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So I’m just saying, there are a lot of supercorp fics out there but tbh a lot of them I’m just like. Eh. About.

So here’s a list of my favorite supercorp authors and/or their fics—10/10 would recommend, and sure I may have only mentioned one fic, but if they’re on this list they’re quality all around and they’re good for all the fics (the ones I mention are just personally my fave). This will be a link to their ao3 page btw not their tumblr (and again–this is STRICTLY about supercorp fic, although if they do have other pairings lol i’ve read them they’re also good but then i’d need a longer list)

Sunlight Honey and Lavender Sunsets
honestly this is an amazing outside look at supercorp, featuring non-human “passing” aliens and a wonderfully crafted Jess the Secretary!!!

love all your fix it fics and oneshots!

listen closely and the stars will sing
Wish that Mon-El would have been a smol little girl who gets v attatched to lena instead of the gross dudebro and see Kara do what Clark wouldn’t?

ALL the fics. Cant really pick out just one standout tbh p much trust anyone by them

such unruly heads and hearts
HP supercorp au!

literally read every single up. 10/10 would die for. You don’t understand I die every single time I read one of your fics holy shit please go read there’s ALL the ships I more than lowkey scream every time I see an email saying there’s a fic update

hi I also love you but my favorite is probably wonderful electric (cover me in you)


I don’t think I can do a better job than the description: “
“Lena has a crush on Kara.
Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara.
Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.”
It IS as great as it sounds


there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me)
“The one where Lena finds herself falling for both eager cub reporter Kara Danvers and the mysterious caped protector of National City”
When Lena has a crush on BOTH supergirl and Kara and hijinks ensue it’s great

Honestly if you’re in the mood for multi-chapter fics and supercorp heroism is a full time job is one you’d probably wanna read. Also danishes and other sweet treats feature actual!genius!kara! which makes me v v happy because she’s not an idiot

The Death of Supergirl
Kara forgot to leave a note when she went to the Flash Universe and Shit Happens

i follow just to find you (a kiss we had to wait for)
sometimes you gotta just read Sin and if you do it might as well be well written sin?

Her Brother’s Keeper
holy fucking character study of lena batman

this list is for @pyrotechnician originally but everyone feel free to enjoy!

❉ = fluff / ✥ = angst / ✱ = comedy / ✺ = 😏

admins favorites = 🍑 / 🥝



i don’t mind people finding out


you ruined my pickup line

unrelated topic, did you like what you saw ?

okay, i give you permission to kill him, but please wait until Thursday 🥝

guess who loves you


i take you out one time and suddenly i’m the local delivery guy ?? ❉ & ✱

i like you too, like a little… little lot. ✱ & ❉

👉🏼👌🏼 ?

i’m not kidding tho where does he live i’m already in the car angry and ready to go

if i have to listen to management nag about weight one more time i’m marching straight out of this building


i am not cute

i don’t want to talk to you anymore

come help me out here ?

if it makes you feel any better ur a great chair

roasting you is like the best part of my day

i need lady stuff

what happend to the yoongi who doesn’t take shit from anyone ? ❉ & ✥

are you texting me song lyrics ?

come to the studio and sit on my lap ✺ & ✱

text me, call me, email me, send a letter; for all i care it could be by pigeon

i promise i only type like this when i like the person i text

completely giving up, starring me.

he’s just not hitting anything other then my knees

i was thinking about making out with you all day

not the pillow part you one celled creetin

lets get another doggo

thank god, i’d thought you’d never leave me alone

yeah being as short and mean as you is a real gift.

soft min family™️


fuck the fuck off

can i have like five of you ?

ur so pretty

have fun with math

but hobi wants some love ❉ & ✱

that’s cuz im trying to communicate with u

jung hoseok you’ll be the death of me

i wanna kiss your face every time i see you too

you know i support everything you do right ?

where did all that wisdom come from ?

stop talking to the small man

series : big bro hobi

i’m disowning you.



you still up ?

yeah i can rap like the entire thing

right, and what does your mom call you ?

sure, have fun with my bras

that’s because you don’t speak Korean

i see you’ve had a few drinks ❉ & ✱

i miss your face

I’m not wearing any fucking underwear, because you never put the fucking laundry in the fucking dryer like I asked you to 100 times ✱ 

i better be ✥ & ✱ 

the company told me not to go but i couldn’t disappoint you like that

i have to go look for a new job


ur such a loser

but you dont like shopping

the disrespect in this one is strong

it was supposed to be a surprise

you mean my singing ? ✱ & ❉ 

he’s just jaelous his dongsae had a child before him

very funny babygirl ✱ & ✺

we’ll go wherever you want

yoonmin : you’re like a candy bar jimin, half sweet half nuts.

you want me to come over ? we can cuddle

i cant sleep, are you up ?

is little jimin mad ? or should i say regular jimin ? ❉ & ✱


Hey ! i bought you ice-cream

the inventor of snapback look™

tae don’t you think the pillow wall is a bit of an overkill ?

thank god at least one of you know how to make a move

you’re not disappointing anyone by eating breakfast and lunch ❉ & ✥

did you do the english assignment ?

it’s just like 99.999% your fault


you’ll send me letters everyday right ?

are you telling me you’ve been smart this whole time ?

it’s in my job description


wassup dudette

ayo ladies and gentleman

send nudes

what are you doing right now ?

look how cute we are

i just have a strong disliking to your personality

i like our bickering

babe i need your opinion ✱ & ✺

i’ll buy you food for a week if you tell me i’m your favorite

you could pay me a million and i still wouldn’t consider it

i didn’t want to leave your side that night because i wanted you to feel safe

stop kicking my chair

what does oppa mean ?

i miss every little thing you do

i’ll give you three breadsticks and a goat if you give me jimin

in your dreams

jk he’s not lord voldemort

i didn’t think this one through

good job, guk 

i’ll always be your kookie

some of us actually need school jk

the village called. they want their idiot back, you better get going.

happy removal day


yeah and i’m just implying that i want to take you out on a date

what are you an owl ?

jin just made the worse recipe ever and i doubt he put ANY effort into it

i don’t like going outside

absolute soul mate has 16 letters and so does fuck jungkook asap

you’ve both got the same mental age

you are pure evil

i’m so whipped, this is incredible

for now i’ll have your lovely messages to look forward to ❉ & ✥

dont mess with me park ✱ & ❉

i like to send nudes ok ? if that’s my biggest flaw i think i’m ok.

if you were any thicker you’d look at the weather app outside

don’t start with me pindick

i’m not related to you anymore

we don’t want him

he really wanted to be in the picture


i can’t believe you saw mini nochu

i gain 3k for every shirtless picture

the power of jjang jjang man

next time you plan on rapping verse1 invite me

i’ll tell them to stop bothering you

okay, but if it attacks my dog i’m giving it to jimin ✱ & ❉


way to ruin the mood loser ✱ & ✺

dont act so smug you little shit

tell him to drop dead, with my compliments

you use that meme when you get nervous ✱ & ❉

was i your second choice ? ✱ & ❉

he’s a little small, but he’ll do ✱ & ✺

bring me some vodka and condoms ✱ & ✺

your butt rights have been invoked

one can never know too many counting systems ✱ & ❉

all he’s done to me with his 10/12 looks

i’ll take you out on a real date when ur older

i dont know what your problem is, but i’m guessing its hard to pronouce

that was my… goldfish.

you did not just call me your dog


i’ve been staring at the wall for the past hour


cheating series :

hold on imma go beat his ass

i told him the only thing smaller then him is his dick

this bitch gonna die tonight

i’m going to jail when i see his ass

when u gotta kill your hyung

dumped him so hard he probably got whiplash

losing a member series : 

we bangtan 6 now 🍑

how is it you’re the smartest and dumbest person i’ve ever met


how do you manage to lose a human being ??

gang au series :

you act like you’ve never been shot before !

but did you die ?

is everyone alive and not in jail ?

mafia gangs dont have facebook pages.

one little girl thought it was cool i was covered in blood

teasing members series :

confess or i’ll set your mattress on fire

namjoon i will call your mother

so when are y'all getting kids

i will literally launch you into the sun


footage of me at the club

footage of me at a house party

footage of me in the kitchen

footage of me with friends

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 1

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 2

cloud942  asked:

so i love all your art especially your sjm art (tog and acotar)! i recently saw a post on tumblr that talks about why lysandra is actually of asian descent and i cant believe i never realized before cause its true - sjm describes other canonical asian characters like nesryn and thesan with "upturned eyes" (feyre also remarks amren resembles thesan's race) and sjm also describes lysandra with "uptilted eyes". would you ever consider altering your way of drawing her? just curious :)

I saw the post too, and while I am totally supportive of an Asian Lysandra, I still see her as being European. When I read the description of “uptilted eyes” I think of almond eyes rather than Asian eyes. See, people thinking that Asian eyes are uptilted is kind of this western beauty ideal… Asian eyes are as diverse as any other race. You can see here.

And basically every race have almond eyes, including Asian:

Nesryn I definitely imagine as Asian (actually I think Sarah J Maas described the Southern Continent as being inspired by Mongolia) but, not because of the eye description, it was her skin tone, glossy black straight hair and the fact that she mentions prejudices against her specifically because of the heritage.

 Which is actually another reason why I never saw Lysandra as Asian. Nesryn talks about being attacked and having rocks thrown at her and her family and being treated as a second classcitizen because of her heritage… if we are to fullyacknowledge the racial prejudices in this series, I don’t believe for a second that Lysandra would change her appearance to appear as being from the Southern Continent. That would have been putting herself in direct danger of the racists in Adarlan, and she also mentions changing her appearance to make people more sympathetic to her. She would probably would have received more money as someone who looked like they were from Adarlan than someone from another heritage in a society where rocks are thrown at children simply for looking different.

But all that aside, @helenaveee​ made such a lovely fancast for Lysandra, of Asian heritage, like man she is gorgeous. But, I don’t personally see Lysandra that way and that it fine!


Summary: A chill day with your son, he tells you his daddy is gonna surprise you and you think nothing of it at first.

a/n: so im back!! ive been vv busy if anyone was wondering. my macbook charger also got chewed up by my dog so no laptop, writjng has been very hard. i cant type on app because it crashes and this mobile browser SUCKS. so heres a writing butlike.. I wanted to write something for Jasmine but like I ended up really wanting to write Dad!Shawn. Bc I’m ready so ready, areyouready????? BTW I HAVE MOBILE PERMALINKS IN MY DESCRIPTION NOW IM SO EXCITED

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“Mommy, suprise!” Your 2 year old yells out after giving you a kiss on the cheek when you picked him up to carry him. It sent you and Karen laughing. He has never said that before.

“Aaliyah taught him a new word.” Karen laughed and sat down on the couch. She brought Caden home on Saturday afternoon after his weekly Friday night sleep over at his Avó Karen and Vovô Manny’s. You and Shawn taught Caden how to say Grandpa and Grandma in Portuguese, which made your in-laws very happy. They watched him on the days you had to work. And on Fridays, Caden slept over at his Avó Karen and Vovô Manny’s. 

“How is she?” You ask, sitting beside her. This was a weekly Saturday afternoon thing for you and Karen, catching up with each other. Letting your son play with his toys on the carpet in front of the couch. Aaliyah decided to go to University of California in Berkeley. Very long ways from home, but she loved San Francisco, which was like thirty five minutes from her apartments. 

“She’s happy to be home,” Normally, you would always see Aaliyah every time she came home from California. But you have been busy with work and Caden that you haven’t gotten the chance to. “We hear rumors from her best friend that she’s got an American boyfriend.” 

That was Karen and Manny. All of Shawn and Aaliyah’s friends loves them. Even if Shawn or Aaliyah was halfway across the continent, or even the world, their friends always talked to them. Karen and Manny knows everything that is going on with their children’s friends, not hearing it from their children, but hearing it from the friends themselves that updates them. 

“Shawn’s gonna love that.” Emphasizing on love.

Karen laughs again, “I can already tell.”

Even if Aaliyah was already in her second year of College, Shawn still disliked the idea of her getting a boyfriend. When she bought her first boyfriend home, Shawn scared the poor boy off. In his defense, Aaliyah was only 17. But in her defense, you and Shawn were 17 when you started dating. Because of that, if the two of you had a baby girl, she would probably get married at sixty. 

“What did you do at Avó and Vovô’s yesterday?” You ask, standing near the floor to ceiling windows, drinking tea while your son was playing with his cars on the floor.

“Uhm,” He replied, not giving any less attention to his toys. “I saw Daddy.” He said in his cute little voice. It always amazes you how smart this kid is and how much words he says. Not thinking much of what he said, you figured that Shawn probably FaceTimed his parents. 

“Yeah, what did Daddy say?” You missed Shawn dearly while he was promoting his new album. Sooner or later, he’s gonna be gone for tour again. 

“I dunno,” Caden blurted his answer your question, he was too focused on his toy cars to care about your question.

“Daddy’s gonna come home soon, you know it?” You smile at your 2 year old. You knew he misses his Dad, but you knew he doesn’t have the concept of soon.

“Yes!” He yelled. “Daddy’s gonna come home latuh.” 

“No, Cadence,” Mentioning his full first name. Shawn wanted to name him something to do with music and you weren’t even sure what cadence means, you got lost when Shawn was explaining it to you. But you did like the name. “Not later. Soon though.”

Caden didn’t give you any attention after that, kids whenever they were distracted. You stared out the windows of the house that you and Shawn built after you got married. Both of you definitely wanted to start a family with kids in mind, and Shawn’s pretty condo in Downtown Toronto wasn’t the place you wanted to raise your kids in. It was obviously decided the house to be in Pickering, close to Downtown Toronto and both of your parents. It’s a gorgeous 5 bedroom house with a spacious kitchen, big backyard, a basement for Shawn’s ‘mancave’, and a lot more. You joke around about living the American dream in Canada a lot. 

“Mommy, surprise!” Caden yells and hands you his toy car. It was such a cute gesture that your heart melted.

“Oh, thank you, honey.” You messed with his curly waves that was just like Shawn’s. If he saw this, he would be so happy.

You missed Shawn dearly. He’s been gone for a month, going to different places every other day. A phone call at least once a day if he’s not busy. A FaceTime if he’s on the bus or in a hotel room. He still has a month left before the promo ends, then he’s going to tour soon after that. You and Caden are hopefully going on tour with him for a short time, your little boy isn’t really fond of traveling.

You missed Shawn so much you couldn’t help but talk to your son. “Caden, I miss your daddy. Do you?” 

“No,” Caden looks at you for a second and goes back to playing with his toys. He looks so much like Shawn, except Caden got your nose and face shape. You and Shawn knew he’s gonna be so good looking. 

“I see daddy yestuhdey.” You laugh at how he said yesterday, but in the back of your head, you thought that maybe Shawn is in town and Caden did see him. You shrugged the idea off since it was quite impossible. 

You stare out the window, watching the few cars pass by. You knew whose car each one of them were since they live in the neighborhood. You spot Aaliyah’s car and got excited as her car turned the curb to get to your house. You moved away from the windows to go to the kitchen to make Aaliyah coffee. As you walked past your son, you gave him a kiss on the forehead, telling him that his Auntie Liyah is here. 

You got the Keurig heating up when you heard the front door open and close shut. Your heart skipped a beat, being so excited to see your sister-in-law. You figured that she let herself in, which you don’t mind at all. It was just Aaliyah. 

 You were very surprised not to see Aaliyah standing in the living room, but found Shawn instead. He had Caden in his arms. He put Caden down once you were standing in front of each other. You couldn’t say anything aside from jump on him and give him a hug. Almost knocking him over because you caught him off guard. 

“Oh,” Shawn chuckled while he had you in his arms. He had been missing you and Caden a lot. Shawn had a week off all in all, due to something happening in the cities he was gonna go to. It was only a few hours plane ride to Toronto, he couldn’t help but go home. “I missed you too.” He put you down on the ground after a tight hug. 

“What? How are you here?” You watched him as he picked the now sleepy Caden up. Caden putting his head on his daddy’s shoulder. 

“I’ll explain later.” Shawn gives you that jaw dropping smile. You missed him so much.

Shawn whispered something into your son’s ear that you couldn’t hear, it made Caden lift his head and yelled, “Surprise, mommy!” Caden is like Shawn’s carbon copy. They both had this goofy smile on their faces. You figured out why Aaliyah taught your son the word. 

“You two are too cute. Come here, give mommy a kiss,” You smile at two of your favorite guys in the whole world. 

 Caden pouting his lips and leaning in to give you a sound and wet kiss. “Mwah,” he makes the noise every time he gives a kiss. It was too cute, you couldn’t help but giggle. 

Shawn leaned in to give you a quick smack. He wanted to kiss you longer, but your son was present. Caden was also impatient and sleepy, wanting his daddy to put him in bed for nap time. Shawn happily agreed to. 

 Once Shawn put your son in bed, it was time for the both of you. All cuddled up on the couch, John Mayer softly playing in the background, you guys caught up on everything that wasn’t mentioned in the calls. 

Recorded Laughter

Summary: Phone Conversations with Jimin 

Type: Fluff/Angst

Disclaimer: It ain’t real.

Recommended Listening: Grace Sarah - Underwater

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‘And what about the others…how are they?’ 

You grin at his heavy sigh as it travels through the phone, a whiny groan chasing the sound, and you cant stop the giggle that leaks from your lips as you blindly watch the traffic rolling by the bus-stop you were waiting at, too busy waiting for Jimin’s response to be bothered by anything else.

‘They’re fine. But why are you asking about them? Am i not more important?’ he asks with playful frustration, the slight elevation in pitch of his voice telling you he was smiling even as he complained, and the smile on your own face only grows wider, getting cut short when you see your bus rolling up.

‘Oh, my bus is here!’ you inform Jimin, intending on cutting off your conversation so that you dont become the awkward person talking away on the bus, but he continues speaking anyway.

‘Okay, i’ll wait, and then you can tell me everything else about your day.’ he says, the rushed edge to his words making you smile in bittersweetness as the bus comes to a stop in front of you and the long line that had been waiting begins to board in front of you.

‘Jiminie, i’ve got to go.’ you murmur quietly, bowing your face into your scarf as you listen to his sigh on the end of the phone, disliking the sound but knowing you’d get to talk to him later anyway.

‘*sigh*….okay, but call me before you go to bed…okay?’ he asks, his voice turning soft and loving, and the slight huskiness that strokes his tone tells you he wants to be there with you, the longing being a physical force that pulls at your heart despite the distance between the two of you.

‘Of course, Jiminie….I always do.’ you murmur back, stepping up to board the bus and smiling sadly at his response as you wait for the person in front of you to get on.

‘Okay, Jagi…I love you. I’ll talk to you later. …stay safe, beautiful.’ 

‘I love you too.’ you mumble into the phone, blinking away the tears stinging at your eyes, before stepping into the bus and finding a pole to hold as it takes off, closing your eyes as you slip your phone into your pocket and try not to cry…

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its 2 am and this probably will look awful when i wake up tomorrow but, yeah

@itsthatguyethan here u go ! based off of the gem description online I think she’d be some sort of architect, maybe she’s in charge of directing the Calcites ? (check the my calcite tag if u wanna see)

Ulexites are talented designer and architects. they are perfectionists, and hate being wrong. they have strong telekinesis, and are able to project their thoughts like a hologram or something. im tired jdsakd

thanks for the ask ! this was fun ! 

husband | jongdae

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  • noise pollution
  • but sweet noise pollution powered by a lovely man
  • takes u couple dating spots
  • a lot of trips like the one he took with minseOK!!!!!
  • i cant think cos hes so cute
  • ive posted so much i forgot what bf jongdae is like 1 sec
  • still the same????
  • cos hes a husband even before he thot shimmy shimmy kokobop i think i like it so ill put a ring on it
  • loves singing for you
  • will help you with everything even if u clearly dont need help
  • yo man these are so difficult to write
  • basically ur mama
  • cos he’ll nag at u a lot and sort u out
  • kisses u a lot before he leaves the house
  • honestly a really healthy mature relationship 
  • cos man aint ever shut up so u know everything he feels/thinks
  • i forgot the word for it but like OH YEAH grazes his fingers over ur body to relax u bich i was gonna say fingers u lightlYAHAHAHAHA
  • loves seeing ur parents?????? and family??? 
  • gossips with u all the damn time like
  • girl did u see that ugly ass mullet on baekhyun? he really think he rocking that look i hope billy ray cyrus sues his ass
  • looks @ u whenever anything happens
  • kisses ur hands a lot
  • okay im done i cant think of anything else i forced myself to make it this long

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What I Want People (without ADHD) to Know About ADHD

for percy-jackson-and-the-end.

Disclaimer: Anything I am writing about is not necessarily criteria for symptoms of ADHD, nor is it reflective of all ADHDers experience. This is simply me trying to condense my experience in having this disorder my whole life, and finally being able to put a name to it.


ADHD is NOT a lack of Focus

ADHD is, first and foremost, not a lack of focus. It’s a lack of being able to direct focus. For example, there are things I could be doing right now instead of writing this post like cleaning, working on bills, etc, things I know I should be doing and rationalize that I should be, but I’m unable to take my focus off of this post.

Actually, a more apt description would that in trying to write this post alone I got distracted making noises to myself (hope, pope, mope, cope, nope…nope slope. Slope = y = mx +b. Is that how it goes? Let me research slope…) anyway, and then I got distracted thinking about relationships and i cant really remember how i ended up on that thought process…wait, just kidding. my friend commented about how we’re already dating (we are, I love you tre tomhardies), and then that got me thinking about relationships, which eventually caused me to remember that I was working on this post so i came back to it and here I am. 

The thing about ADHD is, it’s not really a linear trajectory. You can’t track the beginning and end of something, the beginning of what you’re distracted by or where it all culminates. Eventually in a roundabout way you’ll end up back on task (if you’re lucky), but even when you do get on task you just sort of veer off from the main point you’re trying to get at. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you what I’m writing about this exact second. 

My point is, is that ADHD isn’t a lack of focus. Because we CAN focus on things. In fact, we can focus on them intently (that’s called hyperfocus yay!) and we tend to only focus on things we find pleasurable and stimulating. For example, I find Tom Hardy extremely stimulating. I can focus on him for hours and hours beyond what’s appropriate. If I want to get dishes cleaned, vacuum, do some data entry…well you can forget about it. Because looking at 23445209234 gifs of Tom Hardy is infinitely more interesting to my brain than staying on task.

Let’s recap, though. This is NOT me consciously making the decision to get lost in that dangerous, glaring stare of Tom Hardy’s, or his infinitely bushy, possibly crumb-filled beard, but rather that the tasks I am desperately trying to focus on simply aren’t stimulating enough. That is, at my default state naturally, I just cannot focus on things that don’t excite me. I’d probably fall asleep, or space out. I’d stare blankly for 10 seconds and wonder what I’m doing and why I’m adding two numbers on a page together and forget what I’m doing as I’m doing it. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll probably stop a minute in and start daydreaming. I’ll find myself back on my phone or the internet, or decide that you know what? I JUST sat down but now is a brilliant time to go get a drink of water. And then I get to the fridge. And then I’m like, “Hm. I want some ice.” But THEN I don’t find ice. So I figure, “Shit well, Walgreens is right down the street. I’ll go get some ice it’s only five minutes.”

So I get to walgreens. I pick up some ice. But before I do I stop at a magazine stand and start desperately searching for Tom Hardy. He’s got to be on the cover somewhere. And then I pick up a magazine. I start reading. I’m fully engaged in what I’m reading, and then I remember I need ice. 

And you get the idea. It’s like getting lost in cyclical distraction hell. It’s an infinite loop.

When ADHDers procrastinate I can guarantee you we aren’t consciously doing it.

Nine times out of ten, telling us “Just do it! Just get your work done now!” Doesn’t fucking help us.

Nine times out of ten telling us, “Just make a schedule for yourself. You’ll be fine!” Doesn’t fucking help us.

Nine times out of ten telling us, “Color code your work! It’ll help you focus on what you need to focus on and minimize distractions! Turn your music off! Put on calming music! Change your environment! Make sure your space is clean!” and so on and so forth doesn’t fucking help us.

Does that mean doing these things won’t alleviate symptoms? Won’t help you focus better? I mean, sure it can help.

But what I want someone without ADHD to understand is, that these coping methods alone will not fix our ADHD or not make us better able to focus and not be distracted. We are hardwired this way. This is not us making excuses. We are giving reasons as to why things are the way they are, an explanation for our behavior that truthfully, is more often than not, inexplicable.

 We are driven by impulses and driven by a sudden interest and eagerness to learn things totally irrelevant to a task at hand. 

And it’s not that we don’t want to do homework, or don’t want to enter bills. I do want to. I so desperately want to. It’s just that I cannot physically bring myself to do it. We get physically tired just trying to fulfill these basic everyday functions, the means to taking care of ourselves and our future because sitting down and trying to concentrate is like pulling teeth when your brain is being pulled in five different directions.

What I want people without ADHD to understand is, that if I could easily choose to get back on task, I would’ve done it by now. If it was simple as being able to just close my laptop and devoid myself of any distractions and sit still and just concentrate, I would done it by now. But it’s not.

I’ve had lectures in college where I was literally just supposed to sit there with nothing in front of me, couldn’t even draw, nothing. Because it was a discussion. I was just supposed to sit there and listen and contribute. You know what I did instead of listening, because I was forced to not have any kind of distraction whatsoever?

I fell asleep. I tuned out. I daydreamed. I fidgeted. 

That’s what happens when I forcibly try to get myself to maintain attention on what I’m supposed to be paying attention to, and it always means I have to exert ten times the mental effort than someone without ADHD just to stay engaged.

So don’t take this disorder lightly. It’s not a joke, and it’s not just about the “Look, a squirrel!” stereotype.

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  • literally makes you the leader of exo alongside him
  • always asks you if he can do things
  • just like minseok he’d talk to you a lot before bed
  • kisses ur cheek a lot at random times
  • calls u so many pet names youd think he forgot your name
  • oh his fav is wifey
  • i literally just woke up but im so tired it 1pm
  • loves cooking with you but would get distracted from wanting to make you laugh
  • no such thing as lazy sunday, he makes it lazy monday-sunday
  • only cos he loves lazing around and cuddling you in bed
  • always calls u on his way home to ask if u need anything
  • probably has a whole wall dedicated to adorable pictures of u two together
  • looks at u so softly
  • and when ur like stoOOoooOOopp
  • he’s like im so lucky so lucky to have you so lucky to be ur love i am hmmmmm XOXO was the best album
  • hed get weirdly shy around u from time to time and itd make u mad cos he wasnt shy when his **** was in your *****
  • sends a lot of voice messages when hes not with u and theyre all the literal same except the voices in the back are different
  • like i miss u i cant wait to come home i love
  • takes more control over things??? like move aside ill do this for u
  • still too awkward to do complete pda but will hold ur hand
  • likes to do sudden roleplay but not sexual we established he has boring sex
  • i mean he pretends ur both in a drama but it never works out
  • never stops thinking about the past its always remember this, remember when, remember how
  • a really stereotypical married relationship

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hey, i was wondering if you could find me a jikook/taegi (i think) fic? there was a dystopian universe where you're assigned a number, and yoongi thought he would be a 10 but he actually turned out to be a zero (???). and jungkook had to go investigate tae and jimin, who didn't have numbers (????) sorry, i probably didn't give a very good or accurate description but i hope you can find it :)

is this beyond zero by elsewhereandbeyond

So… let me see if I get it:
Ships + what people ‘who think they know better than anyone how to live’ say:
Climon: thats disgusting !!! They are like brother and sister.
Jalec: thats incest ! Even if jace and alec arent brothers. Also its homophobic and racist in some ways that we didnt figure it out yet but we will… also im assuming you only watch the tv show since you dont know alec isnt in love with jace (ok. How in the world is my fault that the tv show wanted to make jalec a thing)
Clalec: thats homophobic, racist and you are probably hitler. You are erasing his sexuallity even if your ship is only based on manips bc they dont get along so they dont have scenes together in the tv show, alec is gay and your manips are making him straight. Ugghh you probably are a straight white girl who lives just to upset us.
Rizzy: thats horrible, we want sizzy bc we arent against cannon couples (check climon description*) and its also unhealthy bc they are both on drugs and i didnt expect that so i dont like it. Also they are making it look like all latinos are on drugs.
Clace: thats incest even if they arent brother and sister just bc i hate straight couples and im different than the rest of the world so i dont like it.
Alec with every male/female character no matter if its brotp or otp since they only ship him with magnus: we dont have excuses but we will find it. You should stop with your homophobia and racism… but what can we expect from a straight white girl? (???? Why)
Saphael: we want sizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sizzy: uuuuughhh there you are again with your straights couples ugh i cant with these straights white girls (???? Why x2)
Magnus with every character in the world no matter if it fits or not except camille: yesssss bc he is bisexual.
Malec: perfect. They are flawless. If you dont ship it you are homophobic and racist and if you ship it but ur straight you probably think they are hot and theres no love because you are a straight whit-

Then i see posts saying this: “i cant with this show everyone is so shippeable. They all have chemestry and are beautiful. (Read all the descriptions of all the ships. If they are all shippeables why cant i ship them without being judge?)

I dont understand you guys, so I guess I’m gonna do it in my way because all this time I’ve been trying to do everything that you said to make you happy i dont even know why… so, i’m done. Good night.

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Let me tell you a tale about early Homestuck fandom hell. 

Let me tell you about John “not a homosexual” Egbert. 

Early fandom wasnt as bad back then as it is today. Things like doxxing and death threats were relatively rare and people just went wild. As you can well imagine, the yaoi fangirls were out in force. And John Egbert just happened to be the main character of a popular piece of medium. He got hit with the Gay, then again, so did everyone else back then, and today as well, but for John it was….worse. 

Is the fanon John Egbert just normal John who happened to like guys? No, of course not, because that would be handling characters with dignity and respect and we cant have that. Think of every stereotype of a gay person, positive and negative and stuff it into John. Thats fanon John. I know this is going to offend people, but the most accurate description of John in that time, is, well a flaming faggot. Like, he was so gay, he probably shit rainbows and farted glitter.  It was really bad. 

You can still find remnants of this John to this day on Cherubplay or MSPARP of Johns just fishing for dick. 

So anyway, later on down the line, we got the famous “Im not a homosexual” line from John. You think that changed anything? Nope! In fact a lot of the shipped of JohnDave or JohnKat (The two most popular homestuck ships ever) made jokes of it. You had Johns saying “Im not a homosexual” right before he starts gobbling cock and guzzling cum and having 10 cocks shoved up his ass. You’d have other characters make snide comments about him being in the closet. 

Now, I know ive painted a very negative picture above, but honestly, this experience really helped shape my outlook on fandoms. And that outlook is, nothing matters, anything can be anything. Headcanon and ship whatever the fuck you want to do. And this message of absolute freedom rung true throughout the fandom. 

However, unlike a lot of people, Absolute Freedom, is absolute. I dont put any exceptions or caveats to my headcanons or ships. An LGBT character is free game and can be altered just like a non LGBT character, no limits at all. This often puts me at odds with others because they think LGBT characters should be off limits for alterations because of representation, despite headcanons not actually creating or destroying representation in the first place. 

This Absolute Freedom is why ill never understand anti’s. Like who are you to tell people what to do? You dont like what people are headcanoning or shipping or whatever, tough shit. As an Australian would say, “Fuck off, cunt”  

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I know you're critical of a great deal of postcolonial theory, but what do you think about Edward Said? He's always struck me as a rather different sort than, say, the Subaltern Studies group, but this admittedly is kind of far from my areas of expertise.

Said is complicated to talk about because of the ambition of his work, the amount of influence he’s had and the fact that his views shifted throughout his life, so I cant really give a description thats fully comprehensive. There’s good stuff and there’s bad stuff. Like one thing thats almost a ‘freebie’ if you want a critique of the book Orientalism is his reading of Aeschylus’ play The Persians and his assertion that this is representative of a certain “Orientalist” mentality that is continuous from Classical to Modern times and thats just an incredibly ahistoric. 

I like what Aijaz Ahmad says when he gives a pretty nuanced overview of Said in his book In Theory 

The particular texture of Orientalism, its emphasis on the canonical text, its privileging of literature and philology in the constitution of ‘Orientalist’ knowledge and indeed the human sciences generally, its will to portray a ‘West’ which has been the same from the dawn of history up to the present, and its will to traverse all the main languages of Europe- all this, and more, in Orientalism derives from the ambition to write a counter-history that could be posed against Mimesis, Auerbach’s magisterial account of the seamless genesis of European realism and rationalism from Greek Antiquity to the modernist moment.

Basically for Ahmad, Said has lots of good stuff going on but at the core there’s a flaw in how he seeks to build a “Counter-Orientalism” rather than escape the orbit