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played around with floorplanner dot com and came up with Duck’s room (not the canon room layout but the one I envisioned for my fic)

The website is rly cool and a much better one than the floorplan designer i was using before, esp since its free, you can make like.. 12 layouts for free and save them all to your user

I really can’t handle being treated tenderly, you guys.

Like…I was leaving our weekly D&D gathering tonight and one of my friends said “You’re coming next week, right? That’s your last week ‘til you leave for college?” and I was like “Yeah… :( “ and she said, “We should have a going away party for you, get everybody together,” and I think I felt more in that second than I have in a long time. I’m not used to feeling loved like this, or being told I’m going to be missed, and I just…it’s still gets to me, man.

I’m just a nerd who wants to be touched and loved and hugged at all times and now I have people who are willing and eager to provide those things and I literally?? Can’t compute it??? But it’s making my setting off for college in a week or so a lot harder…

Let’s be really real this morning before 7 am: if The Get Down was about the (white) history of Rock n Roll in the 70’s and starred white teens, a lot more people would’ve been like “OH THIS IS SO COOL, MUSIC HISTORY” and Netflix would’ve marketed it differently. Tumblr would’ve lost its mind if Dizzee Kipling was a white kid who thinks he’s an alien who is in love with white Thor. Mylene and the Soul Madonnas being an all-girl rock band would’ve been a huge draw. Merch would’ve been everywhere. Coming of age for a moody poet and his reckless and troubled friend trying to make it big with the music they love? They would’ve eaten it up.

This tea isn’t even piping.


Danny Phantom concept that I don’t think anyone thought about yet: these two. 

Every time I think about them, I feel as if they should definitely know each other?
They both have that Stupid Hairstyle and they’re both crusty old fancy adults who are secretly ghosts taking advantage of teenagers and ruining lives