through to the kitchen to join in, and teddy can only laugh exasperatedly

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"#kinda tired of how ppl make tater out to be some child just because he cant speak english very well" THANK YOU I AGREE SO MUCH and your post kind of fueled this new hc I have of one too many assholes chirping tater on the ice for being a "big dumb russian" that the falcs pr team just snaps and releases a feature on the scholarship program tater got started for foreign-born students hoping to go to college in the u.s. and included is a clip (w/ subtitles of course) of tater talking with (1/2)

a grad student in animated russian about the kid’s research project about fucking quantum mechanics and even the other guys on the falcs are like “tater wtf how do you know this shit???” and he just kinda shrugs and goes, “physics is best? there is english idiom i’m thinking of… ‘it grew on me’? yes, grew on me when I was teenager. i’m see physics and think 'okay, tell me how to put puck in net, is good class’” 2/2 

exactly!!!! is tater an overexcitable pupper? yes definitely. but is he also a goddamn adult man who understands complex emotions and things? motherfucking yes. 

and i love that idea of him starting a scholarship program!!! falcs tv does a huge segment on it and it’s a huge fucking deal. also bonus points for tater funding a ton of research projects, writing competitions, etc. 

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i love erik so much and i dont even like to think about his storyline after first class because it makes me so fucking sad how they didn't care about him at all and just dumped all these tragedies on him i've been wanting to rewatch apocalypse but i just cant see more of my baby in pain


Are you my twin? Hehe, I’m the same. It just pisses me off when I think about it for more than two minutes because it was all very unnecessary. First, he loses his parents. Then he loses Charles. That was quite enough, but then he’s kept in solitary confinement for ten years and he loses his wife and daughter ten years later. That’s just way too much. It’s sick and cruel to hurl so many tragedies at him like that. Why put him in jail for so long? Why give him a family only to kill them in the end? Why? Why constantly depict him as a madman that needs to be stopped by Charles? Why not show us instead that Erik might be right, that humans can in fact be very harmful to mutants? Reality is not all black and white. Show us some grey too, writers. This is more interesting I think.

Don’t put Erik in jail for ten years. Let him be the leader of his Brotherhood, let him save some mutants, let him do some good too and allow him to interact with Charles. They love and respect each other despite their differences. They don’t just disagree and yell at one another. Imagine this instead: Erik is not in jail for having killed the President. No. He’s just been captured by Trask Industries, and Charles saves him with Logan’s help. There, that’s less cruel.

Don’t fridge Erik’s family, and don’t force him to abandon his cause. You want him so desperately to join Apocalypse? Fine. Mind control. Coercion. Apocalypse is very powerful, and he was born with his powers. He doesn’t steal them and he certainly doesn’t steal bodies. They did this in the movie only so Erik would have no choice but to betray Apocalypse even though he was technically supposed to be completely out of it, being consumed by blinding and scorching grief.

Having said all that, I don’t say the movies are bad and that people shouldn’t enjoy them. I still watch them from time to time. I guess I’m just disappointed because I think Erik deserved better than that. I love him so much.

Protect Erik Lehnsherr at all costs.

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Henlo mother I was wondering if the height mod messes up in-game animations and if it makes their actions look funky ty

hello kiddo ya it definitely does!!!!!!!! a dubs n mayo cant kiss bc he too tal n she too smal. its a real buzzkill but i love suffering so much so i just keep on keepin on!!!!!!!! other animations work tho like… the same!!!!!!! except like..  kissin. ok yw

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sorry to be putting this on you, but i feel like im more ashamed being in the tcc at the death threats and such that imagines4columbiners got. sure i hated her and her content, but people went too far after they couldnt realize they were just feeding the troll, so they had to resort to sending her asks that they wish she would kill herself, or that they would bomb her house. cant believe after how much they went on about how "disgusting" she was they resorted to such.

No problem.   I would agree that the death threats were really very disgusting and way out of line. Stunningly hypocritical that they take issue with her tasteless content of the victims/boys.  Yet, it’s almost like they themselves took a gigantic dump on Columbine by treating her like the white hats did to E & D. People allowed themselves to be trolled by this girl and worked themselves up into a gang-up bashing frenzy. Smh. 

tw: panic attacks, social anxiety, internalized homophobia, anxiety abt schoolwork, suicidal ideation. dont rb this or youll be blocked.




i just feel so humiliated i wanted to go to a cafe to do hw but instead i kept getting these flashes of scenarios that could happen, like spilling my drink on myself and stuff. 

and i need my laptop to do this hw but i have this big ‘queer’ sticker on my laptop which makes me anxious?? even though im already quite ~visibly queer~ ?? i feel like ive internatized the message that its too much, like its shoving down ppls throats. that then also makes me feel guilty bc i should be over all this internalized bs!!

and i just kept getting more and more anxious and i had to turn around. who cant do that!! go to a stupid coffeeshop!! why am i so fucking pathetic!!!!! UGH

id appreciate some encouragement to do my hw. but keep in mind that im approaching it from the perspective of having reallly intense anxiety abt schoolwork!! school is NOT easy!! it makes me want to die. 

dumbstruckc replied to your post: i hate that i cant watch the mbmbam show just…

Would it still restrict you if you used a us resident’s seeso account?

well, seeso only allows streaming to the US so even in that case i would still have to use a VPN to trick it into thinking i am in the US in order to watch it, which i suppose isnt rly TOO much of an issue in of itself since its simple enough to do that these days, its just the fact that i would have to go to these lengths at all in the first place that bothers me. yeah america is a big place with a lot ppl, and im sure it wasnt the good good mcelboys decision, but the fact that so many fans get to enjoy it while so many other non-US fans like me have no legal options other than to just miss out for literally who knows how long is just such a fucking bummer.

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Seeing dirty requests for characters like milton or gabe is the weirdest thing for me because they look like innocent vanilla dudes. like i cant see it playing out with them being awkward or blushing the whole way through lol

Oh my god XD me too! I’m like always SHOOK when i read some of the requests for them and i’m like “b-but he’s a sweet innocent cinnamon roll…he’ll be blushing the whole time…” BUT…Then again 😏 i’m like maybe they can surprise us or maybe they would end up loving is so much because it’s just that overwhelming XD


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening


bizarre nightmares

reblog with what kind of psychotic you are im lightly chilled psychotic

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

What I say: “I’m fine.”

What I mean: It pisses me off that a lot of people hate Lila just because she likes Adrien. A female is more than her crush. And Lila is just someone that happened to have a crush on the very nice and cute boy that Marinette has a crush on like why are people hating on her for something she can’t control? And then others are using the excuse that she lied to Chat and Ladybug and to her classmates when first: SHE WAS AKUMATIZED THAT ISN’T ACTUALLY HOW SHE IS GUYS W T F. And second: she’s from another country, knows NO ONE in that school, and probably wanted to make friends on her first day and did that because she doesn’t know how to. Just please stop demonizing young female characters. Just like please. She’s literally like fifteen and since this show is aimed at a younger audience do you really want young girls to get the impression that they should hate someone because they like their crush too? Like please stop this. 




“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.